The Jihaad of Baatil Sects – Victory for the Ummah, or Victory for Baatil?


To add to the previous letter (see addendum below for previous letter), when I referred to ‘jihadis’ from the Ahlul Bid’ah, I was referring mainly to the Salafi Jihadis, not the true Mujahideen of Ahlus Sunnah, who constitute a significant proportion of the Afghan Talibaan.

As a result of having spent many years in various Salafi sects, along with becoming aware of the attitude of the Salaf-us-Saliheen towards the slightest deviations, I became convinced that there no such concept as a ‘good’ or ‘moderate’ deviant group, regardless of the effort of Deen that group may be involved in. There is no good or moderation in deviance – one person’s idea of ‘moderate’ is another person’s idea of ‘abomination’, and vice versa.

Countless narrations and anecdotes from the Salaf-us-Saaliheen demonstrate their extreme harshness towards the slightest of deviations in the Deen, even treating the potential Imaani danger of deviated sects worse than that of the Kuffaar. One can only imagine how the Salaf would have reacted to the deviant fiqh and aqeedah of the Salafi and modernist groups of today. Even the original ‘dogs of hell-fire’, the Khawarij, did not possess the anthropomorphic aqeedah held by the Imaams of the Salafi sect – the authorities who actually define the beliefs of a deviant group (for a glimpse see: Salafi Aqeedah). The fact that such abominable deviations in fiqh and aqeedah are received widely with such indifference, thus exposing our nifaaq, is further proof of how far this Ummah has veered away from the way of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen.

Many groups of Salafis, modernists and other Ahlul Bid’ah are involved in intense Tableegh and Dawa efforts for their cause. Many of these sects are involved in running and establishing Madrasahs (institutes of learning) which serve only to produce more ‘Ulama’ designed to propagate their deviated aqeedah and fiqh. Many groups of Salafis and other deviated groups, have been or are currently involved in what they deem to be Jihaad.

However, regardless of the ikhlaas of the Ahlul Bid’ah, and any short-lived superficial successes, I believe that all Ahlul Bid’ah sects, whether they be Salafi or pseudo-sufi, only serve to aggravate the problems of this Ummah rather than alleviate it. Allah (azza wa jal) is pure and He (azza wa jal) only accepts that which is pure. All deviations, no matter how slight, are aberrations and a primary cause for greater fitnah.

The horrific chaos, anarchy, bloodshed that have recently overtaken much of the Arab world and other parts of the Ummah, catalysed by Ahlul Bid’ah Jihadi groups slaughtering each other, exposes further the deviance and inherent harms of these groups. There are undeniably sincere brothers who may have become naively involved or unintentionally embroiled in such efforts of the Deen carried out by the Ahlul Bid’ah. Allah (azza wa jal) will judge each individual according to their knowledge and intellect, and many sincere brothers who are genuinely unaware of the baatil in their group will have acquired the ranks of the Shuhadaa.

However, as a whole, the groups of Ahlul Bid’ah invariably exacerbate the problems of the Ummah, regardless of superficial short-term gains that serve to cover up the underlying rot that lies underneath i.e. the root cause of Allah’s punishment upon the Ummah which is our flagrant obstinacy and reluctance to submit to the pure Deen – a pure Deen whose teachings have become Ghareeb (lone, forlorn, strange) and completely unpalatable to most Muslims today, as predicted by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

I believe that receipt of Allah’s Nusrat (Divine Help), and withdrawal of Allah’s Azaab (Divine Punishment) which the Ummah is currently being subjected to, is dependent on complete submission and adherence to every aspect of the pure, untainted Shariah. Even the slightest deviations in fiqh and aqeedah is a cause for further Azaab upon this Ummah.

The actions of various Ahlul Bid’ah groups involved in what they believe to be Jihaad, has demonstrated the natural consequence of unfettering oneself even slightly from rigid adherence to the madh-habs. Practically anything becomes justifiable, and deemed to be part of the religion, if it serves meeting the ends. For example, since Jihad is given the status of Fard Ain by these groups, it is not unusual for teenage boys and girls to be sent abroad without even informing their parents, leave aside seeking their permission. Fatwas from major scholars permit and encourage creating chaos and anarchy. Even the killing of non-Muslim civilians for the purposes of Qisaas (equal retribution) is encouraged.

