Miscellaneous Issues Regarding Animals


Why do dogs and pigs not get Aids?


Millions of human beings all over the world have become the victims of the raging epidemic of Aids. In South Africa, graveyards are filled within months. Tens of millions or billions of rands are spent in desperate bids to eradicate the Filthy Disease which has afflicted a large segment of humanity. Millions of zina promoting contraptions called condoms are dished out free. But everything is in vain. The disease is spreading and claiming more and more lives by the day.

Even the non-Muslims who live a culture of immorality, attribute Aids to fornication. Aids is the product of unbridled illicit sexual pursuits at a sub-bestial level. When the human being degenerates lower than even dogs and pigs, Divine Wrath smites him with disease and disgrace. The billions of condoms distributed free, far from curbing the epidemic of filth, only promotes opposite results. The measures introduced to eradicate Aids have merely given further impetus to this fearsome disease. Condoms are a licence and an exhortation for unbridled fornication

The condom-people who contract Aids are just as promiscuous as dogs and pigs. They indulge in illicit sexual gratification in exactly the same manner as dogs and pigs. Yet, we find that dogs and pigs do not get Aids despite their indulgence without condoms. Furthermore, there are no other methods of prevention for the animals. But they do not have Aids. On the other hand, human beings, despite their ’safety’ measures and condoms, get Aids and perish like vermin, rotting away ignominiously all the way to the grave. What is the explanation? Why do human beings get Aids, not dogs and pigs despite the sexual indulgence of these animals being akin to the acts of fornication of the condom crowds?

Since the human being has been endowed with intelligence and religion, he is not expected to behave like a dog and a pig. Sexual gratification for human beings is regulated by a divine code of law. When the Divine Code is flagrantly transgressed, the consequence is Divine Chastisement. Since dogs and pigs behave quite naturally to satisfy their natural instincts and desires, they submit to a natural law divinely ordained for them, hence they are not punished by Allah Ta’ala for their acts of sexual gratification. On the contrary, man is punished for volitionally descending to sub-animal levels of moral decadence. Aids is thus the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala. Indeed, man has become worse than even dogs and pigs although he is capable of the loftiness of the Angels.


Is it permissible to keep monkeys as pets?


It is not permissible. Allah Ta’ala transformed people into pigs and apes as a form of punishment. This shows that monkeys, like pigs are detestable. They are not animals to be kept by Muslims as pets.


Is it permissible to keep pet dogs if the dogs are not allowed into the house?


It is not permissible to keep pet dogs even if not allowed into the house. The permissibility of keeping dogs apply to watchdogs, sheepdogs and the like. Only if there is a real need will it be permissible to keep a dog.


Is it permissible to make one’s pet animal infertile by some surgical procedure?


It is permissible.


Is it permissible to kill an animal if it is ill?


Even if an animal is not ill, it is permissible to kill it, e.g. goats, sheep, cattle are slaughtered for human consumption. An animal may be put down if it is in pain. However, only the Islamic method of thabah (slaughtering) should be employed.

Q. My daughter has bought a parrot as a pet. Is this permissible? The wings need to be clipped regularly. Also the bird messes our clothes. Is this napaak (impure)?

Wild birds should not be caught and imprisoned in cages. However, it is permissible to keep such birds which were born and bred in cages. These birds cannot fend for themselves in the wilds. But ensure that the parrot is kept in a very large enclosure to give it space to move around. If it is allowed out of the cage, its wings may be clipped. The clothes will not become napaak (impure).

Q. Is it permissible to keep the stuffed heads of animals such as buck in the home?

It is haraam to keep such images. The Angels of Rahmat do not enter such a home. It is a kabeerah (major) sin to keep such images.

Q. A relative owns a fishing equipment business. My wife refuses to eat the food of this relative because she claims that the food is mushtabah. She basis her view on the following: Live fishing bait is sold; the relative who owns the shop appeared on television in an advertisement; pictures of animate objects hang in the shop. Is there any substance in her claim according to the Shariah?

