Kalb Yusuf Patel has issued a stupid vindictive statement in an abortive attempt to bolster the fraudulent appropriation of the ‘uucsa’ name which we concede is a designation which by this time stinks in the nostrils of every sane Muslim who has Islam at heart. Nevertheless, there is a need to present some little known facts of reality in view of the fact that the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community is completely unaware of the facts of the conflict between Genuine UUCSA and BOGUS uucsa. We shall therefore briefly outline some pertinent facts of reality from the inceptive stage of 1970.

(1) 1970, that is almost half a century ago, when the vast majority of the current members of all the Jamiats had either not yet appeared on the surface of the earth, or they were still wallowing in their baul wa baraaz in their napkins. It was a time when disposal napkins were not in vogue. This applies to the Reverend and the Kalb specifically. In short, the current bogus clique of BOGUS uucsa had absolutely no role in the affairs of the Muslim community of South Africa.

(2) In 1970, which was the very first year when the writer of this presentation arrived from Jalalabad after having completed his Deeni studies under the guidance and supervision of Hadhrat Maulana Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh), he was thrown into the affairs of the Muslim community much against his will and inclination. Circumstances compelled his involvement and participation in the affairs of the Muslim community.

(3) The primary issue which had constrained this writer to become involved in the affairs of the Muslim community was the expropriation by the Port Elizabeth Municipality of the Pier Street Musjid. This was, to best of our knowledge, the oldest Musjid in Port Elizabeth. Its construction was funded by the last Khalifah of the Ottoman Empire.

The unscrupulous trustees of the Musjid had clandestinely agreed to sell the Musjid for R80,000 to the Municipality which was bent on demolishing the Musjid to make way for a freeway which was under construction at that time.

(4) The Municipality with the co-operation of the trustees, had absolutely refused to consider this writer’s objection to the expropriation. The decision was made to demolish the Musjid. It then dawned on this writer by the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, to muster the support of all the then Ulama bodies in order to take the protest to a national level.

(5) In 1970, the following Ulama organizations had existed:

(a) Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal. NOTE: The current NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg is NOT and was NOT the Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal. Its claims to have been the old Transvaal Jamiat are satanically inspired.

(b) Jamiatul Ulama Natal

(c) Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape

(d) Muslim Judicial Council Western Cape

(e) Muslim Judicial Council Eastern Cape (This organization no longer exists).

(6) Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape: This body had just been formed in 1970, and was dubbed by its detractors as a “one man jamiat” just as the evil molvies today are dubbing the Musjlisul Ulama of S.A. as “a one man show”. There is no need for us to dwell on this stupidity, save to mention what the Qur’aan Majeed states about “one man bodies”:

“Verily, Ibraaheem was (alone) an (entire) Ummah, Qaanit Obedient and fully submissive to Allah Ta’ala, and Haneef (devoid of the slightest vestige of deviation). And, he was not of the mushrikeen.” (Aayat 120, An-Nahal)

The Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape as well as the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. were and are within the scope of this Qur’aanic aayat. These so-called “one man bodies” constitute an ‘Ummah’, and the Deeni activities emanating in the wake of their establishment confirm the Ummah status of the Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape which functioned under the guidance and spiritual shadow of Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) whose parting advice to this writer was to remain aloof (Haneef) and Qaanit, and not fall into the mess of paper bodies by joining organizations whose objective is not the Aakhirah and Allah’s Pleasure. This is brief sums up our “one man” Ummah status whose call everyone in the land is constrained to heed, both, friend and foe, sympathizer and rejecter.

(7) This “one man”, in fact a ‘junior one man’ Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape, set in motion the plan to organize a meeting of all the Ulama bodies for presenting a unified stance and voice to oppose the expropriation of the Musjid. Thus, this writer contacted all, the then senior Ulama of all the Ulama organizations and prevailed upon them to attend a conference to be held in Port Elizabeth to discuss and present a unified stance for opposing the P.E. Municipality’s expropriation order.

(8) Every Ulama organization accepted this writer’s invitation, and sent their most senior Ulama to Port Elizabeth to attend the conference. This writer was the most junior and most insignificant member at the time. It was his first year after completing at Madrasah. The following very noteworthy facts regarding this historical gathering of Ulama should be borne in mind:

• This was the very first time in the history of the South African Muslim community that all Ulama bodies, without a single exception, had attended a national conference.

• And, this was also the last time. Never thereafter had the Ulama succeeded in having a gathering/conference of all Ulama organizations, nor did the Ulama succeed thereafter in presenting consensus or a unified statement on even a single issue affecting the Muslim community, not even on the very important and sensitive issue of the film which pictorially depicted the Sahaabah – the film known as “The Messenger”.

