Salafis and Barelwis – Two Extreme Groups of Ahlul Bid’ah

Salafism and Barelwism
The Two Extreme Tendencies Within the Ummah

The Salafi Sect and Her Modernist Sisters

The Hanafi Madh-hab – The Widespread Practice of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen

Are the Salafis Ahlus Sunnah or Ahlul Bid’ah?

Is Allah Above the Throne?

Lies, Distortions and Slanders of the Salafi Sect Against the Ulama-e-Haqq

The Salafi/Modernist Genocide of the Deen

Defense of Hadhrat Abu Hanifah and his Madh-hab

Questions on Taqleed and Madh-habs

Feet to Feet in Prayer – Another Salafi Blunder 

Baseless Criticism of Tasawwuf

Sufism/Tasawwuf Has Always Been Recognised and Accepted by the Ummah

What is Wahdatul Wujood?

Hafiz Ibnul Qayyim on Fana (Annihilation) and Sukr (Spiritual Intoxication)

Do True Sufis Believe in Hulool (incarnation) and Ittihaad (Divine Union)?

The Salafi & Barelwi Mutants – Two Deviant Groups of Bid’ah

The Barelwi Sect and Her Pseudo-Sufi Sisters

The Barelwi Slanders of the Ulama-e-Haqq

The Issue of Ilmul Ghayb

The Prohibition of Sufi Singing Sessions – An Expose of the Pseudo-Shafi’is

The Mawlid – Bid’ah According to Principles Accepted by Ijma’ (Consensus)

Lies, Slanders and Distortions of Shaykh GF Haddad

Lies, Slanders and Distortions of Shaykh Abu Hasan

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thani & Shah Waliullah on GraveWorshippers

Mujaddid Alf-e-Thani’s War Against Bid’ah Hasanah

Sama’ (Sufi Singing) And the Shar’iah

Sama’ (Sufi Singing) and Raqs (Dancing) – Kufr According to Mujaddid Alf-e-Thani 

Consistency of the Deobandi Akaabir Regarding the Mawlid

Group Loud Zikr – Bid’ah or Not?

Miscellaneous Fatwas on Customs, Traditions, Bid’ah

The Salafi & Barelwi Mutants – Two Deviant Groups of Bid’ah

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