Differences in Salaat Between Men and Women

Difference In Salaat Between Men And Women

(From Beheshti Zewar)

There are a few differences with regards to the postures adopted by men and women when offering salaat. They are as follows:

1. If a man is covered with a sheet or shawl, then at the time of saying takbeer-e-tahreemah he has to take out his hands from under the shawl and raise them upto his ears if there is no need to keep them inside. For example, when it is cold, he still has to take them out. As for women, under all conditions they have to keep their hands inside and raise them upto their shoulders.

2. After saying the takbeer-e-tahreemah, men have to clasp their hands below the navel while women have to clasp them on their chests.

3. When clasping the hands, men have to place the right hand over the left hand in such a way that the thumb and little finger encircles the left wrist with the remaining three fingers extended along the left arm. A woman has to place her right palm over the back of her left hand and she should not form a circle with the right hand, nor should she clasp her left hand.

4. In ruku men have to bow down quite low, to the extent that their heads, hips, and backs are in line. Women should not go so low down. Instead, they should only bow down to the extent that their hands touch their knees.

5. In ruku, men should spread out their fingers and place them on their knees while women should not do this. Instead, they should keep their fingers together when placing them on their knees.

6. In ruku, men should keep their elbows away from their sides while women should keep them close to their sides.

7. In sajdah, men should keep their stomachs away from their thighs and their arms away from their sides while women have to keep all these parts close together.

8. In sajdah, men should raise their elbows above the ground while women should place them on the ground.

9. In sajdah, men should keep the toes upright while women should not do this.

10. In the sitting posture, men should sit on their left leg and the fingers of the right leg should be upright. Women have to sit on their left buttock and both their legs should point towards the right hand side in such a way that the right thigh comes over the left thigh and the right calf over the left calf.

11. Women do not have the choice of offering their salaat aloud under any circumstances. They should always offer all their salaats in a soft voice.