[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

“(The men who praise Allah – recite His Tasbeeh are such) Men whom neither trade nor commerce divert them from the Thikr of Allah, establishing Salaat and paying Zakaat, for they fear the day when the hearts and eyes (of men) will be upturned.” (Aayat 37, Surah Noor)

Excessive indulgence in worldly affairs, even in permissibilities, and the daily exposure to a host of evils have paralyzed man’s spiritual faculties. The layers of spiritual corrosion which have encrusted the Rooh have almost extinguished all our senses of spiritual perception.

The indifference and even disdain which we display towards the transcendental values of the Shariah, and for the purpose of our earthly sojourn, are due to the malady of spiritual paralysis. Due to this paralysis we are unable to understand and perceive the briefness of earthly life and the reality of the Aakhirah. We therefore plunge headlong in a drunken stupor of sin and transgression despite our profession in the Aqaaid (Beliefs) of Tauheed and the Aakhirah. While the Aqaaid are verbally professed, the heart is bereft of them.

The Muslim proclaims his belief in the Omnipresence of Allah Azza Wa Jal. He says that he believes that Allah Ta’ala is the Knower of the hidden and of the secrets concealed in the innermost recesses of the heart. He proclaims his belief in the 24 hour presence of the two Recording Angels and the all-pervading Divine Presence. Yet, he indulges in evil and immorality – in deeds of shame – without compunction when he is not in physical association with people.

In fact, his belief in the presence of physical beings has reality, hence the presence of physical beings acts as a deterrent to prevent him from indulgence in evil publicly. He lacks this degree of perception of Allah’s Presence and the presence of the Malaaikah although he lays claim to this belief. The malady of this paralysis blinds man spiritually. His spiritual vision, hearing and feeling are dead. His belief in Allah’s Presence is thus meaningless.

Since he is unable to see Allah with his physical eyes, man perpetrates his shameful misdeeds with an impunity which implies: Confound the Recording Angels and the Divine Presence. While he refrains from verbal expression of this kufr, his attitude and physical commission of evil and immorality testify to this hidden kufr concealed in his heart.

Precisely For this reason did Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) say that when a man commits fornication, his Imaan departs from his heart. This is kufr implied by his attitude and indulgence in the sin while verbally professing that Allah Ta’ala and the Recording Angels are watching and recording his indulgence.

Never will he indulge in such a shameful deed in the presence of even a child. He sees the child with his physical eyes and the child sees him. He understands this. He has a vivid perception of this reality whereas he lacks even the slightest perception of the reality of Allah’s Presence, and the presence of the Recording Angels. Thus, his profession of Aqeedah is a category of Nifaaq (hypocrisy). This type of hypocrisy is the effect of spiritual paralysis.

But man should remember and understand before it is too late that this paralysis which prevents him from the realization of reality and perception will dissipate at the time of Maut, and he will be completely cured of the disease which had for a lifetime spiritually incapacitated him. But the cure achieved at that juncture when the ‘hearts and eyes will be upturned’ and riveted in their focus on the transcendental realm where his life’s enactments are being played out in of him, will be of no avail. At the juncture of Maut man will become alive.

The intelligent man, said Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), is he who makes preparation for the moment when “the hearts and eyes will be upturned”. That is the Day of Fear.

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