[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]


“Today by the grace and kindness of Allah Jalle Jalaalahu we have gathered to fulfil shukr (gratitude) for His great bounty in the form of granting us Pakistan ……….. Even today we remember the scenes in Hindustan where the slogan of ‘What is the meaning of Pakistan? Laa ilaha il lallaahu’ would echo. In these slogans and resolutions Allah Ta’ala granted blessings. And bestowed this land to us by His fadhl. ……… It is a country which was formed in the name of Islam. It was formed on only this basis that Islam is a reality apart from kufr, and that Islam is the basis of the unity of this nation. Loyalty to such a country, love for it, striving for its development and progress are not only the rights of of the homeland, but is our Deeni obligation. By virtue of this, a great sanctity is added.”


For licking the boots of the evil Pakistani rulers, Mufti Taqi has presented the red herring of the Kalimah and the ostentatious objective of Islam for which the fussaaq founders of Pakistan had deceptively and falsely claimed the country was being formed. The Ulama of that time who had supported the formation of Pakistan had been successfully duped by Jinnah and his cohorts.

While we are not saying that Pakistan should not have been formed or that the senior Ulama who had supported the formation of this country had erred in their adoption of the concept of a separate homeland for Muslims, we state unequivocally that the political leaders who were at the forefront of the Pakistan movement and were the kingpins in its establishment, were fussaaq, fujjaar and despicable liars.

In order to dupe the ignorant, simple and unwary Muslims for gaining their support, the fussaaq, in fact kuffaar political leaders had dangled the chimera of an Islamic state in front of the people. They promoted the gigantic LIE that Islam will find free-play in the new homeland, and that the object was only this and nothing else.

Today, more than 70 years later, and despite witnessing nothing but fisq, fujoor and kufr being enacted as laws in Napakistan, Mufti Taqi is fielding the very same LIE which the vile political leaders had sloganized at that time. Mufti Taqi shamelessly struggles to portray this land of fisq, fujoor and kufr as an Islamic state, hence he speaks the drivel of loyalty and love. Let us ask: loyalty and love for whom? For those who have resolved to destroy Islam?

The law of Pakistan is kufr. The judicial system is kufr. The economic system is kufr. Liquor, prostitution, gambling and riba are legal. Women have the right to parade lewdly in the streets. Besides the superficial Islam portrayed by the Madaaris and the Tabligh Jamaat, there is nowhere genuine Islam flourishing in Pakistan.

The military, airforce, navy and the security apparatus are all in the control of kuffaar – Shiahs and Qadianis. Muslims are hounded and persecuted by the evil corrupt authorities of Napakistan. The land has been made thoroughly napaak (impure) with fisq, fujoor and kufr. What loyalty and love is Mufti Taqi talking about? How is it possible to be loyal and to love rulers who are the very antithesis of Islam? Rulers who not only undermine, but destroy Islam.

What is the cunning motive of Mufti Taqi in dangling the bait of an ‘Islamic state’ and presenting the hollow and useless reference to Islam in the constitution when the Shariah has always been a distant, vague dream to the senior Ulama who had been duped by Jinnah, and who had migrated from their beloved homeland of Deoband to settle in Pakistan with high hopes of the country being a Shar’i state?

In this regard, we draw Mufti Taqi’s attention to the sad lament of his noble father, Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh), who lamented:

“In these 15 years what has transpired, its narrative is extremely long. The objectives for which (the formation of) Pakistan were beloved and desirable, the vicissitudes of governments have left them not more than a pleasurable dream. For the attainment of any Deeni revolution and meaningful reformation via the medium of government is incrementally receding into dreams and imagination.”

Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh) made this observation in the introduction of his Ma-aariful Qur’aan. While Mufti Taqi has organized the translation into English of Ma-aariful Qur’aan, he has conveniently omitted this statement of his august father, and the reason is only to bootlick the evil government of this unfortunate country. Pakistan as an Islamic state was nothing but a pipedream, never to be realized in practice. There was in fact no intention by the fussaaq political leaders who grovelled in jahaalat, fisq, fujoor and kufr to ever implement the Islamic Resolution which they had so deceptively dangled in front of the Ulama of that era.

Mufti Taqi committed chicanery with the deletion of the aforementioned statement of his father. Why did he ‘revise’ the introduction to specifically delete this very crucial observation of Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi? It is a statement which does not find favour with the kuffaar government of Pakistan, and it does not chime well with the bootlicking exercise.