Such fatwas do not even spare Muslims since, whenever convenient, whole groups of Muslims are instantly transformed into non-Muslims on the spur of an ijtihaadi moment of any self-appointed Mujtahid. In fact, Takfeer or Tabdee’ is a very convenient tool used by these Salafi groups to justify pronouncing any group of Muslims eligible for cheating and defrauding, and even eligible for slaughtering (Mubaahud-Daam and Waajibul Qatl). Furthermore, the Salafi mindset allows one to have firm conviction that their chaotically malleable fiqh and aqeedah, which morphs and mutates according to its environs, is the Haqq.

Only political expediencies prevent such mindsets from pronouncing another group as outside the fold of Ahlus Sunnah, or Islam – while possessing complete conviction that every judgement is based on Quran and Sunnah. Thus, one will be very hard-pressed to find any Salafi in Afghanistan ever pronouncing the staunch Hanafi Maturidi Sufi Talibaan as Kaafir or Bidatis, despite the very same Salafi mindset being easily able to do takfeer on other Salafi groups of practically identical aqeedah and fiqh, in another country.

I believe that the only manner in which groups of Ahlul Bid’ah can provide benefit to the Ummah, with their inherent harms minimised, is in the capacity of subservient underlings controlled and dictated completely by the Ahlul Haqq, as was the case for some years in Afghanistan.

I hope you can correct me if I have erred in any of my statements and beliefs mentioned above.


Your ideas and beliefs as expressed in your letter are, Masah-Allah, correct. You have understood the situation correctly, Alhamdulillah. Your summing up of the Salafi mindset and actions is also correct. There is  no success in any baatil sect. May Allah keep you and your family with Aafiyat. Was-salaam. A.S. Desai

ADDENDUM – Previous part to letter above

The current tragedy and conflagration that has overtaken Syria has exposed the abject humiliating state of the Ummah, the deviousness of the kuffaar enemies of Islam, and most importantly, the natural catastrophic consequences of loosening even slightly the constraints and shackles of rigid adherence to one of the four accepted Madh-habs. I would like to mention a number of important points that have arisen recently:

1) The recent public account by the French former foreign secretary of his meeting with British ministers, which took place two years prior to the commencement of the Syrian rebellion, describing their attempt to entice France to participate in the proxy war they were then in the process of preparing against Bashar Assad, using and manipulating those whom they regard as “useful, gullible idiots” i.e. Jihadis, provides further vindication of your claim that the fatwa signed by 108 so-called scholars permitting the Syrian uprising, was an American Fatwa. As explicitly admitted by the French foreign secretary, “…this {Syrian} operation comes from far away from Syria. It was prepared, conceived, and organized {in the UK}…” – the UK being USA’s most loyal pet poodle.

Recently, many of the scholars who had signed that same fatwa conceived and instigated by the Kuffaar, also signed a ‘an open letter to baghdadi’. In this letter are statements that reek of Kufr and western boot-licking such as the following:

“Jihad in Islam is defensive war. It is not permissible without the right cause, the right purpose and without the right rules of conduct…Hence, there is no such thing as offensive, aggressive jihad just because people have different religions or opinions. This is the position of Abu Hanifa, the Imams Malik and Ahmad and all other scholars including Ibn Taymiyyah, with the exception of some scholars of the Shafi’i school”

“The re-introduction of slavery is forbidden in Islam. It was abolished by universal consensus.”

“No scholar of Islam disputes that one of Islam’s aims is to abolish slavery.”

“For over a century, Muslims, and indeed the entire world, have been united in the prohibition and criminalization of slavery, which was a milestone in human history when it was finally achieved.”

“After a century of Muslim consensus on the prohibition of slavery, you have violated this; you have taken women as concubines and thus revived strife and sedition (fitnah), and corruption and lewdness on the earth. You have resuscitated something that the Shari’ah has worked tirelessly to undo and has been considered forbidden by consensus for over a century. Indeed all the Muslim countries in the world are signatories of anti-slavery conventions. God Y says: ‘… And fulfil the covenant. Indeed the covenant will be enquired into.’ (Al-Isra’, 17: 34) You bear the responsibility of this great crime and all the reactions which this may lead to against all Muslims.”  

