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“I suspect that there were not very many people at either DEA or State who were prepared to think of the Taliban as what they claimed to be – and almost certainly were — genuine religious Moslems trying to fashion a society consistent with normative Afghan/Deobandi Moslem beliefs…[After having researched a bit into the truth] At this point I understood clearly that the Taliban did not hate Jews, were not a failed or puppet state, were not terrible misogynists and had a good reason for not turning over bin Laden  — even though they didn’t support his hate filled program.  I also saw that the 9/11 Commission had failed to understand much of this. Then I began to notice stories published about the Taliban that were clearly false or misleading.  Each of these stories gave a sense of where the venom directed against the Taliban was coming from. This section might also be called: DEFAMING THE TALIBAN:  HOW WE CAME TO HATE GOOD PEOPLE…”

“Torah and the Taliban”, authored by A. S Adler, an honest Jewish American man


Since much of the media, which many Muslims unfortunately swallow as the gospel truth, is currently propagating the lie that the barbaric actions of ISIS are merely a re-enactment of the actions of the Taliban during their rule, it has become necessary to dispel this misconception and demonstrate that the Taliban, who are amongst the very few True Mujahideen of Ahlus Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah remaining today, are vastly different to the “Mujahideen” of the multitude of deviant salafi and modernist sects out there, both in terms of ideology, and conduct and character.

While the Taliban have consistently denied responsibility for any atrocities, with even honest western reporters having exposed the numerous lies fabricated about them by the media, groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and the heavily salafi-influenced Pakistani Fake Taliban, consistently and even proudly claim responsibility for the numerous atrocities they misconstrue to be “Jihaad”.

In fact, there should be no surprise expressed over the brutal atrocities of salafi-influenced groups, since fatwas from leading salafi scholars legalizing such abominations, such as Ibn Uthaymin’s explicit statement that women and children can be slaughtered, have been around for decades now. Thus, the stupid surprise being feigned, and the deluge of criticism being currently offered by other Salafis to such groups who share the exact same spiritual and academic heritage as them, i.e. Ibn Taymiyyah and Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, is just plain moronic and carries the stench of hypocrisy.

Furthermore, Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab, the very first Salafi ‘Jihadi’ whom all Salafis take to be a role-model, was himself responsible for far worse crimes during the Wahhabi’s first reign of terror. Books such as “Tareekh Najd” and “Unwan al-Majid fee Tareekh Najd”, authored by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab’s direct students and supporters have chronicled in detail the massacres which the Wahhabis had committed in the name of Jihaad, including the Takfeer and subsequent pillaging of even those who were also against the widespread practices of bid’ah prevalent at the time, but who did not agree to his murderous crusade. A full analysis of the horrific content of these books authored by the Wahhabi historians themselves, and which are replete with accounts glorifying their pillaging of countless towns and villages, will be forthcoming soon inshallah.

It is clear from their own history that the Wahhabis would have been the first to do Takfeer (i.e. proclaim their slaughter as legitimate) of the Taliban, particularly the founders and core members, who are all students or graduates of Deobandi Madrasahs, and whose manhaj is defined by rigid taqleed (adherence) to the Hanafi madh-hab in Fiqh, Maturidi in Aqeedah (creed), and primarily Naqshbandi in Sufi Tariqah. As Rahmatullah Hashemi, the Taliban ambassador, declared in hyperbole regarding the Taliban’s roots, during his tour just prior to 9/11: “Every Afghan is Deobandi.” Only political expediency and strategy prevent the current breed of Wahhabis, who are masters of Taqiyah and deception, from doing open and honest Takfeer and Tabdee’ of the Taliban, with some today even going as far as giving Bayah (pledging allegiance).

What follows are a series of quotes and excerpts from people who have no reason to be biased towards the Taliban – in fact some were and still are very much against the Taliban – and who have honestly revealed the truth regarding the strong sense of honour, nobility, and integrity they witnessed from the Taliban after having interacted with them first-hand, or after having researched sincerely and seen through the continuous barrage of lies and slanders the Taliban have been subjected to by the media.

