“Muslim” Modernists Have Inherited Terrorism From the Kuffaar

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What is the Shariah’s view regarding the placing of bombs in civilian areas where people are indiscriminately killed and injured? According to some people, such tactics are necessary to instill fear into the enemy and to weaken it.


The Mission of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is to present mankind with such hidaayat (guidance) which will save its worldly life and its everlasting life of the Aakhirah. The maqsad (purpose) of I’la-e-Kalimatiliaah (Raising the Word of Allah) is to save mankind from physical and spiritual perdition and destruction. The purpose of Jihaad is not to indiscriminately kill, injure and maim people even if they are kuffaar.

The mission of the Ummah – its Da’wah – is to save the kuffaar from Allah’s Wrath and perpetual punishment. This is achieved only by inviting them to the Deen – by presenting Imaan to them. This Da’wah cannot be presented to the kuffaar – to mankind at large – if terror is driven into their hearts. The Mu’mineen are the repositories of Da ‘wat and Tableegh. This aim cannot be achieved if a chasm of hatred is created between the Nation of Tableegh and the audience to whom the Da’wat is directed, viz.the kuffaar.

In the early days, i.e. the age of the Sahaabah, the form of Da’wat was primarily practical. In other words, kuffaar in droves, by the tribe and in communities, embraced Islam solely by observing the sterling and angelic character of the Sahaabah. Wherever the Sahaabah went with their Jihaad campaigns, people flocked to them. Kuffaar did not flee from them. Kuffaar were attracted to them like steel is attracted to a magnet. The uprighteousness of their character exercised a profound impact and an irresistable influence on the kuffaar who in consequence embraced Islam by the hundred and thousand.

While the Sahaabah were lions and tigers on the battlefield instilling fear into the hearts of the kuffaar and establishing the Law of Islam in this World of Allah Ta’ala by the force of the Sword of Jihaad, they were at all times – on the battlefields and in the market­places – paragons of virtue. Cruelty, barbarity and inhumanity which are all special attributes of kufr, never formed part of their Character of Excellence. Killing, injuring and maiming even animals indiscriminately is haraam.

People of Imaan or people who understand the meaning of Imaan and the purpose of life on earth never resort to such cruel tactics which kill, injure and maim indiscriminately. In fact, we are not allowed to injure even an animal. If it becomes necessary to kill, the animal has to be compulsorily and humanely as possible put to death by only the Islamic system of Thabaheven if it happens to be a dog. In view of Islam’s lofty concept of mercy and kindness, animals are not allowed to be stunned, shocked or injured in any way whatever prior to slaughtering as the kuffaar are doing. All such acts are haraam.

The aforementioned elaboration is raised on the basis of Rasulullah’s prohibition to unnecessarily kill kuffaar during times of war. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), giving advice and admonition (naseehat) to the army of the Sahaabah on the occasion of Jihaad, prohibited the following acts:

* Killing of women and children.

* Killing even males who are not active participants in the war.

* Killing even kuffaar priests, monks, ecclesiastics, etc. who are engaged in their religious and worship activities.

* Indiscriminate cutting of trees and destruction of crops.

* Separating close relatives when captives of war are taken.

Islam does not need any Geneva Charter or any United Nations Charter, etc. from which the rules and laws of humanity and kindness, respect and honour are to be acquired. Humanity is inseparable from Islam.

Now when it is not permissible to destroy even crops indiscriminately, how can Islam condone the indiscriminate killing, injuring and maiming of human beings who are meant to be subject to Da’wat and Tableegh? In short, planting bombs in areas where civilians will be killed or injured is not permissble. Such tactics of cowardism are the ways of America, Russia, India, China and the world of kuffaar who follow in the footsteps of Shaitaan.

The Way of Islam is Jihaad in which the Mu’min’s valour is displayed with the Sword (and today with the Rifle) for the sake of gaining Allah’s Pleasure, not for senseless shedding of blood or for injuring the Makhlooq (Creation) of Allah Ta’ala.

The atrocities which were committed against Muslims in Bosnia, and which are being committed in Kashmir, Burma, Chechniya and in other places such as Iraq, are all the brutal activities of the kuffaar, the agents of Shaitaan. America, Russia, India, etc. are the real terrorists totally bereft of humanity. Muslims who may have committed acts of terror were in reality following in the footsteps of their kuffaar masters from whom they inherited such dastardly acts.

They are ignorant of Islam. They are modernists who possess no understanding of the Deen, hence they could perpetrate such atrocities as placing bombs in crowded market places and in buses used by civilians.

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