Did Harris Hammam Claim to be a Former Jew?

“…- Patel is obsessed with the Ulama of Deoband, barely a day passes without him attacking or insulting us. This isn’t restricted to his Wahhabi forum, instead he does the same on the Arabic forums he frequents… 

– The biggest danger Patel poses is in real-life.

He is a perfect example of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ask anyone online about Harris Hammam and they could continue for hours on his terrible behavior, total lack of respect for Ulama and elders, his obsession with Deodandi’s etc. However, if one had to ask the Ulama in the UK about “Shaykh Ismail Ebrahim” or “Shaykh Ismail Patel”, then they would praise him as “not having anything against our Ulama”, “very respectful” etc. 

He has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of not only his former colleges from Dewsbury, but also over the eyes of his teachers there, so the extent that he apparently even managed to get Mufti Sacha to endorse a book he authored!…

Now a snake in the grass of this type poses extreme danger, as he will steadily build up the trust of the public through the support he receives from the Ulama, until he can reveal his true colours. This is why it is necessary to expose him, in order to warn the public and the Ulama…

Alhamdullilah, he has provided us with more than enough ammunition in all the venom he spews out against our Ulama. He might be grovelling away on his Wahhabi forum, begging for this expose to be deleted, however he should have considered the ramifications before setting himself up as a “Deo-Basher”.” 

Mufti Husain Kadodia on some of Shaykh Harris Hammam’s (aka Shaykh Ismail Ebrahim Patel) sterling credentials.


Brother Jadeed has contacted this website recently to clarify that he is not Shaykh Harris Hammam. I will leave the original post unedited (apart from bolding certain parts) so that both he and others can verify for themselves that I had only raised the QUESTION whether or not a mass-slanderer of righteous scholars could be impersonating a forged identity.

I have thus far refrained from making any definitive statement that Jadeed (who remains an unknown identity) and Shaykh Harris Hammam are one and the same person – rather, on the contrary, the parts which are now bolded (in the original post below) clarify explicitly that both were treated as two completely distinctive personalities.

With Harris Hammam’s perennial habit of pouncing upon and analyzing random statements of nobodies on various forums, sometimes within seconds of their posting, thereby indicating upon his day and night vigils on forums, it is extremely far-fetched to believe that he was unaware of the fact that questions were asked numerous times on sunniforum regarding his relationship with Jadeed. The fact that he feigned unawareness, or did not subject such questions to his usually compulsory analysis, is most telling.

In fact, when one brother eventually confronted him around 6 months ago on his ‘home turf’, islamicawakening, with the question, “Someone is suggesting that you are “Jadeed” on sunniforum, and he seems to be amassing evidence:…A moderator no less. Any truth to this?” Harris Hammam did not seem to have the stomach to issue a categorical denial, evading the question completely with the words, “We should let them ponder over this extremely important question further.”

If anything, brothers Jadeed, Aspirer, Quandary (who are either Harris Hammam or ‘pukka’ muqallids of Harris Hammam) and others, are clear proof of how dangerous charlatans such as Shaykh Harris Hammam can be. One only needs to observe how such new converts (so claimed by these anonymous users) could absorb so much so quickly, and be completely taken in hook, line and sinker by this charlatan’s tirade of lies, slanders, distortions perpetrated under the veneer of ‘tahqeeqs’ (researches) – and all tolerated by the new growing breed of modernist liberal ‘deobandis’ of today.


A few revealing questions to ponder over for Harris Hammam’s ring of cheer-leaders and spineless acquaintances, who seem to have exhibited numerous allergic reactions to this page:

How much outrage and concern did you express during this charlatan’s tirade of slanders and lies? What is more worthy of your concern and outrage – years upon years of attacking and propagating slanders against the Ulama-e-Deoband , even ascribing Kufr upon their elders –  or raising a QUESTION whether or not Harris Hammam, a proven liar and slanderer, could be falsely impersonating another dubious identity whose rhetoric was practically identical to his?

