Defense of Sufism


The purpose of authentic Sufism is merely to strengthen one’s adherence to the Shari’ah in belief and practice. Anything branded and marketed as ‘Sufism’ which does not create an intense love for Allah (azza wa jal) and Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhis salaam), the true manifestation of which is Wara’ and Taqwa, is in reality Satanism.

Without Sufism (Tasawwuf) it is not possible to achieve the qualities of Wara’ and Taqwa – such firm adherence to the glorious Shari’ah that one eventually becomes eagerly willing to dispense with the many of the Mubah (permissible) acts in order to avoid the risk of falling into Mushtabah (doubtful) or Haraam matters.

The Mujaddid of the second millenium, Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi (rahmatullahi alayhi) (d.1034), succinctly summarises in his letters:

“After one has acquired right beliefs and subjected oneself to the rules of the Shari’ah, one should, if Allah so wills, enter the path of the Sufis. But one should not pursue it in order to get something over and above the beliefs and the practices of the Shar’, or acquire something new. The purpose of following the Sufi way is to gain a conviction in the objects of faith that cannot be weakened by the doubts of a sceptic or shaken by the remarks of an objector. The conviction which is founded on arguments is not firm, and one who pursues reasoning does not attain certitude.

“Know that it is [only] through the remembrance of Allah that one acquires the peace and satisfaction of the heart.” [Qur’an]

This is the object of the Sufi tariqah regarding belief. Regarding the practices of the Shar’, the object is to make their performance easy and spontaneous, to remove sluggishness, and to subdue the carnal self.

Likewise, the purpose of the Sufi Suluk is not to see the forms and images of transcendental realities, or behold colours and lights; they are nothing more than play or fun. Material forms and physical lights are not less interesting if one wants to have fun; why should one leave them and run after spiritual forms and lights, and take up austere and difficult practices for that purpose? Forms, these or others, and lights, physical or spiritual, are all created by Allah. He transcends them altogether; they are nothing but His signs and proofs.” [Vol 1:266]

‘”There are many people who perform Salaat and who fast customarily and habitually. However, those who observe the borders of Islam and who pay attention [to it] so as not to fall into the haram and doubtful matters are very few. The distinction that differentiates between those who worship correctly and sincerely, and those who worship habitually and insincerely, is the adherence to the commandments of Allahu Ta’ala. The sincere Salaat and fast are outwardly the same as those that are done insincerely. Our Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) declared: “The basic pillar of our religion is wara.” He (alayhis salaam) declared in a hadith: “Nothing can be compared to wara.” ‘ [Vol 2:81]

What follows is a compilation of various articles on this website dealing with the slanderers of the Sufis, and dispelling some of the misconceptions surrounding this sacred science which essentially forms the Rooh (soul) of the Deen.


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