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Q. Many ulama appear to be confused and giving out mixed messages with regards to issues such as Jihaad and Khilafah and our role in these integral parts of the Deen. Some ulama propagate the message that there is no Jihaad today, and that even the Talibaan have erred in their priorities, whilst other ulama propagate the message that it is every man’s obligatory duty to participate in these efforts. I would be grateful if Hazrat could clarify what our attitude, role and contribution should be in these aspects of the Deen.

A. *Jihad is a valid and a compulsory institution of Islam. Denial of it is kufr.

*Just as Salaat, Zakaat, Hajj, etc. have conditions for their validity, so too does Jihad have conditions for its validity.

*Jihad is rarely – very very rarely – Fardh Ain. It is always Fardh-e-Kifaayah.

*The Fardh-e-Kifaayah obligation is not on the ordinary man in the street who has no means and way of giving practical expression to this institution.

*The Fardh-e-Kifaayah obligation is on Muslim governments and armies.

*If there are no Muslim governments and Muslim armies as is the current scenario, then if there is a powerful group who can organize Jihad, it will devolve on that group to raise the Standard of Jihad.

*The Jihad of the Taliban is a valid Jihad, and in this era it is the best Jihad. The contention that their priorities are incorrect, is bunkum.

*However, since the Taliban too have failed in concentrating on the moral and spiritual dimensions of Islam, the desired measure of success and victory have not been attained. Minus the Roohaaniyat, there will hardly be success in Jihad.
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Q. Who is the World’s Most Feared Fighting Force?

A. This question is best answered by the enemy himself. The tribute paid by Western sources, albeit grudgingly, to the Talibaan Mujahideen, is conclusive evidence to testify that the Talibaan and the Mujahideen in general constitute the worlds best and most feared fighting force. Continued here: Who Is the World’s Most Feared Fighting Force? 


Q. Salafis claim that the Taliban are no longer associated with the Ulama of Deoband. Is this true?

A. The claim that the Taliban are no longer associated with the Ulama of Deoband is a monstrous lie. In fact it is a despicable slander against the Taliban. The Taliban are the staunchest Hanafis in the world. So staunch are they, that despite the Arab Mujaahideen fighting alongside them, they (Taliban) do not allow anyone to propagate any Math-hab which is in conflict with the Hanafi Math-hab. Not, only are the Taliban staunch followers of Deoband, they even actively participate in Tabligh jamaat activities.

{For the Maslak of the Talibaan, see:



Q. What lessons should the Taliban pay heed to, in order to avoid the errors made the first time around which resulted in their dominion being displaced by an enemy power.

A. ‘And Allah suffices in battle for the Mu’mineen. Verily, He is Most Powerful and Mighty.’ (Aayat 25, Ahzaab)

‘If you (O Mu’mineen!) adopt Sabr and Taqwa, then NEVER ever will their plot harm you in the least bit.’ (Aayat 120, Aal-e-Imraan)

‘If Allah aids you, there will be none to defeat you. And if he withholds aid from you, then who is ther besides him to help you?’ (Aayat 160, Aal-e-Imraan)

‘It is He (Allah) Who protects you against the people your enemies.’ (Aayat 67, Al-Maaidah)

Allah Ta’ala has bestowed to you, O Taliban! Victory on the Battlefield. Allah Ta’ala has allowed you to humiliate and vanquish your enemies, the enemies of Islam, the so-called superpowers of the world. Despite there fearsome military arsenal and their coalition of 50 countries, the enemies have miserably failed to defeat the ‘Rag-Tag’ Army of Allah Ta’ala Who announces in the Qur’aan:

“Hark! The Army of Allah will be victorious.”

Despite the Taliban’s Imaani and Amali (practical) deficiencies, Allah Ta’ala has sustained them for these past 11 long years. Allah Ta’ala did not allow the American enemy to rout and destroy the Taliban. The considerable length of time – 11 years – to achieve the victory is due to the lack of the requisite degree of Taqwa. Success and victory are commensurate with the degree of Taqwa. The Qur’aan clarifying this fact, states:

“Allah has promised those among you who have Imaan and practise virtuous deeds, that most assuredly He will establish them (grant them sovereignty) on earth just as He had established those before them…..” (Aayat 55, An-Noor)

A Mu’min, according to the Hadith, does not fall in the same hole twice. Once bitten twice shy. But, the naivety of the Taliban is indeed lamentable. During their first stint of sovereignty when they ruled Afghanistan, the U.S. had wooed them; sent a special plane to take them for negotiations to America. The U.S. had instructed all its Arab surrogate states to host and pamper the Taliban. All of this was part of the American conspiracy to transform Afghanistan into another surrogate state such as Saudi Arabia for achieving its strategic goals and establishing its hegemony.

The Taliban blundered by becoming forgetful of Allah Ta’ala and forgetful of the object ive of Hukoomat (governance). They had forgotten that Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan:

“If We grant them political power on earth, they establish Salaat, pay Zakaat, command virtue and prohibit evil. And, the ultimate result of all affairs is for Allah (to decide).” (Aayat 41, Al-Hajj)

The Taliban had become neglectful of the mission for which Allah Ta’ala had granted them sovereignty in Afghanistan. It is this neglectful attitude which had induced the Taliban to abandon their initial diligence in the matter of establishing Salaat. The initial law enforcing Salaat on the entire population was forgotten, and the wonderful system which the Taliban had initially introduced to ensure that the entire country comes to a standstill at Salaat times – five times daily – to enable Salaat to be performed with jamaat in all the Musaajid of the land, was sadly abandoned.

Along with the abandonment of this fundamental obligation, the Taliban began casting long, lustful gazes at the kuffaar world for recognition. They pursued this satanic effort to the degree of moral depravity by begging to be admitted to the immoral kufr Olympic games, but they were ignominiously debarred from participation. It was indeed a shockingly lamentable step for an Islamic government who proclaimed the rule of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, to crave for Olympic games admission. In the light of the Qur’aanic prohibition to look askance at the kuffaar for recognition, the Taliban’s conduct was deplorable. Says the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not drag your eyes (casting long gazes of desire) at the glitter of the world which We have granted to the various groups among them (i.e. the kuffaar). The purpose is so that We involve them in trials in this (glitter of the world). The Rizq of your Rabb is best and enduring.” (Aayat 131, Taahaa)

The Taliban appear to be suffering a lapse in this regard. They are becoming entrapped in the same snare – the crave for international recognition which had constrained them to compromise Deeni principles to gain the pleasure of the western world. Allah Ta’ala then snatched away sovereignty from them. They had forgotten Him and began believing that for their worldly success they are in need of the recognition of the kuffaar and fussaaq international community. They had either forgotten or had attached no significance to the Qur’aanic aayat:

“Verily, the earth belongs to Allah. He grants its sovereignty to whomever from His servants He wishes. And, the ultimate victory is for the Muttaqeen.” (Aayat 128, Al-A’raaf)

The Qur’aan commands the Mu’mineen to say:

“O King of Sovereignty! You grant sovereignty to whomever You wish, and you snatch away sovereignty (political power) from whomever You wish. You grant honour to whomever You wish and you humiliate whomever You wish.” (Aayat 26, Aal-e-Imraan)

In the backdrop of these explicit Qur’aanic declarations, why do the Taliban now, on the threshold of political power, look askance at the kuffaar for recognition? Neither France nor Japan nor the entire world put together will be able to recognize the Taliban if Allah Ta’ala selects disgrace and defeat for them. All the battlefield victories achieved by the Taliban were not the products of recognition by the international community nor of the internet propaganda war in which the Taliban is now participating. Neither France nor Japan nor any one of the so-called Muslim states had rallied to aid the Taliban in their hour and years of need.

On the contrary, the entire international community including all the so-called Muslim states without any exception had joined the U.S. coalition in the bid to crush and obliterate the Taliban. Muslim support for the U.S. in its campaign to obliterate the Taliban was so solid that the Saudi regime had even banned the Imaams in the Haramain from making Dua for the Mujahideen. But, when America was participating and fully supporting the Afghan Jihad against the Soviet Union, the Imaams of the Haramain were offering long and stirring supplications during the Jumuah Khutbah for the victory of the Mujahideen.

The Mujahideen were given royal treatment in Saudi Arabia and in all the Arab lands. But when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan the tables were turned. The Taliban were reduced to a forlorn and helpless group lost in a state of near hopelessness. They became pariahs, despised and hounded. Depicting this forlorn state of the Mu’mineen, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Remember the time when you were few (in number) and weak on earth. You feared that the people (the U.S. with its coalition) would annihilate you. Then Allah granted you succour, and He aided you with His help, and He fed you with wholesome food so that you be grateful.”

Looking askance at France, Japan and the western world for recognition is not being grateful to Allah Ta’ala. All of these states were and are still the enemies of Islam. They had publicly vowed to annihilate the Taliban. The Taliban had initially feared such annihilation as is mentioned in the above aayat. Then Allah Ta’ala from the Ghaib aided and sustained them. Now, instead of displaying greater gratitude to Allah Ta’ala and reverting more to the Sunnah, they woo the very kuffaar enemies who were part of the invading U.S. coalition of aggressors. This attitude does not bode well for the Taliban.

It was the Battlefield Victory of Badr which had propelled the ‘rag-tap’ group of Sahaabah onto the world stage, and it is the Battlefield victory granted by Allah Ta’ala to the Taliban, which has projected them from their former forlorn and ‘disgraceful’ state of weakness to the present crest of the wave which they are riding. Reminding the Sahaabah of their former state of abject weakness and disgrace, the Qur’aan states:

“Verily, Allah aided you at Badr when you were a disgraceful lot (i.e. in the eyes of the kuffaar). Therefore, fear Allah so that you may be grateful.” (Aayat 123, Aal-e-Imraan)

The Taliban should understand that it is not the internet propaganda which has brought them to this juncture where they are riding on top of the crest of a wave. It was not publicity shows at kuffaar conferences which have given them the current wave of respect and dominance. Allah Ta’ala had bestowed His mercy and honour to them purely via the Battlefield of Jihad.

The Jihad on the Battlefield was not won and can never be won by internet and website propaganda. And, no amount of U.S. dissemination of falsehood did or can adversely affect the Battlefield successes which Allah Ta’ala bestows to the Mujahideen. The War has been won on the Battlefield of Jihad, not on the stupid propaganda websites to which the Taliban are now directing greater attention than to the mission of Da’wat and Tableegh which is the primary obligation of the Islamic state.