Opposition is not for the concept of Pakistan. The opposition and abhorrence are directed to the rotten kuffaar at the helm of government – a government which has transformed the land into Napakistan. Lest we go overboard with our emotions, we must admit that the rotten government is the reflection of the rotten populace, for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Your deeds are your rulers.”

The vast majority of the people as well of the Ulama are decadent and degenerate, hence degeneration and decadence are the lot of the people of that luckless land.

Mufti Taqi further states in his independence day speech:

“I want to say to you that despite irregularities in Pakistan, I say with the fullest confidence that in the entire world there is no more secure and more beneficial land than Pakistan for Muslims……. In the whole world there is no better and no greater country for Muslims than Pakistan.”

Undoubtedly, there is not a single Islamic country in the world today. Every Muslim country is governed by fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar rulers with Muslim names. Without a single exception all of them are pillaging, plundering and abolishing the Shariah. The Deen of Allah Azza Wa Jal does not feature anywhere in the governance of the lands. Pakistan is no better. Mufti Taqi’s claim is baseless bunkum. There is no haven for Muslims in Pakistan. There is no succour and no shelter for Muslims in Pakistan. Just look at the mass expulsion of the Afghan refugees. These were Muslims who settled in the country as a direct consequence of Pakistan playing fiddle to the U.S.A.

The Pakistani government and security devils had meted out horrible treatment to the Arab Mujaahideen. They were hounded, arrested, tortured, expelled and even rendered to the U.S. for greater torture. Yet, the Mujaahideen were in Pakistan by the grace of the Pakistani authorities who were conducting the U.S. ‘jihad’ in Afghanistan.

The lady, Dr. Aafiah was kidnapped in broad daylight with her little children by the kuffaar forces of Mufti Taqi’s hallucinated ‘islamic’ government and brutally rendered to the kuffaar U.S. torturers. There in the kuffaar U.S. she still today languishes in their torture camp. Why is Mufti Taqi dumb in this regard? Countless other Muslims have been hijacked and are still vanishing from the scene by the murderous actions of a cruel, unjust kuffaar government whose boots Mufti Taqi believe licking is a Deeni obligation adding ‘taqaddus’ to his propagated loyalty and love.

What is there to love and gloat about the evil Pakistani government? Only bootlickers are capable of loving a real shaitaani government. There is no doubt in the kufr of the law and in the fact that the rulers are confirmed kuffaar, for the Qur’aan Majeed states unequivocally:

“Those who do not rule according to that (Shariah) which Allah has revealed, verily, they are the kaafiroon.”

No non-Pakistani Muslim is allowed to be in the country except as a tourist for a month. Even an extension is not granted to Muslims whilst limitless extensions are available for Americans and Europeans.

Foreign Muslims are not allowed to pursue Deeni education in Pakistan. Those who were already studying at Daarul Ulooms had to leave when the kuffaar government introduced this anti-Islam measure. What is so great in Pakistan to allow Mufti Taqi to blow his stupid trumpet of deception for bootlicking the villains who have abolished Islam?

Uttering more trash at the haraam independence day celebrations, Mufti Taqi blunders:

“Outside Pakistan there are in fact many Islamic countries, but it is only Pakistan – only Pakistan – which has the honour that the sovereignty of Allah Ta’ala has been made the cornerstone of the constitution. In fact, it is not even enshrined in the constitution of Saudi Arabia that supreme sovereignty belongs to Allah Ta’ala. Furthermore (it is enshrined in the constitution) that any government established in this country (Napakistan) will acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah, and that it (the government) will be established in submission to His Ahkaam (Laws).”

Mufti Taqi by blabbering this drivel has conspicuously portrayed his imbecility. The existence of this hollow, empty article, bereft of practical validity in the constitution is like Ghandi’s acknowledgement of the greatness of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), yet he remains a Hindu idol-worshipper. This is the type of stupid, insincere acknowledgement of the kuffaar government.

Whilst this article is retained in the constitution, it serves only to bamboozle imbecile characters and deceive molvis who lack foresight and who peddle the Deen for the sake of the dunya. This article about which Mufti Taqi stupidly crows much is a mockery of the Deen, a mockery of Allah Azza Wa Jal and a mockery of Islam. There is absolutely no reality to this constitutional article when the entire fabric of governance is the haraam kuffaar parliamentary system in which the Shariah has no say whatsoever.

