Mullah Omar – The Tragic, Forgotten Betrayal and Lessons Unheeded

“We did the [USS] Cole [bombing] and we wanted America to react. And if they react, they are going to invade Afghanistan and that’s what we wanted. We want them to come to our country, and we know then that they would have bases in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. They are going to attack Afghanistan from these countries. And then we will start Jihad against the Americans, exactly like the Soviets.”

[Abu Hafs al-Masri, Bin Laden’s closest deputy, revealing al-Qaeda’s true aims in Afghanistan to Ahmad Zaidan, the famous interviewer of Jihadis (November 2000)]

“Do not trust a deviant concerning your Deen. Do not seek his advice in your affairs. Do not sit with him since whoever sits with a deviant, Allah will cause him to become blind.” (Note: Far worse than ‘sitting’ is listening to the ‘deeni’ talks of deviants, regardless of  the ‘benefits’ every single deviant has.)

[Fudhayl ibn Iyaadh (d. 187) re-iterating the IJMA’ (consensus) of the Salaf-us-Saliheen in having Baraa’ (disassociation) and adopting extreme caution towards deviated sects.]

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