Allah Ta’ala had shaded the Taliban in His Canopy of Rahmat when the world considered them a disgraceful band of bandits and terrorists. He has propelled them to the stage of dominance and honour. But, now they are seemingly missing the Pathway – forgetting Allah Azza Wa Jal. The crave for international recognition brings in its wake a dastardly compromise of the Truth and sacrifice of Deeni principles.

When attending the conferences of the kuffaar and fussaaq Muslims, the Taliban who are supposed to be the Standard Bearers of Islam, are constrained to mingle with females, submit to photography, participate in the haraam food, listen to the monotonous stupidities dinned into the ears by the morons of the conference, etc. There is no prevalence of Taliban writ at these shaitaani conferences. It is the writ of the kuffaar to which the Taliban have to submit since they participate as underdogs.

Whilst they are lions on the Battlefields of Jihad, they are mice at the conferences, condescending to the ways and etiquettes of the kuffaar and fussaaq. This our Naseehat is also a warning to the Taliban to beware of the snares of shaitaan who is conspiring to turn the Battlefield victories into defeats on other fronts.

“What! Do you search for honour by them? Verily, all honour belongs to only Allah.” (Aayat 139, An-Nisaa’)

Instead of looking at the enemies and having false hopes on them, the Qur’aan advises the Taliban:

“Say: Sufficient for me is Allah. On Allah should the Mutawakkileen repose their tawakkul.” (Aayat 38, Az-Zumar)

{For detailed reasons behind the removal of the Talibaan from power the first time around see:


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Q. Please comment on the title ‘Ameerul Mu’mineen’ which has a technical meaning in the Shariah and whose usage should only be restricted to someone from the Quraish.

A. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The Aimmah are from the Quraish.” There is Ijma’ of the Ummah that the Ameerul Mu’mineen – the Ruler of the entire Ummah – can only be from the Quraish. The title, Ameerul Mu’mineen, has acquired Shar’i significance. Only if the Ruler is from the Quraish Tribe may this designation be appropriated for him. The first four Khulafa-e- Raashideen were from the Quraish, hence the title applied to them. The Bani Ummayyah and the Abbaasi Khilaafats were also of the Quraish, hence the Rulers had validly borne the title, Ameerul Mu’mineen.

In our age, we fail to understand the basis on which Mullah Omar, the Amir of the Afghani Muslims, has acquired the title of Ameerul Mu’mineen. Mullah Omar is not from the Quraish Tribe. It is therefore improper to apply the title of Ameerul Mu’mineen to him.

Despite Sultan Salaahuddeen Ayyubi (rahmatullah alayh) having held the reigns of actual political power, he did not appropriate the title of Ameerul Mu’mineen. Despite the Abbaasi Khalifah in Baghdad having remained a nominal head, Sultan Salaahuddin reigned as a subject of the Khalifah. He had the name of the Khalifah reinstated in the Jumuah Khutbah. For sometime the petty rulers had discontinued mentioning the Khalifah in the Jumuah Khutbah. However, the Sultan restored the Khalifah to his rightful status since he was of the Quraish, whilst Sultan Salaahiddin was a Kurd.
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Q. Most of us know about the Afghan Taliban very well, Alhamdulillah Can you please elaborate about the Pakistani Taliban? Who are they – do they exist??? The irritating part is some Pakistanis claim there are NO mujahideen in Pakistan, only CIA/RAW/Mossad agents. Well, I have no doubt the attacks in schools, markets and hospitals are the work of kuffaar agents like Blackwater etc. But what about the fighters in Swat Valley? Like Maulana Fazlullah, Baitullah Mehsud, Wali-ur-Rahman etc? Who are they? Are they also CIA agents whom we should hate, or are they the real Pakistani Mujahideen for whom we should make dua?

A. While the rank and file (the foot soldiers) of the Pakistani Taliban are sincere and in their opinion waging a Jihad, it is our opinion that this movement was formed by the U.S.A. to destablize Pakistan and to create a rift with the Taliban of Afghanistan. It is now as clear as daylight that the sinister plot of America is to balkanize Pakistan – to split it into several small states which will fight one another, and be dependent of the West. Undoubtedly, all the attacks on markets, Musjids, and hospitals, etc. are the satanic works of America and its stooges.

In the hierarchy of the Taliban, both the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, we strongly suspect treachery. Some – a very few right at the top – are in cahoots with the American kuffaar. And, Allah knows best.

In the Swat Valley, we believe that Maulana Fazlullah, despite being a sincere person, is extremely short-sighted just as the Maulana of Lal Musjid. They lack foresight, hence they adopt destructive methodologies which are bound to fail and put their people to misery.

Regarding Baitullah Mehsud, we have no idea who he is. We have no information on him. However, some say that he was an American agent while others say that he was a sincere Mujahid. Allah knows best.

We believe that the cause of the Pakistan Taliban and Mujahideen is misdirected. There is no goodness in it. The ignorant and naïve young men and students enlisting for the Pakistani ‘jihad’ are being used for sinister purposes. And, Allah knows best.
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Q. In a booklet, ‘Islam Is’, which is recommended by several prominent Ulama of South Africa, the following appears: “There is no such thing as ‘holy war’ in Islam or in the Qur’an. This is a mistranslation of the word. Holy war is carried out to forcibly subject others to one’s religious beliefs. This is expressly forbidden in Islam. Fighting in war could be jihad, but under what conditions? Muslims fight in defence, but so do others. ….War is atrocious and can never be holy.” It appears that the author is a modernist who has painted an erroneous picture of Islam’s concept of Jihad. Please comment.

A. Killing even an animal is ‘atrocious’. But such killing becomes holy if executed in obedience to the command of Allah Ta’ala, e.g. Qur’baani and Aqeeqah. Killing a human being is ‘atrocious’, but such killing becomes ibaadat and holy if a human being is killed for his irtidaad or for murder. Obedience to the command of Allah Ta’ala transforms the ‘atrocity’ into a holy act.

Undoubtedly, the author of the booklet speaks with a westernized colonized brain. His idea of Jihad is designed to appease his western masters. What he has written about Jihad is plain ghutha (rubbish). Since he has failed to find any supportive grounds in the Qur’aan and Sunnah for his concoction, he proffers furoo’i (detailed) issues which are unrelated to the concept of Jihad.

What he has tendered as proof for his misconception are the rules applicable to Jihad, e.g. women, children and monks should not be killed; Jihad should not be for wealth and territory, etc. These issues whilst of great importance, are not the concept of Jihad. When a Jihad campaign is undertaken then the rules have to be observed.

According to the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, the primary Jihad is the offensive Jihad, not the defensive Jihad. A defensive Jihad is fought when the enemy attacks. But the primary, true Jihad is the Jihad which is the consequence of the rejection of the Da’wah of Islam by the non-Muslim nation when the Islamic Army presents the Da’wah on its uninvited entry into the territory of the aliens.

If the Khalifah of Islam, despite having the power to wage war with the objective of bringing the non-Muslim state under Islamic domination, refrains from initiating Jihad in the face of rejection of the Da’wat, then he is guilty of treachery. He will be in violation of his obligation which stems from his position as the Vicegerent of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

According to the Shariah, it is the duty of the Khalifah to despatch his army to invite the non-Muslim rulers of their countries to embrace Islam. If they refuse, they will be presented with two options: (1) Hand over the reigns of power to the Khalifah and become his subjects. OR (2) War. There is no third option.

Islam will not be forced on to the subjects. However, if they opt for retaining their religion, they are allowed to do so, but they will be the subjects of the Islamic state and will have to pay the Jizyah tax. Thus, in the primary Jihad which is an offensive war, three demands will be put to the non-Muslim rulers: (1) Embrace Islam , or (2) Submit to Islamic domination and become the subjects of the Islamic state, or (3) Jihad (HOLY WAR).

The author of the booklet is bereft of understanding of the Deen, hence he disgorged much ghutha in his article. Salaat is holy; Zakaat is holy; Hajj is holy; Fasting is holy; Tilaawat of the Qur’aan is holy, and all commands of the Shariah are holy if executed for the Sake of Allah Ta’ala. Similarly Jihad which is waged for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala is undoubtedly Holy War, hence the term Fi Sabeelillaah (In the Path of Allah) is primarily used for Jihad.

The Seat of the Khilaafat during the time of the first three Khulafa-e- Raashideen was Madinah. What type of ‘defensive’ war were the Sahaabah engaged in on the shores of the Atlantic in the west, and in Afghanistan and the borders of China in the east? What type of ‘defensive’ war was it to initiate hostilities with non-Muslim rulers thousands of miles from Madinah? The author of the essay wrote pure bunkum.

The Qur’aanic aayaat and innumerable Ahaadith all speak of the virtues of the Primary Jihad, the offensive Jihad. If it was not for Islam’s offensive Jihad, today all of us would have been worshipping Buddha, Krishna, the Cross and a million idols.

Did the kuffaar Berbers of Morocco plan to attack Madinah to warrant Jihad against them? Did the Turks threaten war against the Islamic state? What then took the Sahaabah to Constantinople? The same question applies to all the lands of the kuffaar brought under Islamic domination in rapid succession during the reign of the Khulafa-e- Raashideen. The prominent South African Ulama have rendered the Deen a disservice by recommending a work of rubbish. Perhaps they never even read the article.
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Q. Some say that today Jihad is Fardh-e-Ain. Is this correct?

A. It appears that they are unaware of the meaning of Fardh-e-Ain which is an act which is compulsory on every Muslim, male and female, e.g. the Fardh Salaat and Saum. It is compulsory on every Muslim to perform the five daily Salaat and to fast during the month of Ramadhaan. There are more than one and half billion Muslims on earth. If Jihad had to be Fardh-e-Ain, it will follow that every man and woman of the Ummah must compulsorily participate in Jihad. There never was such a situation in the history of Islam nor will there ever develop such a scenario.

