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I am a student at a Darul Uloom. Many of us, although aware that the Madrasah does not allow cell phones, do have smart phones. The students view haraam programmes on their phones. The Madrasah recently raided the rooms and confiscated the phones. Now they said that the phones will be sold and the money used to pay the Madrasah’s fees. However, the fees are not compulsory. If students do not pay, the fees are not regarded as a debt. Is it permissible for the Madrasah to keep the money?


It is not permissible for the Madrasah to take the money of the phones as payment for fees which are not compulsory. The Madrasah may not keep the money. The money has to be given to the students whose phones have been sold. It should also be understood that the Madrasah authorities are fully entitled to raid the rooms of the Talaba. In fact, in the scenario prevailing nowadays, it is waajib to regularly raid the rooms and even expel the offenders.

The Talaba who keep phones should feel ashamed of themselves. They desire to become molvis, yet they indulge in the filth of pornography, etc. That is why there is such a glut of ulama-e-soo’ nowadays. The minds of these evil talaba are contaminated with filth and immorality. That is why the molvis of today display their ugly snouts on television and believe videos and digital pictography to be halaal.

Such molvis who had ruined the purity of their hearts, filthied their eyes and brains with the fisq and fujoor of pornography, movies and the like were never Students of the Deen. They are of the progeny of Iblees.

It is indeed obnoxious for the Talaba to be affronted by the confiscation of the phone proceeds. They are quick to seek a fatwa on the issue of the money, but they are not at all concerned with the fisq and fujoor they indulge in whilst studying Qur’aan Tafseer and holding in their hands the noble Kutub such as Bukhaari, Tirmizi, Muslim, Hidaayah, etc.,etc. Never ever is it possible for such fakes and frauds to acquire true Ilm of the Deen.

Ilm is a Noor from Allah which settles in the heart of the Taalib. If the heart of the student is impure – filthied with fisq and fujoor – never will that Noor settle in the filthy heart. Ilm is not textual knowledge. There are many kuffaar experts of Arabic, experts of Hadith and experts of Fiqh. They have translated almost all the Kutub of the Fuqaha and Muhadditheen. They fluently read the texts, correctly translate into English and even surpass innumerable molvis in textual ability. But they remain kuffaar. That is because they are deprived of Ilm – the Noor of Allah Ta’ala.

Talaba who indulge in fisq, fujoor, sport and futility are also deprived of the Noor of Ilm.

Also, the managements of the Madaaris should hang their heads in shame for ruining the akhlaaq of the Talaba and destroying the roohaaniyat which Talaba should acquire from the Kutub. The Madaaris aid the shaitaani process of preparing ulama-e-soo’ with the haraam sports fields they have established on Madrasah premises. They further have given the Talaba the idea of Taqwa being an alien concept or that it is a concept for relegation into antiquity. Tomorrow on the Day of Qiyaamah the Madrasah authorities will be hauled into the Divine Court to answer for the destruction they have caused to Ilm-e-Deen , the Deen and the Talaba under their wings.

When Imaam Shaafi’ (Rahmatullah alayh) complained to his Ustaad, Hadhrat Wakee’ (Rahmatullah alayh) about his memory, the noble Ustaad responded:

“Ilm is a Noor from Allah, and this Noor is not awarded to a sinner.”

Therefore, O Talaba! Be alert and search deep into your hearts and souls to understand the villainy and khiyaanat you are committing. About such evil Talaba the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Ruined are they in the dunya and in the Aakhirah. Verily, that is a great ruin.”

[Answered by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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