In The Current State, Muslims Are Destined To Remain Slaves


The events in the Heart of Islam —the Holiest City — send the message that the U.S.A. and other kuffaar nations are here to stay in domination over this Ummah. Muslims are destined to remain the slaves of aliens for quite some time to come. Suicide bombers , guerrilla fighters and anarchists will not succeed to dislodge the U.S.A. from its pedestal of power and superiority. They cannot succeed because it is Allah Ta’ala Who has made them the rulers over us — and they will rule and humiliate us as long as we humiliate the Deen and ourselves with our own villainy, immorality and ignorance. Confirming the U.S. A.’s appointment to rule over this fallen and disgraced Ummah, the Qur’aan Majeed declares:

“Say (O Muhammad!): Allah is the King of dominion. He bestows mulk (political domination) to whomever He wishes, and He snatches away mulk from whomever He wishes. He honours whomever He wishes and He humiliates whomever He wishes.”


If Muslims desire change, they should forget everything else and first become Insaan. Once humanity has returned to Muslims, the end and fall of our enemies will be a task to be accomplished with relative ease and swiftly. There will be no need for suicide bombers spreading anarchy and guerrilla fighters spending the rest of their lives in jungles and mountains. The quality of Insaaniyat adorned with the Sunnah will re-enact the feats and scenes of the Sahaabah. The Ummah will then meet the enemy headon and vanquish them in the way the Sahaabah had gained their accomplishment of world domination. This is the Divine Promise to which the Qur’aan testifies:

 “Allah has promised political power o­n earth to those among you who have (true) Imaan and who practice A’maal-e-Saaliha…….”

“The Majlis” Vol.15 No.10



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