Between Activism and Anarchism


How Should We Protest?


Voicing our indignation, anger and grief when our Deen is insulted is permissible. This right is not contested. But the methods of protest have to be within the bounds of the Shariah. Even peaceful, non-violent methods will not be permissible if any of the limits of the Shariah are transgressed. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “These are the limits of Allah. Therefore do not transgress them. Those who transgress the limits of Allah, verily they are the oppressors.” (Surah Baqrah)

Thus, a protest march in which females participate is haraam. The perpetration of a haraam act in the name of Islam is haraam. It is not permissible. The Qur’aan commands women: “And, remain steadfastly in your homes, and do not make an exhibition (of yourselves) like the displays of the (times of) Ignorance.”

A protest which involves interfaith prayer services is not permissible. Islam does not apologise for its claim that only Islamic Tauheed is the sole repository of salvation in the Hereafter. Islam teaches that all religions besides this Deen of Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are false. While we are required to refrain from showing any disrespect for the religion of others, it is not permissible to jointly participate with them in their prayer services.

Taking photos, shouting profanity against others, reviling their religions and their holy personages, injuring people, damaging property, hurling stones, reprisal acts targeting innocent people who may be related to the criminals by race, looting and similar acts of anarchy are all haraam.

Although protest marches are not Islamic nor admirable ways, nevertheless, if maintained within the bounds of the Shariah, will be permissible. Other permissible ways are trade boycotts, petitions, legal action, and any method which is lawful in the country of protest, and which does not conflict with the Shariah.


They point out ‘death to america’ in muslim countries which includes everyone innocent americans plus extreme americans, includes quotes from ulemas and imams of masjids saying the same thing, now they point out why should they differentiate between bad or good muslims?


The reaction in Muslim countries to such punishments which are being inflicted on us, is the effect of ignorance. Those in Muslim countries who say that non-Muslims should be killed indiscriminately are ignorant of the Shariah and they are blind to the evils and transgressions of the Ummah, hence they react ignorantly. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on all of us.


i have a questions that is bothering me, some answers we already know from you but need further clarification, discussions with kuffar, their animosity towards islam whether they are uneducated or not or believes in all the propaganada or not or ignorant of all facts etc .how should we feel inside and react outside when they desecrate qurans in our face. obviously we are not capable of reacting physically since we will end up in jail and this is still freedom of expression in our country where we live. what should be our proper verbal reaction?


Living in a kaafir country there is obviously nothing physical that you can do when the kuffaar desecrate the Qur’aan Majeed, etc. The only thing you can do is to abhor it and to grieve and make dua that Allah Ta’ala saves us from our own evil, the evil of the shaitaan and the evil of the kuffaar. We must improve our own life, then Allah Ta’ala will not punish us by placing us under the domination of the kuffaar. What is happening today is the reflection of our own misdeeds. Dua, Istighfaar and obedience are the solution for all the disasters which are descending on us from Allah Azza Wa Jal in a variety of forms.

Q. A molvi who is employed by SANHA gave our Imaam a stack of pamphlets for distribution in the Musjid. In the pamphlets the Muslim public is assured that all poultry products are halaal. After reading The Majlis and other pamphlets I am convinced that these chickens are haraam. Without permission I removed the pamphlets. The Imaam was very annoyed. Was I justified in removing the pamphlets from the Musjid?

A. Removal of the haraam pamphlets did not serve any purpose. The haraam chicken saga is now known to almost all Muslims. No one is in any darkness in this regard. Those who are addicted to devouring haraam, diseased carrion chickens will continue doing so regardless of the evidence being as clear as daylight. They consume the rotten chickens not because they follow SANHA whose certification they cite merely as a front for their own immoral villainy. A drug addict remains hooked on drugs regardless of mountains of evidence to prove that drugs are haraam. However, if he finds a molvi with a forked tongue to give him a crooked interpretation , e.g. it is merely a plant which is taahir, hence halaal, then he will justify his addiction with the forked-tongue molvi’s/sheikh’s interpretation. On the other hand, those who have some fear for Allah Ta’ala and a proper conception of haraam and halaal will abstain from consuming shaitaan’s food (the carrion chickens of SANHA and MJC) without any argument. Since you are not a trustee of the Musjid nor the Imaam, you should not have uplifted the pamphlets despite the haraam corruption which SANHA is propagating. Your action can lead to anarchy and unnecessary argument and even violence with carrion-consuming thugs.