Before proceeding, it is worth singling out for mention, Avrom Shlemer Adler, an honest Jewish American man, who had, almost inadvertently, embarked on a thorough investigation and research of the Taliban, after having been taken aback at some of the lies he found the major so-called respectable media outlets to have been fabricating for the eager consumption of masses worldwide. His book, “Torah and the Taliban” which contains literally hundreds of pages of documentary evidence supporting every single assertion, is currently awaiting publication.

Excerpts From Forthcoming Book, “Torah and the Taliban”, Authored by an Honest Jewish American

A. S Adler introduces the subject of his book as follows:

“This is a history of a case of false accusation and mass murder of tens of thousands. This time it’s not Nazis murdering Jews, while the ‘Good People’ remain silent.  It’s the “Good People” murdering innocent Muslims while Human Rights Groups are mum! This is the case of the U.S.A. leading the charge of the ‘Civilized World’ to murder the Taliban.  

Our concepts of free speech and concern for others are particularly challenged when we are dealing with people very different from ourselves. The challenge becomes that much greater when our political leaders accuse these people of heinous crimes. When our governments attack the accused and begin to kill them by the thousands , the challenge for most of us could easily become too great to bear.  If, on top of this, those who defend the victims can be ostracized or even accused of supporting ‘terrorism’, our noble concerns can easily be stifled into silence 3 . This is what’s happened between the “Civilized World” and the Taliban — particularly since the kamikaze attacks of 9/11/01 and the subsequent ‘war on terror’. 

Still the Torah requires us to act according to its precepts in all circumstances. What does the Torah require of us here?  It’s really very simple.  Before people, in this case the Taliban, are condemned to death, their case should be judged in an impartial court of law.  It is one of the Seven Laws of Noah: All people are enjoined to set up courts of justice.  So, we must ask:  

•   In what court were the Taliban individually or collectively accused? 

•   In what court was the evidence presented?  

•   In what court did they make their defense? 

In Torah Law, the court of public opinion — the only court that’s been operating here – isn’t enough to allow a vast system of mass murder and the destruction of a way of life.  It is in cases like this — where the people and their ostensible leaders cry for blood — where there is seemingly no need or time for the niceties of courts and trials — where lynching is in the air — that those who live by a higher law must step forward and cry”


A. S. Adler describes how he first became interested in the Taliban:

“Shortly after the events of 9/11/01, the author noticed several apparent contradictions in the basic story of what the Taliban were about. These contradictions weren’t trivial. They involved key points that were inconsistent with the generally negative view of the Taliban given in the US media. It seemed that the Taliban might be just what they claimed to be — genuine religious Moslems of very high integrity with no significant interest in attacking Jews, Israel or the USA.” 


A. S. Adler mentions a number of shocking omissions regarding the media’s reporting of the Taliban’s executions of a handful of men guilty of homosexual acts, including the following one here:

“The author then checked the Amnesty International Reports  — their annual books covering the human rights situations in nearly every country in the world — going back to the Report covering 1996. A.I. reported that 5 men had been executed by the Taliban for sodomy in 1998. No executions for sodomy were mentioned by AI for other years…

When these five cases were examined in detail, it revealed that the A.I. Report had omitted a very important fact in describing the first three to be executed:  A.I.’s own detailed case report—published separately– stated that they’d been accused of sodomy “with young boys”.     

All of these reports of executions took place within a 17 month period – from 2/98 to 6/99.  There were no reports of executions or other punishments being meted out by the Taliban for sodomy after the 6/99 case.”


A. S . Adler describes a report in which the Taliban were called repeatedly to arbitrate in a dispute between the last two jews living in Afghanistan:

“In this report, however, the Taliban had no apparent negative feeling toward Jews.  This was even more compelling because the people in Kabul were in real distress. Tens of thousands of religious Moslems were desperate just to have a roof over their head .  It would have been an easy matter for the Taliban to, God forbid, throw the Jews out on the street (or worse), and use the synagogue complex for their own purposes — to house Moslems, for example.  

