A Brother lamenting the haraam shenanigans of the ulama-e-soo’, comments:

“As salaamu alaikum Respected and Honourable Ulama

At the outset I would like to clarify that I am not part of some right wing or fanatical group or someone who agrees with the approach and the labelling of people by the Majlis,

I am stating this so that people understand the context, but I feel there is no other platform to state the real truth. I am a lover of all the Ulama and therefore the points below should be understood as a message of real pain and concern from deep down my heart.

I am also not an Aalim nor a scholar of Deen but an ordinary layman and the weakest individual in the ummat of Nabi Muhammad (SAW). What really concerns me is the extent to which the filth of photography, videoing and TV has degenerated in the name of Islam.

The very same Ulama who years ago would vehemently and vocally criticised meelad, weddings and other functions, are the same Ulama affiliated to Darul Uloom Deoband who are the leaders in this filth today.

They are even Asaatiza in world renowned darul ulooms of our country who are well respected and revered internationally. What a sad state of affairs.

They are the same ulama who talk of obedience and following the sunnah and inculcating taqwa yet they indulge in such major sins openly. Is it not possible for them, given their status in the community, to immediately walk out of such functions, even if it be in a Masjid?

A recent of these functions was the Seerah Jalsa held on 30 January 2016, in Lenasia in a huge Masjid where videoing of the entire event was being done. I attended this event in the initial days but not in the last few years as I do not reside in that town. What I heard yesterday morning (Sunday) was shocking.

Our respected akaabireen full on video and as I said, respected senior Asaatiza from leading institutions, participating in such a function.

Can the principals, management and shura committees of our Darul Ulooms not instruct and insist that the Asaatiza adopt a certain code of behaviour and face consequences for bringing the Darul Uloom and most importantly our Deen into disrepute? Corporates adopt these codes with their employees for worldly matters and maybe Darul Ulooms need to also to protect our Deen, otherwise what noor and roohaniyat will there be in the ilm they impart to their students-saying one thing and doing something else.

I am really hurt and pained by this as I keep on scolding and reminding my own family on these evils, but then we have these double standards from our very own respected and senior Ulama affiliated to Darul Uloom Deoband through our esteemed Darul Ulooms in our very own country, which then confuses our families on what is right.

This filth must stop. Ulama must break away from Ulama bodies perpetrating such filth and evil. My opinion is and this is just my opinion, that these individuals are out to impress the females, knowing that they are being videoed and even televised. Just like how we would admire the news presenters’ movements on TV in our ignorant days, we hear of women commenting on the looks and the style and the dressing of these Ulama on the channels like ITV. I really feel we have to pull out the gloves and tackle this filth and evil head on.” (End of letter)


The Brother says that he is not a ‘right-winger’ nor a ‘fanatic’ nor a labeller like the Majlis, yet he speaks the same language of The Majlis. He has labelled the Ulama with the term ‘filth’. Whilst it is not surprising for The Majlis to predicate the ulama-e-soo’ with terms of this type, it is indeed strange for one who purports to ‘respect and love’ the Ulama to descend to this level of criticism.

While he does not wish to concede, deep down in his heart he understands that there is no other term for filth. Filth has to be called filth. The filthy misdeeds of the ulama-e-soo’ flagrantly perpetrated in the public creates strong doubts regarding their very Imaan.

Those who parade as ‘ulama’ but mislead the masses with their haraam shenanigans are nothing but filth as the brother has correctly labelled them. Those mudhilleen who pave the path of Jahannam for the ignorant masses are indeed nothing but ‘filth.’

About such ‘filth’, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“I fear most for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen (molvis, sheikhs and qaaris who lead Muslims to Jahannam).”

It is necessary to put the record straight. This ‘filth’ which participates in television, videoing, dancing and singing, bid’ah, fisq and fujoor, never condemned the bid’ah of meelaad and the many haraam functions. These devils are not affiliated to Deoband.

Those Ulama who had condemned the bid’ah and the evil functions are all under the earth in their graves. Today’s so-called ‘deobandis’ who indulge in all these evils and in the ‘filth’ mentioned by the Brother, are the followers of Iblees.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]




For enlightenment, we reproduce here the analysis and comments of a Brother:

“An Aalim of Tassawuf who acknowledges the Haqq that the Majlis propagates has made a comment to this effect, when people start following the Majlis they start adopting the attitude that only the Majlis is correct and all other Ulama are wrong.

If Hadhrat will allow me to pour out what is in my heart regarding this statement and if Hadhrat will please correct me for my own Islaah if I am wrong in anyway in my words and thoughts.