Please comment on the following:

The most senior judge of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Saleh Al-Lehidan, 79, has issued a fatwa authorising the killing of owners of satellite television networks. The Shaikh quite rightly said that thousands of people are deviated into immorality by these haraam channels. The Shaikh issued this fatwa while answering quest ions during the daily radio programme. A caller asked the view of the Shariah on satellite TV channels which broadcast immorality during the Holy Month of Ramadhaan. The venerable Shaikh said that it is certainly Permissible to kill the owners who seduce thousands of people with their evil and immoral networks. Several of these haraam television networks are owned by Saudi princes.


COMMENT: Undoubtedly, these immoral television net – works are haraam. Their abhorrence cannever be emphasised sufficiently. They corrupt and destroy the morals and Imaan of viewers. Despite the abomination of these haraam channels, the fatwa of the Shaikh is erroneous. Firstly, according to the Shariah the public does not have the right to mete out punishment for sins. This is the Waajib obligation of the state. The duty of the Ulama is restricted to verbal Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar – to command virtue and forbid vice. It is not the function of the Ulama to inflict corporal punishment and to execute sinners. Only a ruler/government has this right .

If every zealous Muslim should take the law into his own hands, there will be anarchy in the land. Notwithstanding the villainy of the sins, the corruption of the government and the need to eliminate sin and crime, citizens are Permitted by the Shariah to only defend themselves and to offer verbal admonition and counselling. In the matter of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar we have two extremes, and both are unlawful in the Shariah. The one extreme is the silence of the Ulama for fear of criticism. The Deen is pillaged in front of their eyes and they maintain silence. Such dumb and deaf Ulama are described in the Hadith as “Dumb Devils”. The other extreme is the way adopted by the Shaikh of Saudi Arabia. His fervour and proclamation of the Haq are commendable. But the error of his fatwa is not condonable.


What is the Noblest Jihaad?


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The noblest Jihad is to proclaim the truth to a tyrannical ruler.” The tyranny and cruelty of Hajjaaj Bin Yusuf are proverbial. He had put to death thousands of innocent Muslims, including many Sahaabah. He would have them summarily executed in his presence on the slightest pretext to gratiate his passion for killing. Hadhrat Abdur Rahmaan Bin Abi Na-eem (rahmatullah alayh) was among the very senior Taabi-een. His Taqwa and ibaadat were of such a lofty status and so all-embracing that if he had to be informed that Malakul Maut (the Angel of Death) has arrived to take his soul, then too he would not have been able to improve his ibaadat. The news of Malakul Maut ’s arrival would not effect the slightest change in his att itude. His entire being was perpetually consumed with the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. Once Hadhrat Abdur Rahmaan went to Hajjaaj and admonished him of the dire consequences of his cruelty and injustice. Hajjaaj was inflamed. He ordered that Hadhrat Abdur Rahmaan be enclosed in a windowless dungeon. The door was sealed. He was literally entombed in the intensely dark dungeon in which there was not even a crevice for any light or air to filter through. He remained in the dungeon for fifteen days without any food or water or any other facilities whatsoever. After fifteen days, Hajjaaj order that his body be buried. When the guards opened the door of the dungeon they found Hadhrat Abdur Rahmaan engaged in Salaat . He was in the same state as he was on the first day of his imprisonment. When Hajjaaj was informed, he ordered Hadhrat Abdur Rahmaan to be released. He realized that this was an act of Allah Ta’ala. No one can harm a person when Allah Ta’ala protects him.


Is it correct to have rallies and marches to show our solidarity with the Muslims of Palestine?


Rallies and marches are accompanied by evil and sinful acts. These are the methods of the kuffaar. Our way of showing solidarity and support for our bretheren is to make dua for them always. Shouting and howling slogans in the street, and mingling with the opposite sex are the ways of non-Muslims. We should not emulate their ways and methods.


What type of corporal punishment is the Ameer (leader) of a Muslim community in a non-Muslim country allowed to inflict on a Muslim who commits crimes such as fornication, sodomy, etc.?


The Islamic Penal Code and prescribed punishments known as Hudood cannot be meted out in a non-Muslim country. The leader of the Muslim community in a non-Muslim country has no political status whatsoever, hence he lacks coercive power. He has no Shar’i right of administering corporal punishment to criminals and sinners. The only right he has is the right of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy anil Munkar (i.e.commanding righteousness and prohibiting evil). This duty has to be executed by way of naseehat (counselling, admonition and advice). This duty is waajib (compulsory) on all those who have this ability and who have subordinates under their jurisdiction.