That they didn’t do this suggested that they might not only be lawful, traditional Moslems — who would recognize that the synagogue belonged to the Jews. They appeared to be people who didn’t look for loopholes in Moslem law that would still allow them to take the Jews’ property with a claim of ‘special circumstances’ – or, as they put it in the US, “eminent domain”. This suggested that they were trying to be genuinely and visibly kind and just and recognized that traditional Jews are not a threat to traditional Moslems.”


“It’s really quite remarkable, If this had happened in Colombia, where the US is spending billions of dollars and reducing drug cultivation by maybe 5 %, this would have gotten the Nobel Prize. But because it’s the Taliban, there’s a different reaction.”

Bernard Frahi, director of the UN Drug Control Program in Islamabad, after UN teams of monitors confirmed that the Taliban poppy ban was 100%.

A.S. Adler describes what he unearthed regarding the Taliban drug eradication program:

There were stories in the media that the Taliban had successfully eradicated opium growing in the parts of Afghanistan that they controlled. Yet, after 9/11,  they were being called a “Failed State”.  If they really did wipe out opium poppy growing, it indicated that the Taliban might be qualitatively different from the political leadership in almost every other country — that they had an exceptionally high level of integrity and were far more resistant to the usual temptations that prevail in the opium business.

Did the Taliban really wipe out opium poppy growing from one year to the next – something that a “failed state” or “puppet” would not be able to do?  The opium question was checked using both US and UN official websites. I found that they had independent study teams and two different methodologies — aerial reconnaissance and on the ground surveys, respectively. Both confirmed that the Taliban had almost completely eradicated opium growing in the areas that they controlled. At the same time, opium growing in the home province of President Rabbani of the “Northern Alliance” — the group with the seat in the UN – nearly tripled…

The US had sent a small team to Afghanistan in the early months of ’01 — when it was already known by both aerial reconnaissance and a preliminary on-the-ground survey that the Taliban had achieved a tremendous success in eradicating opium growing. The US team – one man from the State Dept. and one from the FBI  — worked with emissaries from Canada UK, Belgium,  Germany, Netherlands and the European Commission. The group was to determine, among other things, how the Taliban had accomplished this remarkable — almost miraculous — transformation…

This data not only shows the Taliban didn’t ban opium growing to raise the price for themselves.  It also shows the leading expert on the Taliban – Ahmed Rashid — is making things up – deliberately showing the Taliban in a bad light…

While this almost miraculous success in eradicating opium poppy growing meant that the Taliban were very effective – that they were not a failed or puppet state —  the usual image would have it that they must have murdered a lot of people to accomplish something like this.”


James Callahan, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Regional Representative for Central Asia, replied to a letter by A.S Adler as follows:

When I visited Afghanistan it was as an official of the US State Department’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement… ook part in the mission. In regard to what I observed and learned during the 8-day UNODC mission to Afghanistan in 2001 to access the Taliban poppy ban, I can say that the ban was highly successful. 

It appears that most farmers took this to heart and did not cultivate. In some cases, when farmers violated the ban, the Taliban plowed the fields, or made the farmers themselves pull up the plants, and jailed the offending farmers for a few days. 

I did not hear reports of serious physical coercian, torture, executions, etc, although I did hear that the Taliban had to employ heavy shows of force – including tanks – in some of the northeastern tribal areas where affinity for the Taliban was not high and where there was the strongest resistance to the ban, including killings of Taliban officials….

However, the ban did demonstrate what could be done through religious appeals and careful work with the communities. The fact that the Taliban had established their authority and provided security in much of the country also gave them the ability to enforce a ban – with a minimum of physical coercion – which was highly unpopular. I hope this information is helpful to your research and feel free to quote from the above.“


The following are excerpts from a series of correspondences A.S. Adler had with Professor Barney Rubin, the lead U.S. expert on Afghanistan:

“I don’t know how or why Ahmed Rashid came to write the things he wrote in his earlier books but one would think that by 2007, scholars like yourself might have pointed out the errors in his work. The stuff about the Taliban banning opium poppy growing to increase the price is the line of the Northern Alliance and is not supported by the facts. The line about “harsh” measures being used for enforcement of the ban is also bunk. Why don’t you ask Ahmed Rashid why he wrote that stuff in his 2008 work? Why don’t you ask yourself and your colleagues why almost none have publicly recognized these errors or the peculiar work of Zohra Rasekh?

