The following is a letter addressed to Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai, dated the 27th of June 2019. Shortly after this letter, the Jamiatul Ulama of Northern Cape issued a suitable response to the abominable crime referred to in the letter.

Assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Muhtaram Hazrat,

I am writing to inform Hazrat of a public transgression of the Shariah committed by Mufti Taqi a few months ago. I came to know of it only a couple of days ago, although there are good reasons to believe that many Ulama, especially some of the senior Ulama of the UK, have long been aware of the incident.

During a recent visit to Russia, Mufti Taqi gave an interview to a journalist. I have verified the following facts about this interview:

1) It was broadcast on television. There is nothing surprising about this since he is one of the prime culprits in Halaalizing to the masses the crime of video-making of animate objects – a crime which all the Akaabir including Mufti Taqi’s own teachers regarded to be amongst the major sins which renders the perpetrator an evil Faasiq.

2) The journalist conducting the interview was a young female. In the sphere of conducting television interviews, young females are invariably recruited for their attractiveness.

3) Mufti Taqi was sat only a couple yards away, face to face with the female journalist.

4) There was no purdah (barrier) in between Mufti Taqi and his female interviewer.

5) Mufti Taqi was looking straight at his female interviewer.

6) The journalist was wearing “Hijab”. “Hijab” in the meaning employed by contemporary Ulama refers only to the headscarf.

7) This interview has been propagated widely and is easily found online.

8) The subject of the interview was “Islamic” banking.

9) The interview was around half an hour long.

One brother messaged me yesterday:

“Just googled it. Very shocked. He is looking towards her and talking. He said he was impressed by Russia. The Shayateens killing Muslims.”

I think he was referring to the Russians as “Shayateens”, although he could also have been referring to the Aimmah Mudhilleen.

I do not have any other detail at this present time regarding the exact contents of this interview.

A condemnation and clarification is critically important since in the eyes of the so-called Deobandi clergy today, there are five proofs of the Shariah: Qur’an, Hadith, Ijma’, Qiyaas, and Mufti Taqi. What was once unanimously Haraam becomes Halaal if Mufti Taqi does “ijtihaad” saying so.

In recent times, there has already been a growing number of Deobandi Muftis and Maulana who attend weddings, meetings, conferences, and the like, in which there are no barriers set up between men and women. Muftis had, some time ago, already begun issuing fatwas that it is permissible to attend such gatherings. Deobandi charities such as Ummah Welfare Trust, run under the advice of senior Ulama from the UK, had long ago started employing females for their work, even for “manning” their stalls which serve all and sundry.

In the eyes of even senior Ulama, let alone the masses, the large number of Ulama condoning an act that was previously regarded unanimously as Haraam is sufficient for it to transform suddenly into one that is Halaal, or at the least, one in which there is scope for ikhtilaaf.

However, now, it seems that in regards to dispensing with the requirement of segregation, the supposed “fifth” source of Shariah, Mufti Taqi, has finally come on board.

Hitherto, many other Muftis and Maulanas, although completely disregarding the obligation of women emerging only as “Tafilaat” (unkempt and unattractively dressed), or the prohibition on women attending masjids and walimas (due mainly to the almost total extinction of “Tafilaat”), or other requirements of the Shariah, did at least exert some degree of effort in erecting barriers between men and women whenever indoors.

Now, with Mufti Taqi’s tacit approval broadcasted openly and unashamedly, even this feeble barrier is bound to crumble completely. Why even bother with such an arduous task, especially after fabricating a hallucunated “need”, when even the most senior of Muftis can dispense with it?

Very few of these Deobandis will not feel stupid in attempting to claim this lengthy and voluntary interview with a young female falls under darura. Usually, by the time someone destined for zanadaqah gets to the stage of not feeling stupid for making such an absurd claim, he or she will have already abandoned all pretence of even invoking such principles as darura.

The interview is bound to be propagated with great relish by some zindeeq modernists as vindication for their own stances, if it hasn’t been already. They will feel, perhaps with some justification:

How many decades has it taken for you, O Molvis, to finally accept that we Zindeeq modernists have been correct all along about digital pictures, about pictures in general, about gender segregation, about women attending masjids and other public places, about “Islamic” Riba, and about countless other issues? How much longer are you Molvis going to still maintain your pretence of holding onto your Akaabir and fail to realise that we Zindeeq modernists have always been light years ahead of them, having been proven correct eventually, often after many decades, time and time again? How much longer will it take for you Molvis to fully embrace our Deen, and finally abandon the teachings of your backward, bigoted and intolerant Akaabir, and leave such teachings exclusively for a few, isolated extremists (Ghurabaa) to still hold onto?”