• Today the Ulama, due to their villainy and worldly lusts, are the most fragmented members of the Ummah with daggers at each other’s throats, and with daggers in their hearts. This is clearly illustrated by the evil kuffaar court cases initiated by the satanic NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg with poodles such as the MJC and Jamiat KZN tagging along with disgraceful docility in the flotsam of baatil which their nafsaani lusts are pursuing.

(9) The groundwork, the field work and every aspect of the action to oppose the expropriation were executed by only the “one man jamiat”, and this with the full and wholehearted co-operation and endorsement of all the Ulama organizations. We must add here, that despite our sharp differences with the Ulama of the MJC of that early period, they (the MJC Sheikhs) were unlike the flotsam of istinja characters which pose as the MJC of this era. The senior Sheiks of that time, e.g. Sheikh Najaar and Sheikh Nazeem, were responsible men who were amenable to valid Deeni talks.

The Ulama of the other two Jamiats who had participated in the P.E. conferences were Mufti Sanjalvi (Senior), and his son, Maulana Ebrahim Mia, Mufti Ahmed Mia, Maulana A.H. Omarjee and Maulana C.M. Sema (Rahmatullah alayhim). All of them are now underground.

None of the present flotsam clique of ulama-e-soo’ such as the Reverend, the Kalb and the Istinja sheikhs, had any share in that first and last unified gathering of all the Ulama organizations of South Africa. The only junior who was fully involved and at the helm was this writer.

(10) Without the slightest fear of contradiction from any source whatsoever, this writer states with emphasis that he was the sole operator of the plan which had been unfurled in the name of all the Ulama of S.A. This writer would act and issue statements on behalf of all the Ulama organizations with none opposing even a single decision or step which the “one man ummah’ effected in the plan to save the Musjid from demolition. There are copious documents in our archives to back up every statement being made here. InshaAllah, at a later stage these documents shall be released for the information and edification of the Muslim community.

(11) Allah Ta’ala gave us a resounding victory over the City Council. The unified stance of all the Ulama bodies was the overt cause for our success. The actual and real Cause, was Allah’s Fadhl which He grants to whomever He wills. It was our Deeni struggle to save the Musjid. It was not like any of the rubbish projects of pure nafsaaniyat which todays molvies organize in the name of the Deen, but the true motive being the dunya – hub-e-maal and hubb-e-jah.

(12) The first persons to moot the idea of a unified Ulama body of South Africa in the wake of the success we had achieved, were Maulana Sema and Sheikh Najaar. They urged that the function of the COMMITTEE of ULAMA which had been established to represent all the Ulama organizations should not be confined to the one issue of the Pier Street Musjid. This writer while acting as the Secretary of the Committee of Ulama was in reality holding the positions of all officials an organization requires for functioning. It is stressed here that besides full moral support, no practical assistance and no financial assistance of any kind, were forthcoming from any Ulama body. Anyhow, the objective of the “one man jamiat” for having organized the Ulama conference was only to gain the moral support of all the Ulama of the country and to enable us to speak with one unified voice and adopt a unified stance. In this, Alhamdulillah, we were 100% successful.

(13) In the light of this background, understand the birth of genuine UUCSA with this writer at its helm. We shall not deal much with its formation in view of the ongoing legal battle between us and the Bogus entity which has shamelessly instituted kuffaar court action into which we have been most reluctantly drawn.

(14) The current kuffaar court wrangles are most disgusting, shameless, disgraceful and most unbecoming of Ulama. The Reverend and the Kalb have absolutely no Islamic skin on their faces. Despite honourable proposals having been made by us to settle this haraam wrangle out of kuffaar court, these devils in human form have refused our proposals. And, why should they accept when they are shayaateenul ins (human shaitaans)?

(15) What is in the name UUCSA? Firstly, due to these kuffaar court proceedings and due to the extremely dishonest and insincere intentions of those who represent BOGUS uucsa, the name ‘uucsa’ reeks of najaasat – the najaasat of hub-e-dunya (love of the world). So why do we of Genuine UUCSA, cling to this stinking name?

The answer

The shayaateen of Bogus uucsa, are advertising themselves as being the “umbrella” body of the Ulama of South Africa. With this designation they are conveying to the unwary Muslim public and to government agencies that they (i.e. the Bogus) are speaking for the entire Muslim community of South Africa, and also for all the Ulama of the country. Both these claims are absolutely false and stinking lies.

What is the need to contest these shayaateen on this issue?

The answer

If those of BOGUS uucsa had been Ulama-e-Haqq, we would have offered our wholehearted support to their dubbing themselves as the “umbrella” body representing all of us – laymen and ulama. But the reality is that they are sell-outs, traitors to Islam, villains, highway robbers of Imaan, prostitutes of the morality of the community, legalizers and feeders of carrion, legalizers of riba, legalizers of kuffaar sport, etc., etc. They clandestinely collude with government agencies to initiate haraam projects in the name of the Muslim community and the Ulama of the country when in reality they do not represent the vast majority of both laymen and Ulama.

