(1) The Qur’aanic verse which is supposed to be the strongest proof of those who legalize sea creatures other than fish, in reality is not proof for the claim that all sea animals are halaal. The aayat mentions the permissibility of sea-hunting for the muhrim. The Aayat only states that the food of the sea is lawful, but it does not explain the meaning of sea food

(2) The Hadith which states that the carrion of the sea is halaal is explained by another Hadith which explicitly mentions that this carrion is fish which is halaal.

(3) The huge animal which the sea had cast out for the Sahaabah was also a fish according to several Hadith narrations. It was furthermore, a miraculous episode which cannot be cited as proof for the contention that all sea animals are halaal.

(4) The claimants of all sea animals being halaal also exclude from their contended permissibility some creatures, and this exclusion is inconsistent with the logic they utilize to criticize the Hanafi view-point.

(5) In view of the fact that the Qur’aanic aayat cited by the legalizers does not state the permissibility of all sea animals, the reference has to be only the Hadith. But according to the Hadith, only fish is halaal.

It should now be clear that the view of the legalizers of all sea animals is based on erroneous interpretation. The view of the Ahnaaf is sound and the strongest. And, Allah knows best.