Advice For a Homosexual


I am a prisoner in a U.S.A. jail. I have been a homosexual since childhood. In jail I have embraced Islam. I perform Salaat, fast and generally practise the Deen as best as I am able to. However, the brothers threaten me with violence and want to expel me from the Jamaa’t. What is my status? Am I a Muslim? Is my Imaan nullified


Only if one believes that homosexuality or any other sin is halaal (permissible) will it nullify Imaan. As long as the perpetrator of the sin believes that his act is sinful he remains a Muslim, albeit with extremely weak and deficient Imaan.

Brother, as long as you do not justify your sexual perversion, and as long as you believe that it is sinful, you remain a Muslim. You are required to struggle against your emotional state and desires to restrain expression of your unnatural desires.

Consider a Muslim who is not a homosexual. He is also not married. He has a strong urge for gratifying his sexual desires, but he is unable to find a woman to marry. Now what is he required to do in this scenario? Islam commands him to restrain his desires and not to indulge in fornication even if for some reason he is unable to get married his entire life, e.g. he may have been sentenced to a lifetime in prison. He has no option but to restrain his sexual lust and not indulge in fornication or in any other act of sexual perversion such as masturbation. But if he falls victim to shaitaan and his nafs and he commits fornication, he remains a Muslim because he knows and believes that his fornication is a grievous sin.

In exactly the same way should be the homosexual. He must never believe that the act of homosexuality is permissible. He must always resort to Taubah (seeking forgiveness) and implore Allah Ta’ala to eliminate the unnatural tendency in him. Allah Ta’ala is merciful and forgives all sins, no matter how great, vile and how numerous the sins are.

The brothers who threaten to commit violence against you are in error. Their only right is to repeatedly offer you advice and to warn you of Allah’s punishment.

[Answered by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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