Under the 50-year reign of Hadhrat Aurangzeb (rahmatullahi alayh), India became the most powerful and richest country in the world, holding around one quarter of the entire world’s population at the time.

There is agreement amongst friend and foe alike that Hadhrat Aurangzeb was the epitome of puritanical Islam and a firm adherent to Islamic teachings in every sphere of life.

According to the enemies of Islam, including many so-called “objective” academics and historians, Islam was spread throughout the world, including India, through tyranny and oppression. Such alleged tyranny and oppression, in the fabricated revisionist history, involve genocide and forced conversions of countless non-muslims (Kuffaar) of all faiths, and the systematic destruction of their places of worship.

Furthermore, since it is alleged that the root of all the tyranny and oppression inflicted by Muslim rulers is Islam itself – in its most pure form i.e. puritanical Islam, and since all agree that Hadhrat Aurangzeb was a puritanical, fundamentalist practitioner of Islam, an analysis of Hadhrat Aurangzeb’s life and rule provides an ideal test case to measure the accuracy of this alleged connection between Islam and tyrannical oppression.

The abundant sources and contemporary accounts which shed light on Hadhrat Aurangzeb and his reign, will enable the sincere seeker of truth to determine whether this alleged connection between puritanical Islam and tyranny is tenable or not, or whether it is part of a satanic propaganda fabricated by the enemies of truth and Islam.

Evidences from a range of sources, including eye-witness accounts, should provide an adequate glimpse into the life and character of Hadhrat Aurangzeb, regarded widely as the most “fanatical”, puritanical and ardent practitioner of Islam amongst the rulers of India, and should also depict an accurate portrayal of his supposedly tyrannical regime, allegedly ruled with an iron-fist, in which non-muslims are supposed to have been systematically subjected to mass-slaughter or mass-conversions, and their places of worship destroyed at every possible opportunity.

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