Is it recommended to curse the evil tyrants and rulers who are murdering and pillaging our brothers and sisters around the world?


Cursing is never of the ways and attributes of the Mu’min. The Mu’min is not permitted to curse even the zaalim (oppressor). The objective of a curse is vengeance. The oppressed one, unable to retaliate, seeks revenge, hence he curses. If the oppressor is deserving of the curse, it will settle on him. If not, it will rebound on the one who had cursed. Thus, the one who curses has no certitude for the validity of his curse. He may be in error and what he has received may be his just due. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) advising abstention from cursing, said: “He who has cursed his oppressor has taken his revenge.” In other words, he is deprived of Allah’s aid. When the oppressed refrains from cursing the oppressor, but turns to Allah Ta’ala in supplication, Divine assistance will be with him. It is therefore safest to adopt sabr (be patient) and make dua, Allah Ta’ala will do the rest.

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Mufti Shafi’ in Ma’riful Qur’aan explains that the Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) only cursed certain people due to his certain knowledge of their damnation in the hereafter:

Cursing an individual is not permissible: From the words of the text, “and died while they were disbelievers”, commentators al-Jassas, al-Qurtubi and some others have formulated the view that it is not permissible to curse an infidel about whom it is not certain that he is to die in a state of infidelity. Now that we have no way of finding out for sure that a person will die in a given state, we are bound to obey the ruling that it is not permissible to curse an infidel by name. That the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) has cursed some infidels by name is explained by the fact that their death in a state of infidelity was divinely revealed to him. As far as the infidels as a whole are concerned, including the tyrants and the unjust, it is technically correct, if cursed without any particularization.

From this we also find out that the act of cursing is so grave that it has been disallowed even if the target be an infidel about whom it is not certain that he is going to die as one. If so, how can this become permissible if the target is a Muslim or, even if it is directed at an animal? Common people in Muslim societies seem to neglect this aspect of standard Muslim behaviour, specially our Muslim sisters who are prone to use very hard language about those they do not like among the circle of their acquaintances. It should be clearly understood that the act of cursing becomes effective not only by using the word, ‘curse’ but all synonyms used are subject to the same ruling. The word ‘La’nah’ (curse) means: ‘to remove away from the mercy of Allah Almighty’. Therefore, all damnatory swearing and cursing, whatever the shade, circumstance or language, falls under the purview of “la’nah” or ‘curse’.”

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thaani explains in his letters that cursing is not the way of the believers, and that if cursing was permissible and encouraged in Islam, then preference would have been first given to cursing those who had directly abused the most beloved of Allah’s creation (Allah bless him and grant him peace):

“Hadrat Ali, who was mercy from head to foot, never cursed any Muslim, let alone his having cursed our Prophet’s Sahaba, particularly Hadrat Muawiya, over whom he (Rasulullah) had pronounced benedictions various times. Hadrat Ali said about Muawiya and those who were with him, “Our brothers disagree with us. They are not disbelievers or sinners. They have acted upon their own ijtihad.” This statement of his keeps disbelief and sinfulness away from them. Could it ever be the case, then, that he cursed them!

It is not an act of worship in Islam to curse anybody, nor even a disbeliever. While it is necessary to send prayers after each of the five prayers of namaz each day, could he ever have uttered maledictions because of his personal enmity instead of praying? Do they think Hadrat Ali’s nafs, which had reached the highest grade of Fana (a state of complete absorption in Allah) in tasawwuf and the end of itminan (a state of complete contentment and satisfaction) and which had gotten rid of personal desires, was steeped in a grudge, stubbornness and enmity, like their own nafses? They slander that very exalted person so basely. Hadrat Ali had reached the highest grades of Fana-fillah and muhabbat-i Rasulillah (love for Rasulullah) (Allah bless him and grant him peace), and had sacrificed his life and property for his ‘sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam’ sake.