The hypocrisy is as clear as the sun. Furthemore, it reveals how desperate people are today in order to acquire any excuse to tolerate the ‘researches’ of Ulama-e-soo today whilst at the same time observing silence over clear slanders perpetrated against the Ulama-e-Haqq.

Shaykh Harris Hammam is no less a charlatan than other online pseudo-scholars such as Shaykh Gibril Haddad and Shaykh Abu Hasan – who are just as prolific in vomiting out ‘researches’. The more you wade into the writings of such fraudsters, the more lies continue to surface.

However, it’s quite likely that this particular charlatan would never have persisted with his crusade of slanders against the Ulama-e-Deoband for so long, if he hadn’t been constantly buoyed by a never-ending stream of ‘ thankyous’ and praise from his boot-lickers, and if he hadn’t received such tolerance, acceptance, and indifference from his spineless acquaintances who claim to have regard for the Ulama-e-Deoband. Ghairah for the Deen has truly disappeared.

For a glimpse into the slanderous diatribe perpetrated by this charlatan against some of the best Ulama of Ahlus Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah in recent times, read the following with a sincere and open heart:

“There has been too much praise of me on this thread. Too lavish.”
Shaykh Harris Hammam

Below is the original unedited page with the relevant parts bolded:


Did Harris Hammam Claim to be a Former Jew?

NOTE: There is nothing derogatory about being a former Jew. However, it is a serious offence (i.e. a blatant lie) to falsely claim to be one in order to deceive others – an act which is only becoming of a charlatan pseudo-scholar. Considering the fact that Harris Hammam has devoted much of his life to abominable crimes (which his boot-licking cheer-leaders seem to be absolutely indifferent to) such as slandering the Ulama-e-Haqq, even ascribing Kufr to the Deobandi elders, it would not be out of character for him to perpetrate such a blatant lie and deception.

The QUESTION in the title naturally comes to mind when one reads the forum posts of an elusive and sinister character called “Jadeed” who appeared on sunniforum recently and disappeared rapidly once his abnormally intimate relationship with Harris Hammam became apparent.

Very soon after Harris Hammam got banned from sunniforum, this character “Jadeed” suddenly seemed to appear on the forum, openly claiming the following:

1) That he was a former Jew.

2) That he was a novice, learning Arabic. A bit too innocently, he began asking novice-type questions about the Shariah Program – an online Arabic course designed for beginners.

However, Jadeed’s posts soon betrayed the dubious nature of his identity completely, due to the following FACTS:

1) Language, style, tone, absurd arguments, etc. was employed by Jadeed, which at times were absolutely identical to those used by Harris Hammam – and vice-versa.

2) For a supposed former Jew, he displayed an unusually profound knowledge of the Indian sub-continent and the scholarship there.

3) Within a few months of declaring openly his interest in starting the Shariah Program (an Arabic course designed for beginners), he seemed to have got carried away with his propensity for debates, and started displaying a proficiency in Arabic, and a knowledge of two madh-habs (Hanafi-Hanbali), which superseded the proficiency of many Ulama today.

After a lengthy discussion on Taqleed Shakhsi and the issue of the Imaan of the grave-worshippers, a flustered Jadeed bid farewell rapidly, and declared his instant retirement from the forum immediately after being asked about his unusually intimate relationship with Harris Hammam.

The following questions posed to him, taken from this thread, are just a sample, and one that led to his abrupt permanent retreat.


There is another question which I hope you wouldn’t mind me asking. While reading through Shaykh Harris Hammam’s Magnum Opus, I came across some very unique, sometimes absurd, arguments and statements which I have not come across from any other place or person (not even from his muqallids/cheer-leaders on that forum) other than yourself here – almost reminiscent of the sincere mureed who strives his utmost to imbibe the qualities of his Shaykh within him.

I would like to ask you what your relationship is with Shaykh Harris Hammam?



