Tariq Jameel’s Shia-like Taqiyyah

Tariq Jameel recently issued a “clarification” statement in what seems to be a damage limitation exercise constrained by some damage to his reputation sustained after a few of his pro-Shia sentiments gained circulation amongst the Ulama.

Tariq Jameel’s dalliances with the Shia clergy, his dining and praying “Salaat” in a Shia Temple of Kufr and Shirk, and his numerous pro-Shia statements letting the proverbial Shiah-cat slip out from under his suspect turban, are now too well-known amongst both the masses and Ulama, hence there was a need for Tariq Jameel to attempt to reverse the damage sustained to his reputation.

However, the “clarification” statement bears all the hallmarks of Shia Taqiyyah which Tariq Jameel seems to have adopted from his brothers in religion. It has only served to clarify that he has become an expert in Shia-type Taqiyya – the art of ambiguous speech and hiding the truth.

In his clarification speech, Tariq Jameel was unable to make a simple “Shiahs are Kaafir” statement, nor did he explain any of his numerous statements exposing the fact that the Shia are his brothers in religion.

His statements merely expressing allegiance to the Aqeedah of the Ulama of Deoband are meaningless. All his anti-Deobandi dalliances with the Shiah and his anti-Deobandi statements in favour of the very worst haters of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum), over the past decade or so, have been perpetrated whilst masquerading as a Deobandi. Thus, his clarification statement only serves to point to a sinister element of subterfuge and deception (Shia Taqiyya). Perhaps he, like his Shiah brothers, think that all the Muslims of Ahlus Sunnah are morons who will be fully taken in hook, line and sinker, by such so-called clarifications.

The following statement of Shaykh Mumtaz ul Haq demonstrates the massive, unfathomable disparity between Tariq Jameel’s pro-Shia sentiments and the Aqeedah of the Ulama of Deoband whom this sinister Tableeghi of both Shi’ism and of Tabligh Jamaat claims allegiance to:

“Recently, in his tour of South Africa, Tariq Jamil stated:

Make Shiaism your vest (inner garment) and ummah your qamees (outer garment). Make Sunnism your vest and Ummah your Qamees….Let Sunnis stay Sunni and let the Shia stay Shiah… Live with love….”

Many Ulema picked up on this and took offence at these statements and Tariq Jamil received much criticism from many quarters.

When he arrived in the UK, he decided to clear the air by giving a clarification interview in which he justified his words by stating that:  “He himself was on the path of Ulama-e-Deoband and he has been preaching love for many years……. and found this to be very useful……”

Firstly, Ulama-e-Deoband consider themselves to be heirs of the Wali -Ullah legacy. Shah Waliullah and his son Shah Abdul Azeez (rahimahumallah) both refuted Shiaism extensively in their masterpieces, Izaalah and Tohfah Ithna-Ashariyah respectively.

Moulana Qasim Nanotwi (rahimahullah), the founder of Darul Uloom Deoband wrote another absolute masterpiece in refutation of Shiaism and entitled it Hadiyatush-Shiah. Moulana Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri (rahiahullah) is referred to as the spokesperson for Deobandiyat for answering the questions presented by Ulema of Haramain and authored the famous work Al-Muhannad. He authored another masterpiece in refutation of Shiaism and titled it, Al-Matraqatul Karaamah ala Mir’atil Imaamah. Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri (rahimahullah) authored Ikfaarul-Mulhideen.

When all these great elders of Deoband and others have unreservedly refuted and rejected Shiaism – how can Tariq Jamil claim to be following in the footsteps of the Ulama of Deoband by preaching LOVE for Shias?

Cursing the Sahaabah in general and especially Abu Bakr, Umar and Aaishah (radhiyAllahu anhum) is an integral and essential part of Shiaism. How can any Muslim live in love with those who curse these MOST BELOVED souls in the eyes of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)?

Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam said:

“A man will be with those he loves”.

So if one loves the Shiah and promotes love for the Shiah, then in the light of the above hadeeth of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) one should expect to rise with those one loves (i.e. with the Shiahs).

Tariq Jamil claimed to follow Ulama-e-Deoband. But these Ulema subscribe to the doctrine:

“Whosoever denies even ONE essential matter of deen is not from the Ahlul-Qiblah (Muslims) even though he may strive to fulfil other matters of obedience (worship). (Jawaahirul-fiqh of Mufti Shafi Sahib -Grand Mufti of Deoband and Pakistan in his time.)

Secondly, while Tariq Jamil might have felt his message of love to have been useful, the masses of ordinary people have been deceived and misled into thinking and believing that Shiaism is a perfectly acceptable part of Islam and use Tariq Jamil name to justify the kufr of Shiaism. So in conclusion, Tariq Jamil’s name has become a SHIELD for the defence and justification of KUFR amongst the general public.”

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