Yes, there is substance in her contention. The money earned by selling fishing equipment, even live bait, remains halaal. It is not assigned to the mushtabah category. Nevertheless, the haraam acts perpetrated in the course of the business spiritually contaminates the income derived. The act of piercing a hook through the body of a living creature of Allah Ta’ala, is callous and cruel. A Mu’min cannot tolerate such cruelty. The owner of the shop should reflect on the brutality and unspeakable pain and misery he has been instrumental in inflicting on countless thousands of Allah’s creatures. All living creatures have souls similar to our souls, and the Qur’aan is explicit and emphatic in its averment that every living creature recites the Tasbeeh of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala. When a Mu’min who makes Tilaawat of the Qur’aan understands this Qur’aanic fact, how does his Imaan tolerate, and how does his conscience permit him to aid an abet in the cruel torture of Allah’s creatures? For the sake of money, he plays a decisive role in cruelly silencing the creature from its recitation of Tasbeeh.

If your wife abstains from the food of this relative only on the basis of this one count of criminality, then too she is fully justified. If a man cannot show concern for Allah’s creatures and happily perpetrated brutality for the sake of money, then you should not fault your wife for her adherence to the natural demands of Taqwa. On the contrary you should encourage and support her, and you too, should follow her footsteps in the good she accomplishes for life of the Aakhirah. This bandah who is answering this question will eternally suffer pangs of conscience if he mistakenly consumes the food prepared by your relative of the fishing shop. May Allah Ta’ala grant you, your wife and us all hidaayat to understand what is beneficial for our Imaan and for our everlasting life of the Aakhirah.

Q. In most of the processed dog and cat foods haraam meat and other haraam substances are used. Is it permissible to feed dogs and cats with such foods?

It is neither permissible to feed animals with haraam substances nor to sell such impure haraam items.


Q. It is said that when hearing an ass braying, one should recite Taawwuth. Why?

A. Yes, Authubillaah… should be recited when hearing the braying of a donkey. Its harsh braying is a shaitaani effect. The Qur’aan Majeed says: ‘Verily, the worst of sounds is the braying of an ass.” The same applies when hearing human beings braying with their vuvus. Recite Authubillah, for such horrible braying is the effect of shaitaani manipulation.


Q. Do animals and insects have souls? What will happen to them?

A. Animals and insects do have souls, and all of them recite the Tasbeeh of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala, Alone knows their ultimate fate.


Q. Is hunting and fishing for sport Makrooh Tanzeehi?

A. Hunting for sport is haraam. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Shareef: “What, do you think that We have created you in vain and that you shall not be returned to Us.” Life is a serious affair. For every halaal there will be hisaab (reckoning), and for every haraam there will be athaab (punishment). Those who hunt for sport are sadists who derive joy and pleasure out of the suffering of Allah’s makhlooq (creatures).


Q. Is it permissible to fish with live bait?

A. It is haraam and a grave sin to fish with any type of live bait. It is most callous and cruel.


Q. Many people use live bait to catch fish. Is this permissible?

A. Such cruelty is haraam.


Q. Is recreational fishing permissible, and may live bait be used?

A. Recreational fishing being for satisfaction of the nafs at the expense of causing pain to animals is not permissible. It is haraam to use any kind of live bait even when fishing is necessary.


Q. Is it permissible to kill ants?

A. Ants and bees should not be killed unnecessarily. Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Abbaas (radhiyallahu anhu) said that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited killing ants and bees. Therefore, as far as possible refrain from killing them. When there is a real need for killing them, never use fire. Once Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) saw a burnt-out anthill. When he enquired about it, some Sahaabah admitted having burnt the anthill. Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was annoyed and said that it befits only Allah Azza Wa Jal to punish with fire.


Q. Is it permissible to kill ants with fire?

A. It is a major sin to kill any animal


Q. Is it permissible to buy a tame cat to keep as a pet?

A. It is permissible to buy and sell a tame cat to keep as a pet.


Q. Is it permissible to eat hedgehog?

A. Hedgehog is haraam.


Q. Is it permissible to sell cats? Is declawing cats permissible? Their claws are removed to prevent them damaging expensive furniture, etc.

