Darul Uloom Deoband’s Fatwa on the Accursed Evil of Digital Tasweer (Picture-making)

There is Ijma’ (consensus) of all our Akaabireen of Deoband (the true Akaabireen of bygone times) that all forms of pictures of animate objects, including television pictures, and pictures which will be manufactured by technology in the future, are HARAAM. The Molvies of Deoband of the current time are not necessarily on the Maslak of the Akaabireen of Deoband. Salafi’ism, liberalism, modernism and worldly objectives are diseases which have undeniably influenced the Molvis of current times. In fact, most Madaaris which are nowadays aligning themselves to Deoband, have extremely little in common with the Darul Uloom and Maslak established by the Akaabir more than a century ago, as can be easily be gauged by observing the increasing contrast and conflict between the Fatwas of the Akaabireen and the Fatwas of the contemporary Ulama on issues such as the Hurmat (prohibition) of ALL forms of Tasweer (image/picture-making).

In rejection of the baseless opinion of permissibility disgorged by Mufti  Rafi Uthmaani and Mufti Taqi of Pakistan, Daarul Uloom Deoband has unequivocally confirmed that all such images are haraam pictures, and not ‘reflections’ as  Mufti Rafi and Mufti Taqi have baselessly opined. The following is the Fatwa of Daarul Uloom Deoband:


Is it permissible to make a picture or a video using digital camera..? In our pakistan there is a fatwaa of mufti taqi & mufti rafi ‘uthmaani that it is not that picture but its reflection. If we print it then it will be impermissible.

What is the current fatwaa of Daarul-‘Uloom Deoband in this matter. Please guide us. Jazaak-ALLAAH.


In the name of ALLAAH, the most merciful, the ever merciful

To make a picture or a video using digital camera is not permissible. This too is included in picture-making. To know the detailed fatwaa of Daarul-‘Uloom Deoband  along with proofs on this issue refer to “Chand Ahm ‘Asri Masaa-il”, Vol 1, page 342. This book has been uploaded on the Daarul-‘Uloom’s website.

And only ALLAAH Ta’aalaa knows…


Daarul-‘Uloom Deoband


  1. Daarul-‘Uloom Deoband debunks the reflection myth & upholds the centuries old unanimous prohibition passed down by Nabee (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) on all types of animate pictures.
  2. Mazaahirul-‘Uloom Sahaaranpur too debunks the reflection theory in its well explained fatwaa. Hence declaring all types of animated pictures unlawful.
  3. Mufti Sa’eed Ahmad Paalanpuri declares a unified position on the prohibition of animate pictures stating, “all the muftiyaan of india, pakistan & bangladesh unanimously issue the verdict that camera (digital) pictures (of living beings) too are haraam.”
    [The so-called “ijtihaadi ikhtilaaf” on this issue propounded by contemporary and modernist Ulama is a Baatil, satanic “ikhtilaaf” which is in complete conflict with the Ijma’ (consensus) of the Akaabireen of Deoband] .
  4. The ‘reflection’ argument is utterly baseless bordering on the stupid. The opinion of Mufti Rafi and Mufti Taqi is devoid of Shar’i substance. On the basis of their fallacious opinion, these two Muftis have opened a wide door for the fitnah of immorality.

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