Those scholars who had signed the document, knowing and accepting fully the contents contained therein, have only served to expose their own deviance, modernism, and colonization of their minds by western kuffaar moral values and standards.

2) Much of the Islamic world, including many of the Salafi Jihadis involved in the Syrian anarchy, have expressed outrage at the actions of ISIS. However, much of the criticism is hypocritical, considering the fact that these so-called ‘moderate’ Salafi Jihadis  (and pseudo-Sufis who employ the Salafi methodology of scavenging for ‘minority’ opinions or performing ‘ijtihaad’) are similarly guilty of the opening the doors of Ijtihaad on issues in which the rulings of the Madh-habs appear too restricted to their chaotically varying modern needs. Just as ISIS and other Salafi Jihadis have managed to circumvent the Madh-habs’ categorical prohibition on killing of civilians, and prohibition of breaking of covenants and treaties, so too do other deviant groups circumvent the official ruling of their Madh-hab whenever it suits their needs and desires.

Since the Salafi/modernist methodology involving such tools as “Ijtihad based on Quran & Sunnah”, “Pick ‘n Mix from all rulings found in madh-habs”, “New rulings based on new circumstances”, etc. offers a unique scope to create a tailor-made ‘Deen’ to suit every individual’s unique intellect cum nafs (desires), it is completely natural for such a methodology to manufacture a malleable ‘Deen’ (religion) that continuously morphs and mutates into forms that blend in perfectly with its environment and serves its own needs – hence the ‘deen’ of ISIS and other Salafi Jihadis have adapted itself to suit the horrific, brutal environment that currently exists in Syria.

The very same methodologies that allow Salafis and modernists in the West to dress like the kuffaar, eat like the Kuffaar, alter their religion like the Kuffaar, also provide ample flexibility to legalise the committing of atrocities, treachery, breaking of covenants, and other crimes, based on ijtihad on verses of the Quran and Ahadith, and ‘minority’ opinions found within our tradition. The same trait of changing the religion is also exhibited by the many Pseudo-Sufi sects who deceptively claim to follow a Madh-hab, yet conveniently depart from the official ruling of their Madh-hab for ‘minority opinions’ or ‘new ijtihaad’ in order to justify their modernism, singing, dancing, and other bid’ah in the name of the pure Deen.

3) Being in its infancy, ISIS have yet to degenerate to the depths to which Salafi groups in Algeria descended to when they had advocated and practiced the raping of women, the slitting of stomachs of pregnant women, the live slaughtering of babies, etc. all of which were justified through Qisaas, and ‘ijtihaad’ based on new circumstances and rules of warfare.

Ample evidence emerged in the aftermath of the Algerian civil war proving that the Salafi Jihadi groups that had perpetrated such unspeakable and shocking acts of brutality had been instigated by and infiltrated by agents of the Kuffaar.

With it now being an open secret that the Kuffaar have been pumping literally billions of dollars for the cause of displacing Bashar Assad, using Jihadis to whom they derisively designate the term, “useful idiots”, it is clear to all but the most brain-dead morons that the Syrian conflagration (or ‘operation’ as the Kuffaar term it) bears all the hallmarks of Kuffaar imperialistic manipulation and infiltration.

4) Major Salafi Jihadi (non-ISIS) scholars themselves hold the opinion, or have issued fatwas legalizing the targeted (not collateral damage) mass-slaughtering of innocent civilians, including women, children and babies, for a ‘need’ or for ‘equal retaliation.’

‘Need’ includes the need to cast terror into the hearts of the Kuffaar – as Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin and others have explained in their famous fatwas. Since ISIS, and other groups such as Boko Haram who employ the Salafi “Quran & Sunnah” methodology, have only gone ahead and implemented these fatwas properly, the followers of these ‘moderate’ Salafi scholars who issued these fatwas should be praising these groups, rather than hypocritically criticising them.