Why at that time of prayer didn’t he curse Allahu ta’ala’s and His Messenger’s ‘sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam’ enemies who had tormented our Master, the Prophet, the sultan of both worlds, by all methods of tormenting, but would curse his own enemies, instead? In actual fact, Hadrat Ali’s statement, “They have acted upon their own ijtihad,” shows that he was not their enemy. Essentially, those wars and combats did not originate from enmity or a grudge. They originated from ijtihad, from knowledge of the din. Blame whatsoever, therefore, is out of place, let alone cursing them. If slandering a person or cursing him were an act of worship, it would be one of Islam’s requirements to curse Iblis-i lain (the Devil), Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, and the furious disbelievers of the Quraish, who hurt, tormented and tortured our Master, the Prophet ‘sallallahu alaihi wa sallam’, and who were hostile, perfidious and perversely against Islam…” [Maktoobat, Volume 2, Letter 36]


Recently many people went to Iraq as ‘human shields’. What is Islam’s view on this issue?


Islam does not advocate stupid antics. Those, especially, Muslims who engage in such tactics of the non-Muslims, do so for some cheap publicity. Besides the silliness and base motive underlying this publicity stunt, there is a grave implication in it for Muslim participants. The Qur’aan forbids fleeing from the battlefield. In this regard, the Qur’aan Majeed declares: “O People of Imaan! When you meet up with the unbelievers (i.e. face the enemy in the battlefield), then do not turn your backs (in flight). Whoever turns his back (in flight) on that day (of Battle), except as a strategy to return and fight or to link up with another group (of fighting Muslims), verily, he has earned the Wrath of Allah. His abode is Jahannum. Indeed it is an evil abode.”

The group of so-called human shields from South Africa included some Muslims. They went with much publicity. Far from honouring their declared intention and achieving their objective, the South African ‘human shields’ were the first to run away and abandon the Battlefield. They presented some stupid argument to justify their cowardly flight from the Battlefield. In the circumstances prevailing in Iraq, Jihaad is Fardh-e-Ain. The Muslim ‘human shields’ come within the purview of the aforementioned aayat. They are damn cowards who turned their backs when the heat was turned on. They abandoned the battlefield in cowardly flight and yet have the damn audacity to portray themselves as ‘heroes’ who did yeomen and valiant service for the Iraqi people. Only people who are completely dimwitted and soft in the brains will swallow the stupid excuses they present to justify their cowardly flight from the Battlefield. They were supposed to be ‘human shields’ to block the kuffaar attack. But even the suffering of the Iraqi Muslims, which they observed could not persuade these miserable and spineless ‘human shields’ to tarry a minute longer.


We recently had a power blackout in America. There was considerable looting. By the fadhl of Allah Ta’ala our Musjid and its community were left alone. Is there any Islamic significance in developments of this nature?


The significance is that Allah Ta’ala is The Operator. Every occurrence in creation is by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Qur’aan Majeed says: “Not a leaf falls (from a tree) but He is aware of it.” Every atom that moves, does so with the knowledge and direct intervention of Allah Ta’ala. A lesson in the power failure is that Allah Ta’ala can bring powerful empires and great military powers to their knees overnight. Everyone has seen the overnight collapse of the Soviet empire. Just the other day, a hurricane in American sent an armada of 70 sophisticated American warships and a squadron of military aircraft scurrying for safety. They had to abandon their havens and head out for the sea and elsewhere for their safety.

Muslims should ponder! If Allah’s nusrat is with us then no superpower can do anything. Just one wind unleashed by Allah Ta’ala, just one major blackout throughout the country or any other natural calamity is sufficient to wipe out an empire. But Allah Ta’ala is withholding His aid from the Ummah on accont of the treacherous and flagrant disobedience and immorality in which the Ummah is groveling, and the worst of it’s transgressions is the total emulation of the sub-cultures of aliens.

Q. At a meeting with the government held in Pretoria in the Union Buildings, Ulama were also present in the Muslim delegation which consisted of men and women. The Ulama too were sitting in the mixture of men and women and were photographed. Please comment.

What is there to comment about this lamentable state of affairs when the Ulama have betrayed Allah, betrayed Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and betrayed the community of Muslims? May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us. Perhaps some type of Tsunami overhangs us. May Allah Ta’ala save us from His Athaab. When the Ulama participate in evil and when they abandon their Waajib obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar, the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala becomes justified (halaal) for the entire community.

Q. Please state the Shariah’s ruling on ‘big walk’ functions conducted for charity and other purposes. Thousands of Muslims gather to participate in a 10 km walk for charity. Sheikhs and Imaams, men, women and children all participate. Does Islam allow this kind of behaviour?

