Imam Mahdi – a Destroyer of Bid’ah

The frequency and clarity with which Mujaddid Alf-e-Thaani condemns ‘Bidah Hasanah’ throughout his letters leaves no ambiguity as to his stance on this issue. Considering the vehmence with which he condemned and lamented on ‘bid’ah hasanah’ acts as they were being propagated by the majority of the scholars, the Mujaddid would most likely have been branded as ‘wahhabi’ by so-called sunni ulama, if he was around today.

Let alone the Ulama-e-Haqq, even Imam Mahdi will not be spared the slanders and denigrations of the Ahlul bid’ah.

The Messenger of Allah  said:

“Seventy thousand people from my community wearing turbans will follow the Dajjal.” 
((Musannaf of ‘Abd ar-Razzaq)

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thani re-affirms in the letter below the predictions of the classical fuqaha, that the ‘ulama’ from the Ahlul bid’ah will be amongst the first to confront and slander Imam Mahdi. The Mujaddid mentions the severe manner with which Imam Mahdi will deal with a scholar who practises bid’ah while considering it ‘hasanah’. Unlike the Mujaddids and Ulama-e-Haqq who have been slandered in recent times by the Ahlul bid’ah, Imam Mahdi will have the power to silence them completely with the sword – the real sword, not just the sword of truth.

Even without the sword, truth always seem to prevail over falsehood. The work and impact of Deobandi scholarship in recent times, is just one of countless such examples in our history.

Vol 1, Letter 255

Letter to Mulla Muhammad Tahir Lahori, persuading to renovate the Shining Sunnah and destroy Bid’ah,

Praise be to Allah and peace be upon His chosen servants. Your esteemed letter sent through Hafiz Baha-uddin has reached [me] and gave [me] much pleasure. How great a bounty it is that the loving ones and devotees be committed with their efforts towards renovating any Sunnah of the Mustafavi Sunnah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) and for having fully dedicated themselves to destroying any Bid’ah of the displeasing Bid’ah. Sunnah and Bid’ah are opposed each to the other, the existence of one necessitates the negation of the other. Hence, enlivening the one means deadening the other, and renovating Sunnah necessitates the deadening of Bid’ah, and vice versa.

Now whether they call a Bid’ah good or bad, it necessitates the negation of Sunnah, but perhaps in view of its relative goodness [some] may have labelled it [good], since there is no room for absolute goodness therein, and just as all the Sunnahs are pleasing acts near to Allah, their opposites are pleasing acts near to Satan.

Today, due to wide spread propagation of Bid’ah, these wordings would be hard to bear upon many, but tomorrow they would know whether we are on the right path or they.

It is related that when Hazrat Mahdi during his reign would be giving currency to the Religion and would renovate the Sunnah, an Alim of Madinah who practises Bid’ah whilst considering it as ‘Hasanah’, and who would have added to the Religious practices, would surprisingly say:

“This man has destroyed our religion and has put to death our creed”.

Hazrat Mahdi would order his killing and declare his virtue as vice.

“That is the bounty of Allah bestows upon whom He will, and Allah is the owner of great bounty, ” (Q- 2:156).” (Volume 1, Letter 255)


Devotees to Worship Will Commit Bi’dah and Stray Into Shirk Unwittingly

The following hadith from Ramuz al-Ahadith of Shaykh Ahmad Diya ad-Deen al-Kamushkhanawi, which is relevant to the above letter, re-iterates the fact that the accomplices of Dajjal will be those who will be occupied with acts of bid’ah and who will have strayed unwittingly into Shirk:

“There will be such times that common people will read the Qur’an, devote themselves to worship (but) they will be busy with the acts of the companions of innovation (bi’dah) and stray into polytheism (shirk) unwittingly. They will derive profit by their words and science, and get wealth by abusing the religion. Here they are the accomplices of the Dajjal, who is blind in one eye.”

2 thoughts on “Imam Mahdi – a Destroyer of Bid’ah

  1. Abdur Rahman

    I find this article confusing. Are you stating that there is no such thing as Bid’ah Hasanah I’ve are you stating the term is being misused and being branded as Bid’ah Hasanah for various pervasive motives?

    There are various acts within our religion that are classed as Bid’ah Hasanah as introduced by our pious predecessors. To denounce the term is to forego major practices of our religion including Taraweeh in Jama’ah, the 2nd Adhan of Jummah, the compulsion of the Quran into a Mushaf amongst navy others

    1. admin Post author


      I shall be posting articles that will demystify the concept of bid’ah clearly for any sincere reader – a concept which the Ulama-e-soo purposefully make ambiguous so that they acquire scope to justify their deviations under the banner of ‘bid’ah hasanah’. For now, this article(s) should clarify some aspects:


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