Where and how should a billion people engage in Jihad? Must the billion go to Afghanistan or to Chechnya where valid Jihad is being waged, or should the billion go to Palestine where there is no valid Jihad? Is it sensible to even suggest that if the billion does not converge on Afghanistan or Chechnya, they all will be guilty of the gravest sin of abandoning a Fardh-e-Ain act of ibaadat? Those who peddle the Fardh-e –Ain slogan do not know what they are talking. They lack Islamic knowledge.

Even in Afghanistan, Jihad is not Fardh-e-Ain for the Afghans. The Mujahideen do not require canon fodder. They are fighting a powerful enemy. But they do not need 10 million men and women to destroy themselves in vain. In fact, the Taliban are not in need of numbers, for crowds hamper the Jihad.

Neither could 10 million be correctly armed, nor are they trained for conducting warfare. It is neither rationally possible, nor logically nor logistically possible for 10 million to converge on the battlefields. They can only be canon fodder, and this is not the objective of Jihad.

Now when there is no shortage of Mujahideen, the claim of Fardh-e-Ain is baseless and senseless. Jihad becomes Fardh-e-Ain on particular groups/communities in specific circumstances. In general, Jihad is Fardh-e-Kifaayah, and this is the obligation of Islamic states. But there are no Islamic states in this era. All Muslim lands are governed by kuffaar governments and rulers. However, the Taliban are admirably upholding the banner of Jihad. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘Jihad will continue until the Day of Qiyaamah.’
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Q. According to Sheikh Abdullah Azzam who was the Ustadh of Usama Bin Ladin, Jihaad is Fardh-e-Ain. Please comment on this view.

A. Jihaad is an integral Institution of Islam. Denial of Jihad as the modernists do, is kufr. Those whose brains have been colonized by the U.S.A. and the West in general, deny Jihaad to appease their colonial masters who have securely embedded their brains in their colons. However, in the present age and circumstances, Jihad is not Fardh-e-Ain.

Fardh-e-Ain means Fardh on every member of the Ummah – male and female, in the same way as the daily Salaat is Fardh-e-Ain. The claim that Jihaad is Fardh-Ain, i.e. compulsory on every member of the 3 billion strong Ummah is ludicrous. This preposterous averment portrays the superficiality of the knowledge of the claimant. Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was a Salafi. According to Salafis, their Jihaad activity is fardh-e-ain. This view is palpably baseless.


Q. A Salafi asked me, why do you oppose and condemn Jihad?

A. Ask the Salafi to provide our fatwa which he alleges is in condemnation or against Jihad. When it is our belief that it is kufr to refute Jihad, how could we have issued such a baatil fatwa. Have they read our publication, Al-Haq? Salafis are bigoted and cherish a hatred for all non-Salafis, hence they read our articles with preconceived notions. What we have said and say is that without Islaah of the Nafs – without Tarbiyat – there will not be victory in the Jihad.

That is exactly what is happening to all Jihad activity conducted by Salafis. In all the decades of their Jihad, they have not managed to conquer and hold a single territory to establish a headquarters for Islam. When we say that there is no victory without Islaah (moral reformation) of the Nafs, it does not mean that Jihad is not permissible.

It is the same as we are telling Muslims that the way they perform Salaat is absolutely putrid, and they are therefore deprived of the benefits of the Salaat they are performing. It will be wrong and slanderous now to say that we are claiming that performing Salaat is not permissible.
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Q. Salafis allege that you condemn global Jihad. And the Mujahideen. Please comment.

A. Where and when did we discourage or condemn global Jihad? Let them cite the evidence for this baseless claim. Let them present our statements in which we have criticized the Mujaahideen, and what acts of the Mujaahideen did we criticize. If you read our articles, you will find that we vigorously criticize even our own Ulama of Deoband of the present era. We criticize our own people also for their haraam and evils. This does not mean that we are in refutation of our senior Ulama of Deoband. Brother, we have a duty to proclaim the Haqq. If baatil emanates from our own side, we shall, Insha- Allah, criticize it as well. Salafis should not expect to be spared criticism for their baatil simply because they participate in Jihad.


Q. On what basis are you saying that Salafis are like Shias?

A. We have compared Salafis with Shiahs in only one aspect, and that is in their dishonesty. They conceal their true beliefs in order to mislead the Muqallideen of the Math-habs. On this issue we have published a book in two parts, The Scourge of Salafi’ism. It is also available on the internet. For example, you will not hear from Salafis that they blindly follow Ibn Taimiyyah whilst they refute the superior Taqleed of the Four Imaams. They will not tell anyone that their Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah believed that the universe is co-eternal with Allah Ta’ala – that Allah Ta’ala did not create the universe and the Arsh – that these objects existed co-eternally with Allah Ta’ala – Nauthubillaah! Our criticism of Salafis is not criticism of Jihad. It is criticism of their baseless beliefs and attitudes.


Q. Is there a new Jihad front in Baluchistan, Pakistan?

A. We are not aware of the new Jihad front in Baluchistan. But if the Salafis have initiated a front there, be assured that they are doomed for failure. The actual rebels fighting the kufr Pakistani regime are themselves communist, and if not communist, are like communists. The degree of jahaalah in Baluchistan is unbelievable. They bury even without ghusl and janaazah Salaat in many places.

Wherever Salafis have waged Jihad, they have failed to establish Shariah law for any length of time. And, when they temporarily establish Shariah law, it is restricted to stoning fornicators, whipping the ignoramuses, and cutting off hands without due Shar’i procedure. They lack understanding of the meaning of a Shariah state. Algeria, Egypt, Bosnia, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia and now Mali are legacies of their failures.


Q. In the article I am sending you, the author, Anwar al Awlaki answering a question regarding the way of reestablishing the Khilafate states that the only way is by Jihad. He explains that the two Islamic movements, the Taliban and the Islamic Courts of Somalia, were on the right track, and that they did not fail. Their collapse was because the ‘Ummah had failed them’. He says: “Both movements reached to power not through elections or debates but through war. They did not fall because they were failures but because the Ummah had failed them.” Please comment.

A. While the author of the article has commented correctly regarding the initial success of the Taliban and the Islamic rule in Somalia, and the reason for their failure, he has no solution to offer. Hence, it is clear that he himself is in a quandary. He says that the two movements had failed “because the Ummah had failed them”. This is correct – “the Ummah had failed them”. So what is the solution? The author does not know despite the fact that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had provided the solution and left the solution in his Sunnah.

If the Ummah had not failed, the two movements would have remained successfully in power to continue their Islamic rule and march according to the Shariah. It is thus evident that for the success and victory of any Islamic movement which has as its objective the establishment of the Khilaafat along the lines of the Sunnah, the essential requisite is that the Ummah should not fail those who spearhead the Islamic Movement.

The author has conceded that the support of the Ummah is of fundamental importance for the acquisition of success. Minus such support, the Islamic movement fails to achieve the desired goal. It should thus be clear that the Islamic movement cannot function successfully apart from the Ummah. It should be the Ummah. The Movement must in fact be the Ummah. But the Ummah is paralyzed by its multiple moral and spiritual diseases, hence it will always fail any Islamic movement regardless of the rectitude of the movement.

Thus, the way forward is to treat the maladies of the Ummah and transform it into an Islamic Ummah which will support and establish the Khilaafate. It is impossible for a small group of even perfect Mu’mineen to establish the Khilaafate and to impose the Shariah on a decadent, diseased and rotten Ummah.

Now when the support of the Ummah is a requisite for the success of the Islamic movement, as the author concedes, then it logically follows that the struggles of the tiny Islamic movements are futile, for there will be no Ummah support. The entire Ummah is subservient to the way, law and culture of the kuffaar. How can the Shariah be imposed on a diseased Ummah whose members will sabotage any Islamic government imposed on it against its will?

This is what has happened to the Talibaan and what is happening wherever small groups of Shariah conscious Mujaahideen are struggling. It is not the military might of the west that can defeat the Mu’mineen. The saboteurs are the diseased Muslims themselves. They are the ones who are destroying Islam. It is not the USA. nor any other kaafir power which has the ability to destroy Islam.

The question is: Why did the Ummah fail to support the two Islamic Movements (the Taliban and the Somali Mujahideen)? What should be done to prevent the Ummah from failing? This is a conundrum for all the quack and quasi-reformers of the Ummah. The Ummah had failed the two Islamic movements because it (the Ummah) is corrupt, grovelling in kufr, bid’ah, shirk, fisq and fujoor.

How can such an Ummah stand up to uphold the Deen? How can such a putrefied Ummah hold aloft the Standard of Islam? How can Allah’s Nusrat be with such a degenerate Ummah which has turned its back on Allah Ta’ala? As long as the Ummah is not morally reformed and spiritually elevated it will always, not only fail those who head the Islamic movement, but will on the contrary, actively collude and aid the enemies of Allah against the Islamic Movement.

This is what is precisely happening today. The entire Ummah (all the Muslim countries without a single exception) are actively colluding with the western kuffaar to destroy the Islamic Movements and Islam. Another factor of tremendous importance is the state of the Islamic Movements themselves. These movements too are largely confined to slogans and an outward display of some facets of the Shariah.

Success and victory are inextricably intertwined with the Sunnah in the way understood and practised by the Sahaabah. It is imperative to develop moral and spiritual fibre, and this is possible only by way of gaining Taqwa in the way demonstrated by the Sahaabah. Only then will the tables be turned.

The solution is mass Ta’leemi and Tarbiyati programmes at all levels. How long will this take? Only Allah knows. Our obligation is to only make the effort. Allah Azza Wa Jal will decide. We have no ability to fix targets and present cut off dates, e.g. Tarbiyat for 10 years or a generation or two generations. That is entirely the prerogative of Allah Azza Wa Jal. He wroughts change and revolution in a minute. In a minute Allah Ta’ala enacts mighty upheavals. Overnight the Soviet Union collapsed, and it will be no surprise if the U.S.A. collapses overnight by Divine Command.

The author of the article in the main is correct, but he dwells in confusion. He has no clear answer and solution for the Ummah. The Sunnah is to first create a morally and spiritually vibrant Ummah. When this has been achieved, then the domination of the Ummah will be automatically enacted by Divine command. Allah Ta’ala will then create the circumstances just as He had created the circumstances for Badr.

Badr was not enacted by the planning of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah. It was an entirely unexpected event of confrontation in which Allah Ta’ala forced the Sahaabah against their will to fight the kuffaar. Badr was not a prepared Jihaad campaign. From the perspective of the Sahaabah it was quite fortuitous. It was an encounter for which they were totally unprepared and wholly inadequate.

