Let us now focus attention on the current moon debacle created by those who hanker after leadership, publicity and aggrandizement. These evils are the actual motive force underlying the stupid clamour for a unitary Eid. The miscreants behind this move, namely, the NNB Jamiat with its BOGUS paper front ‘uucsa’, are the shayaateen who are responsible for the unnecessary controversy and disunity. They are hell-bent on leadership – the inordinate crave to be recognized as the representative of the Ulama of the country and of the Muslim community. The Reverend Abraham Bham is particularly notorious in this despicable plot.

At the very outset it is emphasized that astronomy with its calculations and predictions has absolutely no role in the determination of the Islamic months. Even if the astronomers and the scientists claim total impossibility of sighting the hilaal at the end of the 29th day of the Islamic months, it remains Waajib for Muslims to search for the hilaal. An example of the irrelevance of astronomical calculations in the context of hilaal sighting occurred this Ramadhaan. According to the astronomers sighting the hilaal in South Africa was a total impossibility. This view does not alter the Shariah’ command in any way whatsoever. It still remained obligatory for Muslims to search for the hilaal at the end of the 29th day of Ramadhaan.

We reiterate that the current controversy is not the consequence of the claims of the astronomers. Their claims have no significance in the domain of the Shariah. The dispute/controversy is the consequence of blatant violation of the Shariah perpetrated by the NNB Jamiat with an emaciated MJC following like a submissive poodle, impelled on by some sinister agenda. The ultimate objective of these miscreants is to have Eid with Saudi Arabia, hence they are hell-bent on establishing for themselves the leadership role. Submission to Saudi hegemony promises lucrative monetary and other worldly perks.

Of decisive importance for the confirmation of hilaal-sighting for the occasion of Eid when the skies are clear is the requisite known as Jamm Ghafeer which means such a large crowd of persons, each testifying to have personally sighted the hilaal. If Allah Ta’ala wills and grants us the taufeeq, we shall prepare a book elaborating in detail all the Shariah’s evidences in terms of all Math-habs on the issue of moon-sighting and its effects.

There is no gainsaying that the skies were absolutely clear – spotlessly clear. Affirming this fact, the NNB’s BOGUS uucsa states in its damage-control pamphlet:

“Sunset in Johannesburg on the 27th July 2014 was at 17:39. Moonset was at 18:16. The viewing time was 36 minutes. The moon age was 16h 58 mins at sunset. The horizon was extremely clear. There was not a cloud in sight and no haze at all. The Johannesburg skyline is generally very clear during winter months.” (Our emphasis)

When such clear conditions prevail, the Shariah stipulates Jamm Ghafeer for the validity of any sighting. In Gauteng region the Muslim population is approximately a quarter million, if not more. Thousands of Muslims all over Gauteng were searching for the hilaal on an horizon which was “extremely clear without a cloud in sight and no haze at all.” Despite this confession, there was no Jamm Ghafeer to testify. Solitary, and small numbers, and isolated sightings were reported. Out of a populace of hundreds of thousands with thousands searching for the hilaal, the NNB reported that a lousy 22 individuals scattered in five different locations in the Gauteng Province saw the hilaal. The breakdown of the 22 individuals as reported by the NNB’s BOGUS uucsa, is as follows:

1. Bekkersdal: 8 persons claimed to have seen the moon four minutes after sunset.

2. North Riding: 4 females and 2 males claimed to have seen the moon

3. Northcliff: A 15 year old boy reported that he had seen the moon.

4. Mayfair: Two members of the Somali community testified to have sighted the moon.

5. Lenasia South: One individual reported that four members of congregation had seen the moon.


Let us now dissect and analyse these reported sightings.

(a) The skies were absolutely clear with not even a haze. Innumerable Muslims were searching for the Eid hilaal. Thousands were searching. Yet only 22 from five different localities reported sightings. If the 22 were all in one locality, the Shariah would attach some credence to their report and for that specific locality the 22 would have constituted Jamm Ghafeer. But the reality is that the 22 is a total acquired from five localities.