Theoretically, according to the intent and logic contained in these fatwas, broadcasting live beheadings (or worse) of women, children and babies would be justified as this would both cast terror into the hearts of the Kuffaar and also fulfil the command to retaliate equally upon the Kuffaar who have slaughtered millions of our brothers and sisters.

One can imagine the metamorphosis of another natural mutation of Salafism metamorphosing itself in that intensely brutal environment doing exactly that, calling themselves ISIS-Plus, and televising live beheadings (or worse) of women, children and babies. In such a scenario it would be equally hypocritical if the current ISIS were to whine about the relative extremism of ISIS-Plus.

5) Further demonstrating the potential capacity of the modernist religion, unshackled from rigid taqleed of the madh-habs, to mutate itself into an unlimited number of permutations of ‘Deen’, the fighters and supporters of ISIS and other Jihad Salafi groups are known for their flagrant modernism and lack of Hayaa (shame). They freely broadcast Haraam videos and pictures of animate objects; they publically boast online and joke about recently-acquired concubines; they chill out playing kuffaar video games and other haraam activities; they eat and drink like the kuffar, consuming carrion (just say ‘bismillah’ and eat), alcoholic fizzy drinks, and other mushtabah (doubtful) foods; and there are practically countless more examples many of which are publicised openly without shame.

To give another small example (out of countless examples out there) that serves to illustrate the unique potential for the Salafi modernist methodology to produce a lethal cocktail of brutality, modernism, kuffaar boot-licking, and every possible aspect that runs against the grain of Islam,  there is an ardent outspoken supporter of ISIS called Shaykh Abdullah Faisal. Just a few of his horrendously absurd statements or ‘fatwas’ issued online on an official site include the following:

“Any Muslim who doesn’t give his Bayah to the Islamic State is a Munafiq and his wife is haram for him.”

“Whenever a person migrate to the dawla it’s haram for them to return to the west. To return is an act of apostasy according to shariah law.”

“Anyone who doubts that a Saudi Salafi is a kafir for cementing the thrones of apostate leaders, is himself a kafir. This is called chain takfir.”

“White folks are the only people to burn the Holy Quran and use cartoons to insult Muhammad. Something is wrong with that race.”

Yet the very same Shaykh who issued all these statements is also easily able come out with Kufr garbage in line with the other end of modernist extremism such as the following example:

“The Hadith about the Prophet Muhammad (saw) consummating a marriage with Aisha at 9 is not authentic. Please fear Allah and don’t repeat it…. Aisha was 19 when she consummated her marriage with the Prophet… Aisha migrated at age 17 and consummated her marriage 2 yrs later….   The Hadith about Aisha consummating at 9 is fabricated so fear Allah and stop lying on Muhammad (saw)”

The Syrian anarchy has exposed thoroughly the root cause of all this chaos and anarchy occurring in the Deen today i.e. the widespread abandonment of rigid taqleed of one of the four accepted madh-habs. Such widespread abandonment is in reality an integral part of the plot of intelligent Kuffaar conspirators to destroy the Ummah from within, splintering it into countless new innovated ‘madh-habs’ masquerading as a ‘deen’ adapted for the modern age.

As part of the materialisation of Rasulullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) predictions regarding the signs of the last day, many of the teachings of the pure immutable Deen, as represented by the official ruling of the four madh-habs, have already become completely unpalatable and Ghareeb (lone, strange, forlorn) to Muslims today whose minds have been thoroughly influenced, colonized and subjugated by the unprecedented ideological onslaught of modernism. As a result, every possible loophole is scavenged for by the various Salafi, modernist, and pseudo-sufi sects in order to avoid submitting to the official ruling of their Madh-habs.

In order to receive Allah’s Nusrat (divine help), the Ummah requires only a small group of sincere believers to sacrifice their desires completely and submit themselves to the full Deen. When Allah’s Nusrat does arrive, the tide will turn with unprecedented force, in the same manner the small group of ‘Ummi’ (unlettered, illiterate), ascetic, and technologically destitute Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) acquired dominion of the whole world within a matter of years – a feat unmatched in the recorded history of mankind, achieved without modernising a single aspect of the pure Deen.


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