Enjoin people towards good and prohibit them from wrong-doing. Otherwise, Allah will place in POWER over you the worst of people amongst you (e.g. Bashar Assad, Sisi, Modi, Burmese Monks, Tramp, etc). Then the most pious amongst you will do Du’a, but their Du’as will not be answered [Authentic Hadith]


Calls for probe into racist Facebook posts

ANTI-CRIME activist and former journalist Yusuf Abramjee, accompanied by former Gauteng Community Police Board member Andy Mashaile and Legal Aid representative Adila Alli, laid complaints against Obatala Mcambi who posted on his Facebook page:

“I use my guns to rob and kill Indians & Whites. Please fellas‚ join me‚ we have to rape their kids with AIDS virus too!”

In one photo, Mcambi poses with firearms, the serial numbers of which appear to be filed off.

“I appeal to the South African Police Service to immediately investigate this matter and bring the person or persons responsible for the hate speech‚ incitement to violence and intimidation to justice,” Abramjee said.

“I further request that a charge of hate speech‚ incitement and intimidation be opened and thoroughly investigated. We are sick and tired of this nonsense…People are also opening cases in other areas…”

(The Herald 13 March 2017)


No probe will avail. Allah’s Athaab assumes a variety of forms and it is always commensurate to the magnitude, notoriety and villainy of the sins and moral filth of people, especially of Muslims.

These frequent calls to “kill, rob and rape” Indians are not empty and hollow. The time is not too distant in the future for the Divine Axe to strike. The best barometer for gauging the imminence of Allah’s Athaab is twofold:

(1)The shamelessness and immorality – the fisq and fujoor of Muslim women.

(2)The villainy of the rotten molvies and sheikhs. By far and large, the molvies and sheikhs of this era posing as ulama, are the worst scoundrels who pillage and plunder the morals and the Imaan of the masses. They are the vilest specimens of Allah’s creation today.

Meditate carefully on the threat of the above report, then reflect on the fate of the Muslim communities of Burma, Bosnia, Palestine, Syria and other places. The South African (and UK, USA, etc.) Muslim community is not a divinely chosen race who will be spared the fates of Bosnia, Burma and Syria. There are no exemptions for a satanically rebellious community consisting of molvies and sheikhs who trample on the Qur’aan and insult the Shariah, and promote their fisq and fujoor in the name of Islam.



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