The ‘Calm, Soothing’ Electric Torture Administered to Billions of Chickens

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

In one of its garbage posters of falsehood which SANHA (a ‘Halaal’ certifying outfit) issued to promote the haraam carrion chicken industry, this haraam halaalizing outfit states:

“Birds are restrained and calmed with an electric water stunbath process which is strictly controlled and does not cause any damage to the bird.”

Only if these Sanha juhhala molvis are subjected to the same horrendous treatment which the chickens have to endure, will they understand the ‘calming’ effect of the electrical shocks which these helpless creatures of Allah Ta’ala are made to suffer. Without the slightest vestige of shame, SANHA claims the rubbish that the birds are ‘calmed’ by the administration of electrical shocks in an electric water stunbath.

The day these vile molvis are shackled upside down in Jahannum (Hell-Fire) and their heads are dragged through electrified water will they know what suffering they had caused to billions of chickens. The stupidity and falsehood which SANHA shamelessly utters with such volubility displays the sadism of these haraam halaalizers. Their very Imaan is in doubt. Only Allah Ta’ala knows if they are still Muslims.

In its garbage poster with claims of this shameless nature, SANHA has clearly elevated the brutal kuffaar system of killing chickens over and above the system of Thabah which Allah Ta’ala has ordained for this Ummah. Elevating a kuffar system over and above an Islamic system or even preferring such a vile system, is akin to kufr.

Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmayullah alayh) has unequivocally issued the fatwa that preferring the kuffaar system of slaughter is ‘akin to kufr’. The ruling of kufr for any such preference where the kaafir system is elevated applies to any issue, not only Thabah. Istikhfaaf (to regard to be insignificant), istihza’ (to make a mockery) with any institution of Islam, and to prefer any act of the kuffaar or to think of it as being superior or better, are attitudes of kufr which eradicate Imaan.

In its poster of garbage, SANHA has clearly hailed, sanctified and preferred the kuffaar murderous system of brutality over the Shar’i system of Thabah, and the motive for this attitude is not a riddle nor hidden. Everyone knows that it is the monetary lust of SANHA which has to be gratified, hence kufr has become acceptable to the wayward miscreants of this evil haraam halaalizing contraption which has styled itself as a ‘halaal authority’. May Allah Ta’ala destroy these brutal perpetrators of torture and kufr.


While there is no need to cite expert scientific opinion for understanding the horror the chickens suffer when their heads are submerged in electrified water with them being shackled upside down and dragged through the satanic electrical water torture-bath, we nevertheless present some statements of the experts for the edification of the unwary. K.Davis of the U.S.Poultry Concerns, writes in Poisoned Chickens-Poisoned Eggs:

“The electrified brine-water bath is the method used in the large commercial slaughter plants. After the birds have been manually jammed into a movable metal rack that clamps them upside down by their feet, known as ‘live hang’, about thirty seconds later their heads and necks are dragged through a 12 foot brine-bath trough called the stun cabinet for approximately seven seconds. Between 20 and 24 birds occupy this cabinet at a time. 180 or more birds pass through it every minute.

During electrical waterbath stunning, currents shoot through the birds’ skin, skeletal breast muscle, cardiac muscle, and leg muscles causing spasms and tremors, reducing heartbeat and breathing, and increasing the blood pressure. The birds exit the stunner with arched necks, open fixed eyes, ticked wing, extended rigid legs, shuddering, turned up tail feathers, and varying amounts of defecation….This means that they are being painfully shocked and paralyzed, the opposite of being rendered insensible to pain and suffering.

According to researchers, a major problem with electrical stunning, even under ‘ideal’ conditions, is that birds who are stunned (rendered unconscious) and birds who are merely paralyzed look the same. A bird or a mammal may be unable to move, struggle, or cry out while experiencing intense pain and other forms of suffering including the inability to express outwardly a response to pain perception.

Even after decades of slaughter research in controlled laboratory experiments, disagreement exists on how to determine whether a bird is truly stunned and not merely immobilized (paralyzed) and whether a bird is in pain. No one really knows the kind of pain and overall suffering involved. Various indicators have their proponents: visual, auditory, evoked versus spontaneous somatosensory, physical activity, brain waves, breathing, etc.”

What this expert and others have scientifically established, namely electrical shocking causes horrendous pain and immobilization (paralysis) of the birds, and that it does not render them unconscious, was stated by Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali (rahmatullah alayh) in his ‘akin to kufr’ Fatwa several decades ago – long before these scientific experiments were made or their results made known.

