The Khalifah, Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiyallahu anhu) despatched an army of 10,000 Mujahideen under the command of Hadhrat Amr Bin Al’As (radhiyallahu anhu) to wage Jihad in Palestine. When this information reached Heraculus, the Christian emperor, he summoned a Christian Arab spy to give an account of the Muslims. The following conversation took place:

Heraculus: “When did you depart from Madinah?”

Spy: “Twenty five days ago”.

Heraculus: “Who is the chief of the Muslims?”

Spy: “His name is Abu Bakr. He has despatched an army to invade your land. I have studied those people carefully. They are diligent, strong, ever-prepared and intelligent.”

Heraculus: “Have you seen Abu Bakr?”

Spy: “Yes, I have seen him. In fact, I sold him a shawl for 4 dirhams, which he wears over his shoulders. He is a simple man dressed in only two cloths. He wanders around the market place like an undistinguished man. He protects the rights of people. He ensures that the strong fulfil the rights of the weak. He treats all people, the weak and the strong, with equality.”

Heraculus: “Describe his appearance.”

Spy: “He is tall, of wheaten colour, light cheeks, The joints of his fingers are broad. His front teeth are extremely beautiful.”

(Heraculus laughed and said): “He is the Khalifah of Muhammad. He is described in our Scripture. The second person who will take over after him is also described in our Scripture. Victory will be in his hands and the defeat of the enemies.”

Spy: “I have seen that person too. He is in the constant companionship of Abu Bakr, never separating himself.”

Heraculus: “I had already warned the Romans some time ago. I had invited them to success and salvation, but they had ignored me, and had refused to obey me. I am certain that now the Romans will very soon be expelled from Syria.”

Although the emperor was convinced of the truth of Islam to which the Injeel (Bible) testified, he did not embrace the Deen. He sent a powerful army of 100,000 against the Muslim army of 10,000. When Hadhrat Amr, the Muslim commander was informed of the approach of the Christian army, he addressed the Sahaabah, and said:

We seek the aid of Allah. Might and power are only with Him. You and I are all equal in the matter of Jihad. In the stand against the enemy seek aid from Allah. Fight valiantly for the sake of your Shariah and Deen. Whoever will be killed, will be a Shaheed (Martyr). Whoever remains alive, will be Saeed (Fortunate).”

With the inferior Muslim force of 10,000 pitted against the superior Christian army of 100,000, the battle was indeed grim and ferocious. Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) who had participated in this Jihad, narrated the following episode:

In the thick of the battle, I recited a dua which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had taught me. It was the time of Zawwaal. Suddenly I looked towards the heaven. I saw several doorways opening up. Numerous horsemen donned in white with glittering green spears in their hands emerged from the doorways. A caller from them proclaimed that victory will be with us. The caller exclaimed: “O Ummah of Muhammad! (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Allah’s aid has arrived.” I take oath by Allah! Within a short while we were victorious. The Christians were routed and they fled in total disorder.”

Ten thousand Christian soldiers, were slain in that battle, while only 130 Muslims were martyred.

Verily, Allah had aided you in many places (of battle …” (Qur’aan)

[Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]


  1. عبد

    ALLAAHU Akbar…
    We the wretched Ummah can just sit & cry upon our Glorious History…

    Yaa ALLAAH with our sorrow filled hearts & tear filled eyes we remorsefully seek YOUR Forgiveness & beg YOU to make us the entire Ummah YOUR true bandahs & also return our lost glory…aameen

  2. Ibnsuleman

    May Allah out of His immeasurable Mercy take us muslims under His protection,guide us and unite us and make us true followers of islam and give us victory over disbelieving folk. Aameen.
    Many thanks Mufti sahab for bringing before us this great feat of true muslims.
    Jazak Allah khair


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