Allah’s Punishment Upon this Ummah


“And, when We desire to destroy a town, We command its affluent people (i.e. give them free reign). Then they recklessly indulge in fisq (immorality). The Decree (of punishment) then becomes justified. We then utterly destroy it (the town along with its people). Many were the nations which We had annihilated after Nooh. With regard to the sins of His servants, your Rabb is sufficiently aware and sees (what they are perpetrating). ” (Surah Al-Israa’, Aayats 16 and 17)


Every event which occurs in the universe is within the eternal knowledge of Allah Ta’ala and it plays itself out by the command and intervention of Allah Azza Wa Jal. While every mundane act has its material or ostensible cause, there is an inner dimension underlying its occurrence. For all things there is a baatin (inner dimension) and a zaahir (outer facade).


Most people are unaware of the baatin or the inner dimension which is the real cause for the events taking place. From time immemorial, it has always been the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal to eliminate entire communities when they exceeded all bounds of transgression and immorality. The people of Nabi Nooh (alayhis salaam) were annihilated by the Great Flood. The nations of Aad and Thamud were utterly destroyed and their palaces hewn out of solid rock were divested overnight by hurricanes.

The sodomist nation of Nabi Loot (alayhis salaam) was eliminated from the face of the earth by showers of stone descending from the heavens. The army of Abraha was destroyed by a flock of birds dropping pebbles on them with a force greater than bullets.


Declaring the Sunnah of Allah Ta’ala, the Qur‘an-e-Hakeem states:

And, We apprehended every one (of the transgressor nations) on account of their sins. From among them were those on whom We sent showers of stone. Among them were those whom the mighty screech destroyed. Among them were those whom We caused to be swallowed by the earth. And, among them were those whom We drowned. And, Allah did not do any injustice to them. But, they in fact had oppressed their own souls.”


The Qur’aan Majeed states:

Unto Allah belong the armies of the heavens and the earth.”

Allah Ta’ala despatches His armies against whomever He wishes. The oceans, the rain, the storms, the winds, the volcanoes, the earthquakes, the floods, the diseases, the droughts, the famines, the kuffaar and myriads of other creations are all among the armies of Allah Ta’ala. He sends against whomever He wishes any one of His armies.

Just as Allah Ta’ala harnesses the earthquakes, the hurricanes and the floods to devastate nations of transgressors, so too does He send kuffaar armies to punish Muslims when they have exceeded all limits of evil and vice – when they have reached the point of no return in their immorality, bid’ah, dhalaal and kufr.

The kuffaar being one of His armies to wrought destruction and devastation on Muslims, is attested to by the Qur’aan itself. Allah Ta’ala says:

……We sent against you (O Muslims!) such of Our servants who were powerful in warfare. Then they penetrated the homes (of the Believers). And that was a promise decreed (by Allah Ta’ala).” (Bani Israaeel, aayat 5)

“And when the second decreed promise arrived, (it came) so that they (the kuffaar) disfigure your faces and so that they storm into the Musjid (pillaging and defiling it) just as they had entered it the first time, and so that they utterly devastate whatever they overran.” (Bani lsraaeel, aayat 7)

These Qur’aanic verses are of great significance in relation to the chastisement which has devastated large areas of Lebanon, bringing fear, chaos, misery and great suffering to the people.

The kuffaar mentioned in the aforementioned two verses refer to those kuffaar who annihilated Bani lsraaeel (the Muslim Ummah of that time). The ibaadan lana’ is a reference to the kuffaar armies whom the Qur’aan describes as ‘servants unto Us’. The Musjid mentioned in the verse is Musjidul Aqsa in Jerusalem.

To punish the Muslim Ummah of the time for its gross and flagrant transgression, immorality and rebellion against the Shariah, Allah Ta’ala allowed the kuffaar to penetrate the homes of the Muslimeen and the Musjids in general, and Musjidul Aqsa in particular. They pillaged, plundered and devastated in their barbaric rampages through the land of the Muslims.


Numerous are the towns which We had destroyed.” (Aayat 4, A’raaf)

“Many were the towns which We had destroyed while they were transgressors. Thus it (the town) lay prostrate on its back.. ” (Aayat 40, Hajj)

“Thus We destroyed them because of their sins and We raised after them another nation.” (Aayat 6, An’aam)

“They belied Our laws. Then We destroyed them on account of their sins, and We drowned the people of Fir’oun. ” (Aayat 45, A’raaf)

“We destroyed them, for verily they were criminals. ” (Aayat 37, Ad-Dukhaan)

The Qur’aan Majeed repeatedly offers this assurance to the true Believers. But, Muslims in this era are not true Believers. Moral depravity has deranged the intellect and extinguished the lustre of the imaan of the Muslimeen. In consequence the Ummah is emulating cults and cultures of Allah’s enemies. We have appointed the Western nations as our leaders. Allah has therefore made them our rulers.

In its present state of moral corruption and degradation, this Ummah is unfit to rule and dominate. Slaves are ruled by others. Since we have emancipated ourselves from the bondage of Allah Ta’ala we have become the slaves of all and sundry, to be buffeted and pummelled into humiliation and misery. Intelligent Muslims reflect on the Qur’aan and heed the admonition of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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