Why Has Allah Removed Us From the Stage of Political Domination?

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[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

The entire Ummah has lost its direction and the aim for which they live on earth. The Ulama are responsible for this lamentable state of the Ummah because they have shirked their obligatory function of guiding the community with the Haqq, and have diversified into activities which are totally unbefitting of their lofty Office. This is not the occasion for a detailed exposition of the evil acts of diversification.

During the Talibaan regime in Afghanistan some senior Ulama of Pakistan had issued the edict of permissibility for the vast drugtrafficking of the Afghans. Juggling with technicalities and throwing out of the window the spirit of Islam and the Maqsad (Aim and Object) of Rasulullah’s mission, a queer and baseless ground for the legality of the mass production of drugs and selling to the western world was fabricated.

The poppy fields of Afghanistan were given religious sanction on the ground of America being the enemy. According to the ill-conceived logic of the Mufti who issued the edict of permissibility for the drug trade, the final market of the drugs was the U.S.A. In view of the U.S.A. being the enemy of Muslims, to ruin the moral and spiritual fibre of its youth with drugs was justified.

Based on this warped reasoning, the Mufti’s fatwa legalized selling tons and tons of drugs to the enemy to ruin the nation. This is indeed a colossal miscarriage of religious authority. The Qur’aan and the Hadith have been manipulated for despicable motives which have absolutely no admission in the lofty moral and spiritual goals of altruism for which Islam stands.

We fail to fathom the Mufti’s mentality. He had miserably failed to understand the mission of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Did Allah Ta’ala dispatch Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to earth to ruin and destroy the moral and spiritual fibre of nations? Were the mushrikeen of Makkah not the inveterate enemies of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and of Islam? Is there any where in the Qur’aan or Hadith the slightest hint that the mission of the Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) envisaged the moral destruction of the enemy? Did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) preach drugs and immorality to the enemy? There is no scope for wickedness in Islam.

These underhand, morally bankrupt tactics and legal antics of the learned men are the tools of nations such as the U.S.A. If our enemies reason in this fashion and employ such plots, it is fully comprehensible. But for the adherents of Tauheed such vile concepts are intolerable.

The mission of Islam is directed to all mankind, including the U.S.A. and all our enemies. Da’wat and Tableegh have to be directed to them as well. The function and duty of the Muslim are to propagate the pure Deen to even the enemy because all kuffaar are the targets of the Message of Islam. Islam has come for the everlasting salvation of all mankind, including the U.S.A. and all other enemies of Islam.

Is it possible to offer the enemy the Deen of Islam when its followers conspire to ruin their youth with drugs? Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came as a Guide to mankind. He did not come as a plotter to ruin the morals of nations. If we too have to degenerate into adoption of the evil tactics of our enemy, then what is the difference between us, those who claim to hold aloft the banner of Tauheed, and them (or enemies)? We are supposed to be an Ummah with the highest moral and spiritual values. This Ummah has been created for the Aakhirah and the way to the Aakhirah is via the avenue of Ibaadah, not sanctified corruption and immorality fallaciously asserted to be justifiable methods in the furtherance of the institution of Jihad.

The objective of Jihad is not mere territorial expansion and political domination for worldly goals. The purpose of Jihad is to open the road for the free propagation of Allah’s Deen so that the creation of Allah Ta’ala could be saved from everlasting damnation in the Hereafter. But, in some Mujahideen quarters it appears that Jihad is believed to be the ultimate end — the goal to be pursued. On the contrary, Jihad is only the means for acquisition of the lofty goal of raising the Law of Allah Ta’ala and inviting mankind to the worship of the One Creator so that they attain everlasting salvation in the Aakhirah.

This lofty and altruistic goal does not admit dirty tactics such as selling drugs to destroy the entire nation of the enemy. The very nation we are fighting today can tomorrow be the champions of Islam. If anyone desires a daleel (proof) for this, let him study the history of the Mushrikeen of Makkah. What was the reaction of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on the day Makkah was conquered? How did he respond to decades of torture and persecution by the
mushrikeen? He did not establish any truth commission. He simply issued a general pardon for the entire nation of the enemy.

The Mongols who ravaged and utterly destroyed the lands of Islam, are another example. These very savages became the ardent followers of Islam. Those who had destroyed Islam, became its champions fighting its cause.

If the attitude of the Sahaabah and the early Muslims had been what the attitude of Muslims, including their Ulama, of this age is, what would have been our fate today? None of us would today have been Muslims. Our forefathers were mushrikeen and idolaters. We are most fortunate that Allah Ta’ala had sent such noble men as the Sahaabah, the Taabieen and Tab-e-Taabieen to conquer the lands of our polytheist forefathers.

They never came to destroy the morals of the kuffaar. Their Jihad was a true Jihad waged to raise the glory of Allah’s Law. Their Jihad was a clean war devoid of atrocities. They never followed the kuffaar style of pillage, plunder, maim and murder.

Due to colossal ignorance in the ranks of the followers of Islam in this age, sight has been lost of the objectives of Jihad. Since the fight in these times is not to gain the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, Muslim fighters too react in the same strain of villainy and vengeance which characterize the forces of the kuffaar. Regardless of the conduct of the enemy and how they maltreat Muslims, the followers of Islam are not allowed to reciprocate in like manner.

Consider the filthy, inhuman torture camps of Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram Base and many other such haunts established by the C.I.A. in collaboration with the intelligence agencies of other countries. The most horrendous acts of brutality and inhumanity are perpetrated by the specimen of sub-human barbarians who man such dens of torture. If by a decree of Allah Ta’ala, these enemies should fall into the hands of Muslims or the Mujahideen, they are not allowed to reciprocate in like manner.

The Mu’mineen are a noble breed of people whose hearts and minds have to dwell in the lofty angelic realms notwithstanding their physical nature and bodies. No matter how strong the provocation may be, and no matter how compelling the urge may be to subject the savages to suffer the same treatment, Muslims are not allowed by Islam to abdicate their humanity, nobility and sully their Imaan with the horrors which are inherent attributes of kufr.

Thus, when it served the mundane objectives of the U.S.A., Bush and Rumsveld had no qualms when the decision was taken to distance themselves from the principles of their own Geneva Convention. But, Muslims cannot dissociate from the principles of insaaniyat (humanity) which the Qur’aan and Sunnah impose on the followers of Islam. While the morality of non-Muslims is regulated by worldly expediencies, that of the followers of Islam is governed by the eternal principles of the Shariah which tolerate no accretion and change…

The jahaalah (ignorance) in the ranks of Muslims, universally, is staggering. We do not possess the morality, spirituality and the Knowledge of the Deen for assuming the leadership of the world. It is for this reason that Allah Ta’ala has removed us from the stage of political domination of the world.

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