Have the Sufis Removed the Spirit of Jihad?

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Proffering another one of his slanders, the writer of the baatil criticism against the Sufiya, states:

“Likewise they have removed the spirit of jihad, which is to fight in the way of Allaah, with what they claim to be the greater jihaad, i.e. striving against one’s own soul (jihaadun nafs).”

From the earliest time to this very day, the Sufiya have always participated in active Jihaad – in the battlefield against the Kuffaar.  They were outstanding Mujaahideen in the Path of Allah Ta’ala. The description, “the greater jihad”, i.e. the struggle against the nafs, was never presented in opposition to Jihaad fi Sabeelillaah. The writer is a rotten liar to claim that the Sufiya had abolished Jihad of the Battlefield with the excuse of  jihad against the nafs. Who is the Sufi who had  ventured this abolition? Who is the Sufi who had propagated against Jihad in the battlefield?  Dagga-smoking mujaawars who cling to the graves of the saints are not among the Sufiya.  Khwaajah Muhammad Ma’soom (rahmatullah alayh) says:

“If Allah Ta’ala had not desired  us to oppose people, then why did He send the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam)…? Why did he  make Jihad fardh?  Why is the significance of the Mujaahideen and Shuhada fi Sabelillaah established with Nusoos-e-Qat’iyyah?

“He who resolves to embark on this  great obligation (of Jihad) has acted wonderfully. In this path he has made a firm resolution. He embraces with enthusiasm and eagerness in the Path the hardships of the journey which in reality are the fruits of barakaat and the medium for the attainment of lofty spiritual states. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had said that in Jannat there are a 100 levels. The highest level will be the abode of the Mujaahideen fi Sabeelillaah. The  distance between two levels is like the distance between heaven and earth. (Narrated by Bukhaari)”

To spend one hour in the Path of Allah (i.e. in Jihad) is better than spending the entire Lailatul Qadr in Makkah near to Hajrul Aswad in ibaadat. (Baihqi and Ibn Hibbaan)……If  the Fuqara (Sufiya) remain for years in seclusion in acts of worship, they cannot attain the status of the action in which you are involved. (This was  the Sufi’s  naseehat to the Moghul king, Alamghiri). Obedience and worship which are expended in in the Path of the Deen are  vastly  superior to  worship in seclusion. The Tasbeeh made in this Path (of Jihad) is superior and so is the Salaat.”

In the present era who are engaging in Jihad fi Sabeelillah? Who has taken on the superpowers of the world? Who has humiliated the combined armed forces of the U.S.A., Britain, France and the coalition of 50 countries? These Mujaahideen as everyone knows, are the Talibaan in Afghanistan. All of them are followers of the Sufis. They staunchly follow Hadhrat Mujaddid Alf-e-Thaani (rahmatullah alayh).  Shaikh Abdaali (rahmatullah alayh), has a special place in their hearts. Their top leaders are Sufis, and their rank and file subscribe to Sufi ideology, and follow the Sufis, albeit defectively. These followers of the Sufiya are the best Mujaahideen Fi Sabeelillah in the current age. How then can the writer of the rubbish criticism  justify his slander? All the great Sufiya throughout Islamic history had participated in Jihad and had always  advocated the fadhaa-il of Jihad.

The struggle against the nafs has been described as the ‘greater jihad’ not to derogate from the Jihad in the Battlefield, but to state a fact of reality. The fight against the nafs is harder than the fight in the battlefield. Even in the battlefield, the jihad against the nafs is a continuous  struggle.  On the battlefield and off the battlefield, the struggle  against the nafs is perpetual. It is an ongoing struggle. From this perspective it has been dscribed as the greater jihad. This description has not been coined to minimize the importance of Jihad Fi Sabeelillaah. The actions and statements of the Sufiya debunk the slander of the writer.

Most Mujaahideen enthusiastically offer their lives and happily court Death, but they miserably fail, for example, to keep control of their eyes and their tongues. Malice, animosity, envy and pride overwhelm their hearts, yet they fight in the battlefield with sincerity  in the Path of Allah Ta’ala. It is for this reason that the success of today’s Mujahideen is minimal. The nafs is polluted  with an abundance of  akhlaaq-e-razeelah  which deceptively appears to be ‘too difficult’ to eliminate. It is from this angle that the struggle against the nafs has been depicted to be the greater jihad. Never ever did the Sufiya cite this fact to abolish or to detract from Jihad Fi Sabeelillaah. This slander is also rejected with the contempt it deserves.

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