BOGUS uucsa is a small clique of greedy molvis and sheikhs with a voracious lust for name and fame, whose primary objective is hub-e-maal and hubb-e-jah. BOGUS uucsa is a paper body devoid of reality. Whilst the Jamiat KZN itself had agreed with us regarding the paper and stupid status of BOGUS uucsa, it is indeed disgraceful and utterly lamentable that the current Jamiat leadership considers it honourable to tag along like a meek dog with its haraam affiliation which smacks of rejection of the Haqq – the Haqq for which the senior Ulama had established Jamiatul Ulama Natal.

(16) Our two proposals

The following are our two proposals for settling this haraam kuffaar court disgraceful wrangle:

(i) Both entities, viz. BOGUS uucsa and GENUINE UUCSA drop and bury the stinking ‘uucsa’ name. We suggested that they should adopt a name which is not deceptive, which does not mislead the public and the government into the falsehood of them (BOGUS) being the voice of the entire Muslim community of the country.


(ii) Retain the name, but only statements should be issued on issues on which Consensus has been achieved. Each Ulama affiliate body should have the right of veto. If consensus on an issue cannot be achieved, each Ulama body may issue statements in its own name.

But, BOGUS had rejected both these reasonable and valid proposals. They intransigently persist to drag us into kuffaar court. Proceeding to court was NOT our initiative, and we remain the most amenable to settle this filth out of kuffaar court. But the kufr in the hearts of the Reverend and the Kalb is manifesting itself in these kuffaar court proceedings.

We believe that it is also the obligation of laymen to advise the Bogus chaps about the grave error of their rejection of the perfectly valid proposals we have submitted to them for settling the matter out of kuffaar court. But we have discerned that they come within the scope of the following Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Soon shall there be in my Ummah such people in whom these nafsaani lusts will permeate just as (the disease) of rabies permeates every vein and joint of a person.”

(17) Let it be well understood, that whoever achieves any measure of success in any kuffaar court action, has not gained any Deeni victory. There is nothing to gloat about being ‘successful’ in kuffaar court which functions on shaitaani principles and rules. Furthermore, the tussle between Haqq and baatil is an imperative of worldly life. Allah Ta’ala has created this dunya to be the arena for the conflict between Haqq and baatil, and this battle will endure until the end of the world.

In this regard, a setback for the Haqq in any battle will not be surprising. This is the dunya. The fight between Haqq and baatil is described in the Hadith as As-Sijaal bainana (like a bucket between us). The see-saw nature of the conflict is described in the Hadith like a bucket at the communal water well. Sometimes the bucket is in this one’s hands, and sometimes in that one’s hands.

At Badr, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah had a resounding victory. Similarly, in most battles they were victorious. But in Uhud, Hunain, etc. they suffered severe losses. The world is not the abode for every struggle of the Haqq to gain victory by miracles. Sometimes Haqq will be successful, and sometimes baatil will be superficially successful. But the Hadith states:

“Haqq will always surface (be above), never shall it be suppressed (for too long).”

Another important attribute of Haqq is that a single servant of Allah holding the status of an ‘Ummah’ is sufficient for a world full of moron, mongrel slaves of shaitaan who pose as ‘ulama’, but who in reality are shayaateenul ins.

(18) There will be nothing to gloat about in the wake of success in a kuffaar court. On the contrary, the court action is lamentable and brings disgrace on the Ulama Fraternity.

(19) In the recent court proceedings in the Western Cape High Court, the kuffaar women’s entity, the Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) has applied to the court to compel the government to enact haraam legislation for controlling Muslim marriages – control which is subtly dubbed “recognition of Muslim marriages”. If the kuffaar entity succeeds in its conspiracy, which BOGUS uucsa is supporting, Muslim marriages will be submitted to kuffaar laws in total rejection of Qur’aanic laws which govern Muslim marriages.

(20) The NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg and the MJC carrion halaalizer are shamelessly and disgracefully supporting the kuffaar women’s organization. BOGUS uucsa is in support of this measure of kufr for which the kuffaar entity has applied to court. Unable to hold himself, the Kalb says in his stupid article: “The truth is the matter has “NOT” been thrown out of court but postponed to the 20 March 2017.” All Muslims should supplicate to Allah Ta’ala for the failure of the WLC and its so-called ‘Muslim’ supporters such as the NNB Jamiat and the MJC operating as BOGUS uucsa.

The matter had most certainly been thrown out of the court regardless of its postponement which has brought dismay to the Reverend and the Kalb and their MJC Istinja supporters.