Any ordinary Muslim with healthy Imaan can understand the evil of such a ‘big walk’ stupid practices. One need not be an Aalim to understand the many wrongs concomitant to this kuffaar practice. One only needs Imaan and eyes, not even spiritual eyes. Only physical eyes and a mind unpolluted with the evils of western life are the requirements for understanding the Shariah’s revulsion and prohibition of this type of haraam practice. The participation of shiekhs and imaams is a sign of the impending Hour which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) predicted. In one Hadith it is said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the deviated imaams who will mislead (my Ummah).”

We are witnessing this event being enacted by the deviated so-called sheikhs and imaams. They are morally deranged and corrupted, hence they take the masses along with them into the bowels of the eternal Fire of Jahannum. About these sheikhs and imaams who mislead their ignorant flocks, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Soon will there be in my Ummah such people in whom these lusts (of the nafs) will permeate, just as a rabid dog has afflicted the one whom it has bitten. Not a vein or a joint of (the bitten person) will remain in which the disease has not embedded itself.”

Q. Is it permissible for Muslims to embark on a hunger strike to achieve political ends?

If such action causes death, it will be suicide, hence haraam. This type of action for the acquisition of permissible (mubah) benefits is not permissible.

Q. Will it be permissible for a Muslim woman to commit suicide to save her from being ravaged and raped by attacking kuffaar? There are no males to defend her.
Rape as a weapon was used extensively by the brutal Serbs in Bosnia.

Suicide is not permissible. She is required to fight to death in defence of her honour. She should grab hold of any weapon or object to fight the immoral and cowardly rats. When she fights back, Allah’s aid will be with her. If death has been decreed for her, she will fall honourably, unsullied by the filth which attacks her. In times and places of such threats, the honourable path of Jihaad must be instilled into the hearts of women. There is no death more honourable than shahaadat. A Muslim does not contemplate suicide. The same applies to the suicide bombers. They have chosen an ignoble route out from this ephemeral world. There is nothing but the hallo of valour and glory engulfing shahaadat.


What is Islam’s opinion on the conspiracy of the New World Order? It is alleged that there is a Global Elite that is ruling the world from behind a cloak of deception and intrigue. The Rothschild Family and the other families such as Schiffs, Warburg, Oppenheimer, are alleged to control the economies of a number of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Rockfeller network controls the U.S.A., the Arab states, etc. What is your opinion?


Our opinion is what Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed: “If you (O Mu’mineen!) have taqwa and adopt sabr, then never ever will their conspiracies harm you in the least bit.” We believe in what Allah Ta’ala says: “They plot and Allah plots, and Allah is the best of plotters.” We are concerned with the dangerous plots of the nafs, not about the plots and conspiracies of the non-entities you have mentioned. Assuming that the intrigue you have mentioned has any truth in it, then it is all part of Allah’s scheme. Everyone of the persons mentioned by you and all and everything else are cogs in Allah’s earthly machinery.

We should not waste our time and energy in these futilities of the world. The orders of the world, whether it be the so-called “New World Order” and any bygone order or any future order, are all the orders of Allah Ta’ala. And, the order of humiliation which is afflicting Muslims today, is the order of Allah Ta’ala. No one can thwart the Order of Allah Ta’ala. Instead of being concerned with the purpose for which Allah Ta’ala has created us, Muslims have been deflected by Shaitaan from the Straight Path. We are thus grounded in futility. We look at and investigate shadows while remaining blind to realities. May Allah Ta’ala remove this ghaflat from Muslims who amuse themselves with nonsense.


We are a small group of concerned Muslims who invite non-Muslims in our community to Islam. This has led to a dispute with some people who claim that we have no mandate and that we are accompanied by Shaitaan in our endeavours. Since we are not Ulama, hence we sincerely seek naseehat from you in this regard. Where and from whom do we get permission to carry on our da’wah activity?


The opposition to your laudable endeavours is weird and decidedly satanic. The Qur’aan severely castigates those who put impediments in the Path of the Deen. Those who seek to prevent you from your noble endeavour are like the kuffaar who create impediments in the path of Da’wat and Tableegh. Your efforts are commendable and of great merit. Continue with your Deeni Da’wat programme and ignore the stupid and destructive criticism of the detractors. You do NOT need any mandate from anyone whomsoever for your work of the Deen. Da’wat and Tableegh are not the functions of any particular jamaat or group. It is the inherent Islamic right of every Muslim to present Islam to others as best as he is able to. However, care should be taken to ensure that the muballigh does not propagate his personal ideas and opinions. If he is unaware of any Deeni mas’alah, he must compulsorily refer to the Ulama for guidance. May Allah Ta’ala reward you and sustain you in your endeavour to propagate Islam to the non-Muslims in your area.


