TRUE JIHAD – Tarnished by the Salafis & Modernists



Below is a compilation of articles which illustrate the huge difference between the lofty institution of Jihad and the murderous atrocities perpetrated by spiritually barren pseudo-Jihadis who, devoid of taqwa and waraa (abstinence from all doubtful matters and even some permissible matters), acquire enough room to justify their actions by loosening the reins of rigid adherence (taqleed) to one of the four accepted madh-habs (schools of thought codified over a millenium ago which comprise of all the rulings of Islam).

Modernists and Salafis of all breeds should take note that the very same slogans of “Quran and Hadith” that they themselves use to find the ‘stronger ruling’ or ‘reform’ or ‘modernise’ the religion,  are also used by these pseudo-Jihadis to justify their ‘Jihad’, which effectively opens the door for each person to create a tailor-made version of ‘Islam’. The natural consequence of granting any scope to scholars today to leave one of the four madh-habs for what is believed to be the ‘stronger ruling’, is unlimited versions of ‘Islam’, with each scholar absolutely convinced that his particular version is the Haqq (truth), no matter how mutated it may seem to others.

In the same manner in which lengthy arguments based on Qur’an, Sunnah, and new ijtihad (interpretations) based on unprecedented scenarios of warfare, are used to justify dubious actions on the battlefield, every other alteration to the Deen (religion) is justified and legalized today by bypassing rigid taqleed (adherence) to one of the four accepted madh-habs, and opting instead for direct ijtihad (formulating of rulings) using the Qur’an and Sunnah,   – an ijtihad that is violently subject to variation according to the chaotically fluctuating intellects of modern day scholars.

Those who hold a ‘softspot’ for modernist and Salafi breeds of their particular inclination, should realise that their ‘softspot’ is in fact Nifaaq (hypocrisy), according to the clear explicit statements of the Salaf-us-Saliheen who had adopted extreme harshness towards even the slightest of deviations in the Deen, and who regarded the potential danger of Baatil sects to be even worse than that of the Kuffaar.

The Ummah is not in need of Mushtabah (doubtful) and Haraam Asbaab (means). The clearly Halaal bounds of Allah’s glorious Shariah are more than sufficient to deliver victory to our doorsteps, no matter how limited and restricted such bounds may seem to our puny intellects colonized by the effects of materialism. The use of Mushtabah Asbaab (doubtful means) is, in fact, an open statement expressing a lack of Tawakkul (trust) in the clearly Halaal bounds set by Allah (azza wa jal). As a result Allah (azza wa jal) abandons us to our Asbaab (means) and withdraws his Nusrat (Divine Help) – a Nusrat without which all the means, weaponry, man-power, technology, etc. in the world will not be able to extricate the Ummah from its current state of abject humiliation.

Thus, while the Jihaad of the small band of Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) was met with resounding victory after victory, without barely any means whatsoever, eventually delivering the whole world into their hands within a few years, all Jihaad efforts of groups influenced by Salafis and modernists, over the past century, have ended in catastrophe after catastrophe.

May Allah (azza wa jal) inspire this downtrodden Ummah to submit to the pure orthodox Shariah completely, adopt Taqwa and Waraa’ in all matters, and thus be deserving of His (azza wa jal) Nusrat.


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  1. shah Agha Mujadidi

    Thanks for your valuable information about Taqua and wara it made so happy that you have commented on Tazkia Nafs zaher and baten. However, some sect in Musllim such as sulafi are completey reject Rohanayat. i would be very glad to listen from you in this regard in the light of the Holy Quraan.


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