The ‘Pakistani Taliban’ – Who Are They?

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Shiah-Sunni Anarchy

“Fasaad (anarchy) has appeared in the land and the ocean as a consequence of what the hands of men have earned.” (Qur’aan)

Shiah-Sunni anarchy in which even women and children are recklessly and wantonly maimed and killed has reached appalling levels of brutality. Bombs are cowardly placed in proximity of the places of worship of both groups and in market places with the intent of achieving maximum destruction and human casualties. Although the anarchists revelling in their acts of murder, claim to be executing their satanic misdeeds in the name of the Deen, they lack the haziest idea of what the Deen is and what the Deen stands for. Aljazeera reporting a recent bombing in which many Shiahs were killed and numerous others injured, says:

“Security forces were on high alert over fears of large-scale attacks on the minority sect across the country after an attack occurred in the city of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan’s northwest. The Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks in a telephone call to AFP news agency. ‘We carried out the attack against the Shiah community,’, spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location after the explosion’ He said the group had dispatched more than 20 suicide bombers across the country for attacks against the minority community. “We have 20-25 fidayeen (suicide bombers) in the country to launch bomb blasts and suicide attacks. The government can make whatever security arrangements it wants but it cannot stop our attacks.”, Ehsan said. City police chief Khalid Suhail said the dead were all children aged between six and eleven years. Hardline Sunnis (evil, murderous juhala- Al Haq) have threatened more attacks as the Shiah mourning month of Muharram comes to a climax. ……..Pakistani intelligence officials say extremists groups led by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have intensified their bombings and shootings of Shiahs in the hope of triggering conflict that would pave the way for a Sunni theocracy is US allied Pakistan. The schism between Sunnis and Shiahs developed after the Prophet Muhammad died in 632 when his followers could not agree on a successor. (This is incorrect. After an initial difference, the Sahaabah united on the appointment of Hadhrat Abu Bakr –radhiyallahu anhu – as the Khalifah – Al- Haq) Emotions over the issue are highly potent in modern times, pushing some countries, including Iraq, to the brink of civil war.” (End of Aljazeera’s report)

A grossly false picture of the anarchy is being portrayed. The anarchy in Pakistan is the devilish work of the sinister forces of the West, primarily the U.S.A. Sight should not be lost of the fact that for centuries Sunnis and Shiahs have harmoniously coexisted in Pakistan, Iraq and in most Muslim lands without the hideous spectre of murder and destruction taking place today in Pakistan and Iraq. The Sunni-Shiah antagonism throughout the history of Islam was confined to the academic level. Most of the Mughal kings in India were Shiahs. Shiah communities lived peacefully side by side with Sunnis.

The Tehrik-e-Talibaan-e-Pakistan is a sinister foreign created group of anarchists who operate as so-called ‘hardline Sunnis’ when in reality they are U.S. mercenaries created to foment violence and destabilise Pakistan to ensure two U.S. objectives: balkanisation of the country and perpetual U.S. presence – a presence which is assured by the internecine anarchy and violence of the population. The Pakistan ‘Talibaan’ are a group distinct and separate from the Talibaan of Afghanistan. In fact, the Pakistan ‘Talibaan’ have created many obstacles for the Afghan Talibaan. It is not the policy of the Afghan Talibaan to fight the Pakistani armed forces who provide a measure of support and aid to them. Fighting the Pakistani army in the current scenario is in the interests of the U.S. invaders.

Furthermore, despite the belief of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah that Shiahs are not Muslims, the murder, brutality and destruction which the Pakistani so-called Talibaan are perpetrating against them are not permissible in terms of the Shariah. When the Talibaan in Afghanistan had assumed the reins of government, they did not unleash a reign of tyranny on the Shiah minority nor on the Sikh minority in Afghanistan. The Shiahs continued to enjoy their freedom as they had for centuries. If there is perhaps a Sunni group in Pakistan who believes that its acts of violence against Shiahs is acceptable in the Shariah, then it will be a misguided group of miscreants.


Most of us know about the Afghan Taliban very well, Alhamdulillah Can you please elaborate about the Pakistani Taliban? Who are they – do they exist??? The irritating part is some Pakistanis claim there are NO mujahideen in Pakistan, only CIA/RAW/Mossad agents. Well, I have no doubt the attacks in schools, markets and hospitals are the work of kuffaar agents like Blackwater etc. But what about the fighters in Swat Valley? Like Maulana Fazlullah, Baitullah Mehsud, Wali-ur-Rahman etc? Who are they? Are they also CIA agents whom we should hate, or are they the real Pakistani Mujahideen for whom we should make dua?


While the rank and file (the foot soldiers) of the Pakistani Taliban are sincere and in their opinion waging a Jihad, it is our opinion that this movement was formed by the U.S.A. to destablize Pakistan and to create a rift with the Taliban of Afghanistan. It is now as clear as daylight that the sinister plot of America is to balkanize Pakistan – to split it into several small states which will fight one another, and be dependent of the West. Undoubtedly, all the attacks on markets, Musjids, and hospitals, etc. are the satanic works of America and its stooges.

In the hierarchy of the Taliban, both the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, we strongly suspect treachery. Some – a very few right at the top – are in cahoots with the American kuffaar. And, Allah knows best. In the Swat Valley, we believe that Maulana Fazlullah, despite being a sincere person, is extremely short-sighted just as the Maulana of Lal Musjid. They lack foresight, hence they adopt destructive methodologies which are bound to fail and put their people to misery.

Regarding Baitullah Mehsud, we have no idea who he is. We have no information on him. However, some say that he was an American agent while others say that he was a sincere Mujahid. Allah knows best. We believe that the cause of the Pakistan Taliban and Mujahideen is misdirected. There is no goodness in it. The ignorant and naïve young men and students enlisting for the Pakistani ‘jihad’ are being used for sinister purposes. And, Allah knows best. A S Desai


Is there a new Jihad front in Baluchistan, Pakistan?


We are not aware of the new Jihad front in Baluchistan. But if the Salafis have initiated a front there, be assured that they are doomed for failure. The actual rebels fighting the kufr Pakistani regime are themselves communist, and if not communist, are like communists. The degree of jahaalah in Baluchistan is unbelievable. They bury even without ghusl and janaazah Salaat in many places.

Wherever Salafis have waged Jihad, they have failed to establish Shariah law for any length of time. And, when they temporarily establish Shariah law, it is restricted to stoning fornicators, whipping the ignoramuses, and cutting off hands without due Shar’i procedure. They lack understanding of the meaning of a Shariah state. Algeria, Egypt, Bosnia, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia and now Mali are legacies of their failures.

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