A. It is permissible to sell cats. Declawing cats is cruel and haraam. It is not permissible to sell cats to a person who will be declawing them. Allah Ta’ala did not create their claws in vain.


Q. Is it permissible to keep a dog for tracking criminals?

A. It is permissible to keep a dog for tracking criminals and the like. Only pet dogs are not permissible.


Q. Daily I feed numerous wild pigeons with sorghum. I was told that it is not permissible to feed the birds with this grain because it is the main ingredient in making beer.

A. Sorghum is a grain, hence it is halaal. Since it is the main ingredient of beer, it will not be permissible to sell it to people who manufacture beer. But, it is perfectly permissible to feed the pigeons with it.


Q. What’s the wisdom behind the emphasis in ensuring children are kept indoors after sun set?

A. “Take care of your children at the time of Ishaa’, for verily the (evil) jinn (at that time) cause mischief and (even) snatches the child.” – Hadith According to the Hadith children, in fact even domesticated animals, should not be allowed to roam outside the home. Evil jinn (shayaateen) prowl the streets when darkness falls, and they interfere with children.


Q. If our cat sleeps on the musalla, may Salaat be performed on it without washing it?

A. If the cat’s body is dry, the musallaa will remain taahir (clean) and Namaaz may be performed on it. However, if the cat’s body is moist, then the musallaa needs to be washed.


Q. Zaid argues that since stunning animals before slaughter is only Makrooh Tahreemi, it is permissible and the slaughtering cannot be labelled haraam. What is the Shariah’s view regarding Zaid’s contention?

