Medical & Health Related Issues

Q. The parents had not circumcised a boy. Is it permissible for him to get himself circumcised now that he is an adult?

It is permissible, in fact, incumbent.

Q. A new method of contraception is on the market. A patch of plaster is put on one’s arm. It has to be changed once a week, and it gives the same results as contraceptive pills. Is it permissible to use this new method?

All forms of contraception hitherto existing and all forms which will still be invented, are unnatural ways and means. All methods which suppress and interfere with the natural bodily functions created by Allah Ta’ala are most assuredly harmful and injurious to the body. This applies to even the tablets which some women take to suppress their monthly haidh (menses) cycle. The effect of these tablets is the creation of complications, sickness, displacement of the normal cycle and the unpredictability of the cycles. Confusion between haidh and istihaadhah is also among the effects of the unnatural tablets which compels the absorption and assimilation of filth and impurities by the body. At one time the contraceptive pill as well as other methods of contraception were marketed as ‘safe’ measures. But later, the western medical establishment itself confirmed the great harms of these unnatural methods invented to fight the Taqdeer of Allah Ta’ala. We are not aware of this new plaster method.

However, despite its overt ‘safety’, we are almost certain that time will expose the harms of even this method. Nevertheless, if there is a real, valid, pressing need to use it, for example, the ill-health of the woman, it will be permissible. But, do remember: no one can thwart the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The soul whom He has decreed to appear on earth, shall do so regardless of whatever contraception is used.

Q. Is it permissible to consume medicine which contains alcohol?

Haraam medicine may not be consumed normally. Only if there is no halaal alternative will it be permissible to take alcoholcontaining medicine. There is no blanket permission for impure and haraam medicine as some shallow-minded muftis hooked to mundane addictions of the nafs opine. Mothers usually feed their infants haraam items (tonics, beverages, baby food, etc.) purely as a norm.

Since these haraam items have become part and parcel of rearing babies kuffaar style, Muslims too have accepted the non-Muslim way of life, hence they see with their squinteyed vision goodness and benefit in every act and practice of the aliens. Millions of Muslim mothers in remote areas rear their babies without recourse to the avalanche of haraam medical/health substances which the western industries churn out. The Imaan of a Muslim naturally repels haraam and najaasat.

Q. Is it permissible to avail oneself of the benefits of a medical scheme which is imposed on employees by the company?

If the medical scheme is an imposition and not a voluntary mutual agreement, then it is permissible to benefit from the fund. However, if it is a mutual agreement, it falls in the ribaqimaar category like all insurance, hence haraam.


Do you believe HIV causes Aids? Do you agree with President Mbeki’s previous stance on HIV/Aids as well as Manto—Tsabalala—Msminoong?


We only believe that zina, promiscuity and the immoral sub-culture of the West cause Aids and the other filthy diseases. Such diseases are part of Allah’s punishment. We are not aware of President Mbeki’s previous stance nor have we ever heard the three latter names mentioned by you, nor are we interested in their stands and stances. Our interest is in the stance of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his illustrious Sahaabah and the noble Fuqaha of the Ummah of the Khairul Quroon era. All other considerations are futility which distract from the goal of life, namely, the Aakhirah.


I have only one of my hind teeth left and that one is damaged. The dentist presents three options for fixing the tooth— a crown of stainless steel, gold or porcelain. The problem with stainless steel is that it can cause electrical shock. I have already experienced such a shock. The porcelain tooth will give problems later because it does not undergo the same wear as the other teeth. The best option is gold. I am a male. Is it permissible for me to have gold inserted ?


In the circumstances it is permissible to have the tooth repaired with gold.