Only eternally damned sadists such as SANHA and the kuffaar chicken barons are capable of shamelessly claiming that the chickens are ‘calmed’ and ‘tranquilized’ by means of brutal electrical shocking and drowning in electrified water. Only such shayaateenul ins (human devils) are capable of such rubbish conclusions which they so glibly utter because of the money which this horrific rotten, haraam carrion industry coins for them. They are just as accursed as Iblees or even worse.

Professor Sayyid Q.M.M. Kamoonpuri states:

“In modern methods, mechanical or electrical techniques are used to produce a stunning effect in order to make the animal paralyzed. They argue that these new techniques are less painful and fearsome compared to the Islamic slaughtering system. But this is not true. The paralyzed animal feels terrible pain and experiences fear but cannot express it because it is motionless. This creates a wrong impression that the animal is not suffering when as a matter of fact, it is.”

In another research report by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, it is mentioned:

“Furthermore, research presented at a recent symposium on the humane slaughter of farm animals suggests that birds may still be able to experience pain after electrical stunning, but are not able to display a pain reflex because of temporary paralysis. A study authored by four slaughter supervisors concluded that electrical stunning is fraught with problems and acknowledged that ‘electrical paralysis may occur under certain conditions in man and in other animals, during which pain can be perceived but reaction to it is impossible.’ And several researchers have presented evidence that even the shock, which is supposed to render the animal immediately and painlessly unconscious, is in fact, intensely painful.”

“Gregory & Whittington identify another problem. After conducting an experiment, they concluded that, “chickens can and do inhale water during electrical stunning in a waterbath. No remedy for this is available at the moment.” The scientists explain that, “some birds defecate during stunning and hence foul the water of waterbath stunners.” So, at stunning, live birds inhale faeces when they are dipped into the electric waterbath. This is perceived as a particular problem from the meat hygiene perspective because the fluids can leak out of the lungs and cause contamination.”

Besides this, there is a mass of expert evidence of scientists in this field to prove the horrific pain which the chickens have to endure when they are electrocuted. The very shock itself is horrendously painful. Furthermore, Muslims who believe in Allah and His Rasool (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are not in need of any expert evidence to understand the rationale of the Shariah for its prohibition of inflicting any type of injury prior to slaughtering. Acceptance of the brutal electrical stunning of chickens is therefore kufr.


THE HALAALIZERS of haraam carrion chickens take umbrage and their brains explode when they are warned that their likely chastisement in Jahannum will be hanging upside down and transported on red hot steel conveyor belts right into the dregs of tanks filled with either boiling water or molten steel. There is a basis in the Hadith for this averment.

In Bani Israaeel there was a cruel woman who had caught a cat and starved it to death. Her fate was shown to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The cat which she had brutally killed was transformed into a huge creature. It was mounted on to the chest of the woman in Jahannum. It clawed and gnawed her.. This will be her fitting punishment in Jahannum for her brutality.

It will be salubrious for the carrion halaalizers to ruminate and understand that the punishment in the Aakhirah will be commensurate to the crime. Brutality will be compensated with brutality. Billions of chickens are cruelly hung upside down, hooked on to steel conveyors, drowned in electrified water, administered horrific electrical shocks, tortured by partial cutting of the necks, plunged and scalded to death in scalding water.

What does Imaan dictate? Will the cries of agony of these billions of Allah’s Makhlooq not reach the Divine Throne? Are their cries of agony and misery right now not penetrating the heavens and reaching the Arsh of Allah Ta’ala when Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has said: “……..and the cry (curse) of the mazloom (oppressed/ tortured) – Allah raises it above the clouds. The Doors of Heavens are opened up for it, and Rabb (Allah Ta’ala) says: ‘By My Grandeur, I shall most certainly aid you even if it is after some time.”

Let the carrion halaalizers understand that their temporary enjoyment of the riba millions they are earning from their trade of brutality should not lull them into complacency and oblivion. They are dealing with the Makhlooq of a Khaaliq (Creator) Who does not forget. He gives rope. The line is bound to run out. The whole miserable lot of sadists will then be hauled upside down into Hell-Fire to be tortured by the billions of chickens – monstrously huge chickens – whom they had tortured here and transformed into haraam carrion.

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