As for your claim to lack of knowledge, your humility is admirable. However, you are clearly much more knowledgable than most on this forum, at times almost inadvertently displaying an unusual familiarity with both the Hanbali and Hanafi madh-habs, and as demonstrated in this very thread, an enviable ability to understand and extract relatively advanced texts from Arabic websites within seconds of your opponents’ replies.

Which leads me to one last request before you depart from this forum:

[JADEED QUOTE] I used to be a Jew. One thing I liked (about the only thing) about being a Jew was the food. There are a variety of dishes which are typical to Ashkenazi Jews- one of them is ‘Cholent,’ which is a kind of slow-simmered stew with meat, eggs, potatoes, and barley in a beef broth, and there are numerous other such things.

My question is, would it be imitating the kuffar if I were to make this dish, since it’s a dish that is made by Jews in particular, primarily on Shabbat (however, it is not because it has a religious purpose in and of itself, but rather because it is simmered overnight so they can get around the prohibition on completing electrical circuits during Shabbat, which the rabbis they worship ruled to be work per se.)?

As a new convert who only last year openly expressed the intention to start the Shari’ah programme (a course for beginners), your proficiency seems to supersede many Ulama I’ve come across and clearly puts to shame most of us here, such as myself, who was born a Muslim and have been procrastinating for over twenty years the obligation of learning Arabic.

You are obliged to reveal the ‘secret’ of your success to us, otherwise we may be able to charge you with Kitmaanul Haqq!

Jazakallah Khair for any answers to this last request, and I hope you are able engage yourself in future with better pursuits than futilities on forums.



To those who possess the slightest bit of intelligence it’s evidently clear what’s going on.

“If you feel no shame, do as you wish.”

The charlatan Shaykh continues his antics and incoherent rants, despite his integrity and credibility being at an all-time low, with only one solitary muqallid left pampering him and clinging desperately onto him on another forum, and perhaps one on this forum, who peculiarly seems to have never referred to his spiritual mentor once despite imitating him more closely in his statements, arguments, and views, more than I’ve seen any devoted mureed do to his Shaykh.

I can understand why the Ulama have not wasted any more time on him. Those who wish to cling onto his ‘tahqeeqs’ will do so even if a thousand more lies, slanders or infantile blunders were painstakingly extracted from his writings.

The issue appears to be dead and buried. Just as with other charlatans it’s reached a stage where it’s like beating a dead horse. Here is a brief biography of a productive life thus far:

Brother, I’ve had a quick trawl through a few of his threads. He has unfortunately spent a considerable proportion of his life attempting to expose what he deems to be errors in the Manhaj of the Ulama of Deoband, not only with regards to taqleed, but also with regards to their position on bid’ah, the maturidi aqeedah, hayaatun Nabi, tasawwuf, istighfaar, and a number of other issues. In doing so, he has made a large number of pitiful blunders whilst mainly parroting the common Salafi slanders, which judging by the ‘thankyous’ and praise that he has received, has been swallowed eagerly by his muqallids. It’s also quite fascinating that he often refers to himself as ‘us’ when it’s hard to imagine the existence of more than a handful of die-hard muqallids who may have hitch-hiked onto his uniquely hybrid Manhaj he defends as “Haqq is Haqq”. 

Here is an analysis of a small sample of his poison that has been broken down to a level a layman can understand. It provides an indication of how much rational sense and haqq there actually exists in his “Haqq is Haqq” manhaj, and a demonstration that such poison can even entrap knowledgeable scholars/talibul ilms who continue to shower him with ‘thankyous’ and praise without rebuke, oblivious to his numerous gaffes in even basic logic: 

Did Hadhrat Thanwi Prescribe Such Disrespect of the Qur’an that is Kufr?

Do the Ulama-e-Haqq Say That the Prophets (alayhimus salaam) Are Alive?

Are the Sufis Guilty of Seeking Forgiveness for Acts of Worship?

Do the Ulama-e-Haqq Say that Seeking Knowledge Can Bring About Pride?