(21) Those Muslims who have found ‘joy’ in the ‘throw out’, be it a ‘postponement’, have valid cause for their enjoyment – an enjoyment which is chagrin to the Reverend and the Kalb. Those who enjoy a setback for baatil, have Islam at heart, and those such as the Reverend and the Kalb who are in an advanced stage of mourning on account of the repeated failures of their bosom ally, the kuffaar Women’s Legal centre, enjoy and gloat whenever baatil scores a point over Haqq. They are utterly shameless in their flagrantly haraam support for this kuffaar women’s entity which is openly in opposition to the Shariah of Islam.

(22) The Kalb of BOGUS uucsa says in his stupid statement:

“Shame on those who find so much joy in deliberately sowing seeds of division and confusion in the Ummah.”

He has miserably failed to enumerate the “seeds of division and confusion”. Which are these “seeds” about which the Kalb is hallucinating? How did they sow the “seeds of division and confusion” by rejoicing the setback of the kuffaar women’s entity? And, why does the Kalb and the votaries of BOGUS uucsa mourn over the affliction suffered by the kuffaar women’s group who is satanically labouring to have the court mutilate the laws of the Shariah?

It is the BOGUS uucsa entity which is sowing the seeds of division and confusion in the Ummah by

• Supporting a kuffaar, anti-Islam feminist body

• Supporting the kufr so-called ‘Muslim” marriages bill (MMB) which seeks to change the immutable Shariah of Allah Ta’ala.

• Entering into clandestine meetings with government agencies to gain acceptance for haraam projects.

• Disgracefully and fraudulently misleading the government and others into believing that BOGUS uuccsa is the representative of the entire Muslim community of South Africa, and of all the Ulama of the country.

• Dragging the Ulama to kuffaar court in its desperate and lustful craving for name and fame

• Etc., etc., etc.

Those who derive joy on account of the six month postponement of the case initiated by the kuffaar feminist body of faajiraat and faasiqaat who are being supported by the Reverend, the Kalb and the MJC Istinja characters, are NOT sowing the seeds of division. They are entitled to their ‘enjoyment’. But those who claim to be Muslims have no right to mourn any affliction which settles on the faajiraat and faasiqaat who are hell-bent on opposing the Shariah. It is indeed shockingly lamentable to observe that molvis and sheikhs so brazenly and shamelessly supporting the feminist enemies of Islam.

Taking umbrage, the Kalb states in support of the kuffaar feminist WLC:

“The chat says: ‘Masha Allah the whole matter was kicked out of court” Commenting on this statement, the Kalb from Middelburg, i.e. the spokesman of BOGUS uucsa, says: “Rejoicing at the verdict of the ‘kuffaar court’ is one things, using Allah’s name to make a false statement is quite another felony.”

The one who had expressed ‘joy’ is entitled to use Allah’s Name for Allah’s Cause. He had not made any false statement. The “whole matter” was indeed kicked out of court and cast six months hence. The court had not even commenced with the case brought by the kuffaar female enemies of Islam. On the basis of legal technicalities presented by the Attorney, Zehir Omar, the “whole matter” was indeed kicked out of court. A decision to proceed with the case or dismiss it will be given by the kuffaar court after six months. The Kalb who is the real felon for fraudulently masquerading as the representative of all the Ulama of South Africa, is mourning this “kick-out” for he and his shaitaani BOGUS, FRAUD uucsa are in bed with the kuffaar entity.

Allah’s Name has not been misused. On the contrary, the shaitaani members of BOGUS uucsa, and this includes the KZN Jamiat, have stabbed Islam in the back. They have betrayed Allah Azza Wa Jal. They have betrayed Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They have betrayed the Muslim community with their evil, clandestine, haraam activities which they fraudulently and most deceptively portray as Islam.

BOGUS uucsa is a conglomerate of frauds, villains, sell-outs, supporters of kuffaar feminists, mutilators of the Shariah, imposters who are drunkenly crave for name and fame, and this includes the Jamiat KZN who has become the worst villain by purporting to be Ulama-eHaqq when in reality they are scrapping the dregs of the barrel of Nifaaq by having thrown in their lot with the enemies of Islam, viz., BOGUS uucsa. In the name of Islam they undermine Islam.

(23) The only reason which has constrained GENUINE UUCSA to defend the action initiated by BOGUS uucsa in the kuffaar court, is our attempt to prevent the grossly false and haraam picture being presented by BOGUS uucsa, namely, misleading the government and the unwary with its fraudulent claims of being the representative of the Muslim community and the Ulama of South Africa. These munaafiqeen are bereft of any fear for Allah Ta’ala. To achieve their lustful objectives of hub-e-jah and hub-e-maal, treacherously selling the Deen has no meaning for them. They all are within the purview of the following castigation of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“An age will soon dawn when the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From them will issue fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”


A.S. Desai

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