When Will Allah’s Help Come?

[Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

“What! Do you think that you will enter Jannat whilst there has not come to you such (hardships) which had befallen those before you? Wars and hardship befell them, and they were shaken (to such a degree that even) the Rasool and those with him said: ‘When will come the Help of Allah?’ Most certainly, the help of Allah is near.” (Aayat 214, Baqarah)

Allah Ta’ala has subjected bygone Muslims with such severe and prolonged trials and hardships that even the Rasool and the Muttaqqeen with him were severely shaken and they cried: “When will come Allah’s help?” Allah Ta’ala informs us in this aayat that His Help will come after severe trials. Seeing the suffering and distress of the Muslims, the hypocrites in Madinah said that the promise of Allah and His Rasool was false and deception.

The Buddhist mushrikeen in like manner were taunting the Muslims: ‘Where is your Allah?” Allah is close by. But the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal has always been the imposition of hardship and severe trials as a prelude to victory. For His pious servants, including the Ambiya, these hardships were by way of trial. For the transgressors it was Athaab (Punishment). If they heed the punishment and reform, Allah’s aid will be close by and victory will be achieved. If they remain deaf, dumb and blind like beasts, failing to understand the Divine Message in the calamities, the consequence will be annihilation at the hands of the filthy mushrikeen.

In response to the cry: “When will come Allah’s help?”, Allah Ta’ala, Himself says: “Most certainly, the Help of Allah is near.” But, due to the deflection from the Sunnah, the Ummah is unable to understand this Divine Response. They hear it when it is recited, and they see it when they recite it, but they have become like dumb animals unable to comprehend what they hear. The Divine Response has become a meaningless sound for Muslims, and this beastly attitude which is a peculiarity which Muslims have acquired from the kuffaar masters, is depicted in the Qur’aanic aayat:

“The similitude of the kuffaar is like a person who calls something (or someone) who does not hear (i.e. does not understand) anything but a call and a sound. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. Thus they are bereft of intelligence.”

Thus, the Call of Allah Ta’ala to the Ummah to turn unto Him for succour by severing ties from the kuffaar and submitting fully and wholeheartedly to the Shariah, and adopting the 14 Century old lifestyle of the Sahaabah, the Conquerors of the world, falls on deaf ears. Or we hear merely the sounds of someone calling without understanding what the Call is all about. This is the effect of having corrupted the intelligence by the Ummah’s insane emulation of the kuffaar. Even the Ulama or the so-called Ulama of this era have become like dumb beasts, wholly lacking the ability to understand the problem, to diagnose and prescribe the correct remedy for extricating the Ummah from the morass of abject humiliation and defeat.

The ulama-e-soo’ are the primary cause for the current state of the Ummah’s degradation. Instead of guiding the Ummah by discharging their obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar (Commanding virtue and prohibiting vice), they have joined the masses in the mad pursuit of mundane and nafsaani goals. To bamboozle the moronic Muslim masses sinking in the quagmire of moral degradation and humiliation, being kicked and buffeted from pillar to post, the ulama-e-soo’ lost in a cesspool of inequity can only flabbily squirm that Muslims should observe Dua-e-Qunoot. They call on the suffering rubbished Ummah to engage in a Mustahab act whilst they display a deafening silence regarding the haraam, bid’ah, fisq, fujoor and even downright kufr in which Muslims are grovelling. Hankering after the dunya, these ulama -e-soo’ have become worse than even the ulama-e-soo’ of Bani Israaeel whom the Qur’aan castigates:

“You will see numerous of them making haste in (the commission of) sin and transgression, and in devouring haraam (carrion, etc.). Why do their scholars (ulama) and saints (mashaaikh) not prohibit them (the masses) from their sinful statements and their consumption of haraam (carrion). Indeed, vile is that which they (the ulamae- soo’) perpetrate.” (Aayats 62 / 63, Al-Maaidah)

“O People of Imaan! Verily, numerous of the scholars and saints are devouring the wealth of people in baatil (haraam) ways, and they (the ulama-esoo’) prevent (the Ummah) from the Path of Allah (with their villainy).” (Aayat 34, At-Taubah)

Instead of guiding the Ummah towards the Aakhirah, the Goal for which Allah Ta’ala has dispatched us into this ephemeral earthly abode, these miscreant molvis and sheikhs, pillage the Deen with their haraam interpretations, and plunder the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the Ummah by opening the avenue of fisq and fujoor. They have welded shut the door of Taqwa to this unfortunate Ummah sliding down into an abyss of disgrace and misery. The demand of this delicate hour in the history of the Ummah, is for the Ulama to firstly reform themselves, then devote their lives for the reformation of the Ummah.

But whilst the Ummah is aflame, burning to its destruction, the ulama-e-soo’ engage in soccer tournaments, television programmes, kuffaar sports, halaalizing carrion, halaalizing riba, legalizing the haraam riba products of the haraam riba capitalist banks, concerts of nazams, extravagant jalsahs, merrymaking functions, satanic weddings, etc., etc., and all of this in the name of the Deen. They have just about legalized every haraam act and institution with their baatil ta’weelaat (baseless interpretations). Whilst the community indulges flagrantly in haraam, fisq and fujoor, Dua-e- Qunoot will have no effect.

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