The reality is that there was no price collapse — yet this was the main story of the Northern Alliance — that the Taliban banned opium poppy growing in response to a price collapse.

Ahmed Rashid is giving the straight line of the Northern Alliance — more than five years after the detailed price data of the UN was public information on the internet. Is that just ordinary confusion?

The upshot of this is not only did Ahmed Rashid give us the straight Northern Alliance line on the opium ban — but, apparently none of your thousand experts called him on it – – until I came along.

If this were just a minor issue, it might be excusable — but it is a really a big deal — it reveals so much of what the Taliban were really about. How did it happen that so many scholars missed this — or am I mistaken here? Do you know of any scholar who has looked at the price data in the years before the ban was announced and said clearly that this price data does not support the contention that the the Taliban banned opium poppy growing in response to a price collapse — that there was no price collapse?

Let’s see how long we have to wait before Ahmed Rashid — or you for that matter — put in “print” a clarification of this issue? Considering that people are being murdered because of this sort of confusion — putting out such a clarification in the next 48 hours would not be too short a time.

Tens of thousands of people have been murdered based in part on these errors — a society has been flooded with money in the hands of mercenaries based in part on these errors…

All this should at least begin to suggest that the Taliban were not a Failed State, a Rogue State or the puppets of anyone. It should also show that when we compare what Ahmed Rashid says about a very important issue to other, usually reliable sources that provide data on the same issue, Rashid comes up short on both facts and analysis. We should not rely on his facts or analysis in other areas….

A public report by James Callahan of the U.S State Department, says they implemented the opium poppy ban by consensus of the elders connected with the mosques throughout their domain. They actually wiped out opium poppy growing across ethnic, religious and geographic divides. They even reduced it by 99.9% in Balkh province — the former home territory of their enemy, General Dostom. This was not the work of a “failed state” or a puppet of bin Laden or the Pakistani intelligence services. This was the work of an effective government with broad and deep indigenous support…That they did this — as elsewhere in their domain – without executions maimings or floggings, is a clear testament that their governance was — by that time — received favorably by the people there….

Al Qaeda provided only a small and non-decisive percentage of Taliban strength and a very large fraction of their headaches. It should be clear to anyone that the Taliban were not the professed enemy of the US , of Jews or of Israel – while Al Qaeda was and is the professed enemy of all three.

Meanwhile we have one of the leading writers on the subject of the Taliban –your friend, the prolific Ahmed Rashid –claiming that his false story of collapsed opium prices following bumper crops was just a matter of his being “confused”.

Perhaps he can send us a copy of his notes on the subject so that together we can figure out how he came to make such a mistake — and all of the other mistakes that make his story look like it was written by the Northern Alliance ?Still, it’s more important to figure out why his errors – and similar errors made by others — have not been more widely noted.”


After a detailed study of numerous cases, A.S. Adler describes how he found a massive discrepancy between the truth and what the media was reporting:

It was clear then that the Taliban were not interested in attacking Jews or Israel and that they weren’t a failed or puppet state – but were they any good otherwise? Weren’t they terrible misogynists? Isn’t it true that they deprived women and girls of education and health care; that they deprived women of the opportunity to work —  and that they forced women to wear a burka in the street? 

To check this out, I went to the website of what I thought were the biggest detractors of the Taliban in the area of how they treated – or mistreated – women.

[After investigating into one particularly lengthy case which is described in the final book]

The discrepancy between the reality and the media generated expectation in this case is suggestive of what we might actually find if we were in a position to investigate the other points in detail. ..

What I found in the course of looking into the accusations of misogyny showed that this impression of the Taliban was plain nonsense.”


