The Essence of Taraweeh

[By Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi]


You may recall that the previous Jumah I spoke on the essence of fasting and I pointed out a universal rule; that every Ibaadat [Act of Worship] has an appearance and an essence. Accordingly, the essence of fasting is mujaahadah and the gist of mujaahadah is to oppose the nafs [the carnal self; the propensity within a human being urging him to be neglectful of his Creator and incline rather to sensual pleasures].

Although it was not necessary to repeat it, nevertheless I have repeated it in order that we refresh our memories, and in order that the relationship to today’s topic becomes evident. In short, just as fasting has an essence, similarly, every Ibaadat has an essence.

Right now my intention is not to speak on the essence of each and every Ibaadat, as there is neither the need for it and nor the time. I will, however, speak on the essences of those Ibaadaat which are connected to Ramadhaan. Hence, the essence of fasting was discussed in view of it being the major Ibaadat of Ramadhaan. Herewith, those Ibaadaat will be mentioned which are of the special features of Ramadhaan, and each one’s special nature is proven from the Nusoos [Qur’aan and Hadeeth].


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