At one stage I walked around thinking that every person with the title Moulana or Mufti infront of his name is an angel and his advice must be followed, however since I started following, reading and learning from the works of Hadhrat (via the majlis publications) my eyes have opened to a few realities and a few different types of Ulama we have in South Africa.

The 1st type are the Ulama e Haqq, they fearlessly speak the Haqq and cannot tolerate the Deen being trampled on or watered down. There are very few of them left in this age.  

The 2nd type I’ve seen are those Ulama who know what is the Haqq, however when meeting the Ulama-e-soo they meet them with great honour and get somewhat carried away with their presence. They are almost two faced, they smile in the company of the Ulama-e-haqq and also the Ulama-e-soo. A munaafiq type attitude. They adopt the middle path.

The 3rd type I’ve seen are those Ulama who know truly what is the Haqq, and they speak it out in their own circles but don’t have the courage to speak out or take action against the baatil. They fear for some reason.

This brings me to the statement the Moulana above has made, that when people join the Majis they start thinking that all other Ulama are wrong and only the Majlis is correct. Outwardly the Moulana Saheb’s observation might seem true, but if I analyze deeply then I see why the so call ‘majlis’ people seem to become like that. Although we are never thought by the Majlis to look down on any Aalim for his personal weaknesses, but when it comes to outward wrong and things that affect the Ummat then we have to distance ourselves from them and speak out because they are responsible for the masses, if they err the masses err.

For example, in the Majlis vol 23no7 Hadhrat published a question regarding a fatwa of Daarul Uloom Azaadville’s Ifta department. Many people were outright shocked at that article, many can’t believe it. If I take that photography issue for example, now what was outright Haraam for centuries has now become something that might be permissible, according to them (Azaadville Ifta). The Azaadville Muftis themselves prohibit it but seem to be comfortable with the Ulama who now turned Haraam into Halaal.  

Today it is photography tomorrow it is something else. They obviously don’t take the crime seriously enough. It does’nt matter enough to them or it does’nt occur to them that they are responsible for leaving the door open for this sin (if they truly see it as a sin). Similarly with the Jalsahs, they don’t see the wastage and suffering of the Ummat as a serious enough issue, they don’t truly feel that the money could be used to feed hungry people and not already full people, hence they still attend. And a hundred more such examples can be discussed.

So as I went along on my journey with Hadhrat, the Majlis, the Ulama-e-Haqq, I’ve come to learn that many Ulama out there are not what they seem to be. Many are rather short sighted despite them practicing on the Haqq. They have’nt realized how influential they are as a public figure and that people will follow what the Ulama say. They pass fatwas and associate with baatil groups without realising the consequences. Now we ‘majlis’ people start distancing ourselves slowly, one by one from each Aalim that slips up and outwardly it seems that we have a problem with every Aaalim and we think that only the Majlis is right. However the matter is much deeper than that.

Hadhrat Please correct me if I am wrong in anyway, but how can we promote Ulama who can’t even distance themselves from the baatil groups leave alone speak out against them. (End of letter)


The respected Maulana Sahib has erred in his opinion. No one loses respect for a genuine Aalim of the Haqq. Valid difference of opinion and criticism do not detract from the elevated status of the Ulama-e-Haqq. We have differences of opinion with even senior Ulama, but we have the utmost regard and respect for them. When differences are based on solid Shar’i grounds, then such differences do not spawn disrespect.

Hadhrat Ma’roof Karkhi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“When an Aalim practises according to his Ilm, then the hearts of the Mu’mineen incline to him. Then, no one dislikes him except one in whose heart there lurks a diseases (i.e. the disease of nifaaq or kibr or hasad).”

Those whom we criticize with epithets such as shaitaan, jaahil, morons, etc. do not deserve any respect because they are mudhilleen (mis-leaders – those who lead Muslims to Jahannam). About them, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.” 

The respected Maulana Sahib has erred in his understanding of the meaning of Ulama. He is under the impression that any person who is a ‘sheikh’ or a ‘molvi’ belongs to the Ulama Fraternity. When we speak of Ulama, the reference is to the Ulama-e-Haqq about whom Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Verily, only the Ulama of Allah’s servants fear Him.”

Sheikhs and molvis of MJC, SANHA, Radio Shaitaan, NNB Jamiat Reverends and idol worshippers, and of similar other institutions of Iblees operating under Deeni guise, do not deserve respect. They are scoundrels, mudhilleen, munaafiqeen andshayateenul ins (human devils) who have to be exposed. The Muslim public has to be made aware of these vile agents of shaitaan so that they could be on guard.

These scoundrels rob ignorant and unwary Muslims of their Imaan. They ruin Islamic morality. A man with a title such as ‘sheikh’ or molvi’ is not necessarily an Aalim. The land is awash with such villains masquerading as Ulama when in reality they areshayaateenul ins. It is this type of creatures for whom respect is lost. Our criticism is for Allah’s Sake, and it exposes the villains, scoundrels and munaafiqeen lurking within the community.

