Tableegh Jama’at – Ominous Signs of Baatil Infection

Fatwas on Tableegh and Dawa’


I am from Sri Lanka. A Mufti Usman from Madina is here in our country. He is a Tabligh Jamaat elder, and has khilaafat from many Shaikhs. He conducts Thikr majlis, but some of the confusing things he says are: 1. There is no need for Khaanqah system. It is an outdated system, and there is no mujahadah there. 2. The only way for achieving Tazkiya (reformation) of the nafs is in Tabligh Jamaat, and there is no Tazkiyah in today’s khaanqahs. 3. Thikr is infiraadi (individually done). There is no need to attend thikr majlis in khaanqahs. 4. The only accepted work of the Deen today is Tabligh. Please advise. The Ulama and Tablighis in Sri Lanka are turning against Tasawwuf, and are attacking it left and right. Even the Elders who have passed away such as Hazrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh) and Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) are not spared. The Tablighis here are saying about these Akaabir Ulama: “They just kept rolling beads in the khaanqah while people became murtad. They (i.e. the Akaabir Ulama) were not blessed with baseerah.” Please comment for our benefit. We are confused.


Unfortunately much ghuloo’ (haraam fanaticism) and ta’assub (bigotry) have overtaken the Tabligh Jamaat. The sign of a movement drifting from Siraatul Mustaqeem is ghuloo and ta-assub. Even the illustrious elders (Ulama and Auliya) are then subjected to haraam criticism and slander as the Tablighis are doing nowadays. Undoubtedly, all Islamic institutions in this era have declined and are in the process of decay. This applies to the Madaaris (Darul Ulooms), Khaanqas and the Tabligh Jamaat as well.

The Khaanqah used to be the best abode for gaining moral reformation. But in our day, the shaikhs of the khaanqahs have lost the path. They, themselves, are ignorant of the Shariah’s concept of Tazkiya-e-Nafs. They have confined Tasawwuf to halqah thikr and new bid’ah practices such as ‘lailatun noor’, nazams, merrymaking, mock and mass i’tikaaf during Ramadhaan, etc. Almost all the khaanqahs have strayed from the righteous path and are lying desolate and spiritually barren. They are not performing the function of Islaah of the Nafs. If the main activity of a khaanqah is halqah thikr, then stay away from such a khaanqah. But if the sheikh is one who concentrates on Tazkiya-e-Nafs, then hold on to him.

The claim that “there is no need for khaanqahs” is a shaitaani deception. There is a dire need for genuine khaanqahs. It is also satanic to aver that khaanqahs are “outdated”. Never is any institution of Haqq outdated. Yes, corruption overtakes the institution. Endeavours should be made to eliminate the corruption.

The Tabligh Jamaat is NOT an institution of Tazkiyah. It is like a primary Maktab teaching the essential basics of the Deen – Imaan, Tahaarat and Salaat. On the contrary, the nafs becomes more bloated in the Tabligh Jamaat if the participant has not managed to link up with a genuine Shaikh-e-Tareeqat, not to one of these quacks and cranks who orchestrate thikr performances in the Musaajid to impress and expand their circle of mureedeen.

Tabligh Jamaat members are notorious for three diseases: riya, takabbur and ujub. In addition, they are notorious for eating mushtabah and even haraam food. They love their carrion chickens and coke, and pollute the Musaajid with these haraam ‘foods’. They are extremely lax in this regard. Thus, their hearts are overshadowed with zulmat (spiritual darkness). They scorn Ihtiyaat (care and caution). They are also adept in the shaitaani art of mudaahanat (compromising the Haqq). Their protégé, Tariq Jameel is a prominent specimen and promoter of haraam mudaahanat. Their motive is to gain followers for their movement which is gradually evolving into a baatil sect. Whenever a movement of Haqq falls into the trap of ghuloo’, its end is a sect of baatil.

Thus they employ any means to gain followers, whether by hook or by crook, they are not concerned with the crookery such as Tariq Jameel crookery. They are not really concerned about gaining followers for Islam. They also suffer from the shaitaani evil of Israaf (waste). This feature is prominently displayed at their Ijtimas.

Their elders are becoming ‘fat cats’ puffed up spiritually with takabbur, and physically with obesity. This is very conspicuous at their big annual Ijtimas where special, VIP treatment is meted out – where the rank and file are in need of ‘visas’/special permission to come into the presence of the ‘fat cat’ hadhrat resting in his special quarters in the Ijtima complex.

Their Ulama session bayaans (specially for the Ulama) are effects of pride. Such special sessions are not permissible. Islam does not distinguish between Ulama and laypeople in the avenue of Naseehat. All are on the same footing in this regard. Bayaans should be open sessions for all and sundry. There should be no bayaans exclusively for Ulama while others are debarred from attending. They suffer from the same diseases as modernists. It is for this reason we find morons in the Tabligh Jamaat criticizing illustrious seniors such as Hadhrat Maulana Thanvi and others. They also have their baatil women’s lib. movement.

Undoubtedly, Thikr is an infiraadi amal. Most of the collective thikr programmes in today’s khaanqahs are bid’ah. But even their Mufti Usman engages in the bid’ah of collective thikr. The claim that the “only accepted work today is the ‘tabligh’ of the tabligh jamaat” is also a shaitaani deception. It is the effect of Jahl-e-Murakkab (Compound Ignorance). It is such ghuloo which is transforming the Tabligh Jamaat into a separate sect of baatil.