A. S. Adler states:

“The English speaking, college educated women in Kabul — who were often not only anti-Taliban but anti-religious — were the people who were most adversely affected by the Taliban and were the most able to communicate their troubles to the Western Media. These women and their Russian speaking counterparts were not, in so many cases, innocent beleaguered secularists caught in a web of religious oppression. They were, quite often, the very people who had been doing their best for over a decade to undermine the cultural foundations of Islam in Afghanistan…While the educated women – including so many who had been collaborators with the Russians — were very adept at manipulating the media, the very traditional women — who constitute the overwhelming majority of the women of Afghanistan — were almost completely ignored.” 


A.S. Adler explains why the Taliban refused to extradite Osama bin Laden without evidence that proves categorically his guilt:

“The result of this belief system is that the Taliban would not bend the rules to get rid of OBL. If they gave him up to the US without an actual trial under Muslim Law, they would have looked like they are breaking God’s law. It would also have beenclear they had done it in response to bullying and bribery.

For the Taliban leaders it would have been like being bullied or bribed into going into a public square and eating a pig’s nose – a desecration of God before the entire world. They wouldn’t do it.”

Here ends the excerpts from the book, “Torah and the Taliban”.


To this day, the USA and the FBI admit that there is no definitive proof of Osama’s guilt:

On March 29, 2006, on The Tony Snow Show, Vice President Dick Cheney stated: “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.”

Rex Tomb, the FBI’s Chief of Investigative Publicity, is reported to have said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

FBI Director Robert Mueller, in a speech at the Commonwealth Club on April 19, 2002,said: “In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere – that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot.”


Although the Taliban now realise that Osama was deceiving and using them, they are unrepentant over their firm refusal to relinquish their principles of justice and their perfectly reasonable request for evidence before extradition. Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, one of the original members of the Taliban, stated regarding their refusal to extradite Osama bin Laden without evidence:

“No [I have no regrets]; we were defending [the dignity] of Islam and the rights of Afghanistan. We condemned the attacks in the United States. We said that there should be an investigation to find the culprits. But handing over Osama without proof to the United States was not a rational thing to do. Islam is the religion of rationality and justice.”

When asked for his opinion of Osama bin Laden and his relation with Mullah Omar following the events of 11 September, Zaeef said:

“Following the September events, the Commander of the Faithful Mullah Omar met with Bin Laden in the presence of a large number of Taliban leaders and Al-Qaeda members, and asked him if they were behind the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. Osama denied the allegations but I now believe that Bin Laden planned the attacks without informing the Commander of the Faithful and then lied to him by denying his involvement in the attacks after they took place”



In a publically broadcast radio interview, Mullah Omar refers to the 9-11 attacks as an ‘evil’ that was created by the US themselves:

“America has created the evil that is attacking it. The evil will not disappear even if I die and Osama dies and others die. This is US policy. The US should step back and review its policy. It should stop trying to impose its empire on the rest of the world, especially on inIslamic countries…The Muslims understand that. They also know they can’t do anything about it. So they kill themselves in suicide attacks. They no longer want life on this earth. ..Everyone is afraid of America and wants to please it. Butlet me tell you something. Americans will not be able to prevent such acts like as the one that has just occurred because America has taken Islam hostage. America has done that in the Islamic world and especially in the Arab countries. If you look at Islamic countries, the people are in despair.” [Transcribed and Published by the Guardian and others]

In another interview, Mullah Mutawakkil recalled Mullah Omar’s reaction upon hearing the news of 9-11, which highlights the crucial difference between the Jihad ideology of the Taliban and that of the Salafi deviates such as al-Qaeda:

“At the time when that story [9–11] happened, I was in Kabul. I contacted Mullah Mohammad Omar in Kandahar immediately asking what should we do. He told me, ‘condemn it. Condemn this action as harshly and strongly as you can.’ And I think the Taliban government was one of the first governments who condemned this action, and besides condemning it they also denied their involvement and they said that the killing of innocents wherever they are is not allowed (haram). Al-Qaeda at that time never said ‘we did it.’ If they did say something, then they said something like ‘whoever did that thing, we think it’s a good thing.’ They appreciated it. That’s a big difference, that one side [the Taliban] condemned it, but the other side, al-Qaeda, appreciated it.”