Hadhrat Yahyaa Bin Muaaz (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“He who betrays Allah in privacy, Allah will rip off his mask in public.”

Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“He who searches for respect / honour by means of baatil, Allah will disgrace him with the Haqq.”

It is salutary to understand that we are that Haqq by means of which Allah Ta’ala rips of the masks of the scoundrels and shayaateenul ins within the community.

19 Sha’baan 1437 (26 May 2016)

[Answered by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]


Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Muhtaram Hazrat,

A few years ago I used to hold a great deal of respect in my heart for many of our senior Ulama. However, over the past few years, particularly as a result of reading Hazrat’s works, my respect for such Ulama has been steadily declining. Now, as a result of what many of the senior Ulama are condoning, I experience such anger at times that it becomes quite difficult to preserve my respect for them. This is despite the fact that I’ve noticed that Hazrat still continues to address the senior Ulama with some degree of respect as opposed to Hazrat’s harsh verbal treatment of the new generation of pure modernists being churned out in droves by our Madaaris.

In one of the Majlis newsletters, Hazrat once quoted Shaykh Ludhianvi’s fatwa stating that the one who legalizes pictures of animate objects is a Kaafir. Would not this fatwa be applicable to even the senior Ulama today who not only condone photography, but whose actions encourage it unambiguously?

Innumerable senior Deobandi Ulama now regard digital photography as Halaal primarily as a result of Mufti Taqi’s fatwa. How are these Ulama any different to the legalizers of modern music who aver that electronically and digitally produced “music” is different to music produced by wind and percussion instruments, and as such does not fall under the purview of the many Ahadith which condemn music?

Some senior Ulama even regard paper photography as permissible based on spurious Daroorah (need) such as the “Daroorah” that requires the use of pictures to depict the impoverished state of Muslims around the world, in order to encourage the masses to donate. Yet, I recall, not too long ago, before Mufti Taqi issued his infamous Fatwa, there was complete consensus amongst the Deobandi Ulama that all images of animate objects are Haraam regardless of the method employed to produce such images whether it be electrical, digital, holographic, painting, sculpturing, etc.

There are many other examples (e.g. women attending masjids, following the moon-sighting testimonies governed by Zaalim-Faasiq regimes such as the Saudi government, permissibility of mechanical slaughter of animals, etc.)  of previously orthodox Ulama adopting so many traits of pure modernism, that the line between such Ulama and the modernists is increasingly difficult to discern.

I would be grateful if Hazrat could explain why should not Shaykh Ludhianvi’s fatwa be applicable to the likes of Mufti Taqi, who must surely be aware of refutations against him to which he has been unable to provide a single answer, and the ever-increasing droves of senior and junior Ulama who pathetically seek shelter behind his Fatwa that was once unanimously condemned by Ulama much more senior than him and which is in direct conflict with the unanimous Fatwa of the real Akaabir? How do I reconcile the importance of having respect for the Ulama-e-Haqq with the fact that such Ulama are now the cause of innumerable people falling into Haraam and Mushtabah matters which are spiritually destructive and even stepping stones to Kufr?


13 Rabiul Awwal 1436 (5 January 2014)

Respected Brother,

Your e-mail dated 3 January 2014 refers.

Our duty is to propagate the Haqq. In executing this obligation we have to point out that this belief and that practice are kufr. But there is no need to issue a fatwa of kufr against anyone unless his act of kufr is so flagrant as to leave no scope for ignoring him.

If people are to be labelled kaafir, then today, we shall have to brand almost every Muslim a kaafir. The vast majority of the Ummah is guilty of numerous acts and even beliefs of kufr. But the stance of the senior Ulama and Fuqaha from the very era of Khairul Quroon was to only point out the error and the evil of the belief/practice without issuing the fatwa of kufr.

Consider the Mu’tazili sect. Their beliefs are clear-cut kufr. They believe that the Qur’aan is created, and some other clear beliefs of kufr. However, the Fuqaha, while criticizing them, did not issue the fatwa of kufr against them. Since they have formulated their kufr beliefs on the basis of interpretation, albeit baatil, and not on the basis of rejection of the Nusoos, they are not branded kaafir.

Issuing fatwas of kufr is quite dangerous, hence we restrict ourselves to only pointing out that the practice is kufr or akin to kufr, and the like.

Mufti Taqi does not reject the Ahaadith which states that pictures are haraam. He adopts baseless and stupid interpretation for contending that digital pictures, for example, are not pictures, hence the fatwa of kufr cannot be issued against him.

May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect you and the family.


A.S. Desai

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