Ramadhan Advice by Mufti AK Hoosen


…So my brothers, I don’t have much time. I think I got one minute or two minutes left.  One-two warnings I want to give you.

Remember! That we are speaking of Ramadaan, I started the talk, but many of you came late. Ramadaan means to burn and incinerate the sins.

I need to make this very clear. In Islam, we don’t curry favour with any person, with any organization, with any politician, or any country. We have to present the Shariah and preserve it in the original form.

Remember today some of our colleagues – They have legalized TV! It is absolutely
Haraam. It is a mockery! Today there’s a clip going around that one Molvi is speaking about the soccer scores and all that. Is not a disgrace I’m asking you?

You know more soccer scores than you know about Sahaabah! So remember this whole TV business. That Moulana – That Mufti – means nothing – when it comes to ‘Fataawaa’ against the Shariah!

NUMBER 2: Remember that regarding this vaccine that contains porcine and pork. It’s absolutely Haraam. Can any person in his right mind, legalize pork? But we are legalizing it and seeing ‘fatwas’ in front of our eyes. More so, there are alternatives. How can you?
Every day, I’m inundated. People contacting me – my children – I told them it’s absolutely Haraam. And they all admit there are alternatives. How can we trust such people?

THIRD ONE: They took a Muslim politician and buried him in a non-Muslim graveyard! How can we trust such people with our Deen?

So brothers, tonight when the moon announcement is made Insha Allah by Mujlisul Ulama and reliable Ulama, then you go ahead on your cellphones, you all got smartphones. Maybe some of us are not so smart like our smartphones! Then Insha Allah you send out the messages ‘YES, the moon has been confirmed.’ And then that will usher in the month of Ramadaan.

We make Dua Almighty Allah keeps us on Haq. And make Dua for the Ummah that’s oppressed in Burma, in Kashmir, in Palestine, in Libya – so many countries.

May Almighty Allah make us people who become an asset to the Ummah. Wa Aakhiru Da’wana Anilhamdulillaahi Rabbil Aalameen.

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