In Islamabad, Mullah Zaeef received similar instructions, and dispatched a copy of the press release to the US Embassy:

“Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. We strongly condemn the events that happened in the United States at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon We share the grief of all those who have lost their nearest and dearest in these incidents. All those responsible must be brought to justice. We want them to be brought to justice, and we want America to be patient and careful in their actions.”

In another public statement, Mullah Abdul Hai condemned the act as ‘terrorism’ while stating the self-evident fact that bin Laden did not possess the power himself to carry out such an attack:

“What happened in the United States was not a job of ordinary people. It could have been the work of governments. Osama bin Laden cannot do this work, neither us…We are not supporting terrorism. Osama does not have the capability. We condemn this…This could have been the act of either internal enemies of the United States or its major rivals. Osama cannot do this work.”

If Bin Laden had any involvement in the 9-11 attacks, then it would have been merely as just another gullible scape-goat, unwittingly part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by the United States themselves. As exposed by numerous ex-CIA whistle-blowers in recent years, the United States have become experts over the past few decades in covering their tracks through the use of chains (sanads) of foreign proxies (intermediaries) at the end of which are usually gullible ‘Jihadis’ whom they term as “patsies” or “useful idiots”, who are ever-willing to jump blindly into any cesspool of war specially planned, prepared and set up by the US to serve their imperialist agenda.  

Although more than sufficient incriminating evidence of US involvement in 9-11 have already been unearthed by hundreds of non-muslim experts, it maybe decades before the full operational details are exposed – just as details of other historical operations have been released many decades too late to matter anymore, such as Operation Northwoods from the 1960s which contained detailed plans explicitly approving the blowing up of American civilians (including hundreds of college students) for the purpose of garnering governmental and public approval to invade a particular country (Cuba) who would then have been made the scape-goat for the acts of terrorism. The plan was approved at all senior levels of the military and CIA, only to be vetoed by the then President, Kennedy, who was conveniently assassinated very shortly afterwards.

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s chief spokesman, said in an interview at the time:

“We do not want to fight. We will negotiate. But talk to us like a sovereign country. We are not a province of the United States, to be issued orders to. We have asked for proof of Osama’s involvement, but they have refused. Why?’”

Mullah Zaeef, one of the original founders of the Taliban, clarified that the Taliban never refused to hand over bin Laden:

“The Taliban regime has not ‘refused to hand over bin Laden’…the Taliban refused to to ‘hand over Osama bin Laden WITHOUT EVIDENCE’”

In a recent statement, Mullah Zaeef states that he has no regrets in refusing to give up Osama bin Laden, despite his present belief that Bin Laden was involved in some capacity:

“No, I have no regrets; we were defending the dignity of Islam and the rights of Afghanistan. We condemned the attacks in the United States. We said that there should be an investigation to find the culprits. But handing over Osama without proof to the United States was not a rational thing to do. Islam is the religion of rationality and justice… 

Following the September events, the Commander of the Faithful, Mullah Omar, met with Bin Laden in the presence of a large number of Taliban leaders and Al-Qaeda members, and asked him if they were behind the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon.

Osama denied the allegations but I now believe that Bin Laden planned the attacks without informing the Commander of the Faithful and then lied to him by denying his involvement in the attacks after they took place,”

“Mild-Mannered, Gentle and Considerate, Yet When it Comes to Fighting, The Most Fearsome Warriors in the World”

British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, states regarding her imprisonment by the Taliban for undercover reporting, at a time when the UK and USA had begun their genocidal carpet bombing of Afghanistan and western reporters were amongst the worst slanderers and enemies of the Taliban:

“They are mild-mannered, gentle and considerate yet when it comes to fighting they are among the most fearsome warriors in the world. I wish everyone knew how I am being treated because then I could perhaps relax. I bet people think I’m being tortured , beaten and sexually abused. Instead I am being treated with kindness and respect. It is unbelievable…[After being extremely abusive to senior Taliban] I was very puzzled and mentally exhausted. It seemed as though I could be as rude and abusive as I wanted but I couldn’t get a reaction from them other than a smile and the usual bollocks about being their guest. ….These people are amazing. No grudges, no signs of hostility, yet, only hours earlier, Britain and America had bombed the hell out of them.”