Should we make dua for Saddam?


Make dua in general for the reformation of the Ummah and for Allah’s aid against the enemies of Islam. Whatever regime will be ruling Iraq will be the lesser of the evils. Saddam is the greater evil.

Q. There is a tragic trend here (in America). Parents kill their infants and dump them in the trash. This is the western world. A new law has been promulgated that if parents do not want their children, they may leave them at a Musjid or a Church. If parents abandon their children outside a Musjid or Church they will not be charged by the law for any crime. If a child is brought to the Musjid, should we look for Muslim parents to adopt the child or hand him/her over to some government agency?

The same practice of killing infants which was in vogue among the pre-Islam Arabs, has been introduced in another form by the western people and given legality by the laws of the land. Instead of punishing the heartless criminals, they are rewarded with immunity against criminal charges for the commission of such dastardly and barbaric acts. Muslims should accept these children and adopt them. If individuals refuse to adopt the children, it is the duty of the community to establish orphanages for the abandoned children.

Q. We live in an area in which non-Muslims are the predominant residents. They object to the Athaan given over the loudspeaker especially Fajr time. What should be the reaction of the Muslim community?

The microphone is not part of any act of ibaadat. There is absolutely no need for a loudspeaker to recite the Athaan, especially if the non-Muslim neighbours around the Musjid object. It is plain ignorance to create ill-feeling and to antagonize the non-Muslim neighbours for a practice which has no Shar’i significance. The beautiful, simple, Sunnah method is for the Muath-thin to mount the minaret and proclaim the Athaan without the mic.

Q: How should we go about eliminating these corrupt tyrannical governments?

The most effective way of eliminating an evil government is by way of spiritual and moral reformation. The exceptionally corrupt and degenerate condition of the present-day Ummah does not entitle Muslims for a wise and benevolent ruler. The present mob of corrupt and cruel rulers at the helm in Muslim countries simply mirrors the moral decadence of the Muslim masses.

No method other than moral reformation and spiritual elevation will ever succeed in the endeavour to bring about change in our pitiable political state of misery and weakness. As long as Muslims flounder in moral corruption and in their anti-Sunnah lifestyle, they must expect to live under the yoke of oppressive so-called Muslim rulers and be disgraced by the kuffaar.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the hearts of the rulers are between the Fingers of Allah Ta’ala. He turns their hearts in whichever direction He wills. When the Ummah submits in obedience to Allah’s Law, He will either mellow the hearts of the existing rulers transforming them into just rulers or He will eliminate them. Their elimination will pave the way for benevolent and wise ruler.

Q: Considering what normally takes place in these parades, marches, and demonstrations, is it permissible for Muslims to participate in them?

A: In the Quran Majeed, Allah Ta’ala says: “O people of Iman! If you follow the kuffar, they will turn you on your heels (in flight and kufr). You will then return as losers in this world and the hereafter. In reality Allah is your protector and he is the best of all helpers (Aal-e-Imran, 149 & 150). Rasulullah (salallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Whoever emulates a nation, that person becomes of them”. Most certainly you will follow the ways of those who were before you, metre by metre, step by step, so much so that if they enter into a lizard’s hole, then certainly, you too will follow them into the lizard’s hole. Hadrat Umar Ibn Khattab(radhiallah anhu) said: “We are a nation whom Allah elevated with Islam.”

Modernists Muslims who have strayed from the path of the Sunnah-are planning street marches ostensibly in support of the Muslim brethren of Bosnia. A Muslim is required to submit his plans and activities to the scrutiny of the Shariah before he embarks on any action. It is essential that the Muslim understand what he is doing and that he refrains from acting in fulfillment of the desires of his nafs which is a slave of Satan. A little reflection will convince the sincere Muslim that the street march in addition to being devoid of any Islamic flavor, is purely a wasteful, ludicrous, childish and nafsani exercise enacted for a bit of cheap publicity. There is absolutely no benefit for either the marchers or the Bosnian Muslims in these street marches which are the methods of kuffar politicians. Islam has no truck with acts which demean the honor and dignity of the bearers of Iman.

