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Mawlid – The Conclusive Fatwa

“I do not know of any basis for this Mawlid, neither in the Book nor in the Sunnah. Its practice has not been recorded from any of the ‘ulamā’ of the Ummah who are the model of Religion, who held fast to the ways of the early ones…the Sharī‘ah has not given permission for this, nor did the ṣaḥābah practise it, nor the tābi‘īn, and nor the practising ‘ulamā’, as far as I know. This is my answer to it in the presence of Allāh if I am asked about it…Nor is it possible for it to be permissible because innovation inside the Religion is not permissible by consensus of the Muslims….[The first type of Mawlid] is that a man practises it from his own wealth, for his family, associates and dependents, not going beyond eating food in this Gathering, nor perpetrating any sin. This is what we characterise as a reprehensible bid‘ah and an abomination, since none of the early ones from the people of obedience practised it – who are the Jurists of Islām, the ‘ulamā’ amongst the creation, the lamps of the ages and the adornment of the places...”

[Allamah Taj al-Deen al-Fakihani (654 – 731 AH)]

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“My Ummah will NEVER unite upon error.”
[A Saheeh Hadith narrated in dozens of authentic compilations of Hadith]

“It is not permissible for him [the non-Mujtahid] to trespass in consulting those whose Madh-hab he does not adhere to for fatwa…The consensus (Ijma’) of the Muslims in all places of earth has occurred on Taqleed in this fashion”
[Shaykh ul-Islam Qadi Iyadh (476-544H) transmitting the fact that the Ummah – particular the authorities of the Deen – had already united upon adhering rigidly to one Madh-hab]

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Why are the Mujlisul Ulama (The Majlis) so harsh towards the Salafis, Barelwis and other deviants? So-and-so Akaabir had praised so-and-so person from a deviant sect, and so-and-so Deobandi website contains ample praise of people from deviant sects. This kind of attitude is creating disunity and drives a wedge between Muslims which is exactly what the CIA and the Kuffaar want??? Continue reading