But in Allah’s wisdom they were prepared and adequate because they had attained lofty moral and spiritual status. As long as the Ummah does not glitter with the Sunnah, Muslims will remain the scum that they are today to be kicked about and humiliated by the western kuffaar.
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Q. In my opinion, Muslims are today humiliated because they had broken away from the Khilaafat of the Ottomans. Please comment.

A. Your thinking is not correct. Muslims all over the world are in a disgraceful state of suffering, not because they broke away from the Khilaafat. Muslims did not break away from the Khilaafat. On the contrary, Allah Ta’ala abolished the Khilaafat and placed Muslims under kuffaar domination because the greater part of the Ummah had become treacherous and immoral, and this immorality and treachery of the global Ummah have incrementally degenerated since the abolition of the Khilaafat. The last of Ottoman rulers too were wallowing in fisq and fujoor (flagrant sin and immorality).

Thus, today we find kuffaar rulers/governments in control of all Muslim countries. All of these rulers whilst bearing Muslim names are kuffaar and munaafiq at heart. This has been the biggest and most successive coup for the West. It is their greatest victory over Muslims. Whilst they have ostensibly relinquished physical control of the Muslim lands by granting them a farcical independence, their throttling grip on the lands and peoples of Islam has solidified and has become stronger. All these lands are under Western domination and ruled by their puppet agents.

The sole exception currently is the extremely weak pseudo-Islamic, plastic government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which is like a dog without teeth unable to even bark loudly. Whilst Morsi’ government is not kaafir, it is a mere shadow. It is impotent since it has to operate under the dark cloud of a thoroughly kaafir, hosni- mubaarak army which is among Islam’s greatest enemies in the Middle Eastern region.

Muslims have abandoned the Deen and they are following and emulating the kuffaar. Muslims have appointed the kuffaar as their leaders, hence Allah Ta’ala has appointed them as our rulers. Muslims themselves are inimical to Islam. They abhor Shariah law and rule. As long as Muslims will follow and worship the kuffaar, they will remain disgraced and suffering.
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Q. When Will Come Allah’s Help?

A. ‘What! Do you think that you will enter Jannat whilst there has not come to you such (hardships) which had befallen those before you? Wars and hardship befell them, and they were shaken (to such a degree that even) the Rasool and those with him said: ‘When will come the Help of Allah?’ Most certainly, the help of Allah is near.’ (Aayat 214, Baqarah)

Allah Ta’ala has subjected bygone Muslims with such severe and prolonged trials and hardships that even the Rasool and the Muttaqqeen with him were severely shaken and they cried: “When will come Allah’s help?” Allah Ta’ala informs us in this aayat that His Help will come after severe trials. Seeing the suffering and distress of the Muslims, the hypocrites in Madinah said that the promise of Allah and His Rasool was false and deception. The Buddhist mushrikeen in like manner were taunting the Muslims: ‘Where is your Allah?’ Allah is close by.

But the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal has always been the imposition of hardship and severe trials as a prelude to victory. For His pious servants, including the Ambiya, these hardships were by way of trial. For the transgressors it was Athaab (Punishment). If they heed the punishment and reform, Allah’s aid will be close by and victory will be achieved. If they remain deaf, dumb and blind like beasts, failing to understand the Divine Message in the calamities, the consequence will be annihilation at the hands of the filthy mushrikeen.

In response to the cry: “When will come Allah’s help?”, Allah Ta’ala, Himself says: “Most certainly, the Help of Allah is near.” But, due to the deflection from the Sunnah, the Ummah is unable to understand this Divine Response. They hear it when it is recited, and they see it when they recite it, but they have become like dumb animals unable to comprehend what they hear. The Divine Response has become a meaningless sound for Muslims, and this beastly attitude which is a peculiarity which Muslims have acquired from the kuffaar masters, is depicted in the Qur’aanic aayat:

‘The similitude of the kuffaar is like a person who calls something (or someone) who does not hear (i.e. does not understand) anything but a call and a sound. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. Thus they are bereft of intelligence.’

Thus, the Call of Allah Ta’ala to the Ummah to turn unto Him for succour by severing ties from the kuffaar and submitting fully and wholeheartedly to the Shariah, and adopting the 14 Century old lifestyle of the Sahaabah, the Conquerors of the world, falls on deaf ears. Or we hear merely the sounds of someone calling without understanding what the Call is all about.

This is the effect of having corrupted the intelligence by the Ummah’s insane emulation of the kuffaar. Even the Ulama or the so-called Ulama of this era have become like dumb beasts, wholly lacking the ability to understand the problem, to diagnose and prescribe the correct remedy for extricating the Ummah from the morass of abject humiliation and defeat.

The ulama-e-soo’ are the primary cause for the current state of the Ummah’s degradation. Instead of guiding the Ummah by discharging their obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice), they have joined the masses in the mad pursuit of mundane and nafsaani goals. To bamboozle the moronic Muslim masses sinking in the quagmire of moral degradation and humiliation, being kicked and buffeted from pillar to post, the ulama-e-soo’ lost in a cesspool of inequity can only flabbily squirm that Muslims should observe Dua-e- Qunoot.

They call on the suffering rubbished Ummah to engage in a Mustahab act whilst they display a deafening silence regarding the haraam, bid’ah, fisq, fujoor and even downright kufr in which Muslims are grovelling. Hankering after the dunya, these ulama -e-soo’ have become worse than even the ulama-e-soo’ of Bani Israaeel whom the Qur’aan castigates:

‘You will see numerous of them making haste in (the commission of) sin and transgression, and in devouring haraam (carrion, etc.). Why do their scholars (ulama) and saints (mashaaikh) not prohibit them (the masses) from their sinful statements and their consumption of haraam (carrion). Indeed, vile is that which they (the ulamae- soo’) perpetrate.’ (Aayats 62 / 63, Al-Maaidah)

‘O People of Imaan! Verily, numerous of the scholars and saints are devouring the wealth of people in baatil (haraam) ways, and they (the ulama-esoo’) prevent (the Ummah) from the Path of Allah (with their villainy).’ (Aayat 34, At-Taubah)

Instead of guiding the Ummah towards the Aakhirah, the Goal for which Allah Ta’ala has dispatched us into this ephemeral earthly abode, these miscreant molvis and sheikhs, pillage the Deen with their haraam interpretations, and plunder the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the Ummah by opening the avenue of fisq and fujoor. They have welded shut the door of Taqwa to this unfortunate Ummah sliding down into an abyss of disgrace and misery.

The demand of this delicate hour in the history of the Ummah, is for the Ulama to firstly reform themselves, then devote their lives for the reformation of the Ummah. But whilst the Ummah is aflame, burning to its destruction, the ulama-e-soo’ engage in soccer tournaments, television programmes, kuffaar sports, halaalizing carrion, halaalizing riba, legalizing the haraam riba products of the haraam riba capitalist banks, concerts of nazams, extravagant jalsahs, merrymaking functions, satanic weddings, etc., etc., and all of this in the name of the Deen.

They have just about legalized every haraam act and institution with their baatil ta’weelaat (baseless interpretations). Whilst the community indulges flagrantly in haraam, fisq and fujoor, Dua-e- Qunoot will have no effect.
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Q. What is happening in Syria? Please comment on the Syrian scenario in the light of the Shariah.

A. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), commenting on the upheavals of Fitnah  which will overwhelm  people in the ages in proximity of Qiyaamah, said:  ‘Al-qaatilo wal maqtool fin naar’  (Both the killer and the killed will be in the Fire.)

This is the present-day Syrian scenario. All groups embroiled in the Syrian Fitnah come within the purview of this Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The conflagration in Syria is not a Jihad. It is not a fight for the Deen or for establishing the Writ of Allah Azza Wa Jal.
Whilst some sincere Muslims have become entwined in the Syrian mess, the fight is KUFR vs KUFR. One kufr force is battling to replace the other kufr force. It is simply Fitnah multiplied and compounded.

Just now, the kufr forces aligned against the kufr ruling regime of Assad, have appointed the atheist kaafir, George Sabra as their leader. This communist kaafir has been appointed the leader of the so-called  Syrian National Council which is a U.S. appointed  institution of kufr and baatil set to be the government  of Syria in the expected post-Assad period.

The U.S. and its other kuffaar and fussaaq cohorts (Saudi Arabia, etc.) are the breeders, supporters and sustainers of the Syrian National Council. At the behest of the U.S.A., the atheist has been installed as the leader of the   anti-Assad fighting  groups. Can any Muslim in his sane brains expect any Islamic consequence in this satanic scenario fully controlled and directed by the U.S.?

In vile situations of this type, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam)  had advocated  seclusion. In seclusion Muslims have to repent, reform themselves morally, progress spiritually and adopt Sabr until  the arrival of  the Divine Decree of Allah  Azza Ea Jal.

The handful of Salafi ‘mujaahideen’ who are participating in the Syrian  anarchy in the name of Jihad, are plain stupid. Since Salafis are spiritually barren, they  do not know whether they are  going forwards or backwards.  They are unable to distinguish right from left, hence they jump into just any puddle and pit of excreta in the name of Jihad. But, after  the displacement of the kufr regime of  the Assad gang of murderers, the U.S. will quickly ensure that the ‘Mujaahideen’ who are today being tolerated in Syria, are reigned in, disarmed and expelled. It will be a repeat  Bosnian scenario.

When the U.S. had decided to impose peace in the Bosnian-Serb conflagration, the handful of Salafi Mujaahideen  who had offered sincere and wonderful service and sacrifice on the battlefield  to assist their Bosnian brethren, was disarmed and booted out unceremoniously from the country.  The same scenario will prevail in Syria once the Assad gang has been  neutralized or exterminated.

It does not behove Muslims of intelligence to become trapped in the quagmire of  kufr excreta – the excreta which is today the Syrian Conflagration.
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Q. 108 Scholars have signed a fatwa urging Muslims to support the Free Syrian Army. Please comment on this Fatwa.

