Tabligh Jama’at – A Platform for Deviates

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

Q. I would like to know about the reliability of a Moulana Vanker of Umhlanga Musjid. He gives Jumuah talks at Hilaal Musjid which is the headquarters of the Tabligh Jamaat, but he attends milaad and urs, and recently he was the MC for the Arab judge that all Musjids had banned besides Moulana (Reverend) Bham of New Town. Please guide us on whether to listen to his talks or not.

Q. In Pakistan, there is another fitnah going on since a few years. This fitnah is spread by Maulana Tariq Jameel, who is regarded as an elder of the Tablighi Jamaat. In his bayaans, this Maulana has revealed his deviated beliefs and views, among which are:

• Shi’ism is part of Islam and Shiahs are the real waratha (inheritors) of the Deen.

• Molvi Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi and Maududi were great Ulama.

• He has made inappropriate remarks about various Sahaabah.

• He considers the work of those Ulama who combat deviant groups as not beneficial. He praised a modernist Barelvi maulvi whom even mainstream Barelvi molvis also consider deviant.

This is a brief summary of his views. It is difficult for even a layman like myself to accept that such a person is a Deobandi. How can the Tabligh Jamaat entertain him and regard him as an elder?


Molvi Vanker of Umhlanga Musjid is a Bid’ati and a pro-Shiah deviate. It is not permissible to listen to his talks. It is not permissible to follow a Bid’ati. He is masquerading as a Deobandi when in reality his actions, views and associations reveal his nifaaq. The one who has posed the
question regarding Tariq Jameel has not mentioned anything of this deviate’s fisq and fujoor.

Tariq Jameel is another agent of Iblees. The world abounds with the agents of shaitaan. This is the age in which there is a preponderance of shaitaaniyat. Many agents of Iblees are appearing in the form of molvis, sheikhs and muballigheen. They are a great and a dangerous fitnah for the Ummah.

The Tabligh Jamaat has lost its initial Deeni bearings. It is veering rudderlessly from the Straight Path. Those at the helm as well as those on the ground no longer understand the Maqsood (Objective) of Tabligh. Their focus is not on Allah Ta’ala and the Aakhirah. The expansion of their methodology and membership have become their objectives.

They measure success in terms of numbers. How many thousands attend their Ijtimahs – how many busloads of people arrive at their gatherings and the like have become the barometer by which they gauge success.

It is precisely for this reason that deviates – mudhilleen – such as Tariq Jameel and Vanker are given platforms for talks. If even shaitaan’s agent is able to draw crowds, he will be promoted by the Tabligh Jamaat. The Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and the Shariat are no longer the criteria for them. This evil attitude has culminated in the current leadership crisis which has split the Jamaat from top to bottom.

The effect of the leadership crisis has been an additional point, making the Tablighi Jamaat’s charter a seven point document whilst hitherto it was a six point charter. The 7th point is the leadership crisis and taking sides. It is observed that Tablighi groups on the ground level hotly discussing the leadership issue and taking sides. Some groups favour Sa’d as the leader and accept his leadership, while others accept the majority elder-group known as the world-shura.

There are sharp differences and emotional arguments among the ground floor Tablighis on this issue. With this 7th point they have further contaminated the work of their tabligh. Shaitaan has succeeded in penetrating their brains. He is now controlling the direction of the Jamaat. This is the ultimate result of ghulu’ which breeds arrogance and contempt for others.

If the Tablighis will continue on this deviant path, the fate of the Jamaat as a movement of Haqq will be sealed. May Allah Ta’ala grant them hidaayat and may Allah Ta’ala set the Jamaat firmly on the Haq.

Q. Please comment on the current crisis in the leadership of the Tabligh Jamaat. There appears much confusion in the leadership ranks. Which group is right?

A. The Tabligh Jamaat has diverged sharply from Siraatul Mustaqeem. Arrogance and narrow-mindedness are destroying the Jamaat. Just look at what is currently taking place in the leadership. If the people of the Jamaat will remain intransigent refusing to understand their ghulu’ and arrogance, the Tabligh Jamaat may become another baatil sect. We make dua that this does not happen.

Molvi Sa’d who has claimed to be the leader of the Jamaat, is clearly plodding the path of baatil. He has acquitted himself as a goonda (thug). His talks and mannerism indicate that he has gone astray. He boldly claimed that those who do not accept his leadership are Jahannamis (inmates of Hell). His thuggery has brought the kuffaar police several times into the Nizaamuddin headquarters of the Jamaat.

This is one dimension of the ghulu’ (extremism) which has become a characteristic of Tablighis. They believe that only their methodology is right and that there is no other valid Tabligh activity besides their own method. Ghulu’ is the most disturbing trend in an organization. It sets the organization on the path of deviation.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Sa’d is the Fruit of the Tabligh Jamaat’s ghulu’. Their ghulu’ has practically materialized in the form of Sa’d.

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