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Letters (Maktoobaat) from Imam Ahmad Sirhindi and Khwaja Muhammad Ma’soom

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thani: Majority of the Scholars Will Prefer Bid’ah And Efface The Sunnah

Hadhrat Mujaddid  states:

“Attainment to this degree of obedient following is conditioned upon tranquillity of the nafs and arrival to the reality of obedient following of the source of the Sacred Law, upon him be peace and blessings; yet, sometimes it occurs without the means of fana and baqa and without the means of spiritual journeying and attraction. It is possible for it to occur without anything of states, ecstasies, theophanies or manifestations, but it is something rare in its time. Attainment to this state via the path of the wilaya is more certain via another path. This other path, in the opinion of this needy one, being the path of absolute faithful obedient following of the noble sunna according to its source, peace and blessings be upon him, and avoidance of any type of bid’ah.

One who does not avoid the ‘bid’ah hasanah’ just as he would avoid the blameworthy will not get even a scent of this high degree. Continue reading

Mujaddid: “I do not regard any bid’ah as ‘hasanah'”

“The happiest, the most fortunate person is he who recovers one of the forgotten sunnats and annihilates one of the widespread bid’ats in a time when irreligiousness is on the increase. We are now in such a time when a thousand years have elapsed after the Best of man kind [Hadhrat Muhammad ], As we get farther from the time of happiness of our Prophet, the sunnats are gradually being covered and, lies being on the increase, the bid’ats are spreading. Continue reading

The Shari’ah’s Stance on Samaa’ (Religious singing sessions) and Raqs (Full bodily rhythmic movements)

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thaani states that the object of Tasawwuf (the Sufi path) is nothing but to produce conviction in the beliefs of the Shari’ah and to facilitate the observance of its rules, and that the unlawful means such as Samaa’ and Raqs, are a kind of temptation with which Allah tests men.

The Mujaddid’s strictness on the Shariah, and his intolerance of opinions that he deems to be contrary to the Shariah, is also quite evident here:

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