A. The fatwa signed by “108 scholars” is an American ‘fatwa’. These very same ‘scholars’ will not issue a fatwa exhorting Muslims to support the Talibaan, As-Shabaab, the Mujaahideen in Yemen and Chechnya. But because America desperately wants a regime change in Syria to serve its and Israel’s interests, the corrupt fatwa has quickly been put together via Saudi agency. The ‘fatwa’ is another example of boot-licking by ‘scholars’ who sell Islam and the Ummah down the drain for a monetary pittance. 


Q. What is exactly going on in Egypt? What is the standpoint of Muhammad Morse of the Muslim Brotherhood? It was my intention to make hijrat to Egypt, but I am now becoming afraid of developments over there. Things seem to be so con- fused. Are they also Salafi in Egypt? And what about the fighting and jihad in the other Muslim countries?

A. The conflagration which is overwhelming the Muslim countries is not an Islamic upheaval.

All the fighting which is currently taking place in Muslim countries, has worldly objectives. The only exceptions are Afghanistan, Somalia, Mauritania, Chechniya and Yemen. Whilst the Islamic struggle is weak in the latter four countries, it is strong in Afghanistan. In the four countries mentioned, the fight is led by Salafis. But in Afghanistan where the Jihad is the strongest and where wonderful victories have been achieved against the world’s coalition of kuffaar forces, the Mujaahideen are Hanafis.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt although not Salafi, does not follow any Math-hab, and although the movement was predominantly an Islamic movement a century ago, today it is also westernized. It is not a genuine Islamic movement any longer. Its members lack Islamic spiritual fibre, hence they have to toe the line of the U.S. and dance to its tune. Despite the present Egyptian government’s desire to support Hamas, they are unable to assist the Palestinians in any meaningful way. They are unable to even open up the borders between Egypt and Palestine. They fear Israel and the U.S. And, that is because their focus is not on Allah Ta’ala.

They lack Taqwa and the spiritual fibre to take on the kuffaar as the small groups of Sahaabah had done, and also how the Taliban had and are meting out shattering rebuffs to the kuffaar super powers of the world. Whilst the army of the kuffaar marches on its stomach, the army of Islam marches on its Imaan.

But, Alas! In this era, the armies of Muslims are wholly deficient in Imaan and entirely lacking in the spiritual fibre which blossoms from Taqwa, hence Muslims too are trying to march and fight on their stomachs. Fighting on the stomach is appropriate for the kuffaar. For them there is worldly success in their stomachs and their intestines. But, for Muslims there is only disgrace and defeat in enslavement to the stomach and the flesh.

It is for this reason that you will not hear even Mr.Morse of the Ikhwaanul Muslimeen speaking of a Shariah state. They will mumble incoherencies to appease the western kuffaar palate. The Egyptians of Ikhwaanul Muslimeen although not following a specific Math-hab are not as raw and crude as the morally and spiritually barren Salafis of Saudi Arabia. They are more cultured than Ibn Abdul Wahhaab’s raw recruits and the followers of Albaani.
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Q. Please comment on the lessons to be learnt from the prevailing chaos and anarchy occurring in the Arab lands.

‘And by Him are the keys of the Ghaib (Unseen and Unknown to man). No one knows it except He. He knows what is in the earth and in the ocean. And, not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He (Allah) is aware of it. Nor is there a seed in the darkness of the earth (underground), nor anything moist or dry, but it is in a clear record.” (Aayat 59, Al-Anaam)

In Allah’s creation there are no accidents and no mishaps. Everything down to the infinitesimal particle and atom operate within the knowledge of Allah Azza Wa Jal and with His direct intervention. Even the leaf which changes direction in a breeze is with the command of Allah Ta’ala. The tumultuous political upheavals sweeping through the Muslim world and the symbiotic alignment of the variegated pro-and anti-Islamic forces, to confront a common enemy (Assad of Syria) are not flukes of life. What has transpired in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the current conflagration in Syria is the Divine Decree.

In these upheavals are chastisement, admonition and lessons for Muslims who still possess the capacity of reflection as Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

‘Take lesson, O People of Intelligence.’

Although the struggles by the majorities in the various Muslim countries are not Islamic and have no Deeni objectives, nevertheless, the internecine killing and the elimination of the Devils such as Hosni Mubarak, Gadhafi and Assad have drastically changed the political landscape, and have developed a climate favourable for the flourishing of Islam if the minority force of the Deen who has formed a fragile alliance with the enemies of Islam leading the struggle, understands and takes advantage of the bounty of the Breather which Allah Ta’ala has granted them.

In the prevailing chaos, the proponents of the Deen have been favoured with breathing space and a latitude for spreading the Sunnah which was brutally suppressed by the former shayaateeni rulers. The former tyrannical regimes of kufr are being replaced by another kufr system called democracy which in its initial phase allows breathing space and a considerable degree of freedom to operate.

With the passage of time the much vaunted slogan of freedom which is flaunted by these ‘democracies’ will erode. The systems structured on the ruins of the displaced tyrannies will turn direction and become just as oppressive as the kufr regimes of Hosni & Co.

Muslims of intelligence should now utilize the breathing space and the relative freedom to embark on massive Deeni educational and Islaahi (moral reformatory) projects and programs to revolutionize the morality and thinking of the Muslim masses. Whilst there is little hope of reforming the masses of adults whose hearts have become incorrigibly kufricized, the effort should be directed to the children who will constitute the Ummah of tomorrow.

If the million who had sealed the fate of Hosni Mubarak in Tahreer Square had been Islamic personnel, today Egypt would have become a genuine Islamic state. Alas! They all, or at least the vast majority, were all fussaaq, fujjaar and even zanadiqah masquerading as Muslims. In the decades prior to Hosni Mubarak and during his oppressive reign, there was no Deeni effort.

The Ikhwaanul Muslimeen (The Muslim Brotherhood), an ostensibly Islamic outfit, had no Islamic or Deeni agenda. The objective at the inception of this organization was Islamic, but in practical life, even the superficial façade of Islam faded into oblivion.

In common with religiously inclined Salafis who struggle in the name of Islam with their Jihad movements, the Ikhwaanul Muslimneen has a lopsided or an upside down philosophy. Their belief is to first achieve political control, then impose Islamic law on the unwilling masses by force and coercion.

This is a massive deception which portrays the stupidity and total lack of understanding of these Islamic forces. The reason for their lack of wisdom and understanding is that all of them – the Ikhwaan and the Salafis – are deviates. They are ghair muqallideen. Having rejected the Taqleed of the Four Math-habs, they have effectively expelled themselves from the fold of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. Thus, they do not know whether they are moving forward or backward.

Precisely for this reason are they met by failure upon failure – defeat after defeat. Since they have alienated themselves from the Sunnah, they, in bewilderment, align themselves with just any force which shares the common objective of eliminating a common foe. Thus we see the U.S. in alignment in Syria with the very outfits which are listed as ‘terrorists’, simply because the U.S. and Israel are the enemies of Assad and so are the Salafis and the Ikhwanis, and all Muslims.

But, this alliance is extremely fragile and a temporary phenomenon which will soon evaporate when the U.S. has achieved its desired goal. But the ghair muqallideen are blind to this reality, and that is because their rejection of the Four Mathhabs of the Sunnah has fossilized their thinking rendering them incapable of deriving lesson and for correct utilization of the bounty of the Breather bestowed to them by Allah Ta’ala. Their ignorance is indeed profound.

It is a shocking stupidity to expect a country to become Islamic and to embrace the Shariah and the Sunnah when 99% of the masses are fussaaq, fujjaar and zanadiqah who cherish an inveterate aversion for the Shariah despite professing to be Muslims. The entire civil service, army, air force, navy, the security establishments and the masses on the ground being rabidly anti-Shariah, will not allow a nascent Islamic state to germinate and flourish.

At every step and level of government the efforts of pious rulers even if they happen to be Saints, will be frustrated and sabotaged by the ‘Muslim’ enemies of Islam. The Islamic rulers will be held ransom by this conglomeration of evil forces. For victory against the forces of kufr, the vital requisite is Taqwa. In this regard the Qur’aan Majeed declares:

“Allah has promised those who have Imaan and practise righteous deeds among you that most assuredly He will (politically) establish them on earth (i.e. make them the rulers) just as He had established as rulers those before them…”

For genuine success and victory over the kuffaar, alliances with the kuffaar and with so-called Muslim outfits inimical to the Shariah, are neither necessary nor appropriate. On the contrary, these very forces with whom the Salafis and Ikhwaanis strike up temporary marriages, will hound, hunt and destroy them (i.e. the Islamic groups) once they have achieved their objective.

That is precisely what had happened to the Mujaahideen in Bosnia and Pakistan after the termination of the Jihad against the Soviets. The fundamental need is to develop Imaan by adorning it with Taqwa. Then, the plots and the might of the kuffaar will become ineffective. Allah Ta’ala confirming this truth, states in the Qur’aan:

“If you have Sabr and Taqwa, then never will their plots harm you in the least bit.”

Muslims who have the Deen at heart, require the Nusrat of Allah Azza Wa Jal, not the temporary aid of kuffaar and fussaaq agencies – aid which come with strings of kufr. The Qur’aan Majeed says:

“If you aid (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you, and He will plant your feet firmly (against your enemies).”

When Muslims, lacking in Taqwa and spiritual fibre such as the Salafis and Ikhwaanis, turn to the enemies of Islam for aid, they beguile themselves, believing that their hallucinated mirages of establishing an Islamic State or a Khilaafate will be achieved once the current system of kufr tyranny has been eliminated. They little understand that they themselves are in line for elimination by the very evil forces whom they had temporarily embraced. Emphasizing the need for His Nusrat, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan:

“If Allah helps you, there will be none to vanquish you. And, if He withholds aid from you, then who is there to aid you besides Him?” (Aayat 160, Aal-e-Imraan)

The Islamic groups (Ikhwaanis and Salafis) participating in the turmoil, look askance at Islam’s enemies for support. Just as the Mujaahideen during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan relied heavily on U.S. aid, so too do the current Islamic groups in the Arab states rely on U.S. and Nato aid to achieve their goals, hence the deformed and corrupt alliance with enemies, satanists, fussaaq and fujjaar. Everyone is awed by the U.S., and seeks the aid of the cardboard superpowers.

But, Allah Ta’ala says emphatically that if He denies aid, then there is no power to grant aid. Their lack of Taqwa has spiritually blinded them. Therefore Divine Power is unattainable and incomprehensible to them.

