The Pre-requisite to an Islamic State – A Truly Islamic Community

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Why an Islamic State will not Flourish

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

In this age of moral degeneration and spiritual barrenness in which the Ummah is floundering, rudderless, without any direction, an Islamic state is a distant, unattainable hope and dream. Among the Muslim fighters in different parts of the world, there are the sincere Mujahideen whose aim is undoubtedly the creation of an Islamic state which will be governed by the Shariah. This goal is noble and laudable. But we have to understand and accept the reality of the improbability of establishing a pure Shariah state in the totally alien and hostile environment prevailing in every Muslim country. There is not a single Muslim country which is ready to accept a state which will be governed by the Law of Allah Ta’ala.


The reason for this is manifest. It is not difficult to fathom why an Islamic state stands no chance of success in this age with the present state of decadence of the Ummah. The simple fact is that in every Muslim country the Muslim masses themselves are averse to an Islamic state. The masses are groveling in an advanced stage of moral corruption. They have largely abandoned even the fundamental tenets of Islam. The Sunnah has been almost in entirety jettisoned from their lives. A very small, insignificant percentage of the Ummah adheres to the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


This greater part of this small percentage—the pious or the so-called pious— present an external facade of submission to the Sunnah. At heart they too are enslaved to western cults. Then, in the remaining negligible quantity of Sunnah-observing Muslims, the emphasis is only on ritual acts of worship. As far as social affairs are concerned, they too wallow in corruption.

Rights of people are violated. Disobedience to parents, obedience to wives, observance of traditional, not Shar’i Hijab, mutual jealousies, pride and all the attributes of the evil nafs exercise their sway of dominance. In short, there is nowhere a perfect Islamic society which upholds the Shariah and the Sunnah meticulously or as best as possible in the midst of the hostile forces surrounding them.The Ummah is absolutely bankrupt morally and spiritually. An Islamic state cannot survive in such barren and hostile territory. Our Shaikh, Hadhrat Maulana Masihullah Khan (rahmatullah alayh) once aptly commented: “Even if a Wali had to become the khalifah today, he will not succeed because of the anti- Islamic attitude of the Muslim masses.” 


Almost 500 million Muslims inhabit the lands of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. But the Muslim masses of these lands present a lamentable picture. 90% or more have the appearance of Hindus and Buddhists. Their lifestyle is decidedly western or tribal, but not Islamic. They are far, very far from the Sunnah. They are ignorant of the Shariah. They are averse to the suggestion of a Shariah state. The religious parties which field candidates in elections fail miserably.

The masses vote for only the secular parties. Fearful of the strict moral code of Islam, the peoples of all the Muslim lands vote for secularism. The desire is to enjoy the immorality of the western libertine cult and to regulate the economy with the capitalist system of riba.

The masses in the lands of Islam are un-Islamic and so are the armed forces. The entire civil service is in the control of the worst enemies of Islam who operate under Muslim guise. How is it possible for an Islamic state—a Qur’aanic state— to flourish in such a hostile environment with millions of enemies from within?


If by some stroke of fortune a Mujahideen group manages to capture the reins of government or some Deeni conscious military officers seize power in a coup, they will not be able to tarry for long. Ziya-ul Haq of Pakistan had attempted to introduce Shariah Law with the aid of some senior Ulama. He was quickly eliminated by America. While the plot was engineered in the U.S.A. the actual dirty work was executed by Muslims in Pakistan.

At every step, the un-Islamic personnel in the armed forces and the civil services will sabotage the Islamic government. When millions —90% of the masses—are inimical to Shariah Law, there is no hope for success. How many of the population will the handful of Islamic officials be able to imprison and flog for violating the Shariah? Can tens of millions of people be imprisoned and flogged for violations?

True Islamic groups simply have no power base any where in the Muslim countries. Without such a base, the struggle to establish an Islamic state in which the entire population is the enemy of Islam, is futile and doomed to fail.

It is simple logic to comprehend why Shariah Law cannot be imposed in a non-Muslim state such as England, France, China or in any other of the non-Muslims states. There is no need to furnish evidence for the impossibility of establishing a Shariah state in a non-Muslim country. For these very reasons is it impossible today to establish Shariah Law in any Muslim country. In outlook, attitude and conceptions, the Muslim masses in Muslim countries are akin to the non- Muslim masses in non-Muslim countries, hence the creation of an Islamic state is a total impossibility anywhere in the world today.

The Solution

The solution for the ills of the Ummah lies in the way and example of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). He did not form a Jihad group from the very inception of his mission. The initial phase–13 years–of the mission of Nubuwwat was devoted to moral reformation and spiritual elevation. Only after a 100% Islamic community came into existence, was the series of Jihad campaigns inaugurated.

The need of the hour is massive and universal ta’leem and tarbiyat (Islamic teaching and moral reformatory) programs. But this activity is possible only if the Ulama are prepared to sacrifice and devote themselves to the mammoth task of extricating the Ummah from the quagmire of moral rot and decadence in which it is sinking deeper and deeper. However, it seems that until the appearance of Imaam Mahdi, there is no possibility for the reformation of the Ummah on a global scale.

The Ulama themselves are smitten with the worst kinds of debilitating moral and spiritual diseases. Only Allah Ta’ala can have mercy on this humiliated Ummah which has truly become ghuthaaus sail (the muck of floodwaters).

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