A. Zaid has mentioned the term ‘Makrooh Tahreemi’ without understanding what this term signifies. Zaid should be told to first learn the meaning of the term, then comment. We do not know from whence he obtained this term. If Zaid has any Ilmi expertise then he should check up the definition and consequences of Makrooh Tahrimi. The notion that perpetration of Makrooh Tahreemi is acceptable because it is not ‘haraam’, is absolutely preposterous, baseless and tantamount to kufr. In fact ascribing the word, only to describe Makrooh Tahreemi is by itself kufr. The Ulama of the Shariah have categorically said that Istikhfaaf of any Deeni act, be it a Mustahab, is kufr. Thus, Imaam Abu Yusuf threatened to slay a person who had mentioned eating dubbaa’ (marrow, a kind of pumpkin) with Istikhfaaf despite the fact that consuming marrow is not even technically Mustahab. This is mentioned in the kutub of Aqaaid. Zaid should be asked to provide his Shar’i daleel for his idea that perpetration of Makrooh Tahreemi is acceptable. This view testifies to Zaid’s gross ignorance of Shar’i issues. Stunning and the meat being halaal are two separate issues. But Zaid out of ignorance is confusing the two. He is in fact arguing that every act which accompanies a halaal effect is halaal, hence he avers: “Had stunning been prohibited then the Ulama would not have classified Halaal the meat of pre-slaughter stunned animals.” In this statement Zaid is contending that stunning is not prohibited. But in the same breath he concedes that stunning is Makrooh Tahreemi, albeit ‘only’ so. This displays his ignorance of the meaning of Makrooh Tahreemi. He should be asked from just where did he gain the notion that Makrooh Tahreemi is not prohibited? A man marries a prostitute after indulging in zina with her. The Nikah following the zina is halaal. Does it stem from this hillet that the pre- Nikah zina is not prohibited, and that it is acceptable? Three Talaaqs administered in one statement are valid. Does it stem from this validity that this form of issuing Talaaq is not prohibited? Although the effect is validity, the three Talaaq act is prohibited regardless of the classification of the prohibition whether it be Haraam-e-Qat’i or Makrooh Taheemi. Either of the two classifications is practically prohibited and acts of both classification (Haraam and Makrooh Tahrimi) warrant Uqoobat bin Naar (Punishment in Jahannam) according to the Fuqaha. Defining Makrooh Tahreemi, Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) says in Beheshti Gauhar: “Makrooh Tahreemi is such a law which is evidenced by Daleel-e-Zanni. The denier of it is a Faasiq just as the denier of Waajib is a Faasiq. The one who abstains from it (Makrooh Tahreemi) without valid reason is a sinner and deserving of athaab.” The severity of Makrooh Tahreemi has constrained our Fuqaha to refer to such acts as being Haraam. In Shaami, Vol.5, page 213, it is stated as follows: “Every Makrooh, i.e. Karaahat-e-Tahreem is Haraam, i.e. it is like Haraam in punishment with the Fire according to Imaam Muhammad (rahmatullah alayh).” In other words, the effect of perpetration of Makrooh Tahreemi is identical with the effect of perpetration of Haraam. The consequence of both is Uqoobat bin Naar. Can any intelligent person now claim that Makrooh Tahreemi is acceptable? Can Zaid find Uqoobat bin Naar acceptable? In Shaami, Vol. 6, page 197 it appears: “Verily, Muhammad has explicitly said that every Makrooh is Haraam (i.e. every Makrooh Tahreemi).” Shaami states in Vol.1, page 79: “Makrooh Tahreemi is that which is closest to Haraam (i.e. the technical meaning of Haraam). Imaam Muhammad has named it Haraam Zanni. ………In Sharhul Muniyah it is said that when they (the Fuqaha) use Makrooh alal itlaaq (i.e. without specifying whether Tahreemi or Tanzeehi) then it means Tahreem (Makrooh Tahreemi).” The kutub of Fiqah are replete with masaa-il which technically are Makrooh Tahreemi, but which are described with the term Haraam. Thus, Zaid’s averment or his assumption that Makrooh Tahreemi is acceptable is totally baseless. It is haraam to perpetrate an act which is Makrooh Tahreemi. The punishment for such perpetration is the Fire of Jahannum. This is the Ijma’ of our Fuqaha. The meat being classified ‘halaal’ despite the act of stunning does not mitigate the impermissibility and hurmat of stunning. With regard to stunning, Hadhrat Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) states that if the animal is rendered unconscious with a haraam substance, e.g. an intoxicant, then “This act is Haraam.” (Imdaadul Fataawa, Vol. 3, page 606) “And, if the animal is rendered unconscious by some lawful method (before thabah), then too it is not jaaiz…..” (Imdaadul Fataawa, Vol.3, page 606) Then this ‘na-jaaiz’ act is so abominable that Hadhrat Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) says: “Assigning preference to an innovated method over the Mansoos method is close to kufr……..This method is bid’ah sayyiah (a dark, evil innovation) and tahreef fid-deen (interpolation in the Deen), hence in conflict with the Shariah.” (Imdaadul Fataawa, Vol.6, page 606) No where in his Fataawa does Mufti Mahmood (rahmatullah alayh) state , as Zaid contends, that “stunning is acceptable.” On the contrary he says: “This method (of stunning) is in conflict with the Tareeq-e-Sunnat-e-Mutawaarathah and the Tareeqah of the Shariah, hence Makrooh Tahrimi.” (Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah, Vo. 17, page 248)\ Thus, there is no basis whatsoever for contending that Makrooh Tahreemi is acceptable. There is not a single Faqeeh who had ever averred that Makrooh Tahrimi is acceptable. How could it ever be acceptable when its consequence is like the consequence of Haraam which is Uqoobat bin Naar (Punishment with Fire)? meat will be halaal per se if the Arkaan of Thabah have been correctly executed. But if the entire Waajib system of Thabah has been abandoned and substituted with the haraam system of the kuf faar , then the hurmat (prohibition/being haraam) of the meat will be on the basis of the principle of Hurmat Li Ghairihi.


Q. Some Ulama are of the view that stunning animals before slaughtering them is permissible because unconsciousness relieves them of the pain of slitting their throats. Is this argument valid in terms of the Shariah?