Hadhrat Mufti Yusuf Ludhyaanwi (Rahmatullah alayh) had labeled the parliamentary system which Mufti Taqi lauds so much, as ‘sanam-e-akbar’ (the greatest idol). Commenting on the mental derangement of the molvis who have accepted the Dajjaali parliamentary system which governs Pakistan, Hadhrat Ludhyaanwi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“Some erroneous universally accepted conceptions have acquired such a degree of acknowledgement that even men of profound intelligence bow in submission. Either they are unable to comprehend the errors (in the baatil conceptions), or even if they understand the errors, they lack the courage to criticize it. The people of intelligence are the victims of this tragedy regarding the great errors which have become prevalent in the world.”

(Hadhrat by ways of example cited idolatry). He continues:

“The coin of universal acceptance is today in operation regarding the parliamentary system. The parliamentary system is a ‘sanam-e-akbar’ which has been originated by the wise-men of the West. Since they were deprived of divine guidance, their brains fabricated the idol of the parliamentary system in opposition to other systems of governance…… In emulation of the West, Muslims too began to recite (the theme) of the parliamentary system. At times they raised the slogan: ‘Islam is the standard-bearer of democracy’. Sometimes they fabricated the term, ‘Islamic Republic ‘ (or Islamic democracy) whereas the idol of democracy worshipped by the West besides not having any relationship with Islam, is the very antithesis of the political dispensation of Islam.

Everyone is aware that Islam proclaims the concept of Khilaafate. …………In a Khilaafate, the highest Law for the rulers is Kitaabullah (the Qur’aan) and the Sunnah. If there develops conflict between the Muslims and their rulers, it shall be referred to Allah and His Rasool. The conflict/dispute shall be resolved in the light of the Kitaab and Sunnah. On the contrary, the fatwa of democracy is that the holiest and the highest document is the constitution of the country. All conflicts will be incumbently referred to the constitution. ……

“Nauthubillah! Recently an article became the adornment of the press in Pakistan. A woman stated that just as Islam allows a man to take four wives, so too should a woman be allowed to take four husbands. Here by us (in Pakistan) in the name of democracy slogans of gender equality are being raised. On this basis it is not far-fetched that the intoxication of democracy will increase and this issue will come up for consideration in parliament (that is, in the parliament of Mufti taqi’s much flaunted ‘islamic’ republic of Pakistan – Al-Haq).

Recently an article of a ‘great thinker’ of Pakistan was published in the newspapers. He stated that elevating the Shariah to a pedestal higher than parliament is an insult to the representatives of the nation. ….The opinion of this person is in fact the correct definition of democracy in which the representatives of the nation are higher than even the Shariah. This is precisely why in Pakistan the ‘Shariat Bill’ has remained a verbal profession of the representatives of the nation for several years. Hence to this day it was not able to gain the capacity for acceptance. Now who can claim that Islam accepts western democracy? …..

Applying the patch of democracy to Islam is deception piled on deception. There is no relationship of Islam with modern democracy nor has democracy any relationship with Islam. Two opposites cannot coexist in a single substratum.”

The kufr ‘islamic republic’ of Pakistan is Mufti Taqi’s promotional objective constrained by the desire to bootlick and curry favour with the kuffaar authorities. Instead of propagating this kufr baatil, he would have served the Muslim community as well as himself a great favour if he had remained silent, and not praised the fussaaq and kuffaar rulers. It is a brutal LIE to promote the blatant LIE that the kuffaar rulers of Pakistan acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah Azza Wa Jal. How is this possible when all effort is made to extinguish the Noor of Allah – His Shariah? The constitution which enshrines this LIE is fit for Istinja purposes.

Praising the scrap constitution, Mufti Taqi said in his speech on the haraam independence day occasion:

“It is only Pakistan which has the honour that in it no law will be enacted in conflict with the Qur’aan and Sunnah and that the rules of the courts will be cast into the mold of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.”

We are constrained to aver that only someone who is the victim of some substance abuse is capable of disgorging such blatant trash and falsehood. In this case it is the crave to bootlick the rulers which is the substance of abuse. Does Mufti Taqi really believe that all Muslims are so stupid and dim in the brains to swallow the flotsam he has disgorged? The entire country is governed by the laws of kufr. The economy, the justice system, the social system and every other system and institution in Pakistan are governed and regulated by the kufr laws promulgated by the parliament of the kuffaar.

