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The proof of the miracles of the Holy Prophet $& The word: $1 (‘Zyktan) in verse 14: 21 \$; I;!; (And when they see a sign) literally means ‘sign’ and at this place it means ‘miracle.’ Hence, this verse proves that Allah Ta’ZlE had given to the Holy Prophet % some other miracles as well in addition to that of the noble Qur’Zn – which refutes those who take the miracles of the Holy Prophet $$& as effects of physical causes, and thereby claim that no miracle, other than that of the Qur’Zn, was shown at the blessed hands of the Holy Prophet %. , , ,s 9, ,’, ‘ In this verse (14), Allah Ta’ZlZ has clearly said: L~&L+ 4) I~IJ I;!; (And when they see a sign, they make fun of it). Some people who deny ,.* ,> miracles say that, at this place, the word: hS (‘Zyat) does not mean ajh~ (‘mufjizah) or miracle, instead, it means rational arguments. But, this approach is patently wrong in view of what is said in the next verse that %.>4+ 2 follows immediately: $ ih i$; (and they say, “this is nothing but an open magic – 37:15). It is obvious that declaring an evidence and argument to be open magic does not make any sense. They could have said something like this only when they had seen a miracle. Some deniers of miracles also say that the word: hi (‘Zyat) means ayat or verses of the Qur’Zn, as it is these verses that the disbelievers declare as magic. But, the word: 1;:; (rE aw: they see) of the noble Qur’Zn is flatly contradicting this assertion. The verses of the Qur’Zn were not seen. Instead, they were heard. Hence, wherever Qur’anic verses have been mentioned in the noble Qur’Zn, the words used there are those of hearing, not of seeing. And place after place in the Qur’Zn, the word: $7 (Fzyat) has appeared in the sense of mu’jizah or miracle. For instance, while reporting the demand of the Pharaoh from Sayyidnii MCsZ %&I it was said: If you have come with a sign bring it out, if you are one of the truthful (7:106). In response, SayyidnZ MEsZ had shown the miracle of his staff turning into a serpent. As for the verses of the Qur’Zn where it has been mentioned that the Holy Prophet % did not accede to their demand for a miracle, the fact is that miracles had been repeatedly shown thereby, but they used to ask for an ever-new miracle of their choice almost everyday. It was in response to such demands for miracles that they were turned down. It was done for the reason that a prophet of Allah shows miracles at the will and command of Allah Ta’ZlZ. If anyone still refuses to accept the true message conveyed by him, then, coming up with a new miracle everyday is counter to the dignity of the prophet, as well as counter to the will of Allah Ta’ZlZ. In addition to that, it has been the customary practice of Allah Ta’ZlZ that, once some people were granted the miracle they had asked for – and they still failed to believe – then, they were destroyed through a mass punishment. But, in view of the intended survival of the community of the Holy Prophet % and with the objective of keeping it safe from any mass punishment, no such miracle on demand was shown before it.

Verses 19 – 26…

So, it will be only a single (castigating) Call, and all of a sudden they will begin to see. [19] And they will be saying, ‘Woe to us; this is the Day of Retribution!’ [20] (It will be said to them,) This is the Day of Judgment that you used to deny. [21] Muster all those who were unjust, and their fellows, and whatever they used to worship [22] other than Allah, and show them the way to Jahannam, [23] and make them stop (for a while) – they are to be questioned: [24]” What has happened to you that you do not help each other?” [25] On the contrary, all of them today are totally submissive . [26] Commentary After having shown the possibility and proof of ‘ahirah or Hereafter, Allah Ta’5lZ has described some events relating to Resurrection in these verses. Given in the first verse (19) is the mode in which the dead will rise a*, , * again. It was said: b&lj i3j 2 dG (So, it will be only a single [castigating] Call and all of a sudden they will begin to see – 37:19). The word: :gj (Zajrah) is a noun derived from ‘>j (zajr), and it is used to carry many meanings in the Arabic language. Out of these, one meaning is: ‘To utter such sounds which, when heard by cattle, would motivate them to rise and get moving.’ Here, it means the second Sur (Horn or Trumpet) that will be blown by the angel, SayyidnE IsrEfil @I. Hence, it has been expressed as ‘zajrah’ for the reason that the way some sounds are produced to prompt cattle to rise and get moving, very similarly, this SCr will be blown to make the dead rise. (Tafsir al-Qurtubr) Though Allah Ta’515 is, in His infinite power, inherently capable of making the dead rise again without having the SGr blown, yet this SCr will be blown in order to highlight the awe of the Resurrection (Tafsir , >>’,, 3 > : , Kabir). Its effect on the disbelievers has been identified as: (and all of a sudden they will begin to see – 37:19), that is, the way they could see in the mortal world, in the same way, they would be able to see there. Some other commentators have explained it by saying that, overtaken by wonder, they will start looking at each other. (Qurtubi) ,I” ,,.: I’ >’ In verse 22, it was said: +!j;ij !+ >+J! IJ+~ (Muster all those who were unjust, and their fellows). Here, the text has used the word: c!j;i (azwEj) for cohorts, fellow travelers,or people of the same persuasion – a word literally meaning ‘pair’. Then, this word is very commonly used in the sense of spouses. That is why some commentators have said that it means wives of the Mushriks who were also Mushriks. But, in the sight of most commentators, the word: i!j;i (azwEj) at this place means nothing but people of the same persuasion, and it also finds support in a saying of Sayyidna ‘Umar &. Imam al-Baihaqi, ‘Abd-ur-Razzaq and others have reported this saying of Sayyidnii ‘Umar 4% under their explanation of , 3 > ‘, >’ this verse. They have said that the word: (cgrljjl (azwEjuhum) in the text means ‘other people like them.’ Thus, (while mustering the unjust), huddled together there will be the people of the same interest, fornicators with other fornicators and drunkards with other drunkards. (R+-ul-MaZn? and Mazhari) , >>>, *’ , In addition to that, by saying: sj-~u IjCij (and whatever they used to worship – 37:22), it was expressly laid out that, along with the Mushriks, all those false objects and entities like idols and satans they used to worship and equate with Allah as His associates in the life of the world will all be mustered together – so that, at that time, the helplessness of these false objects of worship could be demonstrated publicly. ,>,>,: After that, a command will go forth to angels: +!A J! (~BJJA~ (and show them the way to Jahannam – 37:23). When the angels will take them away, and reach close to the Bridge of Sirat, they will be / >’,’> 3 , ‘5 , > > !. commanded: w! (make them stop – they are to be questioned – 37:24). Thereupon, at this place, they will be questioned about their beliefs and deeds – that have been mentioned in the Qur’an and Hadith at many places.