What does the Shariah say about boycotting Israeli goods? If a group organizes such a boycott, does it become incumbent on the community to observe the boycott? Is it permissible to pressurize people to observe the boycott, and to label them traitors for not observing the boycott?


Firstly, it is necessary to ascertain who the people are who initiate these boycotts. The initiators are all faasiq and faajir men and women whose relationship with the Deen is extremely deficient. The type of activities they indulge in to highlight their boycotts of Israel, confirm their fisq and fujoor. They descend to hooliganism and haraam acts. There is no regard for the Shariah’s commands and prohibitions.

The very first disqualification of a movement or an activity is the fisq and fujoor of its leaders/initiators. If the initiators are fussaaq and fujjaar, the movement stands condemned. It will be a ploy of Iblees.

It is not permissible to follow the ways and methods of fussaaq and fujjaar. Those who blindly follow the hoodlums who engineer these boycotts are imbeciles, incapable of straight-thinking and ignorant of the Shariah. All the haraam methods of the kuffaar are adopted by the fussaaq and fujjaar.

Secondly, no group of people has the right to impose their personal ideology on others. The Shariah does not command boycotts. Even if all limits of the Shariah are observed in a boycott action, the group cannot impose its will and method on those who refuse to participate.

Nowadays there is generally loud clamour and demand for freedom of expression, freedom of thinking, etc. Whilst these clamours and demands bring within their scope even haraam, immoral filth and moral pollution, the hoodlums seek to intimidate non-participants and pressurize them to accept the boycott-ideology of the fussaaq and fujjaar.

Even if such a boycott is initiated by genuine Ulama, no one is under Shar’i compulsion to toe the line, and no one has the right to label the non-participants negatively.

Thirdly, those who initiate the boycotts against Israel are opportunists and insincere. Their agenda is usually monetary gain for themselves, which they acquire dishonestly from the fundraising which is a necessary corollary of these boycott-activities.

Fourthly, they embark on boycotts of only Israel while there are greater and worse scoundrels than Israel. One never hears boycotts against the U.S.A. or China or India for example although America is the backbone and the chief protector of Israel. Furthermore, the U.S. has brutally oppressed, killed and injured millions of Muslims. The U.S. has mercilessly destroyed the lands of Muslims. Yet none of these fussaaq opportunists breathes a word of boycott against this enemy of the Ummah.

Then there is the brutal China which has exterminated millions of Muslims. Repression and oppression are perpetrated on Muslims to this day in China.

Genocide of Muslims is the stated policy of the evil Hindu cow-worshippers. Killing Muslims to honour their cows is an act of high merit for the Hindu idolaters. Brutal rioting against Muslims is a recurring event in India, but no one calls for boycotting the filthy cow-worshippers who relish drinking cow urine.

While these opportunists pursuing their own ulterior motives call for boycotting Israel, Hamas itself is constrained to accept Israeli aid which is paid for by the enemy of Hamas, viz., the West Bank rulers. Thousands of Palestinians work in Israel, earning their livelihood at the hands of the Yahood. Israel supplies Gaza with electricity and fuel which are being paid for by the kufr PA (Palestinian Authority) who woos and bootlicks all the kuffaar to the total exclusion of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The PA even pays the salaries of Gaza’s civil servants. But of recent, they have begun tightening the screws by cutting the salaries and refusing to pay Israel for the fuel and electricity used by the Hamas people of Gaza.

The whole boycott exercise is a massive fraud to fill the pockets of racketeers and deceits.

[Answered by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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