If the Tablighi elders are not going to get out of their rut of deception, and pull up their socks to extricate the Jamaat from the current state of calcification, the time will soon come when the Ulama will have to brand the tabligh jamaat as another deviated sect. We too criticize the current ‘tasawwuf’ practices. Most sufi tariqas nowadays are baatil. The Tabligh Jamaat is following the same path of baatil as the sufi tariqas.

Tasawwuf is Haqq. It is an integral constituent of Islam. The Qur’aan and Ahaadith are replete with Tasawwuf. But the ‘tasawwuf’ which the quack and crank shaikhs of today practise is not genuine Tasawwuf. The Tabligh Jamaat is also falling into the trap of dhalaal (deviation), and it too will soon become a crank sect/tariqah like these deviant sufi tariqas if they do not become alert and arrest their downward slide into spiritual corruption and deviation.

Those tablighis who criticize Hadhrat Thanvi and Hadhrat Gangohi and who make a mockery of Thikrullaah by labelling it “rolling of beads”, are, we say without hesitation, shaitaani rubbishes. They are rubbish right into the core of their hearts. Their statement is akin to kufr. They should, for safety’s sake, renew their Imaan and also their marriages. They are the followers of Iblees who have infiltrated the Jamaat and derailing it from the Path established for it by the noble Elders. This attitude of the Tablighis is extremely dangerous.

In order to embroil Muslims into the shaitaani cauldron of kufr, Iblees inspires them to slander the Warathah (Heirs and Representatives) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). When these rubbishes have the audacity to slander and mock Auliya and Ulama-e-Haqq such as Hadhrat Gangohi and Hadhrat Thanvi, the extent of their satanic entrapment can be gauged. These rubbishes bloated with arrogance are slandering the Warathah of the Ambiya at the peril of the destruction of their Imaan. This shaitaani attitude conspicuously displays the rot and fossilization of the Jamaat. Even their elders are trapped in this shaitaani rut and rot.

What do these rubbishes mean by “rolling beads”? These morons are too stupid and too ignorant to understand that the “rolling of beads” by these illustrious Auliya in their Khaanqahs by far exceeds the merit of their tabligh activities. The Maqsood (Objective) of life, is nothing but Thikrullaah. Precisely for this reason did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say that even if a Mujaahid in the thick of battle breaks several swords fighting the enemy, and is drenched in blood, then too, he does not attain the status of the Thaakir “rolling beads” in his khaanqah.

We warn the elders of the Tabligh Jamaat, to sit up and take stock of the direction in which the rudderless raft of the Jamaat is drifting. It should at all cost be prevented from developing into a sect of baatil. There is always a need for khaanqahs – genuine khaanqas – not the mock khaanqahs of today which are abodes of bid’ah, merrymaking, singing and feasting.


I have sadly been informed by our local jamaat saathis (companions) that there are plans afoot to bring Moulana Tariq Jameel to South Africa for the Tabligh Ijtimas in Gauteng and KZN in April. This is absolutely shocking. Please comment.


The Tabligh Jamaat is incrementally drifting from Siraatul Mustaqeem. The Path established for the Jamaat by its founders and genuine Elders is increasingly being abandoned by the Jamaat of this era. The objective is now to gain followers for the movement, not followers for the Deen. Hence, the corrupt, haraam belief that the only work of the Deen today is the peculiar Tabligh Jamaat activity and methodology. Tariq Jameel is a deviate. But he is a good worldly orator, hence the Jamaat deems it appropriate to keep him on their roll for gaining followers.

The Jamaat is not concerned with the baatil in which Tariq Jameel is involved. The current trend of the Jamaat is indeed lamentable and does not bode well for the future of the Tabligh Jamaat. It appears that the motive is no longer to gain only Allah’s Pleasure, hence they peddle their specific methodology with abhorrent bigotry. Everyone besides Tablighis is Jahannami in their newfound doctrine of faith. Those who are still capable of independent reasoning, should not attend the lectures of Tariq Jameel. Listening to the talks of a deviate is extremely detrimental for Imaan. May Allah Ta’ala save us from the evil of the nafs and the traps and deceptions of Iblees.

Fatwas on Tableegh and Dawa’

2 thoughts on “Tableegh Jama’at – Ominous Signs of Baatil Infection

  1. muhammed zubair


    i read your fatwas with great diligence and i ask of your duaas that i can implement them in my life. When you say the tariq jameel is a deviant is their a reason for this? i go often in the path of Allah should i stop going from your answers seems wrong and deviant i personally haven’t seen much of what you claim and i have been invloved in the effort for many years now, every system of effort with many numbers involved will have flaws and wrongs and in the talks of the elders and their targeeb talks these are remedied if the workers dont take it on board are elders to blame?

    1. admin Post author

      Assalamualaykum Respected Brother,

      For a prompt answer to your question, you may send your question directly to Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai on He has not advised anyone yet to abstain from going out in Tableegh Jamaat. On the contrary, he has often in the past advised people to join Tableegh Jama’at. What the Maulana is warning Tableegh regarding is the undeniable Ghuloo’ (extremism) and transgressions of the Shariah that have been creeping into the Tableegh Jama’at right from the very top. Examples of transgressions which stem directly from the elders are the women’s wing, which is in flagrant conflict with the rules and spirit of the Shariah with regards to women, and the elders’ toleration and apparent condonation of clear Baatil from prominent members of the movement such as Tariq Jameel. If the decline and degeneration are not arrested and dealt with immediately, then the Tableegh Jama’at will inevitably become a separate cult, just like how many of the genuine sufi Tareeqahs have degenerated into cults today. Please feel free to contact Hazrat Maulana if there are any fatwas or articles of his which you need clarification regarding. Was-salaam


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