These un-islamic tactics such as street marches, are Haram, there is no gainsaying. A number of unlawful factors accompany these stupid street marches. Among the factors of prohibition in terms of the Shariah are the following:

The crude exercise of intermingling of sexes will take place. Rasulullah (salullahu alayhi wasallam) said that women is an aurah, i.e. an object of concealment, not an object of publicity. Yet at these marches, Muslim females who are supposed to be embodiments of virtue, shame and modesty, will be putting themselves on vulgar display and rubbing shoulders with every Tom, Dick and Harry in complete and flagrant violation of the Quranic command: “And remain inside your homes, and do not make a display (of yourselves) like the exhibitions of the times of Jahiliyyah”

This tactic of street marches is a method of non-Muslims. It has no origin and no sanction in Islam. Muslims are following the kuffar into the lizard’s hole as predicted by Rasulullah (salullahu alayhi wasallam). Muslims have “become of them” by adopting the ludicrous ways of the kuffar. In adopting such un-Islamic methods, Muslims are turning away from Islam. The Quranic ayat cited at the beginning makes it abundantly clear that such Muslims who follow baseless ways of the aliens, will be losers. Allah Ta’ala clearly states that he is the helper of the Mumineen. We therefore, stand in no need of acting stupidly by stupid imitation of a ridiculous practice.

Marchers have a reputation of behaving at times like animals. Monkey antics which the marchers adopt-prancing and dancing, shouting nonsense and jeering, are most demeaning for those who claim to have Iman. It does not behove the mumineen to sully their Imani honor in non-Muslim style. Meaningless exercise: Marches, especially in relation to Muslims and the international conspiracy to eliminate Muslims, are absolutely meaningless and wasteful. There is no benefit in dancing, and prancing in the streets in Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg. Muslims by such childish and silly antics cannot benefit the suffering brethren in Bosnia. The Muslims in Bosnia are not in need of idle slogans and silly marches executed in the streets of South Africa. Their needs are concrete: They are in need of financial aid to purchase arms and they are to a greater extent in dire need of spiritual training and guidance because they have lost all their Islamic bearings.

The organizers of the street marchers are so hopelessly inadequate in whatever they are doing that they deem it incumbent to enlist the support of non-Muslims to swell the crowd and to present some viable image to the march. Yet, the Quran over and over forbids Muslims to enlist the aid and friendship of non-Muslims in our affairs. The plot of the kuffar is the eradication of the Ummah. The kuffar cannot tolerate the existence of Islam. It is therefore extremely stupid for Muslims to enlist the support of non-Muslims even in these silly marches. It is time that Muslims grow up and become more mature in the mind. The organizers of some of these marches have even begged non-Muslims to act as martials in order to keep the prancing and dancing mob on a leash. This is indeed a sad commentary of the low ebb of culture to which Muslims has sunk. They now require non-Muslims to keep them on a leash like dogs are kept on chains. They are Muslims, yet they lack the ability to behave honorably, hence they stand in need of non-Muslims to regulate and drive them along. They have truly insulated their Iman.

The way of Islam is Jihad. The Quran, Hadith, and the practice of the Ummah give the lesson of only Jihad. Jihad is the only answer for the brutality of savages and barbarians. Serb barbarity cannot be eliminated by stupid marches by a mob of impotent marchers whose only capability is to howl and scream slogans. Kuffar cowardice and barbarism can be effectively answered only on the battlefields of Jihad. In no other way can an adequate answer be provided. But for Jihad, the Mumineen require a vibrant Iman capacity, not womanish emulation of the methods and tactics of aliens. Jihad can be waged only when the Mumineen have gained the proper degree of spiritual elevation. Such elevation cannot be attained by emulating kuffar and by following them “into the lizard’s hole”. Muslim success and victory are inextricably interwoven with the development of Iman, which is not possible without total obedience to the Sunnah of Rasulullah (salallahu alayhi wasallam).

When Muslims lack the ability for Jihad, the only other option is Sabr (patience) and Dua(supplication). In addition, they are required to prepare themselves both physically and spiritually. Without concentrating on spiritual and moral reformation and development, their physical efforts will come to thought. Thus, when Muslims have become impotent as they are all over the world, then they have nothing other than prayer, patience and preparation in meaningful and Islamic ways.