(b) In North Riding only 4 males and 2 females reported sightings. These six do not approach any where near to the precincts of Jamm Ghafeer. Furthermore, why did only six unknown persons, whose adaalat is questionable, see the moon in the absolutely clear sky when innumerable people were scanning the horizon eagerly in anticipation of seeing the hilaal?

(c) According to BOGUS uucsa, the six were telephonically told to go to the suburb Northcliff to testify at the Musjid. Why was there not a single musalli or resident of Northcliff who had seen the moon, and who could corroborate the testimony of the group from North Riding? Besides the handful of six not constituting Jamm Ghafeer, their report reeks of dubiousness. Of the six, were four males. But it was left to the woman to contact BOGUS uucsa to report the sighting. The spineless men could not muster up the courage to phone and speak with BOGUS uucsa’s man. Was something on their conscience? Was something holding them back?

(d) A solitary 15 year old lad is reported to have seen the moon. This is extremely suspicious. The confounded imam of Northcliff Musjid heard the testimony of the six characters from North Riding, but in his own locality, not a single musalli besides the 15 year olf boy, saw the moon. Was the imam so unconcerned regarding the importance of searching for the Eid hilaal that neither he nor any of the musallis made any effort to search for the moon? And, what about all the other residents of Northcliff? Did they lack sufficient brains to understand the importance of searching for the moon despite their eagerness to celebrate Eid the next day and so escape fasting one day more?

The reality of the issue is that they were searching, but in vain. It was left to the 15 year old to locate the moon. Thus, in terms of the Shariah, the testimony of the 15 year old has to be discarded. There was no sighting in terms of the Shariah.

(e) In Mayfair which is a huge sprawling locality of Muslims, only two members of the Somali community reported sighting the moon. BOGUS uucsa has concealed a crucial part of the moonsighting episode in Mayfair. Two Somalis on their way to the Musjid for Maghrib Salaat reported at the Musjid that they had just now seen the moon. The Imaam immediately accompanied them to the spot from whence the sighting was claimed. On reaching the spot, none of the three could see the hilaal. There appears to be an undercurrent of some bogus shenanigans in this reported sighting. It is unacceptable that despite large numbers of people searching for the moon in Mayfair, only two testified. Anyhow, should it be assumed that the testimony was immaculate, then too, in terms of the Shariah the sightings are rejected for the lack of Jamm Ghafeer.

 (f) According to BOGUS uucsa, the Imaam of Lenasia South Musjid reported that four persons had seen the moon. This negligible number is unacceptable for a locality having thousands of Muslim residents, all eagerly searching for the hilaal in absolutely clear skies.

BOGUS uucsa cunningly avoids mentioning anything about ‘shahaadat’. It only claims that according to the Imaam the four characters are reliable and trustable. Are they aadil according to the Shariah? There is only silence on this issue. It is quite evident that they did not testify according to the Shariah. Again, if it be assumed that the four are indeed aadil and that they had given shahaadat, then too the Shariah discounts their testimony since the four do not constitute Jamm Ghafeer.

 (g) Assuming that all 22 individuals who had allegedly reported sightings in five different localities are aadil, and that they had indeed sighted the moon, then too, Eid may not be declared on the basis of the negligible number in view of the Shariah’s essential requisite of Jamm Ghafeer when the skies are clear.

(h) To crown the Shariah’s rejection of the Eid declaration, is the fact that the announcement was made by a faasiq, faajir who is person’a non grata according to the Shariah. He is Mardoodush Shahaadat, i.e. his testimony is inadmissible due to his flagrant (shameless public) indulgence in acts of fisq and fujoor. The chap who made the Eid announcement was Reverend Abraham Bham of BOGUS uucsa. It is haraam to end Ramadhaan on the basis of the announcement made by a faasiq/faajir. His announcement simply exacerbated the dubiousness and uncertainty of the reports of the tiny number of individuals out of thousands – tens of thousands – of Muslim residents in Gauteng.

