Eed Hand-Shaking and Hugging

Not Ordained By the Shariah

Eed Hand-Shaking & Hugging

by Maulana Khaalid Khaan Qaasmi

A new way which people have adopted for wishing one another on the day of ‘Eed is by hand-shaking & hugging. This has no basis in the Sharee’ah of Islaam. As this is not proven from any statement, deed or narration of Nabee (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam), neither from any Sahaabi (radhiyallaahu ‘anhum) and nor from any Imaam & Mujtahid (rahmatullaahi ‘alayhim), so this prevailing act of hand-shaking & hugging on the occasion of ‘Eed is nothing other than a bid’ah which is an addition in Deen & a baseless custom.

And the statement of some people claiming it to be better & good is nothing except shaytaani deception & trickery. Because how can any Believer claim any such practise which is innovated in opposition to ALLAAH Ta’aalaa, His Sharee’ah & His Nabee (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) to be better & good..? So there is a dire need to abstain & be cautious against such innovations.

Now here just try to understand the reason behind the above prohibition. In fact hand-shaking & hugging is a beautiful way & a good practise which is recommended by the Sharee’ah too. But any deed which is enacted by the Pristine Sharee’ah by specifying the situation & condition for it, than that deed has to be carried out only under that specified situation & condition, only then will it be a means of obtaining the Pleasure of ALLAAH Ta’aalaa. Otherwise if its carried out under different situation & condition other than those specified by the Sharee’ah then the same deed becomes a means of transgression & punishment from ALLAAH Ta’aalaa.

As you have understood the above principle. Let it be known that the Pristine Sharee’ah has ordained hand-shaking at the time of meeting & separation and hugging at the time of returning from journey. So these two acts if done on the specified occasions, only then will it be deemed to be a Sunnah act and a means of virtue & reward. And if done on other then the specified occasion, which usually people do at the time of two ‘Eeds is that the father, sons, brothers, relatives, neighbours & friends everyone arrive collectively from their homes at the ‘Eedgah and immediately after completing the ‘Eed Salaah start shaking hands with one another. Although just sometime back they have collectively arrived from their homes chatting with one another & neither is this their first meet nor is it a time for their separation yet they initiate the act of hand-shaking & hugging assuming it to be a deed (recommended) at the occasion of ‘Eed, while the Sharee’ah has not ordained the acts of hand-shaking & hugging on these occasions. So this act is contrary to the Sharee’ah, which is a bid’ah (a reprehensible innovation) & an addition in Deen. There is a dire need to abstain from all such acts.

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