Whilst Mufti Taqi laboriously and abortively struggles to portray Pakistan as an ideal Islamic State, the Shariah is not even a handmaid of the institution of government. Hadhrat Ludhyanwi (Rahmatullah alayh) had drawn attention to the so-called ‘Shariat Bill’ which had been gathering dust for years without seeing the light of day. Furthermore, what is the need for a “Shariat Bill” in a country which professes to be a so-called ‘islamic’ republic? A bunch of juhala, fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar politicians sitting like a “100 baboons” (Hitler’s words) in a stupid parliament house are given the task in a so-called Islamic country to decide whether the Shariah should be implemented or not.

The gimmick of the ‘Shariat Bill’ is a conspicuous admission of the fact that the country’s constitution is kufr; that the country has another standard of governance; that the country is not subservient to the Shariah, hence the “100 baboons” are given the task to make a decision in this regard. Everything from A to Z in the government of Pakistan is in diametric conflict with Allah’s Shariah. The hollow statements in the scrap constitution are meant to bamboozle and deceive such ignoramuses who wish to compel themselves into the belief that Napakistan is an Islamic State.

Demeaning himself further, Mufti Taqi uttered:

“In this constitution (of Pakistan) it is said that every citizen has the right to challenge in court any un-Islamic law and to enter a petition in its opposition. If the court accepts this petition, then the court has the option of striking out that law and order in its place the Islamic law.”

The country is saturated with un-Islamic laws and laws in diametric conflict with the Shariah. The very courts which are constitutionally allowed to adjudicate the matter are un-Islamic and operate along western kuffaar lines. The courts are staffed by judges whose brains and attitudes are fitted in the kufr straitjackets acquired from their western education. These are the courts which have to decide the rarity of a ‘challenge’ against a secular kufr law.

In fact, this is tantamount to putting Allah Azza Wa Jal on trial in kuffaar courts. Fussaaq judges will decide the case between Allah Azza Wa Jal and the sanam-e-akbar (the greatest idol), viz., the constitution, to see if Allah’s petition has constitutional validity or not. If the claim of Allah Azza Wa jal is in conflict with the letter or ethos of the greatest idol of the country, it (Allah’s Claim) will be dismissed and thrown out. That is the option and right which sanam-e-akbar gives the secular courts which function strictly along western kuffaar judicial systems. The fact that Islam can be put on trial in the westernized kuffaar courts, is loud evidence to prove that Pakistan is not an Islamic State, and that its constitution is an Istinja document.

Then Mufti Taqi laments:

“Alas! Due to the insensitivity of the rulers, the public, and in particular the Deeni circles, this great article (of the scrap constitution) remains idle. If today we resolve to give practi cal expression to this article, then the road for it is open.”

The greatest insensitivity is displayed by Mufti Taqi. If he has so much confidence in transforming Pakistan into an Islamic State via the courts, then what prevents him from instituting such legal action to achieve the objective? Why point fingers at others when the stench of the accusation emanates from Mufti Taqi himself. Why does he not give practical expression to the article of the scrap donkey document – the san’am-e-akbar? Indeed what he has blabbered in this regard is ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing’. He blows a lot of hot air, kicking up dust either perpetrating self-deception or attempting to deliberately deceive others.

Just what prevents Mufti Taqi from organizing a team to press ahead with his Islamization hallucination via the courts? He has no shortage of boodle for this exercise. Millions of dollars are available to him. Just look at the extravagance perpetrated at his Daarul Uloom. There is no dearth of staff and lawyers to assist him. So why does he hold back and criticize others who are not prepared to become entangled in deception?

Further blundering, Mufti Taqi said during the haraam independence day celebrations:

“Therefore, those people who make this propaganda that for bringing the Islamic system in Pakistan there is no option other than taking to arms are spreading wrong and false propaganda. There is available a fully peaceful way of bringing the Islamic system. The condition is to eliminate your insensitivity and to cultivate understanding.”

This is precisely what Mufti Taqi needs to do. It is difficult to accept that a senior Mufti can acquit himself so stupidly as to believe that a Shariah State can be established in Napakistan via the westernized kuffaar secular courts. Either he is unbelievably naïve, or lacks valid understanding of the realities on the ground, or he is out to deceive unwary Muslims to appease the kuffaar rulers of the country.

However, we do agree that armed conflict is not the solution in Pakistan. An Islamic State cannot be established in Pakistan either by armed conflict or by a military coup. Both exercises will fail, and have failed as has been demonstrated by the miserable failure of such attempts.

