Do Maturidis Believe that “Allah is Nowhere”, which is blatant Kufr?


The coprocreep without a vestige of shame disgorges the following slander against the Ulama of Deoband and Imaam Maturidi:

“…the cornerstone of Maturidism – “Allah is nowhere” – is at stark odds with what scholars of the Salaf said.”

He has not presented a single quotation from any of the kutub of the Ulama of Deoband or of Imaam Maturidi to support the above slander.  When a charge is levelled, it is  incumbent on the accuser, in fact the slanderer, to present his evidence.  The story of Imaam Maalik (rahmatullah alayh) severely reprimanding the man who had enquired about the manner of Istiwa alal Arsh is not justification for the coprocreep’s slander.  This anecdote only warns people not to ask about issues which is beyond human comprehension.

The coprocreep’s slander is that according to Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh), “Allah is nowhere”. What is his evidence for this slander.  It devolves on the coprocreep to first prove that the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah (whom he terms ‘Maturidism’) has propounded the doctrine of ‘Allah being nowhere’.

Furthermore, the coprocreep has no entitlement of citing Imaam Maalik (rahmatullah alayh) in support of any of his contentions.  Such citation is the  function and right of only Muqallideen, not of those who abhor ‘Blind Taqleed’.

Differences of opinion among the Salaf-e-Saaliheen abound. A Mujtahid  does not have the right to impose his Taqleed on another Mujtahid. If another Mujtahid differs with Imaam Maalik regarding  approach and methodology of  answering questions, such methodology is the  inviolable right of the Mujtahid. Another Mujtahid may have answered the questioner in another manner which would also be correct.

Imaam Maturidi was a Giant who strode the  firmament of Islamic Uloom. He may not be  fettered to any Mujtahid in his sphere of expertise. He may not be accused of being in conflict with the Ahlus Sunnah if he differs with Imaam Maalik or Imaam Hambal  on any issue. He is an authority in his own right. He is not the little brother of the coprocreep Salafis. Whatever views he has expressed are within the framework of the Shariah. He is not in conflict with any of the Nusoos of the Shariah.

Incumbency to adopt the methodology of Imaam Maalik (rahmatullah alayh) or of any other Imaam did not devolve on Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh) as a necessary article of Faith to which he had to offer  his taqleed. Nothing of his interpretation is beyond the parameters of the Shariah. If indeed there is any conflict, the coprocreep and the gangs of deviant Salafis should present an academic elucidation based on Shar’i rationality.

Furthermore, valid interpretation of certain issues devolved as a necessity to combat and neutralize the  anthropomorphic rubbish which deviant sects such as the Jahmiyyah, Karaamiyyah and the Salafi sect of this age have spawned as a direct consequence of their corrupt beliefs such as the assignment of a specific abode in space for Allah Azza Wa Jal, and their anthropomorphicizing the Sifaat of Allah Ta’ala.

Even today these stupid Salafi coprocreeps prowl the streets accosting ignorant laymen and firing  at them the uncalled for question: ‘Where is Allah?’  They confuse and pollute the minds of laymen with issues which never existed in their imagination. Imaam Ibn Jauzi Hambali has specifically warned stupid ‘scholars’ from confusing and corrupting the minds of innocent laymen with copro-questions.

Every Muslim believes in Allah Ta’ala in the way the Qur’aan Majeed  teaches. The Qur’aan says that Allah Ta’ala:

  • Is in the heavens and in the earth
  • Is with you wherever you are
  • Is in the east and the west
  • Is wherever you turn your face
  • Is on the Arsh
  • Is closer to you than your jugular vein.

The unpolluted minds of the masses do not delve into the philosophical nonsense introduced from the Greek philosophers by the likes of the Mu’tazili sect. With stupid questions, the present-day Salafis pollute the minds of the masses with uncalled for questions which corrupt their minds and Imaan. It appears that the only article of Salafi Imaan is the issue of  Istiwa alal Arsh. In consequence of their obsession with this issue they subtly assert anthropomorphic tendencies for the Attributes of Allah Ta’ala.

It is a total impossibility for the  uncorrupted simple mind of  the layman, in fact of even the greatest Scholar, to comprehend a being sitting on a created object in a specific spot in created space, who is devoid of  the finite dimensions of direction and physical body. Whilst the Qur’aan declares: “Nothing is like Him”, the coprocreeps constrain laymen to conjecture physical attributes and finite dimensions for Allah Ta’ala with their corrupt doctrine of  cordoning off Allah Azza Wa Jal on the Arsh.

Now when a coprocreep Salafi points his finger towards the sky and emphatically says that ‘Allah is only there’, what idea of Allah Azza Wa Jal will be constructed in the mind of the layman? When a dumb person (one who is unable to speak) slaughters an animal, then according to the Hambali Math-hab, he should indicate Tasmiah by pointing his finger upwards.