The Sahaabah having understood this secret, spurned all and everything and reposed their trust solely on Allah Azza Wa Jal. There is no need to dilate on the successes and victories which stemmed in the wake of the Divine Power which the Sahaabah had harnessed. When Muslims are bereft of Taqwa and A’maal-e-Saalihah, their Aqeeedah of Tauheed is a dead belief such as the emaciated Tauheed which Salafis trumpet.

Although they very vociferously scream their Aqeedah of Tauheed, in practical life this Aqeedah is missing. When there is no reliance on Allah Azza Wa Jal, the eyes dwell on others for aid. Desperation drives the spiritually emaciated Islamic forces to strike up just any alliance of convenience with just anyone regardless of the partners in the relationship being the enemies of the Deen and of Allah Ta’ala.

This is the type of corrupt alliance the Mujaahideen had struck up in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and now in Syria. As long as there is a bait of material aid, a variety of factors is presented to justify the corrupt alliance. If there had been life in their Aqeedah, they would have remembered and understood the meaning of the aayat:

“Say (O Muhammad!) Never will there befall us (any calamity) except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Protector. And, on Allah should the Mu’mineen repose trust.” (Aayat 52, Taubah)

And, they have forgotten the aayat:

“Do not become cowardly nor grieve. You will be victorious if indeed you are Mu’mineen.” (Aayat 83, Aal-e- Imraan).

The problem is that we are not the type of Mu’mineen mentioned in this aayat and in many other verses of the Qur’aan Majeed. There is no doubt in the Pledge of Allah Ta’ala. He states in His glorious Qur’aan:

“Most certainly, We have recorded in the Zaboor after (recording it) in the Thikr, that verily, My Saalih (Pious) servants shall inherit the earth.” (Aayat 105, Al- Ambiya).

“Musa said to his people: ‘Seek aid from Allah and adopt Sabr. Verily, the earth belongs to only Allah. He bestows it to whomever He desires from His servants. And, the ultimate victory is for the Muttaqeen.” (Aayat 128, Al- A’raaf)

Thus, the need is to develop true Taqwa, and this is possible only by Islaah -e-Nafs (moral reformation), obedience to the Shariah and adoption of the Sunnah in every detail of life. Allah mentions explicitly and emphatically that “Victory is for the Muttaqeen”.

It is this Taqwa which is lacking in the Mujaahideen which has confused them and made them rudderless, seeking aid from kuffaar and fussaaq. This sad state of affairs is the lot of all Mujaahideen wherever they are fighting in the Name of Islam with the objective of establishing an Islamic state. Whilst the Salafi Mujaahideen and the Hanafi Taalibaan still adhere to the objective of an Islamic state for which they are waging Jihad, the Ikhwaanis have abandoned their original goal and objective.

But the Mujaahideen are not acquiring the true measure of success, namely, outright victory, due to lack of Taqwa and because they embrace the enemies of Islam in alliances instead of reliance on only Allah Ta’ala. But such reliance is a dream in the absence of the Taqwa which stems from Ittiba Sunnat-e- Rasool (Obedience to the Sunnah of the Messenger). It is most significant for us that Nabi Musa (alayhis salaam) commanded his Ummah to obey Allah Ta’ala, engage in Salaat and adopt Sabr. In response to their complaints, he instructed adoption of the spiritual dimension.

Tafseerul Mazhari, commenting on the aayat in which Allah Ta’ala commands: “Do not become cowardly (i.e. in Jihaad)”, says:

“You will be victorious with the Help of Allah Ta’ala which has been promised for the Saaliheen Mu’mineen.”

Who and what are Saaliheen Mu’mineen? Study the lives of the Sahaabah for understanding this concept which the zanadiqah of our time say belongs to the ‘ice/stone / camel age’. If Muslims become true Muttaqeen, there will be no need to fear the plots and satanic conspiracies of the kuffaar. There will be no need for forming temporary alliances with them. Allah Ta’ala says:

“And, if they plot to deceive you, then verily, sufficient for you is Allah. It is He who has aided you with His help and with the Mu’mineen.” (Aayat 62, Anfaal)

This is Allah’s directive to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Allah Ta’ala clarifies that among the ways of His Aid is the Mu’mineen with whom He had aided Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). He aids the Mujaahideen with Mu’mineen. There is no need to look askance at the kaafireen for aid as the Salafi Mujaahideen and even the Taalibaan Mujaahideen are doing. Victory is not with the aid of the U.S. nor with the fujjaar of the IS of Pakistan. Lack of Taqwa makes the following aayat meaningless to the Mujaahideen of this era:

“And, sufficient is Allah for the Mu’mineen in war. Allah is Powerful and Mighty.” (Aayat 25, Ahzaab).

Whilst verbally no Muslim dares express doubt in this firm declaration of Allah Ta’ala, the hearts lack confidence in the Divine Promise. When Allah Ta’ala says that He suffices for the Mu’mineen in battle, what need is there then for corrupt alliances with His enemies? He reminds Muslims time and again of the successes and victories which He had bestowed to them – victories which they achieved without any alliances with the kuffaar – victories despite the paucity of their numbers and relative lack of military equipment. Reminding the Mu’mineen of the victory He gave them, Allah Ta’ala says:

“He bestowed to you their lands, their homes, their wealth and such a land wherein you had not set foot. And, Allah has power over all things.” (Aayat 27, Ahzaab)

Now, O Salafi Mujaahideen, and O Taalibaan Mujaahideen! Do you have any doubt in all these Divine Promises? Whilst you will say that you have no doubt, it is clear that you lack understanding of the secret underlying the achievement of the much desired victory over the forces of kufr and oppression. If Allah Ta’ala wills, the morale will be extinguished from the hearts of the kuffaar and they will be overcome with morbid fear for you. The Qur’aan says in this matter:

“He cast fear (and awe for you) in their hearts. Thus, you killed a party (of them) and took prisoner a party.” (Aayat 26, Ahzaab)

The hearts of men and every atom in the universe function by His direct command and intervention. The solution for the defeats of the Mujaahideen is to acquire Divine Power, not the aid of the cardboard ‘super’ powers. The ‘power’ of the U.S. and Nato will vanish into oblivion the day the Mujaahideen succeed in the acquisition of Divine Power (the Nusrat of Allah Azza Wa Jal).

“If Allah aids you, then there will be no one to conquer you.” (Aayat 160, Aal-e-Imraan)

“And, there is no aid except from Allah, The Mighty, The Wise.” (Aayat 126, Aal-e-Imraan)
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Q. Please explain what is happening in Egypt and Syria.

A. What is happening in Egypt and Syria is fitnah which is the consequence of gross transgression and rebellion against Allah Ta’ala by the Muslim populations of those countries. Currently in Egypt the ruling party is not Muslim. Whilst they have Muslim names, at heart they are kuffaar and munaafiqeen. They abhor Islam.

The Muslim brotherhood whilst a Muslim party, has strayed far from the Sunnah. They are ghair muqallideen, nevertheless, our emotional support and duas are with Morsi and his people. At least they proclaim Islam.

In Syria, two kaafir groups are fighting. One, is the extreme Shiah sect of Asad and his people. The other group consists of secularists who abhor Islam and who are fighting for a secular state. In the mix some Salafi Mujahideen are also participating. But in the end they will fail.

The population consisting largely of Sunnis who in turn consist largely of Muslims who have practically abandoned Islam, is being punished. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has warned the Ummah of these types of Athaab which will settle on them when they turn their backs on to the Deen.  


Q. Please comment on the anarchy in the Arab lands.

A. Whilst a valid Jihad is being waged against the U.S. and Nato invaders in Afghanistan, the conflagration which has engulfed Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya is total anarchy and chaos. Killing and plunder are the order of the day, especially in Syria currently. The upheavals in these lands have no Deeni base.

The objective of the so-called Free Syrian Army battling the brutal regime of the tyrant, Assad, is only to topple the present kaafir regime, and to substitute it with another kufr regime. Colonel Nimah of the Free Syrian Army told BBC News: “The jihadist ideology contradicts with what the FSA is fighting for.”

The FSA is fighting for the illegitimate creature called “American democracy”. The same scenarios which are prevailing in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia will be the ultimate consequence of the destruction of the villainous, barbaric regime of Assad. Whilst many Arab Mujaahideen have filtered into Syria and are fighting alongside the FSA, their motives of Jihad will not yield the desired fruit.

Baatil and Haq cannot strike a compromise. Kufr and Imaan are poles apart. The one is the antithesis of the other. Whilst these forces with antagonistic ideologies may strike up a temporary alliance in the face of the common enemy (Assad), the pact is doomed to fail with the Mujaahideen suffering the same fate as they had in Bosnia and Iraq.

Currently, the U.S.A and the western powers are tolerating the presence of the Mujaahideen in Syria since the objective of the West is to eliminate Assad, and to achieve this aim, the Arab Mujaahideen are being tolerated and used. Joining forces with kuffaar (viz. the FSA in this case) is not Islamically logical. After the elimination of Assad, the FSA with its western backers and supporters will first turn their sights on the Arab Mujaahideen who will be hounded, rounded up, killed and expelled on the Al-Qaidah pretext.

The ta’leem of Islam is conspicuous. Jihad is only for the sake of Allah Ta’ala – to establish the Deen on earth, and to endeavour to achieve salvation for humanity in the Hereafter. There is no other motive for Jihad.

Muslims, therefore, have only two options – Jihad or Sabr. If they have the power to wage Jihad, then this option is Waajib. If they lack this power, then the next option is Sabr.

During the Sabr option, it is Waajib to concentrate on moral reformation and spiritual progress. When the greater part of the Ummah has achieved a substantial degree of morality and spirituality, then Allah Ta’ala will create the appropriate circumstances for the domination of Islam. And for this achievement the aid of kuffaar and fussaaq regimes and forces is not required. The only requisite is the Nusrat (Aid) of Allah Azza Wa Jal – Aid which Allah Ta’ala is currently withholding from the Ummah on account of the high treason of transgression in which the Ummah is grounded.