The fundamental reason why an Islamic State will not be established in Pakistan is the decadent, rotten condition of the masses as well as of the Ulama. The public in Pakistan abhors Shariah law. Whilst they have Muslim names as a result of having been born in Muslim homes, they are kuffaar at heart, hence no Ulama political party can ever come to power in Pakistan. The public will just not vote for Ulama parties. They are not anti-Ulama. They are anti-Allah. Depicting such munaafiqeen and kuffaar, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Verily, We are aware that what they are uttering causes you grief. Verily, they are not rejecting you, but the zaalimeen are rejecting the Aayaat (the Shariah) of Allah.” (Al-An’aam, Aayat 33)

It is the Shariah of Allah Ta’ala which the zaalim public rejects when they do not vote for an Ulama party. They simply abhor Allah’s Shariah.

In the Pakistani scenario an Islamic State is a virtual impossibility. The Shariah cannot be hoisted in Pakistan by the evil democratic system nor by a military coup, nor by force of arms nor in any other way imaginable today. The fundamental requisite for the validity of an Islamic state is an Islamic public – masses who are morally reformed, spiritually elevated and following the Sunnah in the manner the Sahaabah had followed. This will become a reality only in the era of Imaam Mahdi (Alayhis salaam).

The obligation of the smattering of true Muslims remaining today is to heed Rasulullah’s command:

“Leave the affairs of the public.”

That is, be concerned with the Islaah (reformation) of yourself and your immediate ones. Prepare for the Aakhirat. Maut is hovering over us and calls on us five times daily. Sabr and Dua are now our only refuge.

Mufti Taqi Sahib says:

“I worked for 17 years in the Shariah court and in the Shariat bench of the supreme court. During this time we had, Alhamdulillah, decreed approximately 200 laws to be Islamically formulated.”

Mufti Taqi cackles like a hen that has just laid an egg. He gloats and imagines that an Islamic state has been established on the basis of the 200 crumbs which a supposedly ‘shar’i’ court in subservience to the western kuffaar supreme court has decreed. He shamelessly remained attached to an agency, the kuffaar supreme court, which required the Shariah Court, or the supposedly Shariah Court to be its handmaid and dance to its tune of kufr.

What is the meaning of a Shariah bench in a kaafir supreme court? This is a loud and clear admission of the fact that in the kaafir state of Pakistan the kaafir supreme court is supreme, not the Shariah Court. Is it imaginable to have a kuffaar secular bench in a genuine Islamic Court operating according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah?

The 200 crumbs which the shariah court functioning in subservience to the kuffaar supreme court had managed to cadge and scrounge is a drop in the ocean. It is downright stupid and bootlicking to present these crumbs to peddle the deception of Pakistan being an Islamic state. The country is rotten with fisq, fujoor and kufr, and this is not exclusive with Pakistan. It is the common denominator of all Muslim countries today.

Continuing with his bootlicking speech, Mufti Taqi laments:

“Alas! Our Deeni circles did not institute any request i.e. to the court for Islamic laws). I begged and pleaded with them to take advantage for Allah’s Sake, of this opportunity to institute (legal action). But our people (the Ulama) did not extract benefit from this law.”

If the other Ulama had displayed apathy as Mufti Taqi seeks to portray, then why did Mufti Taqi himself not prepare a team of his Korangi molvis to institute the legal action he trumpets so confidently? If meaningful change was or is possible under the present constitution and kuffaar courts, then what prevents Mufti Taqi who has the know-how of the legal system from proceeding in the direction he presents? He blames others for his own dereliction of duty. There is no substance in what he says in this regard. Petitioning the kuffaar courts to gain Shariah laws on the basis of the stupid kuffaar constitution is flogging a dead horse.

Disgorging more ballyhoo, Mufti Taqi says:

“Besides Pakistan there is no other country where there is freedom of speech and writing (as in Pakistan).”

It appears that Mufti Taqi Sahib is prone to hallucination. We must however agree that in Pakistan there prevails the greatest freedom for immoral expression, anti-Islam expression and anti-Sunnah expression. That is why in this so-called ‘islamic’ country it is possible for a prostitute to publish an article in the daily newspapers calling for a woman to have four husbands. And that is why it is possible in this most unfortunate land for a professed Muslim (who in reality is a vile munaafiq) to have published that elevation of the Shariah is an insult to parliament.

From his dalliances with kuffaar riba bankers and rulers, Mufti Taqi has contracted the disease of ‘freedom of speech’. He is supposed to be a senior Mufti who is supposed to know that in a genuine Islamic state, the evil of western-type freedom of expression and speech will not be permitted. The Qur’aan proscribes this. Expression of kufr will be met with severe punishment. It is quite clear that Mufti Taqi has lost the path of Siraatul Mustaqeem.


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