Carrion-Eating ‘Ulama’ Devoid of Taqwa – A Clear Sign of the End of Times


I am a student at a Darul Uloom and am presently suffering tremendous mental agony. It has come as a shock to many of us at the Madrasah that for years we have been eating haraam chickens supplied by a Muslim who has even signed a confession that he had been supplying haraam chickens. I have always tried my utmost to abstain from even mushtabah food, but now that it has been confirmed that we had been consuming haraam chickens for years, I am feeling nauseous, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is a very traumatic experience. I can’t imagine the harm that has been caused to our Imaan by eating haraam for several years. Please offer some advice.


[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

Your contention that you had ‘always tried your utmost to abstain from even mushtabah (doubtful) food’, is baseless. You languished in self-deception. If you had truly been concerned about abstention from even mushtabah food, you would not have fallen in shaitaan’s trap of devouring the haraam, rotten, diseased carrion chickens . Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that when a person indulges in mushtabah, he will ultimately become ensnared in haraam. This is precisely what has happened to the Ulama and the Talaba at the Darul Uloom. You have no excuse to mitigate the evil of the carrion consumption.

You are supposed to be a Taalib-e- Ilm in the quest of Ilm-e-Wahi. Do you understand what this means? No, you don’t. If you did, you would never have devoured the haraam carrion with which you all had nourished and contaminated your bodies and souls for several years. What type of Talaba (Students of Deeni Knowledge) are you fellows? What type of Asaatizah do you have? Years of devouring carrion chickens went by undetected! This is a sign of Allah’s Displeasure with you all. There are no factors to mitigate the villainy which all of you — Talaba and Asaatizah — had committed with your devouring of the haraam carrion chickens.

For years the controversy surrounding these rotten, diseased broiler chickens pumped with poisonous chemicals, even pork substances, and the 100% haraam system of killing have been intense. The wide and intense publicity which the chicken carrion industry received is not a secret.

Every Muslim is fully aware of the controversy and the claims made by the Ulama-e-Haqq – those Ulama who are not paid by anyone to make pronouncements. True and honest Ulama have sustained the controversy and have always kept it in the full glare of public knowledge.

Despite this intense publicity, you deemed it appropriate to gratify the inordinate gluttony of your nafs with the haraam carrion. The Talaba strut about the Darul Uloom holding big kitaabs in their hands – Bukkhaari Shareef, Muslim Shareef, Abu Daawood, Nisaai, Ibn Majah, Tirmizi, Qur’aan Tafaaseer, Kutub of Fiqah, etc. You are supposed to mount the pedestal of Waraathat- e-Nubuwwat. You are supposed to eliminate Akhlaaq-e- Razeelah and adorn yourself with Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah. You are supposed to become paragons of virtue and Taqwa. But you devoured carrion chickens for years!

When even one musthabah date destroys weeks of the ibaadat of even Auliya, what do you expect is the consequence of devouring haraam carrion chickens for years? Ulama and Talaba are incumbently required to abstain from consuming even confirmed halaal meat obtained from animals which were not faced towards the Qiblah at the time of Thabah, or from animals which were subjected to kuffaar cruelty during the killing process. The Ulama and Talaba who are supposed to be the representatives of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are supposed to cultivate Taqwa and Wara’.

But you talaba of this era consume freely mushtabah and haraam, and you hit and kick balls like the kuffaar, and you imitate baboons with your antics when you chase after balls. Do you expect to even cultivate the fragrance of Ilm in yourselves? Never will you acquire anything of the Noor of Ilm. In fact, you will forever remain an alien to this Noor-e-Ilm as long as Taqwa remains an alien concept to you.

Taqwa is nowadays mocked at by the Ulama and Asaatizah of the Madaaris. They have become the helpers of shaitaan and among the vilest specimens of creation with their halaalization of haraam – not only haraam carrion meat and chickens, but with a range of other haraam practices. The Deen has in our era slid within the scope of the Hadith:

“Verily, the Deen started off ghareeb (forlorn), and soon will it return to being ghareeb as it was in the beginning. Therefore congratulations to the Ghuraba.”

Those who endeavour to live a life of Taqwa in this age are the Ghuraba who are mocked at by the carrion consuming ‘ulama’ who legalize rijs, fisq and fujoor. The Ulama, Talaba and Asaatizah nowadays have become slaves of passion, slaves, of the stomach and slaves of money, hence they are unable to distinguish between right and left, light and darkness, Haqq and baatil.

The ingestion of haraam carrion and indulgence in fisq and fujoor have completely extinguished the glitter of Imaan in their hearts and have blocked the entry of Noor-e-Ilm into their heart. Ilm is a Noor from Allah Ta’ala in the heart of the Mu’min. But this Noor cannot subsist in a substratum darkened with mushtabah, haraam, laghw and la’b. If the haraam which is devoured is carrion broiler chickens and meat halaalized by the carrion purveyors such as SANHA, MJC, NIHT, ICSA, etc., then the spiritual damage is multiplied manifold.

The moral and spiritual damage the haraam rotten meat and chickens cause is worse than the non-halaalized mushtabah processed foods manufactured by the kuffaar. The word of non-Muslim manufacturers is more reliable than the assurances and approval of these miserable carrion halaalizing bodies.

It will indeed take a long time to cleanse your physical and spiritual systems of the poisons of the carrion chickens which you had consumed. Your entire body and soul have become filthied, polluted and contaminated with the haraam carrion chickens. The process of purification and detoxification while time-consuming will, Insha’Allah, purify you if you adopt stringent methods of Taqwa. Taubah and total abstention from mushtabah and all meat and chickens killed commercially even if the killer is a Muslim, and abstention from all futility are essential requisites for all Muslims in general, and in particular for the Talaba.

If the system of killing chickens and animals is not 100% Islamic, then don’t touch such meat with a barge pole. There are numerous varieties of halaal food. There is no incumbent need to consume the carrion chickens and the dead meat which the commercial butcheries sell. The Ulama and the Talaba are the first persons who are supposed to strive diligently and zealously to uphold every detail of Allah’s Shariah. All those who had devoured the carrion chickens for years don’t have the haziest idea of the meaning of Ilm-e- Deen. It is precisely for this reason that they churn out corrupt carrion fatwas to halaalize carrion, riba, fisq.

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