[In the Hands of the Taliban]


Yvonne Ridley contrasts her treatment at the hands of the Taliban to those who had unfortunately fell into the hands of the Americans:

“Now you would think that the most brutal regime in the World couldn’t care less if one of their prisoners had gone on hunger strike, but these men were very, very upset. Despite my protest, saying that I am not eating, every morning and noon and evening they would bring me food. They would spread a cloth on the floor (beautiful carpeted floor by the way) and they would put some bread, stew and rice. They would bring a jug of water and a bowl and they would wash my hands. Then they would tell me in broken English, “you are our sister, our guest and we want you to be happy.” And I thought what kind of evil brutal regime is this. Don’t they understand the job description. And I am thinking this is just a trick to soften me up and then the really bad guys would come in with the electrodes.

In fact, isn’t it strange that everything I thought would have happened to me under this so-called savage primitive regime, happened to prisoners in Abu Guraib, Guantanamo Bay and other US holding facilities. This always prompts me to say that thanks God I was captured by the most evil, brutal regime in the World and not by the Americans…

Nobody put me in an orange jump suit, shaved, shackled or abused me or raped me or sodomized me or videoed me for the gratification or pleasure of others later on. As you can see from what I am sharing, my experience was completely different from those, who fell into the hands of the Americans..”


After having spat at a senior Taliban officer, Yvonne Ridley describes the punishment the Taliban meted out to her:

“It is interesting, this is how the most evil, brutal regime in the World punished me. They allowed my cell mates to call home, which was fantastic for them since they had not talked to their families for 2 months, but did not allow me. One of the German girls went to him and made a special plea and said, “Yvonne needs to talk to her daughter, so please let her call home.” And he said, “No, she is a horrible woman and she has to be punished.” 


Diana Thomas, one of the Christian evangelists who had knowingly broken the law and had been imprisoned by the Taliban, expressed grief when the unjust genocide of tens of thousands of Taliban commenced:

“I feel sorry that many of the Taliban are dying. The Taliban treated us very nicely.”

Her colleagues expressed similar sentiments. Dayna Curry who was also from the group of Christians stated that they were treated like sisters by the Taliban who, like true orthodox Muslim men, would lay down their lives for the honour and protection of their women-folk:

“A few Taliban soldiers said that they would not let any harm come to us and would lay down their lives before harm could touch their sisters,”


After the United States and its coalition of terrorist ‘superpowers’ had begun the genocidal carpet-bombing of Afghanistan, due to the Taliban’s moral stand and refusal to unjustly extradite one person without evidence, the Taliban postponed the trial of eight foreign workers from the West, despite the Taliban possessing ample evidence demonstrating that the foreign workers had intentionally broken the law while under the guise of ‘aid work’ (once back home, the ‘aid’ workers later admitted to their guilt). The workers were treated like guests and were never used as bargaining chips. Associated Press reports:

“Taliban Supreme Court judges have indefinitely postponed the trial of eight foreign aid workers, fearing their anger over the U.S. airstrikes would prevent them from making a fair ruling.

Justice Maulvi Mir Habibullah said members of the Supreme Court were concerned that the U.S air assault on Afghanistan would taint their judgment:

“The bombardment and the court case are two separate things. We do not want one to involve the other. What is happening between America and the Taliban has nothing to do with the court case against the detainees. We will not allow the two to be linked. The judges who are deciding this case could become angry and make a decision that is not good, not based on Shariat (Islamic law), but make a decision because they are angry. God says that is wrong; that you cannot take revenge and that you must be in a relaxed state of mind to make important decisions.”

President Bush ordered the air attacks after the Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that killed at least 4,500 people in the United States.