While writing this email, I found it very difficult to append the title “Mufti” to “Taqi”, although at one time, quite a while ago now, he was the scholar I used to look upto the most. I have only done so because Hazrat has still continued to employ this title for him despite the deviance he has been responsible for. I assume it is because of his relative orthodoxy in other areas of the Shariah as compared to the masses of pure modernists today who claim affiliation to the school of Deoband.

I was also forced to concede to myself that there is absolutely no one I can write to, other than Hazrat, regarding such an open transgression of the Shariah, and realistically expect the issuance of a suitably worded reprimand that fits the villainy of the crime and clarifies for the benefit of the masses, in a manner that avoids beating around the bush, the evil of the transgression.

I have not been able to find a single public comment from any Aalim condemning this incident or displaying even the slightest concern for its potential ramifications and the urgent need to issue a clarification for the edification of the masses, despite this video having been openly propagated for the past few months.

Instead, during my futile search for such a notice of clarification, I have found out that a group of senior Ulama affiliated to the most prestigious madrasah in the UK (darul uloom bury) had accompanied Mufti Taqi in Russia. It is extremely unlikely that they were unaware of Mufti Taqi’s interview. In fact, one Aalim who published a travelogue describing the Ulamas’ stay in Russia wrote the following entry in which his primary concern manifests itself:

Mufti Ṣāḥib is also interviewed by a female journalist who enquires about women being allowed in the Masjid. Mufti Ṣāḥib responds that if a woman is out of the house and needs to perform Ṣalāh, she should be allowed to perform Ṣalāh in the Masjid.”

The above entry might or might not be referring to another Haraam interview conducted with a female journalist, although the dates do seem to coincide.

It appears that male journalists do not exist in Russia.

For such Ulama, there appears to be no such concept as Bughd fillaah anymore. Rather, their Bughd (fee ash-Shaytaan) is far more likely to be directed at the extreme few whose Ghairah for Allah’s Deen compels them to utter a word of truth. There appears to be no concern for the reckless and public trampling of the Shariah by superstar clerics. There appears to be no concern for the catastrophic consequences of such an incident for the masses, most of whom will eagerly do Taqleed of their Ruhbaan and Ahbaar (senior Shaykhs, Buzurghs and Muftis) over any opportunity to do away with another integral requirement of the Shariah.

The last bastion of orthodoxy remaining in a world saturated with unprecedented evil and deviance, the group claiming affiliation to the august Akabir of Deoband, has well and truly completed their assimilation with the Ghutha that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted the Ummah, especially its scholars, would become.

It appears inevitable that the Divine Chastisement currently afflicting the entire Ummah, both on an individual scale and a communal scale, due to our heinous apathy to Allah’s Divine Laws, is only a small prelude to far greater Torments to come.

I sincerely request Hazrat’s Duas for safety and security from such torments, especially for my family.




The response of Jamiatul Ulama (Northern Cape) to the fitnah mentioned in the letter, dispensed with the need for Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai to respond himself. The response can be found in the following link:


This post was reposted on the 8th of January 2021.

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  1. Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajioon

  2. Most revealing is the silence of the people who believe themselves to be ulama. No gheerah for the deen at all. But they’ll definitely have bucketloads of gheerah for any alim who dares to point out or condemn this evil. No wonder the ummah is in such a state. Like the famous hadith says, the ulama will be the worst of the people. In reality, they’re not true ulama. The true ulama could never stay silent in face of such travesties. Sadly such true ones are few and far between today.

    • Yes, we have appreciate even more now the few who still are speaking the haq. This so serious issue and look how few come out to speak haq. More than a year ago too. La haula wa la quwwata illaa billaah

  3. Embarrassed silence from so-called Ulama and worshippers of Taqi Usmani. They also have the gall to pretend to be upholders of the Haq.

  4. My advice for the people commenting above. Read positive affirmations translated from urdu and farsi by our mainstream elders. One year from now come back and read your comments. You are all so busy trying to reform the mislead ulamaa that you forget that the greatest change is the one with you and your selves.

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