Kuffar tactics and practices do not form part of the Islamic program. It is imperative that Muslims reflect and do not allow themselves to be misused by men who lack in entirely in Islamic practice and by men of defective Iman, by men whose emotions crave for cheap publicity which haram television and media coverage will present to them. May Allah Ta’ala save Muslims from the deceptions of Satan and from the evils lurking within our nafs. In Quranic Warnings Allah Ta’ala warns the Ummah in the Quran-e-Hakeem: He says: “O people of Iman! Do not take my enemies and your enemies as friends, inclining to them with friendship whilst, verily, they have rejected that truth which has come to you”. “O people of Iman! Do not take Yahood and Nasara as friends. And whoever be friends of them becomes of them”.

Allah Ta’ala has established the Mumineen on a Shariah (Holy Path), which the Ummah has to follow. The Quran says: “Then we have established you on a Shariah with regards to affairs. Therefore follow it and do not follow the desires of those who have no knowledge”.


Q. In prison sometimes the prison guards prevent me from performing Salaat on time. Should I defy them?


A. In the circumstances you find yourself in prison it is permissible to perform Salaat qadha when the prison guards prevent you from performing it on time. Don’t defy them. You will not achieve anything by defiance in your situation. They will only utilize force, brutally oppress and injure you, and prevent you from performing Salaat. You will also adversely affect your parole chances. Prison is a filthy abode for shayaateen. You should not do anything to prolong your stay in such an evil place.


Q. A married man commits adultery in a non-Muslim country. What is his punishment according to the Shariah?


A. For the crime of adultery in an Islamic state the punishment is Rajam (stoning to death). This punishment can be meted out only in an Islamic state if the sin was committed in the Islamic state. For adultery committed elsewhere, the sinners should sincerely repent and pledge never again to revert to this abomination. Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful. He forgives the sincere repenter.


Q. I have made the intention to run the Birmingham Hal f – Marathon on October 24 (13 miles) for charity. Can I make Masjid-al Falaah as my charity. Funds are needed to complete our masjid. The masjid is charity registered and the organisers have said I can do so for a charity of my choice. If not, I will just run for another charity which is run by my uncle from Leicester to raise funds for our village people in India.


A. Allah’s House, The Musjid, is not in need of such haraam funds of riya and nafsaaniyat. It is not permissible to participate in events in emulation of the kuffaar. Running for ‘charity’ is not permissible. This is a kuffaar show of riya based on nafsaaniyat. Muslims give charity for the sake of Allah Ta’ala, and the best charity is that which is given in concealment. Charity is not advertised. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Aid (yourself) for fulfilment of your needs with concealed charity.” The Hadith teaches us to give charity in such a manner that whatever the right hand gives, not even the left hand should know about it. Ibaadat should not be made a show. It is not permissible to collect money for a Musjid in this manner devised by the kuffaar. What is the need to emulate kuffaar and project the ibaadat of charity in this despicable manner? Those who wish to donate for the Musjid should do so with sincerity, hoping to gain Allah’s Pleasure and thawaab in the Aakhirah. Charity should not be transformed into a fun display and an act of riya. Devote the time of running 13 miles to the performance of Salaat or Tilaawat or some other permissible act of either the Deen or the dunya instead of dishonouring himself with the futile and sinful methods of the kuffaar. Allah’s House (The Musjid) is not in need of such funds of riya acquired in emulation of kuffaar practices. People who donate funds in response to such stunts are insincere. They do not have the suffering Muslims nor the Deeni Projects at heart. If they are sincere they should contribute without the nafsaani attraction of these kuffaar stunts.


Q. Is it permissible to kill a non-Muslim who blasphemes or insults Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)?

A. Neither in a non-Muslim state nor in an Islamic state is it permissible for an individual to take the law into his own hands and kill a person who has disparaged Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). While the Muslim has to incumbently hate the blasphemer, he (the Muslim) does not have the right to kill him. It is the right of only the Qaadhi (Islamic judge) to try, convict and sentence the blasphemer. Those who ignore this law of the Shariah, advocate anarchy.


Q. Is it permissible to impose the Shariah on others in a non-Muslim country?

A. In a non-Muslim country, the Shariah cannot be imposed on others. One can only offer advice and admonition. Force may not be employed to impose any aspect of the Shariah on anyone in a kaafir land. If there is a conflict between the Shariah and the laws of the kaafir land, one should endeavour one’s best to act in accordance with the Shariah if this is possible. If not possible, one should abhor the haraam act in one’s heart. For example, taking photographs of people is haraam. However, the government enforces identity cards on the citizens. Since one has no option on this issue, one will not be sinful for taking a photo for the purposes of obtaining an identity document. Besides this, there are other aspects of conflict where the Muslim in a non-Muslim country has no choice but to submit.