As Habibullah spoke, the thud of anti-aircraft fire could be heard along with the roar of U.S. jets apparently heading toward the front line, barely 15 miles north of Kabul.

Habibullah said the aid workers were being well cared for. He said the Supreme Court issued orders to the guards at the detention center in the heart of Kabul to treat the aid workers kindly.

“We have told them that they are human beings and should be treated with goodness. They are separate from this new war we are facing. They should not be blamed for it.”

Mercer’s father, John, said the Taliban has assured him the U.S. campaign would not influence the ruling on the aid workers.


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6 thoughts on “TALIBAN vs ISIS

  1. desperate of Allah's mercy

    talking about Taliban vs Isis

    in their recent official publication, ISIS called Taliban as ”under the shade of tawaghit” and allies with America. they also stated Taliban has deviant aqeedah of Murji’ah. it’s in their official statement Dabiq.

    Wahhabi jihadis. one of the fitna maker today. may Allah expose them.

  2. desperate of Allah's mercy

    what can Taliban do now? they seem weakened. Daesh has invaded them, killing Talibans and behead its commanders. They obviously do more than just making takfir. Looks like Daesh will take over Afghanistan anytime soon. Taliban will be history unless Allah wills otherwise.

    1. عبد

      The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Zabihullah Mujahid has conducted a detailed interview with the Arabic Daily ‘Asharq Al-Awsat’ newspaper about the recent situation and developments in Afghanistan. (August 2015)

      Question: Do you fear the increasing influence of Daesh (ISIL) that they will replace Taliban?

      Answer: Daesh (the Islamic state) is the result of the bitter political, military and religious fissures prevalent in Iraq and Middle-East. As those bitter and untoward circumstances are not yet present inside Afghanistan therefore the presence of Daesh (ISIL) is not needed here and neither do we have any fear about them.

      We have always tried to prevent ethnic, religious and other internal differences inside Afghanistan and by the grace of Almighty Allah, have been quite successful in achieving it. In the future, we pray to Almighty Allah that our courageous nation resist the foreign occupying forces in unison and He saves them from fragmentation and disintegration.

      Question: How real are the reports of splitting of some Taliban commanders from the Islamic Emirate and their integration with Daesh (ISIL) forces?

      Answer: You know that the Islamic Emirate has full control over its forces under a well-established administration system wherein specific rules and regulations have been assigned aimed at controlling their activities and capabilities, and they are obliged to work and proceed within the jurisdictions of these allocated norms and rules.

      A number of people who tried to misuse the name of the Islamic Emirate and indulge themselves in activities which are not consistent with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Emirate. They were prevented by authorities of the Islamic Emirate from committing such acts. Since they repeatedly violated the policies of the Islamic Emirate and did not refrained from illegal activities like abduction, torturing civilians, looting and various other activities therefore the Islamic Emirate had to expel them from its ranks and some were trialed accordingly.

      These were the people who got together in the eastern province of Nangarhar supported by some foreign circles and launched their activities against the Islamic Emirate under the name of Daesh (the Islamic state). By the grace of Almighty Allah and with the persistent support of the local people, most of the areas occupied by them were liberated quickly. And at the time being, there is no significant resistance in those areas against the Islamic Emirate.

  3. عبد

    Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the recent barbarity in Nangarhar

    A horrific incident of kidnappers who associate themselves with Daesh (ISIS) brutally martyring several white bearded tribal elders and villagers with explosives in Mamand Dara area of Shinwaro district.

    This un-Islamic act where innocent civilians are martyred after being charged with apostasy merely for aiding the Islamic Emirate can never be justified. The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns this act. No law can ever allow prisoners to be mistreated in such a manner.

    This offense and other such brutal actions by a few irresponsible ignorant individuals under the guise of Islam and Muslims are intolerable. The Islamic Emirate orders it leaders in the area to find and punish the perpetrators of this heinous act in light of sublime Shariah Law.

    Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
    26/10/1436 Hijri Lunar
    20/05/1394 Hijri Solar 11/08/2015 Gregorian


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