(i) With a typical rodomontade attitude, BOGUS uucsa trumpets that it has the best-constituted ‘national’ hilaal committee in the country. Why did not a single one of the hilaal committees of the BOGUS report any sightings? This fact loudly debunks the claim of having put in place a well-organized systematic national hilaal apparatus. Not a single character of the 22 individuals represented any hilaal committee of BOGUS. Where had all the hilaal committees of the ‘national’ organization disappeared on the evening when the skies were absolutely clear.

In its grossly misleading statement, BOGUS uucsa proudly and falsely claims:

“South Africa enjoys a Hilaal verification structure which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The Central Hilaal Committee is made up of two individuals from each of the seven affiliate members of uucsa (i.e. BOGUS uucsa). The affiliate members of uucsa (BOGUS uucsa) are located in seven of the nine provinces of South Africa. Each uucsa (BOGUS uucsa) member has its own independent Hilaal Committees made up of Ulama and community members from respective Masaajid that fall within its jurisdiction. Members of these committees observe the Hilaal for the ensuing month on a monthly basis.”

What had happened to the plethora of ‘hilaal committees’ on this occasion? They were all invisible or had conveniently gone underground, and that is because the whole miserable lot exists only on pieces of scrap papers. They have no existence on the ground. That is precisely why not even the hallucinated Gauteng committees of BOGUS uucsa reported any sighting. The 22 individuals cited by BOGUS in its statement are not members of any of the imagined hilaal committees of BOGUS uucsa. Why was there no report from any of the hilaal committees of BOGUS despite absolutely clear skies? And, the clear skies were not restricted to Johannesburg area.

The shenanigans reported by BOGUS uucsa debunk the claims of its highly organized national hilaal structure which is a claim made to bamboozle the community and to claim leadership for bogus, faasiq, faajir personnel who constitute the NNB Jamiat hierarchy and the paper BOGUS uucsa entity.

(j) Sunset in the Johannesburg region was at 17:39, and moonset was at 18:16. Thus the viewing time for the hilaal was 36 minutes. Within these 36 minutes BOGUS had received all the reports from the five Gauteng localities. Despite this early reported and ‘confirmed’ sightings right in the backyard where the BOGUS uucsa personnel were sitting hatching their plot clandestinely to forge a unitary ‘eid’ with Saudi Arabia, they miserably failed to make an expeditious announcement. Why did they procrastinate so inordinately to constrain the community to delay Taraaweeh Salaat? In fact, the announcement was made while Taraaweeh Salaat was in progress in many Musaajid of the Gauteng area. What had induced this inordinate delay despite all reports reaching the BOGUS an hour before Isha’? In an insipid stupid attempt to present a semblance of credibility for its delay, BOGUS uucsa trying to sound important, states:

“A teleconference (sic! sic! sic! rubbish!) was then held with all uucsa (BOGUS uucsa) members at which a unanimous decision was taken to accept the validity of the sighting.”

The NNB clique professes to be ‘ulama’. They must indeed be stupid, moron ‘ulama’. Their stupidity is evidenced by the clique’s inability to make a determination on the basis of the ‘confirmed’ 22 sightings of the five localities which had reached them. In fact, their inordinately delayed decision was based on the 22 sightings, not on any new information. Their jahaalat is indeed colossal, hence they had to organize a stupid ‘teleconference’ to decide the simple issue of accepting or rejecting the sighting reports. These miscreants are not guided by the clear tenets of the Shariah, hence the silly ‘teleconference’ to impress juhala of their ilk.