A. In fact, this argument is tantamount to kufr. These deviate, modernist, fussaaq ‘scholars’ of these times seek to supersede Allah Ta’ala Who has prohibited infliction of injury to animals prior to slaughter. They desire to teach Allah Ta’ala a lesson – Nauthubillaah! They imply that Allah Ta’ala has not endowed the Ummah with a perfect system of slaughter hence the need to improve on it with the brutal methods of the kuffaar. If any type of pre-slaughter act or infliction of injury was beneficial or which could enhance the slaughtering process, then the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala would not have instituted a blanket ban of pre-slaughter injury. The total prohibition of pre-slaughter infliction of injury implies that the Islamic system cannot be improved. If there was any such possibility, there would not have been this divine prohibition. The issue would have been left open or undetermined for the operation of the Shariah’s process of Qiyaas. The ‘scholars’ of deviation who condone and promote the methods of the kuffaar are all victims of western influences and other worldly considerations. They are not guided by the Deen.





“Washington – Animal rights activists have released a film that shows thousands of discarded male chicks being ground up alive – cruel treatment which they said is typical right across the poultry industry. Mercy For Animals obtained the film in an undercover Probe at an Iowa hatchery owned by Hy-Line, which has Launched an ‘immediate’ probe. Mercy said 150,000 male chicks are separated from females and, unable to produce eggs, dropped into a grinding machine. Over 30 million male chicks meet their fate this way each Year at this facility.” (The Herald) 30,000,000 chicks ground up alive every year! This is the product of halaalized brutality only at one chicken brutality facility. Tens of millions more chicks are ground up alive every year by other similar satanic facilities. The same brutal satanism is practised in South Africa by the chicken industry. This is the haraam brutality which the halaal certificate vendors promote. Muslims should not labour under any misconception regarding the effects of this shaitaani brutality on their hearts. The consequences of this brutality on the hearts of those who devour Rainbow, Early Bird, County Fair, Rocklands chickens and the chickens of the other myriad of chicken torturers including the restaurant outlets which sell this diseased haraam ‘halaalized’ filth, is morally and spiritually disastrous. IT IS THE WAAJIB OBLIGATION OF EVERY MUSLIM TO KICK THE CARRION ADDICTION – TO GIVE UP DEVOURING DISEASED, HARAAM CARRION CHICKENS, THE PRODUCTS OF BRUTALITY. IT DOES NOT BEHOVE MEN AND WOMEN OF IMAAN WHO PERFORM SALAAT AND FAST TO DEVOUR ROTTEN CARRION LIKE VULTURES. REMEMBER MEAT AND CHICKENS WHICH THE SHARIAH BRANDS ‘MAITAH’ IS ROTTEN, DISEASED HARAAM MEAT UNFIT FOR EVEN DOGS.


Q. I have an extra kitten registration form that was supposed to be for another kitten whose mother is ‘Sweetie’ and father ‘Tigger’. It’s called TICA, the International Cat Association. I want to give this TICA registration paper to a lady to enable her to register her female kitten who is not papered. Only the father, ‘Tigger’ is the same, but the mother ‘Sheba’ is not. Thus the mother shown on the registration form will not be the true mother. This registration is used for pedigree purposes. Is it permissible to give this lady the TICA form?

A. It is not permissible to give the TICA form to the lady. It will be deception and sinful to make a false entry in the form. Islam prohibits such deception. The resultant kittens will not have the pedigree stated on the form. People will be deceived into buying kittens which are not what is stated in the registration form.


Q. Most, if not all, cattle in South Africa are stunned before slaughtering. Is the beef halaal?

A. Stunned beef is haraam carrion. It is an absolutely brutal way of killing the animal. Prior to slaughter, the animal’s brains are smashed by shooting a metal bolt into its skull. The natural demand of kufr is cruelty, hence the kuffaar and those Muslims who follow in their footsteps see goodness and ‘humanity’ in such cruel methods. Muftis who have lost the road and drifted very far from Siraatul Mustaqeem find it appropriate to halaalize this form of Shareetatush Shaitaan (the devil’s slaughter).