Without roohaaniyat (the spirituality stemming from healthy Imaan), there will never be any success for Muslims. As long as Muslims reject the Deen of Allah Ta’ala, they will remain bogged down in humiliation and defeat, succeeding only in killing their own kind and remaining the slaves of the Western nations. This is the lamentable scenery in all the Muslim countries, especially the Arab lands. The one glimmer of hope is the Taliban in Afghanistan.
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Q. Recently a respected Imaam in our city joined the rebels in Libya and during the fighting he was martyred. The Imaam went to Libya to assist in the fight against Ghadafi. His intention was to help free Muslims from oppression. I have personally known the Imaam for many years. His desire was to fight in the Path of Allah. My questions are: Is the Jihad in Libya legitimate? Can one make dua against Ghadafi and his forces?

A. The conflagration in Libya is not a valid Shar’i Jihad. The rebels who have now installed themselves as the government with the aid of the West are not contemplating the establishment of Islamic law. However, so far, the new rulers appear to be the lesser evil. Ghadafi was not a Muslim. He was an avowed enemy of the Deen. His removal has opened the door for those who wish to practise the Shariah.

The people of the Deen should now take maximum advantage of the freedom of religion to implement programmes of the Deen for Deeni ta’leem and moral reformation which were forbidden during the tyrannical reign of Ghadafi. It is not possible for people of the Deen to unite with the secularists in a kuffaar system of government. The new rulers are merely substituting one system of kufr with another system of kufr. Those who have fought against Ghadafi for the sake of establishing a western system of kufr government come within the purview of the Hadith:

“The killer and the killed will be in the Fire.”

As for the Imaam, may Allah Ta’ala grant him the lofty mansions of the Shuhada. Since his intention was sincere it is hoped that he has gained shahaadat. And Allah knows best. In view of the scenario being so murky, there being no clear direction, dua should be in general for those whose intention is to serve Allah Ta’ala. Dua should also be made for the guidance of all the Muslims who are embroiled in the anarchy and internecine killing and destruction which are benefiting the enemies of Islam and of the Ummah.
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Q. Is Hamas an Islamic organization? Are the Hamas fighters who are killed shaheed?

A. Hamas, whilst a Muslim organization, is not an Islamic movement. It does not have as its objective the establishment of an Islamic state. Its goal is a western-type ‘democratic’ system. Allah Ta’ala Alone knows whether those fighting under the banner of Hamas are shaheed or not. Generally, the ordinary fighters have sincere intentions. Insha’Allah, they will be martyrs depending on their niyyat.


Q. If Muslim soldiers are killed nowadays, do they become shaheed? Should they be buried with their uniforms?

A. Governments of Muslim countries in this age are generally kaafir. All governments in Muslim countries have rejected the Shariah and govern according to kuffaar law. The security forces too are bolstering kuffaar regimes. In this scenario a soldier or police killed in battle will not be a Shaheed and should not be buried with his uniform. It is not permissible to voluntarily join the army in Muslim counties which are all under the yoke of zulm – injustice and oppression. The primary function of the armies in Muslim countries nowadays is repression and brutality against the Muslim population. They do not exist for Jihad. The cowards only know how to brutally mow down Muslim civilians.


Q. Is Boko Haraam of Nigeria a valid Jihad movement?

A. The information we have received about Boko Haraam of Nigeria is as follows:

(a) They are anti-westernization and want the Shariah to be the government. This aim is correct. (b) To achieve their goal, they kill recklessly. They kill even Muslims who disagree with them. If this information is correct, then their methods of achieving their goals are Haraam. It is not permissible to kill recklessly and spread anarchy in the land.

Bokomo Haraam is a Muslim organization in Nigeria purportedly formed to establish the Shariah in Nigeria. Whether this is true or false, Allah knows. However, indiscriminate violence is the methodology of Bokomo Haraam. Its members kill even Muslims who differ with its violent methods. Whilst Boko Haraam’s professed objectives are Islamic, the method of indiscriminate violence and killing is haraam. A Brother from Nigeria writes:

“The security network has completely broken down. Nigeria is becoming Somalia. The Somalisation of our country is in progress now. Every day there are horror stories of kidnapping, assassination, bombing, robbery of individuals and banks. Nobody is saved. Banks are usually closed to customers for two to three weeks or even months in some places for fear of being violently robbed by armed robbers. The Boko Haraam group has threatened to attack and bomb the southern states of Nigeria. Hitherto, they are operating only in the northern region of Nigeria. The group’s spokesperson said that they have concluded plans to extend their activities to the southern part of the country. The federal state government has completely lost control of the situation. They are in a state of confusion. The primary function of any viable government is to provide security for the citizens. But, this is by no means forthcoming from the government. There is tension everywhere. Everybody, including the politicians, are living in fear. No one knows where the next bomb will explode.”

Despite its stated lofty objectives, Boko Haraam presents more the image of a murderous Mafia outfit. It will not be far-fetched to assume that Boko Haraam is the creation of sinister foreign forces to destabilize the country.

Destabilization of a country is the surest way for the western powers for pirating and plundering the natural sources of the land. This is happening in Iraq and Libya. The anarchy and mutual killings allow the colonialists to grab the wealth of these unfortunate countries. Whilst brothers are killing brothers, the alien Satanists are comfortably siphoning off the oil wealth.

Nigeria is rich in oil and other natural resources. So whilst anarchy reigns supreme in the land, the westerners are quietly plundering the oil wealth and other resources. To maintain the momentum of the internecine warfare and anarchy, the West supplies the warring groups with the necessary weapons.
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Q. Why are even the pious, righteous people being overtaken by Allah’s punishment that is presently engulfing the Ummah? How is such punishment averted?

“And, fear such a fitnah (punishment/calamity) which will not apprehend only the transgressors among you. And, know that, verily, Allah is most stern in punishment.”

In this Qur’aanic verse Allah Ta’ala issues a severe warning to the learned and pious members of a nation. They are warned of the disaster of severe punishment which will not be restricted to the transgressors who are the initial cause of the calamity. The divine punishment which will be unleashed as a consequence of transgression gone overboard, will overtake even the Ulama and the Sulaha in the community. Explaining the rationale for the universal punishment, Hakimul Ummat, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) states in his Bayaanul Qur’aan:

“Just as self-reformation is incumbent, so too is it Waajib within the confines of one’s means to strive for the reformation of others by way of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice), whether by hand (i.e. by force) or by tongue or by abstention from association (with the transgressors) or by abhorrence within the heart, and this is the very last and weakest stage. The consequence of acquiescence (which leads to abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof) is that the calamity of the evil (which others commit) will not be restricted to only the actual sinners, but will overtake even those (Ulama and Sulaha) who had abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof.”

Since abstention from Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy anil Munkar without valid reason is mudaahanat (hypocrisy) which causes the abstainers to acquiesce with the flagrant transgressors, thus displaying flagrant disregard for the prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala, they too are guilty of major sins, hence the universal punishment which befalls even the silent Ulama and Sulaha is justified despite their sincerity and acts of virtue.

Allah Ta’ala abhors mudaahanat. In Sharhus Sunnah, Imaam Baghawi (rahmatullah alayh) narrated a Hadith from Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (radhiyallahu anhu) and Hadhrat Aishah Siddeeqah (radhiyallahu anha) in which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Allah Ta’ala will not inflict His punishment on the entire community on account of the sins of a few.

However, when the sins become prevalent and are flagrantly committed, and people despite having the ability do not prevent the transgression, then Allah’s punishment will engulf the whole community.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) also said that when Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar is abandoned, then Allah Ta’ala will appoint such tyrants over us who will neither respect our seniors nor show mercy to our little ones. When such calamities befall us, the pious in the community will supplicate to Allah Ta’ala, but their duas will not be answered. That is because they had all acquiesced with the flagrant transgressors in the perpetration of their sins.

For the Ulama to abstain from sin and transgression is not enough. It is their Waajib obligation to guide and admonish the Muslim community, and to the best of their ability to prevent Muslims from wanton disobedience. However, in the present era, the Ulama not only have abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof, but are in fact flagrantly indulging in explicit haraam deeds and vice. Their transgression is worse than the sins of the masses because they (the Ulama) are justifying their evil and by distortion of the Qur’aan and Hadith, they follow in the footsteps of the Ulama of Bani Israaeel who used to legalize the prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala.

This attitude of the Ulama is the surest sign of the impending universal (aam) punishment which is looming in front of us. Allah Ta’ala revealed to His Nabi, Hadhrat Yusha’ (alayhis salaam) that He would soon be destroying with His punishment a city of 100,000 people among whom were 40,000 Sulaha whose good deeds were like the hasanaat (deeds of virtue) of the Ambiya. Hadhrat Yusha’ (alayhis salaam), greatly surprised, supplicated:

“O Allah! That the punishment befalling the transgressors is understandable. But why shall even such pious persons be punished?”

Allah Ta’ala informed His Nabi that the reason for the Sulaha being punished along with the transgressors is their mudaahanat. They had abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. They socialized and fraternized with the fussaaq and fujjaar. They would freely mingle with them and when invited for meals, they would join the sinners. Their desensitization rendered them partners in the transgression of the flagrant sinners, hence the universal punishment.

The silent Ulama and Sulaha should have mercy on themselves and on the errant community, and this mercy they can show by means of vociferous and vigorous Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. As long as the Ulama discharge this Waajib obligation, Insha’Allah, the universal punishment – the fitnah mentioned in the aayat – will be averted. The Ulama are supposed to be the Representatives of (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the defenders of the Shariah. It is therefore their incumbent duty to proclaim the Haqq and admonish the community.

They should not fear if the smiles of people disappear and if monetary contributions for their Deeni projects are withheld as a consequence of Amr Bil Ma’roof. Yes, those ulama-e-soo’ who misappropriate the contributions and consume fire by lining their pockets with funds contributed for Deeni Projects cannot be expected to execute the sacred task of Amr Bil Ma’roof.

But, there are many sincere Ulama who have adopted deafening silence in the face of flagrant fisq and fujoor on the basis of some misconceived idea of ‘hikmat’ which more appropriately should be termed dubious diplomacy which is a lesson whispered into their hearts by Shaitaan.

As much as we all are pained to observe and hear of the atrocities which the kuffaar are committing on entire Muslim populations, and as much as we cry and supplicate to Allah Ta’ala for succour, we know that what is transpiring is the decree of Allah’s Athaab. Only Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness) and Inaabat (to turn with total obedience to Allah Ta’ala) are the solution for the perennial calamities which are besetting Muslims the world over.
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Q. Some people are condemning Saddam Husain. They even say that he was not a Muslim. Please comment.

