From the Islamic perspective, the reaction of the so-called ‘Islamic’ (murtad) states and other wayward Muslim bodies is hollow, insincere and stupid. The cacophony is a lot of stupid noise by those who have been thoroughly defeated on the battlefield by the mushrikeen and kuffaar.

These type of stupid womanish protests and howling do not befit true Muslims. It is only honourable to concede that Muslims have been rendered impotent against the kuffaar enemy. The Ummah is under the Wrath and Curse of Allah Azza Wa Jal, hence the kuffaar are able to trample on us and humiliate the Ummah just as they please, and the combined ‘might’ of the 50 odd so-called Muslim states is unable to offer the appropriate response which Allah Ta’ala has imposed on Muslims, viz., Jihad.

The Jihad which can liberate Jerusalem and all the other Muslim countries currently under the yoke of enemies of Islam posing as ‘Muslims’, is the Jihad of the kind waged by the Sahaabah. The bedrock of their Jihad was Taqwa of an extremely lofty stage. In this age, to attain similar success and victory as the Sahaabah had acquired, the minimum requisite of Taqwa is one tenth that of the Sahaabah. This is based on the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

But the reality is that the issue of Taqwa is alien to the Ummah of this era. The vast majority of Muslims are in reality Zindeeqs bereft of genuine Imaan. Taqwa is therefore an incomprehensible concept for Muslims of this age. In fact, even the molvis and sheikhs frown and are bewildered and in denial when Taqwa is mentioned. Therefore, Muslims can forget about gaining any victory over the kuffaar. They may shout and howl like drunken louts and the western kuffaar will react with mirth and mock. This is precisely the reaction of the U.S. and others in its camp.

This state of affairs – the abject humiliation of the Ummah sprawling and truckling at the feet of the kuffaar was predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who informed us:

“Soon will the nations (of the kuffaar) devour you with their coalition.’ A Sahaabi asked: ‘Will we be few in number (at that time)?’ Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “In fact, you will be numerous. But you will be ghutha’ (trash/rubbish) like the flotsam of floodwaters. Allah will eliminate from the hearts of your enemies fear for you, and He will cast wahan in your hearts.” A Sahabi asked: ‘What is wahan?’ Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Love for the dunya and dislike for Maut (Death).”

This is precisely the condition of the Ummah in this era. We are trash, rubbish and flotsam, hence the kuffaar do with us as they deem fit.

In this deplorable and lamentable state of decadence the only option for Muslims is Sabr (Patience) and Dua (Supplication). And, Sabr in this context is not restricted to passive submission on account of weakness. Sabr here brings within its scope active Islaah of the Nafs (self-reformation). Muslims have to become morally purified and spiritually elevated. Only then will Allah Azza Wa Jal create the circumstances for our victory and domination via the Pathway of valid Jihad.

What the so-called jihadi outfits are doing today is not valid Jihad. All these outfits operating in the name of Jihad are generally U.S. surrogates. They have been created by the U.S. They are trained, armed and funded by the arch-enemy of Islam to assist in the achievement of its global designs. It is for this reason that not a single jihadi outfit can achieve victory against the enemy. They have to dance to the tune of the US.

The footsoldiers who undoubtedly have joined up with sincerity for the cause of Islam, are actually morons. They have absolutely no idea of the conspiracies in which they have become entangled. The hierarchies of these so-called jihadi groups are in cahoots with the enemy. For monetary and other worldly objectives they have betrayed Islam and the Ummah. They have brought unimaginable hardship and misery to millions of ordinary Muslims who have been compelled to flee from their homes. Just look at Syria!

Whatever Muslims have lost on the battlefield cannever be reclaimed by womanish protests and the methodology of the kuffaar. The only way for Muslims is the way Allah Ta’ala has ordained for the Ummah, and that way is Jihad. But, the Ummah currently is impotent and lying in disgraceful prostration at the feet of the kuffaar whose boots Muslims are delightfully licking and they believe that such deplorable humiliation is success, progress and honour. In this regard, Allah Ta’ala asks in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“What! Do you search for honour by them? Verily, all honour belongs to only Allah.”

Jerusalem has been effectively under Israeli control, and so has Musjidul Aqsa, for many decades. What are all the silly noises being made about the stupid non-issue of Trump’s recognition? When Muslims have been miserably and totally impotent to liberate Palestine by Jihad, what do they intend achieving by silly noises about Trump’s silly recognition? Jerusalem is in the hands of the kuffaar. There is no doubt in this reality. There is no doubt in the reality that Muslims have been defeated and have lost Palestine, Musjidul Aqsa, and all their lands on the battlefield.

The biggest victory of the western kuffaar is the successful installation of murtaddeen to be the governments in Muslim countries. All of these governments and rulers without a single exception are kuffaar surrogates. They are murtaddeen having renounced Islam.

It is indeed the height of silliness and stupidity to howl and bray like asses over Trump’s silliness. The kuffaar have effectively defeated the Muslims and taken control of Jerusalem and Musjidul Aqsa decades ago.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]


  1. MHS

    May Allah keep Hadhrat’s Shadow over this Ummah.
    May Allah increase him in all good.
    May Allah unite us with him in Jannah tul Firdous.


    So many people dislike reading the truth.

    I have been called extremist by so many people including my own Shaykh for reading this stuff and being supportive of it.
    But Allhumdulillah through Duaa and patience now even my Shaykh sees the need for Hadhrat.
    Allah has placed immense love in my heart for Hadhrat.

    I sometimes cry while thinking about how Allah allowed me to be in contact with such a Wali.
    I have heard scholars that disagree with him saying he has the Deen of Sahabah. I ask my self what other Deen would a person want.

    May Allah keep us all on Guidance.


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