Q. Is it permissible to slaughter a chicken by inserting it into a metal cone to prevent it from thrashing and flapping?

A. It is permissible to place the chicken in the cone. However, the cone should not be suspended. It is not permissible to slaughter the chicken whilst it is hanging upside down. The cone should be place on the ground with the chicken facing the Qiblah.




“Still alive, they hang upside down for 90 seconds in a bleed out tunnel where they’re supposed to die from blood loss. However, millions of birds do not die and many drown in pools of blood when the conveyer belt dips too close to the floor. Dead or alive, the birds are then dumped into tanks of scalding water. According to a former slaughterhouse worker when chickens are scalded alive, the “flop, scream, kick, and their eyeballs pop out of their heads. They often come out of the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they’ve struggled so much in the tank.” (United Poultry Concerns) This is not an exclusively American phenomenon of brutality. It takes place daily at the chicken-killing plants halaalized by the MJC and SANHA. Cruelty is standard and and accepted procedure at the chicken plants. Despite the haraam cruelty, the haraam killing system of the kuffaar with all its brutal effects have been issued with ‘halaal’ licences by SANHA and the MJC. When you sit down to devour the haraam carrion chicken then first reflect on the acts of brutality which the carrion chicken you are about to devour had to suffer in agony. Reflect on the chicken bleeding to death after improper cutting of its neck vessels, killed without Tasmiyah, the electrical shocking, the pools of blood in which it may have drowned, the scalding water into which the chicken went when it was perhaps alive, the popping out of its eyeballs in the scalding water, its kicking and screaming in the scalding water in which it gets partly cooked whilst alive with all its najaasat inside its body, its broken bones and disfigurement. After making some muraaqabah (meditation) on these issues, in all likelihood your heart will refuse consent for devouring the carrion of brutality.



“The birds’ heads and upper bodies are dragged through a splashing electrified water trough called a “stunner”. This water, which is cold and salted to conduct the electricity, does not actually stun the birds. Its purpose is to immobilize them to keep them from thrashing on the slaughter line and to paralyze the muscles of their follicles so that their feather will come out easily after they are dead.” Millions of chickens are electrically shocked daily at the chicken-killing facilities in South Africa. While the Shariah prohibits the infliction of any prior slaughter injury, the electrical shocking is a cruel form of injury inflicted on the chickens. Heartless are the people who halaalize this brutal system, and heartless are the people who devour such carrion which reached their table after the infliction of a series of haraam acts of cruelty on the helpless chickens. Almost 80 years ago Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) had explained that electrical shocking only immobilizes the animals causing them immense agony long before the actual slaughter takes place. Hadhrat Thanvi had said that acceptance of this kuffaar system of brutality is akin to kufr.



“There is not an animal on earth nor a bird flying with its two wings, but they are communities like you (people). We have not omitted anything from the Kitaab. Then unto their Rabb shall they be gathered.” (Al-An’aam, aayat 38) In numerous Qur’aanic verses it is explicitly mentioned that every creation of Allah Ta’ala recites His praises. This includes the inanimate creations as well. Since animals have rooh (soul) similar to human beings, the Shariah lays much emphasis on kindness and mercy when they are slaughtered. The Islamic system of Thabah is an elaborate, holy system consisting of many rules and etiquettes which have to be incumbently observed for rendering the animals halaal for Muslim consumption. The fact that Tasmiyah (reciting Allah’s Name) at the time of Thabah is a fundamental requisite for the lawfulness of the act of slaughter and for the meat, should be adequate for understanding that  slaughtering animals is not a practice ordained by Islam for the achievement of the monetary objectives of the kuffaar business enterprises. Thabah does not have a commercial dimension. From this, the villainy and evil of the carrion halaalizers such as MJC, SANHA, NIHT, ICSA, etc., etc. will be easily comprehended. Whilst Allah Ta’ala has ordained Thabah for the provision of halaal-tayyib food for Muslims, these miserable carrion halaalizers have hijacked this holy system for gratifying their pecuniary instincts and for enriching the kuffaar entrepreneurs. Thus, instead of halaal-tayyib food, the consequence of the accursed ‘halaal’ certificate trade is haraam maitah-rijs (unlawful, carrion filth). In the process of accomplishing this twofold monetary objective (money for them and money for the entrepreneurs), the carrion halaalizers perpetrate two horrendous haraam acts which will ensure their passage to Jahannum: (1) Absolute brutal torture of the chickens and animals (2) Feeding Muslims haraam, diseased carrion chickens and meat.



