True Tasawwuf – Devoid of Bid’ah and Shirk


Submission to the Pure Orthodox Deen is the imperative requisite to be deserving of Allah’s Nusrat (Divine Help). And such complete submission of the mind, heart, and body, can only be acquired through purification of one’s soul (Tasawwuf), which is not normally possible without the suhbat (companionship) of the Auliya. By sitting in the company of a true Shaikh of Tasawwuf, the sincere seeker of the truth achieves islaah (reformation) of the nafs and attains spiritual progress.

In light of the fact that, in this day and age, the vast majority of khanqahs (and tariqahs) have degenerated into venues of bid’ah and futilities, the need has arisen to provide alternative means of developing the capacity for perpetual Zikr of Allah (azza wa jal) – such perpetuity that sacrificing one’s desires and submitting one’s obstinate Nafs to the Deen in every sphere of life becomes a Labour of Love.

As the true Masha-ikh depart from the world in rapid succession, few are now able to gain the benefit of sitting in the company of a true Shaikh. Where physical suhbat is not possible, the vacuum could be somewhat filled by reading carefully and acting according to the directions given in the statements, prescriptions, and anecdotes of the Masha-ikh.

In this respect, the information provided on this page should suffice for everyone, at least as introductory steps in the path towards Allah (azza wa jal).

Contained in the first link is the Masnoon Spiritual Programme which is of vital importance for every Muslim. Minus the practical Spiritual Programme, a close and strong Nisbat (Bond) cannot be cultivated with Allah Ta’ala. A Muslim who leads a life without a valid lawful Spiritual Programme, which is a programme devoid of bid’ah, remains mired in confusion and deception. He wastes away his life and will be shocked out of his slumber of ghaflat (indifference and oblivion) by the sudden descent of Maut on him.

That ultimate Day will be a Day of supreme regret. In the words of the Qur’aan Majeed it will be a Day when the hearts and eyes of men will be upturned.

May Allah (azza wa jal) inspire at least some part of this downtrodden, humiliated Ummah to revert back to and submit wholeheartedly to the pure orthodox Deen which will then only make it deserving of Allah’s (azza wa jal) Nusrat and the Withdrawal of His Azaab (Divine Punishment) that is presently engulfing the whole Ummah. Ameen.

(Maulana A S Desai)

(Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

Suhbat (Companionship) of the Auliyaa (Friends of Allah)
(Maulana A S Desai)

IKMALUSH SHIYAM (Perfection of Morals)
(Commentary of Hikam of Shaykh Ibn Ataullah)

(Extracts From Imam al-Ghazali – Compiled by Maulana A S Desai)

(Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

Defense of Sufism and Tasawwuf
(Various sources)

Loud Group Zikr – Bid’ah or Not?
(Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai)

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