Mozambique Shuts Down Masjids and Oppresses Muslims


In the wake of some violent attacks by some stupid ‘jihadi’ gang serving the interests of some sinister force, the Mozambique authorities have closed down three Musjids in the city of Pemba and another in Cabo Delgado. In some places Fajr and Isha’ Salaat have been banned in Musjids.

The stupid authorities claim that their investigations have established that the gang used to frequent these Musjids. This has been sufficient justifiable cause for the government to regard the Musaajid as ‘terrorist’ centres, hence the order to close. The Mozambique authorities are indeed intellectually extremely dim. Despite more than 50% of the population being Muslim since time immemorial, the government has miserably failed to understand the functioning of a Musjid. If gangsters and scoundrels frequent a Musjid, it is lamentable ignorance to believe that the Musjid is a ‘terrorist’ centre.

The Musjid is an open venue. All and sundry – the pious, crooks, scoundrels, frauds, gangsters, the intelligentsia, saints, devils and morons of every hue attend a Musjid to perform Salaat. There are no secret rooms and cellars in a Musjid. The place is at all times open and available for 24 hour government surveillance. However, the ignorant authorities reacting stupidly, ludicrously and unjustly closed down the Musjids.

If the authorities had managed to establish that the gangsters who had committed violence in the name of ‘jihad’ had frequented the three Musjids for Salaat, why could they not establish with regard to the Musjids whatever they have conjectured and associated with the Musjids?

By closing the Musjids, the government has fallen into the trap of the sinister foreign force which has orchestrated the ‘jihad’ attacks. This move of the ignorant authorities as well as other anti-Islam acts such as banning Hijaab, will lead to an increase in gangsterism in the name of ‘jihad’. The sinister force will utilize these stupidities of the government to gain more recruits in the name of ‘jihad’. Violence is therefore set to escalate and more repression and injustices for Muslims are in store in Mozambique.

The Muslim community in the country has very loose ties with Islam. They are even anti-Sunnah. Such an Islamically miscreant community will not engage in any anti-government activity in the name of ‘jihad’. The community leaders – molvis and sheikhs – are inveterate government bootlickers. Gross Imaani deficiency constrains such despicable spineless conduct.

If the Mozambique intelligence apparatus can only inject some brains in their extremely deficient system of investigation, the government would then be in a better position to understand what is happening in the name of ‘jihad’ by a handful of louts employed by some sinister foreign force to destabilize the country to enable it (the sinister force) to pirate off the oil wealth in the region where this satanic so-called ‘jihad’ has been initiated by an unknown gang.

In the final analysis the repression and injustices in the making in Mozambique are a form of Allah’s Athaab for Muslims who have drifted far from Siraatul Mustaqeem. This is the disease and the rot which is gripping the entire Ummah all over the world.


A Sister from Mozambique writes:

“I am in a state of disquiet. In my city which is Montepuez, the Province of Cabodelgado in Mozambique, the authorities ordered that Muslim women cannot use the Niqab due to the confusion of the Al Shabab attack that occurred recently in Mucimbua at the beach. Whoever is seen wearing the Niqab will be arrested by the police. One day recently, a woman who was in hijab was attacked by the population in a locality near my city, and myself and a friend were vulgarly abused because we were wearing our Niqab in the street. I want to know what is the Shariah’s advice in this situation? Do we have to abandon wearing Niqab ?”

Answer and Advice

While the Mozambique authorities have banned the public wearing of Hijaab, and while the people are violently targeting Muslim women in Hijaab, Allah Ta’ala orders Muslim women in the Qur’aan Majeed to remain indoors. This command of Allah Ta’ala has greater emphasis and relevancy in the situation prevailing in your country.

Even when there is no hostility towards Muslims, then too it is not permissible for Muslim women to roam around in the streets. Wearing Hijaab dress does not justify their emergence and prowling around in public. Their homes are their holy sanctuaries. In their homes they are safe. Outside in the streets they expose themselves to the shayaateen, fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar.

The only solution for the problem is for women to remain within the precincts of their homes. Hijaab is not confined to dress – the cloak and niqaab. The very first obligatory demand of Hijaab is to remain at home.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

One thought on “Mozambique Shuts Down Masjids and Oppresses Muslims

  1. Yusufu

    If the country dwellers population is over 50 % being Muslims, what is the problem with the that maladministration government fails to understand the beliefs of the majority of its citizens?
    Shame to that government and the ruling party!


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