A. Saddam Husain is dead. He died many years ago, most probably as a Shaheed. What benefit is there in backbiting a dead man? Nothing but sin! Regardless of his sins and injustices, he died as a Muslim, looking the masked kaafir executioner in the eyes, and proclaiming verbally the Kalimah Shahaadat. His last words were La ilaahah il lallaah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who says ‘La ilaahah’ will enter Jannat.” Throughout his incarceration, he was daily reciting the Qur’aan Shareef. The fact that he proclaimed the Kalimah with the noose around his neck, makes it haraam to speak ill of him. At least there is reasonable certitude that he departed from this world with Imaan. But what assurance do those who speak ill of him have that they will leave this earth with Imaan intact?


Q. Salafis say that it is compulsory for Muslims to migrate from countries such as the U.S.A. where Muslims are being oppressed. Since Islam is being targeted in America, Muslims should make Hijrah. Is it compulsory to make Hijrah?

A. Hijrah (Migration) from evil and from an evil place to virtue and to a virtuous place is necessary. But one has to be practical regarding the physical Migration from one country to another country. Even if it is necessary to make Hijrah, it does not follow that in all circumstances it is Waajib to migrate. Consider your circumstances. We ask: Is it necessary for you to migrate from the U.S.A. because of the anti-Islamic attitude of the government? Is it necessary for the Muslims of Syria to migrate? The government in that country has banned Hijaab and many Islamic tenets. In fact it has cancelled the Shariah. Is it necessary for Muslims to migrate from a country where they are not allowed freedom to perform even the basic Islamic rites? If the answer is yes, then the next question is: ‘If they don’t migrate, will they be sinners?’ We shall say no, they will not be sinners. They will be sinners only if despite finding a place to migrate to they refuse to do so.

Now if 10 million oppressed Muslims in a country which is openly hostile to Islam and Muslims, want to migrate, which country will accept them? In fact, if one poor Muslim, like yourself wishes to migrate, to which country are you going to migrate in the current world scenario? Firstly, the situation in all the countries of the world is the same. There is no country which is favourable towards Islam and Muslims.

Secondly, no country will allow you to settle in their land. They will allow only wealthy persons who are able to invest large sums of money, or highly qualified professionals who can find jobs to settle in their lands. So when there is no country to which you can migrate, why will it be sinful for a Muslim not to migrate? Even all the mountains, jungles and deserts are under surveillance. A Muslim living on a remote mountain in any country will be abducted by America with the collusion of that country’s authorities, and be accused of being a terrorist. It is very easy to say that Hijrah is Waajib. But when we agree and say: Well, now migrate!, then the person is lost. He then will have no answer.

Those who say it is Waajib to make Hijrah, remain in the country despite raising the slogan of Hijrah. One has to be practical. We encourage people to migrate from Darul Kufr. But where will you today find Darul Islam? To which Darul Islam can you migrate? In fact, there is not a single Darul Islam today. Furthermore, Furthermore, there is not a single Darul Kufr that will accept you with open arms. To migrate from a hostile Darul Kufr to a friendly Darul Kufr is acceptable. But you will not find today a friendly Darul Kufr to accept you as a citizen. The issue of Migration is not as simple as the slogan-raisers understand it.
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Q. I would like to know with all the fitnahs on a scale never seen before, what is the best way ahead? Is Hijrah (migration) an option to save oneself and family? If yes, which country? If no, how do we survive the epidemic of evil? What about the Hadith which mentions the refuge of the mountains and jungles?

A. It is clear that those who are conscious of the Deen and desirous of following the Sunnah are hemmed in on all sides. We are heading for times when according to the authentic Hadith, a man will wish that he was in the grave. The Fitnah appears to be total.  The issue of Hijrah (Migration) is extremely complex in this age. To which country can a practising Muslim migrate? While the Hadith regarding refuge in the mountains is authentic, if today you take to any mountain anywhere on earth, the satanic authorities will immediately be there to label you as a terrorist. You will be apprehended and sent to one of America’s Black torture dungeons. At this juncture in history, even the mountains do not offer succour to a true Mu’min. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had also predicted that the true Mu’min will flee with his Imaan from town to town, village to village, mountain to mountain like a hunted fox with the hunter hot on its trail. This is a sure Sign of the Approaching Hour.

There does not appear to be a single country, a mountain or a jungle where a Muslim can freely practise the Sunnah. All Muslim countries are worse than most kuffaar countries. The governments in Muslim countries actively harass orthodox Muslims and align themselves with America’s ‘terrorist’ concept and conspiracy. In other words, practising Muslims – Muslims who observe the Sunnah – are regarded as terrorists and valid subjects for persecution.

Last week the current ‘Hindu’ government (the Awami League) of Bangladesh declared that Bangladesh was not established for Islam, and that Bangladesh is not an Islamic country despite 98% of the population being Muslim. Thus, the government has issued a decree to ban the Islamic curricula of the Madaaris. Islamic political parties too will no longer be allowed in Bangladesh. All Muslim countries are following this trend of kufr.

From our experience, we find that Muslims in South Africa have the greatest freedom of religion comparatively speaking. We are more free to practise Islam here than anywhere else. Our problem in South Africa is not posed by the state. The state does not hinder Muslims who practise Islam. It is the evil of Muslims themselves who are actively dismantling the Shariah. While the government in South Africa allows us a large measure of freedom of religion, Muslims are plunging headlong into kufr, fisq fujoor and bid’ah The so-called modernist intelligentsia aided by the liberal ulama-e-soo such as the NNB, SANHA, MJC, UUCSA, and other criminal cliques of their ilk, who have treacherously sold their Imaan and betrayed Allah, His Rasool, Islam and the Ummah, are digging at the foundations of Islam to destroy the Deen of Allah Azza Wa Jal’, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. But all of them are in league with Shaitaan. They all come fully within the glare of the Hadith:

“Whoever honours a man of bid’ah aids in the demolition of Islam.”

If you carefully scrutinize the views, plots and activities of these various groups of modernists and ulama-e-soo’, you will not fail to discern that they all are munaafiqeen or operating in the shadows of the munaafiqeen – wolves in sheepskin – shayaateen in human bodies. Their avowed mission is to dismantle the Shariah in the name of Islam. Thus, you have them clamouring for abrogation of the Shariah with satanic devices such as MPL, and you find them conspiring to abrogate the Aqaaid (beliefs) of Islam with their Interfaith conspiracies and the like. You see supposedly ulama bodies such as the NNB Jamiat (the Fordsburg Jamiatul Ulama headed by one Reverend Abraham Bham) advocating, promoting and actively supporting and  participating in the condom cult.

They support and promote the zina event – the world cup games – which has made provision for thousands of prostitutes and tens of millions of zina devices (condoms). Can you imagine a more satanic and immoral depth of degradation than this? Could you have imagined five years ago that an ulama body which claims to be the heir of the Jamiatul Ulama of Transvaal, would sink to the very bottom of the barrel of immorality by actively hosting and supporting the proponents of the zinacondom cult?

We are in the vortex of a violent hurricane of kufr, fisq, fujoor and bid’ah. It is every man for himself. The Ship of the Ummah is sinking fast. Save your Imaan as best as you can, for Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that in times such as these: “Shun the affairs of the public.” Nevertheless, those on whose shoulders rests the defence of the Deen, viz., the Ulama-e-Haqq, have to resolutely confront and fight all these forces of shaitaan who are masquerading as Muslims while their nifaaq simply drips from their faces and from every centimetre of their bodies. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on this errant, fallen, disgraced Ummah.
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Q. We can see the signs of Qiyaamah are present today. How should we react? Should we start moving to Syria and Yemen?

A. Today you will not find even an isolated mountain to move to. You appear to be completely unaware of what is happening in Syria, Yemen and other Muslim countries. You have more freedom of religion here than in Syria and Yemen. None of these countries will allow you to settle in their lands. You have to live according to the demands of the Shariah to the best of your ability. It is, after all, not impossible to accomplish this feat.


Q. I wish to migrate from the U.S.A. To which Islamic state should I go?

A. Brother, you will find no Islamic state to which you will be able to migrate because in this age  there does not exist a single Islamic state although there are more than 50 Muslim countries. All these countries are governed by kufr systems. The rulers are kuffaar and munaafiqeen masquerading as Muslims. Furthermore, none of these countries will allow you to live permanently in their lands. You will be allowed a maximum of 3 months as a tourist. All the kufr governments controlling the Muslim countries are hostile to Muslims who endeavour to lead lives according to the Sunnah.


Q. When I am released from prison, I want to migrate from the U.S. Which Hanafi Muslim country do you recommend?

A. There is no stable Muslim land to which one could migrate. The only Hanafi land which fights on a Deeni platform is Afghanistan. But migration to that country in the present scenario is not possible. There is no other Muslim country currently where a Muslim could go and settle. No Muslim country will allow a poor Muslim of the Deen to settle in the country, and that is because all Muslim countries are ruled by kaafir governments, fussaaq and fujjaar kings and rulers, all lackeys and slaves of the U.S. and the West in general – all masquerading as Muslims with Muslim names, but with kuffaar hearts.


One thought on “Fatwas on Jihaad and Hijrah

  1. Anonymoo

    “Wherever Salafis have waged Jihad, they have failed to establish Shariah law for any length of time. And, when they temporarily establish Shariah law, it is restricted to stoning fornicators, whipping the ignoramuses, and cutting off hands without due Shar’i procedure. They lack understanding of the meaning of a Shariah state.”

    “Even in Afghanistan, Jihad is not Fardh-e-Ain for the Afghans. The Mujahideen do not require canon fodder. They are fighting a powerful enemy. But they do not need 10 million men and women to destroy themselves in vain. …..and this is not the objective of Jihad.”

    Really golden. Jazakallah khair for sharing. These fatwas can counter the noise from Salafis about their version of jihad, where some of them glorified Anwar Al Awlaki, Osama bin Laden, and the like who legalize the killing of civilians, women and children and terrorism in the name of “jihad”, and perpetrating the meaning of sharia in a shallow view/understanding. They are really tribulations for Islam and ummah. May Allah bless the Maulana saheb and you in best imaan and health.


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