There is no ambiguity in the Shariah on the issue of determining the Islamic months, including Ramadhaan and Eid. The jahaalat and nafsaaniyat of the BOGUS clique is responsible for the uncertainty and dispute. Since the NNB clique in Johannesburg itself doubted the sightings, it felt constrained to garner support from other juhala who featured no where in the picture of the Johannesburg sightings. What was the need for the silly ‘teleconference’?

(k) The need for gaining the support of the other juhala components of BOGUS uucsa was for giving practical expression to the plot of the ‘unitary eid’. Without the approval of the Maan Kykers of Cape Town, the Reverend Abraham Bham understood that his plot of a ‘unitary’ eid will not materialize. On another occasion, although the Maan Kykers are an affiliate of the MJC, they had outrightly rejected BOGUS uucsa’s moon decision. This is confirmed by BOGUS itself. The following is an extract from the minutes of a meeting held by BOGUS uucsa a couple of months ago:

“The MJC however needs to clarify the exact status of the maankykers who have historically played a very significant function in the monthly sighting of the moon. However, it seems that despite the MJC’s assurance that they function as a subsidiary of the MJC, the fact that they did not accept UUCSA’s reviewed moon announcement a few months ago indicates that they operate autonomously from the MJC. Ml E Bham will seek clarity from the MJC on the matter.”

By hook or crook, it was of fundamental importance for the Reverend to gain the approval of the Maan Kykers. If they had again rejected the decision of BOGUS as they had done previously, the NNB-MJC cartel’s ‘unitary eid’ plot would have been a flop. The objective of the silly, laughable ‘teleconference’ was to exercise pressure on the MJC to twist the arm of the Maan Kykers sufficiently to extravasate approval and compliance. The Maan Kykers were initially reluctant to approve the Johannesburg sightings. But the MJC succeeded in its pressurizing exercise to eke out approval. This was the real cause for the delayed announcement.

The delayed announcement and the stupid teleconference confirm the jahaalat of the NNB clique. To make the announcement they required the approval of those 1,500 kilometres away – those who had not seen the moon despite thousands of them having congregated at Signal Hill to search for the hilaal as it is their normal practice.

(l) Noteworthy is the following statement attributed by Cii to Reverend Abraham Bham:

“Moulana Bham acknowledged that the sighting of the moon for Eid this year was a painstaking and long process.”

What was so ‘painstaking and long’? They had received 22 reports of sightings early in the evening – more than an hour before Isha’. Where does the ‘painstaking’ factor feature in this process? What was there to delay confirmation and announcement? The Bekkersdal sightings were allegedly confirmed by the Azaadville group of Ulama, and so were all the other reports confirmed by the Imaams of the respective Musjids and BOGUS uucsa personnel. So what was this ‘painstaking’ factor? For the edification of the Muslim community, the ‘painstaking’ is unrelated to the sightings in view of the fact that BOGUS uucsa had accepted the credentials of all the 22 sighters. Undoubtedly, it was painstaking to get the Cape Town sector to agree to a unitary eid.

If the gang of BOGUS was convinced of the reliability of the sighters, then there was absolutely no reason to hinge the announcement on the approval of others in other centres – others who had not seen the moon. What would have been the scenario if Cape Town had not proffered its approval? Would BOGUS uucsa (NNB Jamiat) have withheld the news of the sightings? Would they have declared that the moon was not sighted and that the next say (Monday) was the 30th Ramadhaan? Since they are committed to the bid’ah of a unitary eid, this is exactly what they would have done. They would have declared that the moon was not sighted. The Shariah does not feature in their ideology. They have their own pernicious plots and objectives whicn they promote under guise of the Deen.

It is quite evident that the decision to announce ‘eid’ depended on the Cape Town crowd who had not seen the moon, and not on the Johannesburg component of BOGUS uucsa. Despite the sightings having been ‘confirmed’ by the NNB-BOGUS uucsa of Fordsburg, the final decision to make the announcement relied on the approval of the MJC miscreants who had not seen the moon nor was the moon sighted by anyone in the entire country besides the alleged sightings in the Gauteng region.

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