It puts things into perspective, when you observe someone supposedly studious and intelligent, who has probably spent around three decades in the field of knowledge, making such cringe-worthy blunders over basic concepts. It’s ironic that the very same person actually laments on why the bar to certain levels of ijtihaad has been raised too high for today’s scholars, whose incompetency is also aptly exemplified by their inability to land precisely upon the “Haqq is Haqq” Manhaj.

The fact that even some sincere knowledgeable talibul ilms have been taken in by his errors, demonstrate that his writings littered with such pitfalls resemble that of other misguiding scholars such as Shaykh Gibril Haddad. Once a large number of previously undetectable mines have been exposed in a sample of the field, only a foolish person, or one driven to desperation by desires, would venture to examine the rest of the field.

Furthermore, he also seems to spend an unfortunate amount of time practically stalking this and other forums, trawling through every word of every post of random nobodies who he feels represents those bogey-men he has manufactured in his head. I eagerly await to be the latest nobody on whom he wastes his precious time on. Life really is too short to spend on such futile endeavours.

In probably justifying and comforting himself over the substantial amount of time and sweat he has already invested on his magnum opus, he even announces (almost hysterically) how many views he has managed to garner on one of the threads, which judging by his virtually ever-present (hazir nazir) status on that forum, is probably largely contributed by himself – and perhaps one or two of his commissioned die-hard muqallids.

It really evokes a great deal of pity that while this scholar is actually keeping track of the number of views on threads laden with laughable blunders that can misguide the unwary, he criticises ulama such as Mufti Desai who is probably more occupied in keeping track of the million-plus children he has had complete the course at his Maktab Madrasas in a critical attempt at salvaging the Imaan of Muslims in areas where the Christian missionaries are running amok. 

I mention the above work as just one of countless examples from the work of the Ulama of Deoband today, which demonstrate that the impending implosion amongst the Deobandi ranks that Shaykh Harris anticipates loudly remains another one of many desired fantasies created in his mind, and is most likely a subconscious referral to his own state. At times his posts are dripping with an anger, frustration, and pain so evident that you feel he will actually explode on-screen. I can only think he was severely abused by Taqlid Shakhsi when he was young – as he states so revealingly while desperately attempting to scavenge some reason to explain Allamah al-Maziri’s (born around 480 AH) explicit attribution of Taqleed Shakhsi to the early generations: “Everybody is affected by their experiences in childhood.”

However, he has inadvertently done a favour to the Ulama of Deoband. Through his writings, the typical shallowness and stupidity of the common Salafi slanders against the position of the Ahlus Sunnah Wa’l Jama’ah, as explained by the Ulama of Deoband, has been exposed thoroughly. Insha’Allah more will follow. A thread has already been created that contains some of Mufti Desai’s analysis of Shaykh Harris Hammam’s comprehension of issues on which he has been strangely silent ever since. However, something that is more reader-friendly, condensed, and distilled from the harsh language that the Mufti justifiably uses against this scholar of misguidance, would perhaps be more appropriate for readers who are in denial, or whose desires wish to cling onto every word of such ‘tahqeeqs’.

He is merely another uniquely mutated hybrid product of Madinah University, albeit a more dangerous one.


The QUESTION in the title should not detract from the fact that Harris Hammam’s horrendous blunders, clear slanders, and ascription of Kufr to the Ulama-e-Haqq, are infinitely more severe crimes which should be more than sufficient to dismiss his ‘researches’, even though his cheer-leaders will continue to pamper him for exactly the same reasons why the ‘research’ of other Ulama-e-Soo (e.g. Tahirul Qadri) hold so much appeal amongst the masses.

Having said that, it was still quite astonishing to observe the tolerance and lack of ghairah afforded to this charlatan, by those who claim to possess some degree of attachment or regard for our Akaabir. I suppose very soon we should expect the same kind of people to also profess tolerance, indifference, and admiration for the likes of Mawlawi Ahmad Raza Khan and his minions.

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