“At the slaughterhouse, the birds sit in the trucks without food or water 1 to 9 hours or more waiting to be killed. Inside the plant, in the “livehang” area, they are violently jammed onto a movable metal rack that clamps them upside down by their feet, Suspending these heavy birds, most of them already crippled, upside down by their feet puts an intensely painful strain on their legs and hips. In addition, many birds are hung by only one leg, adding to their agony.” (United Poultry Concerns) While the Shariah incumbently requires the birds to be gently laid down, facing the Qiblah and swiftly slaughtered in isolation from other chickens, the MJC’s and SANHA’s haraam system demands the brutality described above.



“Every chicken is bled out while still sentient. The chickens hang there and look at you while they are bleeding. They try to hide their heads from you by sticking it under the wing of the chicken next to them on the slaughter line. You can tell by them looking at you, they’re scared to death.” (Virgil Butler – Clarification on Stunner Usage.) This is the condition of the chickens which are hung upside down, moved rapidly on a conveyer belt and killed with insufficient cutting of the neck vessels whilst they are hanging upside down. This is the haraam system halaalized by SANHA and the MJC. This is the haraam system which produces the haraam, diseased, rotten carrion which the Muslim public devours with relish. This is the evil system which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) labelled: Shareetatush Shaitaan (the slaughter of the devil). It is the vile system whose products bear the MJC’s and SANHA’s ‘halaal’ labels.



Killing chickens with a machine (machine-slaughtering) is a brutal method which produces pure ‘halaalized’ carrion. The following is a question posed to a worker at a killing-house, and his answer: Q. “Do you think from your perception that the birds have a sense of what is going to happen to them.” A. “Yes. They try everything in their power to get away from the killing machine and to get away from you. They have been stunned, so their muscles don’t work, but their eyes do, and you can tell by them looking at you, they’re scared to death.” (Virgil Butler, former Tyson slaughterhouse worker). Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) has explained that electrical shocking and stunning merely render the chickens immobile. Whilst their muscles are incapacitated, they are fully conscious and perceive the horrors to which they are being subjected to.



“When I visited a large egg layer operation and saw old hens that had reached the end of their productive life, I WAS HORRIFIED. Egg layers bred for maximum egg production were nervous wrecks that had beaten off half their feathers by constant flapping against the cage.” (Temple Grandin –Unite Poultry Concerns) “Because ‘spent’ hens have no market value, few slaughter plants will take them. To get rid of these hens, farmers suffocate them to death in giant Dumpsters, gas them to death with carbon dioxide (CO2), and bury them alive in landfills. According to Tom Hughes of the Canadian Farm Animal Trust, ‘The simplest method of disposal is to pack the birds, alive, into containers, and bulldoze them into the ground.’ In 2003, workers at a battery-hen complex in California threw 30,000 live hens into wood-clipping machines which cut them to pieces. In 2009, 35,000 ‘cage-free’ hens were ‘depopulated’ on a Virginia farm by being stuffed into metal boxes and burnt to death with freezing CO2 hosed into the boxes. All of these methods are routinely used to get rid of unwanted populations of laying hens, caged or uncaged.” These brutal methods of exterminating hundreds of thousands of unwanted chickens are normal procedure even in South Africa, and all over the world where the satanic battery -system operates. How can it be permissible to consume such poisonous eggs of brutality? To what level of degradation have Muslims degenerated? How can this horrendous system ever be halaal? How can it ever produce halaal chickens and halaal eggs? No wonder so many people in the community suffer from cancer and other serious diseases!