Despite dumb Hambali followers practising accordingly and although Hambali muqallideen are aware of this Fiqhi mas’alah, it never gave rise to the rotten doctrine of the coprocreep Salafis. It was accepted purely as a Fiqhi mas’alah in the same way that we face the Qiblah without believing Allah Ta’ala to be living inside the Ka’bah in the way coprocreeps believe Allah Azza Wa Jal lives on the Arsh.

Muslims are aware that Allah Ta’ala is “nearer to us than our jugular veins”. But this awareness never gave rise to any anthropomorphic ideas regarding the Being and Attributes of Allah Ta’ala. When it is said in the words of the Qur’aan: “Whichever way you turn your face there is the Face of Allah.”, it never raced through the minds of ordinary Muslims that Allah Ta’ala is a physical being in the east and the west. Everyone accepts the Qur’aanic verse and what is said therein without asking and wondering of the manner of His Presence. How is He present? This question has developed only in the wake of Salafi rubbish conceptions.

To neutralize the ideas and conceptions of  kufr which  form in the minds of ordinary people in the wake of  Hashwi stupid propagations, Imaam Maturidi was constrained to present  valid interpretation of certain issues. At no stage did Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh) claim that any of his interpreted views is immutable and that the reality is as he has interpreted.  On the contrary, Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh) explains in his Tafseer, Ta’weelaatu Ahlis Sunnah:

“The principle is what we have mentioned: viz. We do not measure  His action with the action of creation nor His Attribute with the attributes of creation because, verily, He (Allah) has informed: “Nothing is like Him”. -Surah Shuraa 

Further expounding on this principle, Imaam Maturidi states:

“Verily, we attribute to Him that which has been revealed and in the manner it has come. We know that He has no resemblance  to whatever has been narrated of the actions of others besides Him….…   Verily, we believe that Allah – nothing is like Him, and it is not conceivable for Him to have a likeness in any thing.”


Employing deceit or displaying abject  jahaalat (ignorance), the coprocreep fraud/moron states:

“Furthermore, the verses of Surah al-Mulk are explicit enough -“Or are you secure enough from the One who is in the Heaven that He shall not send down a storm upon you?” This can be rendered into a question and answer format – “Who is in the Heaven”, answer: ‘Allah’,……..This verse cannot be more explicit in its meaning,…”

The conclusion the coprocreep has hallucinated from this Aayat is that it explicitly mentions that Allah Ta’ala is in the Heaven, hence it should be concluded that He is on the Arsh.  This corrupt conclusion is the effect of the moron’s stupidity as well as deceit. The response to this drivel is as follows:

1) The Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal in the Heaven has never been denied by the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

2) Allah’s Presence in the Heaven does not negate His Presence elsewhere simultaneously. This aayat in no way whatsoever refutes Allah’s Omnipresence.

3) The coprocreep moron has either conveniently forgotten or overlooked or displayed his ignorance regarding  the other Aayat which explicitly confirms Allah’s Presence in even the earth. Unequivocally confirming this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“He Who is in the heaven is Allah, and He Who is in the earth is Allah.”                           (Zukhruf, aayat 84)

Whilst the aayat in Surah Mulk  states the Divine Immanence in the heaven, the aayat in Surah Zukhruf proclaims the Divine Presence in the earth. This aayat dispels the deceit and stupidity of the moron coprocreep. Dismissing the stupid argument raised on the basis of the aayat cited by the coprocreep, Ibn Jauzi Hambali (rahmatullah alayh) states in his  Daf’u Shubh:

“I say that it has been unequivocally established that this aayat does not have a  literal meaning   because the term ‘in’ (fi in this aayat) denotes zarfiyyah (containment in a confined space). But Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala  cannot be contained (by space).”…

The vulgarity of these coprocreep Salafis is appalling. In  their stupid attempt to ‘prove’ that Allah Ta’ala sits on the Throne like a physical being and to deny Omnipresence, they  insolently ask: “Is Allah Ta’ala also in the toilet?” In addition to their insolence and vulgarity, this question betrays their hidden Tajseemi aqeedah of  the attribution of  anthropomorphic tendencies to Allah Ta’ala.

Presence in the toilet demands physical body just as the fixation on the Throne demands physical body and  finite dimensions. Since  tajseem  is their guideline, they think along anthropomorphic lines, hence the toilet question. Their brains are  polluted with the copro substances which are found in the toilet.

In the same way as their toilet question, it could be asked:  Is Allah Ta’ala aware of  what takes place inside the toilet? Does He see into the toilet? Can He hear what transpires inside the toilet? To all of this, the coprocreep tajseemis will reply with an affirmative, ‘yes’. Just as  Presence is the Attribute of Allah Azza Wa Jal, so too are Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, etc. His Attributes.  So by the same token, it can be said to  the dumb coprocreep Salafi that  you Salafis are extremely  disrespectful to Allah Ta’ala for  claiming that He is in the toilet! The very same conclusion applicable to Presence is applicable to all the other Attributes, none of which have physical form.